BTFTLIAW – Chapter 1329


Chapter 1329 – Germinate

Cadjo has been worrying a lot. Although the people from the Ghost Symbol Camp that were attacked had returned to Dark Demon Planet, Zhao Hai had yet to appear. 

Zhao Hai has become very important to the Ashley Family. The family’s rapid development was because of Zhao Hai. If Zhao Hai suffered an unfortunate accident, then the damage to the Ashley Family would be too big.

Zhao Hai was like a banner. With him there, people will believe that the Ashley Family would continue to grow stronger. Even if Zhao Hai was out and does things alone, the Ashley Family could still get benefits. After all, everyone recognizes that Zhao Hai was the family’s son-in-law.

Moreover, Zhao Hai strived for the family’s benefits. To the Ashley Family, this was very important. Also, with Zhao Hai being in the Six Realms Battlefield, the Ashley Family was able to gain more benefits. 

Thunder Ashley’s attitude towards Zhao Hai was neither cold nor hot. In the beginning, Cadjo couldn’t understand Thunder’s approach. But when he discovered that Thunder finally decided to appoint his sons to important posts in the family, Cadjo understood. Thunder Ashley was guarding against Zhao Hai!

Cadjo grew up with Thunder. So he immediately understood what Thunder was thinking when he made this decision. Thunder was defending his position against Zhao Hai.

This caused Cadjo to think about the entire situation. In such a short time from ascending, Zhao Hai had become a powerful expert in the realm. Moreover, he was able to give glory to the Machine Field, becoming a hero. Now, even Patriarchs of families have to greet Zhao Hai with a smile when they meet him.

Most importantly, Zhao Hai’s aura was very welcoming. Being together with him will let a person feel like they were breathing fresh air, making them unconsciously like him. Moreover, Zhao Hai already formed connections to the junior generation of Great Families. His personal connections had grown to the point where it would no longer be a problem if he were to go independent.

However, Thunder Ashley wasn’t afraid that Zhao Hai couldn’t go independent, he was afraid that Zhao Hai wouldn’t. Although Zhao Hai already expressed his desire to go alone, he had yet to do it. This made Thunder be on guard against him.

But once Zhao Hai goes independent, he could no longer be treated as part of the Ashley Family. And in turn, Margaret would lose her right of inheritance. When the time comes, Zhao Hai couldn’t meddle in the family’s matters. Therefore, Thunder was looking forward to Zhao Hai going independent.

Cadjo couldn’t fault Thunder for his thinking. But from what Cadjo knew about Zhao Hai, he wasn’t the kind of person to bring harm to the Ashley Family. However, Cadjo had no way of changing Thunder’s thoughts. Cadjo knew that the Patriarch of the Ashley Family was someone who doesn’t easily listen to people. Even those who he trusted and grew up with rarely changed his mind. 

And with Zhao Hai’s matter being related to the inheritance of the Ashley Family, things were more complicated. Nobody from the upper positions of the family liked to participate in this matter. Even Cadjo understood this. Therefore, his relationship between the sons of the Ashley Family was very normal. The only heir he was somewhat close to was Margaret.

This was why Cadjo couldn’t talk to Thunder. He has a good relationship with Margaret who is Zhao Hai’s wife. Will Thunder consider him as Margaret’s person? It was hard to say. But if he helps Zhao Hai by speaking up for him, then Thunder might become suspicious. It must be known that the Patriarch has become more and more paranoid lately. He doesn’t even fully trust those that grew up with him since childhood. In this case, Cadjo knew that he couldn’t speak up for Zhao Hai.

However, Cadjo knew clearly that Thunder hoped that Zhao Hai would leave the Ashley Family. But he wouldn’t go so far as to kill him. This was because the Ashley Family wouldn’t gain any advantages in Zhao Hai’s death.

Cadjo believed that the Patriarch of the Ashley Family would rather let all the members of the External Hall die than hope for Zhao Hai to be killed. Zhao Hai made efforts to stop the family’s attackers, if something really happened to him, then the blow to the Ashley Family would be too great.

Cadjo was worried for Zhao Hai’s safety. This was because he heard someone from the Ghost Symbol Camp say that plenty of experts attacked them. Moreover, it seems like these experts were there to specially deal with Zhao Hai. Now that Zhao Hai appeared, he might have suffered misfortune.

While Cadjo was worrying, a robot’s voice was suddenly heard, “Manager Cadjo, Mister Zhao Hai and Miss Margaret are looking for you.”

Cadjo stood up as soon as he heard the robot. Then he dashed to the door and opened it before seeing Zhao Hai and Margaret outside.

Cadjo immediately took a step forward and looked at Zhao Hai. His heart skipped a beat. Zhao Hai’s current appearance wasn’t good. His face was very pale, it was clear at first glance that he was injured.

Cadjo said, “Little Hai, what happened? Why are you injured?” 

Zhao Hai smiled faintly and said, “Uncle, I’m fine. There’s no need to worry. I didn’t expect the Cultivation Realm to actually send a Transcending Tribulation Expert to deal with me. Moreover, they have a spatial ability user with them. I received some wounds but I was still able to make a lucky escape.”

Cadjo held his breath as he listened to Zhao Hai. Then he let out a cold breath as he said, “They sent a Transcending Tribulation Expert? And there’s a spatial ability user as well? It seems like they are really prepared to deal with you. Right, come in, quick.” Then he ushered the two to enter his office before offering them some tea.

At this time, Cadjo sat down and said, “Our Ashley Family felt that something was wrong this time. No matter who wanted to deal with our family, it would be impossible for them to transfer a large number of people in secret. A lot of our teams had been attacked. Moreover, they were very far from each other. We have been puzzled by this. It seems like it’s because of the spatial ability user. How are your wounds?”

Zhao Hai smiled and said, “It’s not grave, but I won’t be able to participate in fights in the near future. But Uncle doesn’t need to worry. I risked my life in order to kill that spatial ability user. I also had undead carry nuclear bombs to blow up their ships. I believe that the Cultivators wouldn’t be able to attack us as easily as before.”

Upon hearing Zhao Hai, Cadjo’s expression began to loosen. Then he said, “That’s good, that’s very good. But Little Hai, you need to consider your safety next time. You can use this opportunity to relax and heal your wounds.”

Zhao Hai smiled faintly, but he shook his head and said, “Uncle, I can’t do that. I still need to return to the Six Realms Battlefield. I can heal my wounds there. I was absent for a long time, it wouldn’t be good if I don’t return.”

Cadjo was also aware about this. With the Ashley Family’s present situation, they had no way to influence the Six Realms Battlefield. This time, Zhao Hai went out because of his own personal reasons. Cadjo also heard some news that Zhao Hai was able to make great contributions and increased his value. This way, he could leave at will and run outside to help deal with the Ashley Family’s matters.

However, the Six Realms Battlefield has its own rules. And the Ashley Family couldn’t do anything about it. So upon hearing Zhao Hai, Cadjo could only nod as he said, “Alright. Then I won’t stop you. But you need to be careful.”

Zhao Hai nodded, then he stood up and said, “I’ll leave the family to you, Uncle.”

Cadjo nodded and delivered Zhao Hai to the door. Margaret also followed Zhao Hai to leave. Looking at Zhao Hai’s departing back, Cadjo couldn’t help but sigh for the Ashley Family. To be honest, Cadjo doesn’t have any favorable impressions regarding the other successors of the family. They were spoiled and only knew to fight for power and profit. And yet, they craved greatness and prestige. The situation between the External Halls had something to do with these Young Masters.

These people wouldn’t bring much development to the family. It would even be considered lucky if they don’t bring the Ashley Family down.

In fact, Cadjo knew that these Young Masters took their personality from their father. Thunder Ashley craved greatness and prestige while doubting everything. He doesn’t have that imposing aura befitting a great Patriarch either. If it weren’t for Cadjo properly managing the family, the Ashley Family would have already fallen.

Although Cadjo and Desbarres grew up with Thunder, they were educated by Thunder’s father. Ever since childhood, they have been educated to deal with various things and cultivated to be the most qualified stewards of the family. The Ashley Family always had such a system. And it was because of this that the Ashley Family was able to exist for a long time.

But this generation, Thunder didn’t train a qualified steward. Cadjo advised Thunder about this matter several times. However, Thunder only gave him a deaf ear. In his opinion, although people like Cadjo made managing the family easier, it also restrains their control over the family. Therefore, Thunder didn’t prepare stewards for the next generation.

Cadjo was really worried for the Ashley Family’s future. It might seem like the Ashley Family’s development was very rapid recently, but Cadjo knew that all of this was because of Zhao Hai. Once Zhao Hai set out to become independent, then the Ashley Family would certainly be affected. Moreover, Thunder had yet to assign a real successor. Without a clear successor, the Ashley Family was bound to have a troublesome future. Now that all eligible successors managed to hold their own power, the family would certainly fall into civil unrest once something unfortunate happens to Thunder.

Cadjo really hoped that the Ashley Family would be inherited by those with the blood of the Ashley Family. But looking at what was bound to happen, Cadjo hoped that Zhao Hai would inherit the family. Cadjo could see what kind of person Zhao Hai was. If Zhao Hai became the family’s Patriarch, then he would certainly bring an even bigger growth to the family.

When he thought of this, Cadjo couldn’t help but get scared of himself. He didn’t know when this idea sprouted in his mind. It must be said that Cadjo was immensely loyal to the family, how could he have such an idea? Cadjo quickly shook his head, trying to shake this idea off his mind. However, he failed to discover this idea taking root in his mind, like germinating seed.

Zhao Hai doesn’t know what Cadjo was thinking right now. He and Margaret returned to their villa in the Bone Symbol Camp. When he entered, he didn’t expect to see Zheng Yun. Seeing Zheng Yun’s appearance, Zhao Hai secretly sighed before saying, “Yun’er, you’ve worked hard. If you have some time, you can go out and play. Dark Demon Planet is a safe place.”

Zheng Yun nodded, then she looked shyly at Zhao Hai and said, “Big Brother Zhao Hai, will you be staying?”

Zhao Hai smiled bitterly and said, “I’m not. I still have a lot of things to take care of, so I’ll be leaving immediately.”

Zheng Yun gave out a disappointed ‘oh’ as she lowered her head and played with the hem of her clothes. Zhao Hai looked at her and felt pity. He couldn’t help but sigh. To be honest, Zheng Yun was indeed attractive. Even men who strongly meditated would lose focus from time to time, not to say about others.

Zhao Hai looked at Margaret and said, “Margaret, while I’m away, take care of Yun’er. Don’t let her be in any danger.”

When Margaret heard Zhao Hai, she couldn’t help but stare. But then she understood what Zhao Hai meant. Zheng Yun had innate charm. Her charisma is too strong that even women would be attracted to her. Zhao Hai was afraid that Zheng Yun would be in danger because of this. Sometimes, good things would cause tragedies.

Margaret nodded and said, “Rest assured, I’ll keep her safe.” Zhao Hai nodded before his body disappeared and entered the Space.

Zhao Hai’s injury had already healed, but he had to pretend to be injured in front of Cadjo. This would hide his true strength from others. If people know that he returned safe and sound after fighting a Transcending Tribulation Expert, then it would certainly cause a stir.


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