BTFTLIAW – Chapter 1332


Chapter 1332 – A Slave Is A Servant

The divine sense of Nascent Soul Experts was very powerful. It was very easy for them to discover their enemies But Zhao Hai was actually able to get close to them without being detected. If he didn’t talk, then they might not have noticed him. What did this mean? This meant that Zhao Hai could shield against their divine senses. This was very dangerous for Nascent Soul Experts.

Zhao Hai looked at their expressions, then he smiled faintly and said, “Everyone, I heard that you’ve been quite noisy in the Machine Field’s territory. Hehe, interesting. Who gave you the courage? You think Nascent Soul Experts couldn’t be killed?”

When Zhao Hai said this, the faces of the Cultivators changed. One of them looked at Zhao Hai and said, “Are you Zhao Hai? No wonder you talk so big. But do you really think that you can take our lives? Don’t think that because you escaped from a Transcending Tribulation Expert, you are formidable. What kind of storms can you really cause?”

Although this statement was filled with strong words, this was just a strong cover to hide the weak inside. They didn’t say that they could defeat Zhao Hai, but just that Zhao Hai couldn’t make a huge storm. They were obviously afraid of Zhao Hai.

Nobody could blame them. Zhao Hai’s arrival demonstrated his capability. They weren’t able to see Zhao Hai arrive, so they naturally lack confidence in facing him.

Zhao Hai didn’t mind them anymore as he turned to Bai Yuan and said, “Captain Bai, we meet again. How are you doing? How about gathering at Captain Yuan’s fort after this?”

Seeing Zhao Hai’s overbearing manner towards the Cultivators, Bai Yuan couldn’t help but rejoice. He laughed and replied, “I’ve been doing very well. This one wanted to visit Mister Zhao Hai a long time ago, but I just couldn’t find an opportunity. Now that you invited me over, I couldn’t help but agree.”

The conversation between the two completely neglected the existence of the Cultivators. This caused the Cultivators to be incensed. One of them quickly said, “Courting death!” Then he waved his hand and sent a flying sword towards Zhao Hai.

Zhao Hai just smiled as he waved his hand. A huge form appeared before him. Then the figure roared before it swiped its claw towards the flying sword.

This figure was the Silverback Gold-winged Bug that Zhao Hai captured. Since he used it in a previous fight, he was no longer afraid of taking it out.

Actually, using beasts to fight wasn’t something that was unique to Zhao Hai. In the Cultivation Realm, there was a sect called the Ten Thousand Beasts Sect. They specialized in using beasts to fight. A lot of unusual beasts were kept in that sect. Moreover, each one of them had formidable strength. In fact, the Ten Thousand Beasts Sect was among the top sects in the Cultivation Realm.

However, the bug race had yet to be tamed by the Cultivators. On the other hand, Zhao Hai was able to use the Silverback Gold-winged Bug as his own beast. Despite this, Cultivators were able to accept it. In their minds, Zhao Hai had a secret taming technique that allowed him to subdue the Silverback Gold-winged Bug. They could never think that Zhao Hai would have something as mysterious as the Space.

The Silverback Gold-winged bug could deal with two Nascent Soul Experts on its own. Therefore, upon seeing that Zhao Hai took out the bug, the Cultivators’ expression immediately turned serious.

Then at this moment, a roar was heard from a distance before Jia Ding Shan’s form was seen. Jia Ding Shan aiding Zhao Hai in his previous fight has already been known to the entire Six Realms Battlefield. Although the Demons didn’t know why Jia Ding Shan suddenly became Zhao Hai’s servant, this kind of thing wasn’t anything to be crazy about. In fact, a lot of powerful people in the World of Cultivation had servants that were from different races. Some even have Ghost Cultivators as servants. People only felt off about Jia Ding Shan becoming Zhao Hai’s servant and nothing else.

It can be said that there were too many strange things in the World of Cultivation. People saw and heard a lot of bizarre phenomena. Even if Zhao Hai did something that they didn’t understand, this was still within their expectations.

When Jia Ding Shan arrived, he immediately went to Zhao Hai’s side and then bowed as he said, “Young Master, I apologize for being late.”

Zhao Hai just gave a nod and said, “Clean these people up. I still have something to talk about with Captain Bai.”

Jia Ding Shan complied before throwing himself over towards the Cultivators. Zhao Hai slowly flew towards Bai Yuan’s side before waving his hand and teleporting the corpses around them to his front. Then he turned to Bai Yuan and said, “Captain Bai, I’ll leave these bodies to you.”

Bai Yuan looked at the corpses and said, “Then I’ll be taking them. I’ll cremate them after heading back before sending their ashes back to their families.”

Zhao Hai nodded. Then Bai Yuan received the bodies. At this time, the five Cultivators were fighting against Jia Ding Shan as well as the Silverback Gold-winged bug. Although there were five of them, they failed to gain any advantage.

Zhao Hai looked at the Cultivators before he turned to Bai Yuan and said, “Captain Bai, I’ll help you deal with these jumping clowns.” Bai Yuan nodded. He knew that Zhao Hai could face these Cultivators. If he wanted revenge, then he could only rely on Zhao Hai to make a move.

Zhao Hai waved his hand as a large number of Undead appeared and surrounded the five Cultivators. Then Zhao Hai used his sword art to control the fan of 100 silver swords that appeared behind him. 

Zhao Hai looked at the five Cultivators, then the corners of his mouth turned into a sneer before he commanded, “Swimming fish formation!”

Just as his voice fell, the 100 swords behind him acted like a school of fish as they dashed towards the Cultivators.

The Cultivators were now beginning to feel pressure. It wasn’t only the pressure that Zhao Hai exerted on them, it included the pressure exerted by the Undead surrounding them.

Although the Undead weren’t very strong, the sheer number of them was enough to cause some pressure on their enemies.

Each Undead was once a living person. And there were more than ten thousand Undead present. Even if Zhao Hai didn’t kill them, their death certainly had something to do with him.

One could see from this point how ruthless ZhaoHai was. In this case, will Zhao Hai just let them off easily? This was impossible. Zhao Hai had never been lenient in killing Cultivators.

While the Undead stayed put, Zhao Hai began his attack. Moreover, he released 100 swords. Much to the surprise of the Cultivators, the movement of these swords were very flexible.

One should know that a flying sword set was also used in some Sword Sects. However, those who use these sword sets use them as though they were a complete magic artifact set. Zhao Hai’s way of controlling his flying swords was unique.

The Cultivators had already been pressured facing Jia Ding Shan as well as the Silverback Gold-winged bug. Now that Zhao Hai joined with his swords, even if they were Nascent Soul Experts, they were still thrown into chaos.

When Zhao Hai saw this, he strengthened his attacks. Meanwhile, he also paid attention to the situation around them. The battle with the Cultivators attracted the attention of some people in the partially controlled territory. With these people present, Zhao Hai needed to keep watch.

None of these people came with good intentions, and a lot of them were from the Cultivation Realm. He can have his Undead join, however, he couldn’t let these Cultivators know that he could turn Cultivators into Undead while perfectly preserving their strength. Once this gets out, it would certainly cause panic to the entire World of Cultivation. When the time comes, it would be him who would be in trouble.

Therefore, even if he could use Undead Cultivators, he wouldn’t use them in such an open place like the Six Realms Battlefield. Using Undead Cultivators was just announcing to everyone what he’s capable with; which wouldn’t be good for him. Therefore, he would rather use this method to deal with the Nascent Soul Cultivators.

Seeing that more and more people had come to see, Zhao Hai knew that it was time to end things. Zhao Hai made a move as a rotating disk appeared in his hand. Then he waved his hand as the ghost disk was sent towards a Cultivator. The Cultivator immediately used a bracelet-type magic artifact to defend against the disk.

However, the ghost disk wasn’t easily blocked. After Zhao Hai released the disk, he took out a golden shuttle as well as other offensive magic artifacts. These were artifacts that Zhao Hai looted from his previous battles and had given them to the Undead to use. But since he couldn’t release the Undead Cultivators right now, he could only take them out himself.

When Zhao Hai used these artifacts, the Cultivators felt even more pressure. Although they had a lot of artifacts in hand, it wasn’t enough to combat Zhao Hai’s 100 flying swords. They would have to use much more magic artifacts in order to counteract Zhao Hai. This was because Zhao Hai’s flying sword set was different to the ones that Sword Cultivators use. When a Sword Cultivator uses multiple flying swords, they would have one flying sword as the main sword and the others would just follow it. Therefore, they only need to control the main sword, which would save them a lot of spiritual qi. To be honest, compared to Zhao Hai’s control over his flying swords, the Sword Cultivators seemed lacking.

And because of their method of controlling flying swords, it was very easy to deal with a Sword Cultivator using multiple swords. As long as you block their main sword you can block the entire flying sword set. 

On the other hand, Zhao Hai’s 100 flying swords acted as though they were their own artifact. Even if you block the lead sword, the others could still follow through. Zhao Hai’s control didn’t have primary and secondary swords. Instead, it was like Zhao Hai was controlling all 100 swords at the same time. The Cultivators were surprised upon seeing this. This was because almost nobody in the Cultivation Realm could control this many artifacts. Even formidable Transcending Tribulation Experts couldn’t do this.

And with Zhao Hai’s powerful offense, the Cultivators were quickly put on their back foot. Then at this moment, a team of Undead attacked the Cultivator that was currently blocking Zhao Hai’s ghost disk. When the Cultivator noticed the Undead, it was already too late. The Undead were now very close to him.

The offense of the Undead was very special. They seemed like a well-trained army when attacking the Cultivator. Their weapons constantly pounded towards the Cultivators’ defensive artifact. This caused the Cultivator’s defenses to shake.

The weapons of the Undead weren’t ordinary artifacts. These weapons had weapon shattering on them. So each attack made by the Undead were very powerful.

The Undead’s attack on the Cultivator’s defenses caused the Cultivator to shift his attention towards them. He didn’t expect these undead to be this formidable. At this time, his defensive artifact violently shook before it lost its shine and broke. Almost immediately, Zhao Hai’s flying swords came flying like a swarm of bees.

The Cultivator made a strange groan before a set of armor appeared on his body. This was his final defensive measure. However, this armor couldn’t save his life. One must know that Zhao Hai’s flying swords also have weapon shattering on them. Moreover, weapon shattering was designed to break through armor. Therefore, after blocking five swords, the Cultivator’s armor was immediately broken. It was also at that time that the Cultivator died.

The Cultivator’s corpse immediately vanished, then the flying swords swam away and attacked the other Cultivators. The other Cultivators were already having problems, so it didn’t take long for them to suffer under the attack of the flying swords.

At this time, one of the Cultivators suddenly shouted, “Mister Zhao Hai, please stop. I’m willing to swear on my heart’s demon and become your servant. I will never betray you. Please spare my life!”

Not only Zhao Hai, but those who watched the battle were shocked upon hearing the Cultivator’s words. This wasn’t some Qi Refining Stage rogue cultivator. This was a Nascent Soul Expert. Such a person actually surrendered himself to be a servant? Was he crazy? Almost everyone had such an idea.

Zhao Hai stared for a moment, but he didn’t stop his attacks. Instead, he said, “Stop resisting and I won’t kill you. As long as you make an oath to your heart’s demon, then I’ll spare you!”

The Cultivator immediately stopped resisting. Zhao Hai’s flying sword stopped at his throat and didn’t proceed. Then the Cultivator loudly declared, “This Li Lin pledges to his heart’s demon to willingly follow Mister Zhao Hai for a lifetime. For a slave is a servant, I will never betray him. If I disobey this oath, then may my heart’s demon kill me!”

Li Lin’s pledge caused the surroundings to turn quiet. They knew that Li Lin was serious. He really became Zhao Hai’s servant!


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