BTFTLIAW – Chapter 1331


Chapter 1331 – Jumping Clowns

Yuan stood outside Zhao Hai’s cave residence. He wanted to visit Zhao Hai but he was also afraid of disturbing his recovery. Therefore, he just stood on the entrance but didn’t dare to go in.

At this time, Zhao Hai casually walked out of his cave residence. Seeing Zhao Hai come out, Yuan immediately approached him. He inspected Zhao Hai’s well-being before he said, “Little Hai, how are you doing? I heard that you were injured.”

Zhao Hai looked at Yuan and then smiled as he said, “Captain, I’m alright. You don’t need to worry about me. But I was indeed injured. I have some medicine, so I will recover.”

Yuan relaxed. He looked at Zhao Hai and then suddenly laughed, “Alright, good. You can escape from a Transcending Tribulation Expert, you really have some skills, kid. Hahaha. That made me feel great!”

Zhao Hai forced a smile and said, “What skills, I just managed to escape. It’s not worth captain’s praise. Right, Captain, how did you know what happened to me? Has the news spread so quickly?”

Yuan laughed once again, then he said, “Of course it spread quickly. This is a huge thing. Someone from the Machine Field actually managed to escape from a Transcending Tribulation Expert. To the people of the Machine Field, this was an unprecedented matter. How could those who know about it not show off? Now, the entire Six Realms Battlefield knows about this. But this also brought some trouble. People have begun to cause trouble in our partially controlled territory. I reckon these people came because of you.”

Zhao Hai nodded and said, “That seems like it. They want to see how strong I am? Or do they want to take the opportunity to gain prestige now that I’m injured?”

Yuan smiled and said, “Both are possible. And there are people from all the other realms. Those from the Cultivation Realm and Devil Realm numbered the most.”

Zhao Hai smiled faintly and said, “My injuries aren’t that cumbersome. Maybe I’ll head out to keep those jumping clowns from bothering me.”

Naturally, he was aware of what Yuan said since he had seen it through the Space. Zhao Hai would know if there were slight disturbances in the Six Realms Battlefield, let alone those frolicking in his front yard. If he doesn’t know, then wouldn’t he be useless?

Zhao Hai decided to come out due to these people. These fellows wanted to use him to become famous. But they didn’t expect Zhao Hai to do the same to them.

Although Zhao Hai was now well-known, his prestige in the Six Realms Battlefield was lacking. As long as he cleans these guys up and plays with the other realms, he would certainly gain prestige.

Once he gains a stable foothold in the Six realms Battlefield and becomes an existence like Yuan, then his future developments would certainly benefit. After all, the Six Realms Battlefield was heavily connected to the major powers.

Yuan looked at Zhao Hai and said, “Little Hai, this isn’t a joke. I know that you’re strong, but if you are injured, it’s better if you don’t get into a fight with other people. After all, there are dangers to fighting while injured. It may affect your future growth.”

Zhao Hai smiled faintly and said, “Captain, rest assured, I’m going to be fine. Right, Captain, how is the alliance going?”

As soon as Zhao Hai mentioned this, Yuan’s mood immediately changed as he laughed and said, “Good, it’s doing great. Although we were already united before the alliance was established, the higher-ups still looked at us like loose sand. A lot of people took liberties in treating us, but we can’t do anything about it. After all, at that time, I can only represent my fort, not the others. But now, things are different. The members of the alliance can represent the entire mountain range. In this case, if we say something, the higher-ups would need to pay attention to it.”

Zhao Hai smiled and said, “That’s great. Alright, let’s head back. I want to see how everyone is doing, I haven’t seen them for a while.”

 The two proceeded to fly towards Yuan’s fort. Zhao Hai’s cave residence wasn’t that far so the two arrived before long. Seeing the two approaching the fort, everyone livened up.

Zhao Hai belonged to Yuan’s camp, so he knew everyone there. In the past, people only thought that Zhao Hai was strong. They didn’t feel that he was special. But now it was different. Zhao Hai became famous because of his successful escape. This news quickly spread to the entire Six Realms Battlefield. So now, people looked at Zhao Hai differently.

Zhao Hai was immediately surrounded. Zhao Hai politely greeted them in return. He didn’t change how he interacted with them.

After some time, people calmed down. Right now, the fort had 50 people stationed inside. Liu Zhen’s group had already returned to their own fort so the population was much less than before.

Seeing everyone, Zhao Hai smiled and said, “Everyone, let me invite you all to drink. I brought a lot of good things from outside. Captain, what do you think?”

Yuan laughed and said, “If there’s liquor, then why not? Alright, let me see what good things you brought.”

Zhao Hai laughed as well, then he took out a lot of good food. Naturally, among these were the giant crabs. People were happy and the entire fort was soon plunged into a celebratory mood. Zhao Hai’s attitude didn’t change because of his fame. In fact, he was already used to this, so he got along with everyone. This made everyone’s impression of him even better.

Although everyone enjoyed drinking, they didn’t drink too much. Recently, the Lock Mountain Range hasn’t been very peaceful. Everyone knew that if they drank too much, then other people might take it as an opportunity to act. When the time comes, they wouldn’t even have the time to cry.

After drinking, everyone drank tea as they sat in the conference hall. This room wasn’t small since it was used for meetings. It wasn’t a problem if 50 people sat inside it.

As Yuan drank tea, he looked at everyone and said, “You all should know about the recent situation of the Lock Mountain Range. What do you think about it?”

Wu Yang placed his teacup down, then he coldly snorted and said, “Captain, I think we need to deal with those guys. They obviously came for Little Hai knowing that he’s injured. They only want to get famous for cheap. I think we should mobilize everyone from the Lock Mountain Range to make them behave.”

Yuan nodded but didn’t comment on it. At this time, Xiong Li opened his mouth and said, “Those guys are certainly taking advantage of the opportunity. However, if we make a huge move, then wouldn’t that escalate things? People from every realm are roaming our partially controlled territory. If we go too far, then the other realms might work together to attack us.”

Xiong Li shared the thoughts of many, so a lot of people nodded. Wu Yang also knitted his brows. Just like Xiong Li said, it wouldn’t be good if they offend everyone.

Zhao Hai looked at everyone as he smiled faintly and said, “Since those people came for me, then let me handle this.”

Zhao Hai’s words caused those present to stare. Then Xiong Li’s complexion changed as he said, “Little Hai, you’re injured. Moreover, there are a lot of experts this time. I think we should organize a team. It shouldn’t be a problem if we don’t beat them too hard.”

Zhao Hai smiled faintly and said, “Boss, you don’t have to worry. I’m not afraid of those jumpin clowns. They want to use this Zhao Hai to raise their reputation? Hahaha. If they really think they can do that, then they’re dreaming.”

Hearing that Zhao Hai was full of confidence, everyone smiled. However, Yuan added, “You can go. But Little Hai, you need to be careful. Those guys aren’t pushovers either. Take care of yourself.”

Zhao Hai smiled faintly and said, “Captain, you can rest assured. Alright, I just had a drink so I need some exercise.” After he said that, he stood up and walked out. This caused everyone to be stunned. They didn’t expect Zhao Hai to fight right now.

Zhao Hai didn’t mind the others as he immediately left the fort as well as the Lock Mountain Range. The reason why Zhao Hai was anxious to leave was because Cai’er told him that a team of Machine Field experts had been blocked by Cultivators in the partially controlled territory. Both sides were clashing heavily. Moreover, the Machine Field’s side had suffered losses.

There were about 30 people from the Machine Field who were surrounded. Zhao Hai was also able to recognize their team leader. Although this person wasn’t among the 20 representatives of the alliance, he still gained a lot of votes during the election. If it weren’t for the fact that the Lock Mountain Range only needed 20 representatives, then he might have been chosen. Therefore, Zhao Hai had quite a deep impression of this person.

This person was surnamed Bai with a given name of Yuan. He was nicknamed Fighting Demon. His name sounded domineering, but he was in fact a Mage. He was a Dark Mage specializing in summons. He was also very formidable. He ranked among the strongest in the Core Formation stage.

Moreover, this person liked to fight. He spent most of his time out of his fort since he hunted every day. In fact, he ventured out more frequently than Yuan. Naturally, his casualty rate was very high. But at the same time, his men were able to gain merit very quickly. 

Before long, Zhao Hai arrived at the place where Bai Yuan and the Cultivators were fighting. Upon arriving, Zhao Hai quickly saw the losses that Bai Yuan suffered. Of the original 30 people, only 20 were left. On the other hand, there were only five Cultivators. However, these 5 people were actually at Nascent Soul stage. And only one of them made a move. If all of them attacked, then Bai Yuan’s team might have been eradicated a long time ago.

Zhao Hai looked at the Cultivators, then he coldly snorted and said, “Good, Cultivators, good. Do you really think that you can bully the Machine Field? You actually ran to our territory to kill our people!”

Zhao Hai’s voice caused the Nascent Soul Experts to notice him. Their complexion immediately changed. This was because they were only able to notice Zhao Hai’s presence after he spoke!


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