BTFTLIAW – Chapter 1330


Chapter 1330 – Fame

Actually, Zhao Hai somewhat underestimated the influence of this matter. Cultivators coming over to deal with him wasn’t news in the Machine Field. Since these Cultivators entered the Machine Field, the realm’s higher-ups already paid attention to them. After all, a Transcending Tribulation Experts had come. A Transcending Tribulation Expert was equivalent to a fleet of ships in the Machine Field. Even if they don’t pay attention to this, it was impossible for them to not know given the circumstances.

However, the higher-ups turned a blind eye to this. This was because they also wanted to deal with Zhao Hai. They even helped the Cultivators secretly.

A lot of pirates infiltrated the Ashley Family. The Machine Field also had informers among the pirates. The Yellow Daoist was working with these pirates, so how could the higher-ups not know? These higher-ups knew very well who the Yellow Daoist was.

This time, the people who came to deal with Zhao Hai weren’t from a Great Sect. In fact, the team was made up of both Cultivators and Devil Cultivators. Otherwise, it would be impossible to get so many Nascent Soul Experts. As for the Yellow Daoist, his status was more interesting. The Yellow Daoist doesn’t actually belong to a sect. In fact, he had an ordinary background. He had been in Fabio Planet a long time ago. And because of his cultivation talent, he was able to reach Core Formation and then Nascent Soul.

Once he became a Nascent Soul Expert, he went to the Six Realms Battlefield and eventually reached Transcending Tribulation. His present status was a guest elder in the Cultivation Realm’s third largest merchant group, the Pink Cloud Pavilion.

The Pink Cloud Pavilion was one of the Cultivation Realms most famous merchant groups. Their strength was very formidable. And because they were a merchant group, they were very rich. In order to ensure their security, they would invite guest elders to keep out evildoers. The Yellow Daoist was one of the pavilion’s guest elders.

The Yellow Daoist’s given name was Huang Daoran, nicknamed the Strength Daoist. Because he had the earth attribute, he attached great importance to physical strength in addition to cultivation. In addition, all of his weapons were heavy weapons. This was the reason why he was called the Strength Daoist.

It wasn’t easy for Great Sects to send their own Transcending Tribulation Experts to participate in this mission. The Machine Field’s higher-ups would certainly intervene. However, the Yellow Daoist was different. It can be said that he was a rogue cultivator. He can face Zhao Hai and claim that he acted alone. In this case, the Machine Field’s higher-ups couldn’t do anything.

Although the Yellow Daoist was a loose cultivator, nobody in the Cultivation Realm dared to underestimate him. His nickname of Strength Daoist wasn’t a joke. He was able to practice towards Transcending Tribulation as a rogue cultivator and he grew his strength by fighting. People like him were more difficult to deal with than Transcending Tribulation Experts of Great Sects.

However, with such a person acting, Zhao Hai was still able to leave. Although Zhao Hai was injured, the result was still extraordinary.

The higher-ups of the Machine Field discovered that they were still underestimating Zhao Hai’s capabilities. And their previous evaluation of Zhao Hai was also wrong. 

The Machine Field needed experts. Although the Machine Field had a lot of Nascent Soul-level experts, their Transcending Tribulation Experts were almost none. When facing the Transcending Tribulation Experts of other realms, the Machine Field could only use fleets to hold them back. Because of this, the Machine Field badly needs Transcending Tribulation Experts.

Although Zhao Hai only had Nascent Soul-level strength, he can actually escape from a Transcending Tribulation Expert. This was something that the Machine Field’s higher-ups didn’t expect.

The Machine Field can sacrifice a Nascent Soul Expert, they can even afford killing them. But if a person was at Transcending Tribulation-level, then that was another matter.

Zhao Hai wasn’t a Transcending Tribulation Expert, but he clearly has potential to become one. If the Machine Field allowed Zhao Hai to grow, then the Machine Field would have more means to face the other realms. They could stand up straighter and gain more benefits. This benefit doesn’t only involve Zhao Hai or the Ashley Family, but the entire Machine Field.

Therefore, upon knowing that Zhao Hai was able to escape from Huang Daoran, killed two people from their party, and even destroy their ships, the Machine Field’s higher-ups immediately changed their attitudes towards him. 

In the past, they might be warm towards him, but they were holding a knife in their back. But now it was different. They began to seriously consider grooming Zhao Hai. As long as Zhao Hai becomes a Transcending Tribulation Expert, then it would be excellent for the Machine Field.

It must be said that the path to Transcending Tribulation was the biggest bottleneck of all practitioners. Ninety-nine percent of practitioners get stuck in this bottleneck. This was even more so for the Machine Field. From its establishment to now, the Machine Field was only able to get a handful of Transcending Tribulation experts.

There were reasons why they thought that Zhao Hai could pass this bottleneck. First, Zhao Hai was young, only about 20 years old. And second, his growth upon ascending to the Machine Field had been very fast.

In just a year after ascending, Zhao Hai already had the strength of a Nascent Soul Expert. Moreover, he was able to escape a Transcending Tribulation Expert’s ambush. This was already enough to show his strength. Although Zhao Hai was only at Nascent Soul, the Machine Field’s higher-ups believed that he would be successful in attaining Transcending Tribulation.

As long as Zhao Hai succeeds, then the Machine Field would gain more negotiating power in talking with the other realms. One must know that in the Cultivation Realm, a Transcending Tribulation Cultivator was an overlord of an entire region. 

Besides the reaction of the Machine Field, the other realms also had their own understanding of the situation. The Ashley Family wasn’t a copper wall nor an iron fortress. The Ashley Family’s policy on secrecy was as transparent as a mesh sieve. Information about Zhao Hai being injured but was able to escape from Huang Daoran soon became known to the World of cultivation. Naturally, this only referred to those in the higher echelons of each realm. Ordinary people don’t know about this.

However, this was already enough. Upon receiving this information, the higher echelons were shaken. They knew the difference between a Nascent Soul Expert and a Transcending Tribulation Expert. Zhao Hai was injured and defeated. But nobody can deny the fact that he survived. This showed how strong Zhao Hai really was.

Zhao Hai didn’t know about this, but his name had already been engraved in the high-level characters of each realm. Moreover, this information quickly spread throughout the Six Realms Battlefield.

When Zhao Hai returned to his cave residence in the Lock Mountain Range, he caused a stir. Yuan and the others were also very excited.

With the reason that he’ll be recuperating inside his cave residence, Zhao Hai returned to the Space. After understanding the situation through the Space, Zhao Hai didn’t know whether to laugh or cry.

Laura and the others were also sitting in the living room looking at the people’s reaction. Once in a while, they would discuss among themselves and chuckle.

Zhao Hai looked at them, then he smiled bitterly and said, “Why do they talk like I defeated Huang Daoran?”

As soon as they heard Zhao Hai, Laura and the others laughed. Margaret chuckled and said, “Brother Hai, there are very few people below Transcending Tribulation to escape from a Transcending Tribulation Expert’s ambush. Murdoch might be depressed right now.”

Laura and the others also chuckled. Zhao Hai sighed and said, “Becoming famous isn’t necessarily good. The other realms only suffered losses against me because they underestimated my strength. Now that they know my strength, I will have to be more careful in the future. Moreover, if they decide to kill me, then they will certainly make a more perfect plan. This isn’t good for me.”

Laura and the others were no longer smiling as they nodded. Zhao Hai’s worries weren’t unfounded. Zhao Hai was strong, but he was still a Nascent Soul Expert. In his clash with Huan Daoran, Zhao Hai realized how powerful Transcending Tribulation Experts really were. Even if he went all out, he still couldn’t become a Transcending Tribulation Expert’s opponent. Moreover, Transcending Tribulation wasn’t the strongest realm in the World of Cultivation. Above it were Soul Severing Experts and then Immortals. If Transcending Tribulation Experts were already this strong, then how strong were Soul Severing Experts and Immortals? Zhao Hai couldn’t help but feel his head hurt upon thinking about this.

There was also another point that worried Zhao Hai. He was someone from the Machine Field and his strength was revealed to the other realms. The battleships and the mechs of the Machine Field was already enough to cause headaches to the other realm. If an expert like Zhao Hai appeared, it wouldn’t be good for the other realms. People from the other realms may try every means to deal with him. 

If the other realms decided to have him removed, then he could only hide inside the Space for a long time. If he went out, then he would certainly be in danger. This time, he doesn’t expect the other realms to hold back.

Although he was worried, Zhao Hai wasn’t depressed. In fact, he expected this situation to arrive. Wanting to be lowkey was no longer possible. After all, the World of Cultivation spoke with their strength. If you weren’t strong, then you don’t have the right to talk. This was the same for Zhao Hai. If he wasn’t strong, then it was impossible for him to go to the Six Realms Battlefield and also acquire Yalei 2. It was impossible for him to become friends with Xiong Li and the others and think of being independent.

If he wanted to show his competence, then he would have to face the dangers that came along with it. Zhao Hai was now a celebrity in the Machine Field. If he started to form his own force right now, nobody would stop him. Instead, a lot of people would see this as a good opportunity.


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