BTFTLIAW – Chapter 1328


Chapter 1328 – Not Too Perfect

The Yellow Daoist looked at the Cultivator with spatial abilities and said, “Send us over and have the ships follow.” The Cultivator immediately responded, then he took out his staff and prepared to open a spatial rift.

The Cultivator with spatial abilities didn’t take out a staff in order to use magic formations. Instead, the purpose of this staff was to increase his mental power so that he can open a larger spatial rift to allow everyone to pass through. It would also allow him to send everyone to where the rest of the Ashley Family were.

Although his spatial divergent ability was inborn, he would still need spiritual force to use it.

The spiritual force needed was directly related to the size of spatial rift used. Therefore, the Cultivator needed a magic staff when using his ability. Of course, it wouldn’t be this troublesome if he was alone. But when so many people needed to be transported, he would need to take out his staff.

At this time, the Cultivator with spatial abilities suddenly stared. Then the light on his eyes slowly vanished. And out of his mouth was a sword tip.

This caused everyone to stare. Then the sword and the Cultivator vanished from sight!

The atmosphere of the scene immediately froze. These people didn’t expect Zhao Hai to be so bold while the Yellow Daoist was still here. After being defeated, he still dared to return and kill the Cultivator with spatial abilities!

Because of the presence of the Yellow Daoist, people relaxed prematurely. In their opinion, with the Yellow Daoist here, Zhao Hai would be courting death if he went back. Who would have thought that Zhao Hai would really come back. Moreover, he killed the most important person on the team.

Although the Cultivator with spatial abilities wasn’t the strongest person in the group, he was equivalent to the feet of the party. As long as he existed, they could quickly head to any location and attack the Ashley Family’s camp members.

And now that this important person was killed, continually attacking the Ashley Family was now a dream. It was almost impossible to accomplish.

While everyone was in a daze, the pirate ships began exploding one by one. The Ashley Family’s ships had also been destroyed.

The face of the Yellow Daoist went thoroughly black. Allowing Zhao Hai to run away had already lost him a lot of face. And now, Zhao Hai killed the person with spatial abilities as well as exploded their ships. This was a clear slap to the face. These two back-to-back slaps caused his face to turn black and blue.

However, they don’t have any means to deal with Zhao Hai now. Without someone with a spatial ability, it would be impossible for them to move forward.

With this thought in mind, the Yellow Daoist spat out blood in anger. But he could do nothing about the situation. Not only him, nobody else in their team had any idea what to do. And now, not to say about attacking the Ashley Family, even returning to the Cultivation Realm would be very difficult.

The region that they were in right now was very far from any occupied planet. If they want to return to the Cultivation Realm, then flying would be impractical. Flying back to the Cultivation Realm would take them over a year. Moreover, there was also the looming threat that was Zhao Hai.

It was at this moment that the ships showed their usefulness. They could relax inside the ship as it flew. But now they had to fly by themselves.

The Yellow Doist looked at everyone’s expressions, then he coldly snorted and said, “Good Zhao Hai. This old man has underestimated you. But it doesn’t matter. We’ll leave for now. Let’s head towards the Pirate Paradise. As long as we have the support of the pirates, it’s not impossible to deal with the Ashley Family. Depart!” Everyone immediately followed. They don’t have any other choice.

All of these were seen by Zhao Hai. Zhao Hai smiled faintly. The silver needles would arrive at the Pirate Paradise in two days. When the time comes, he could release his undead and eradicate the entire Pirate Paradise. Without the support of the pirates, the Cultivators wouldn’t have any other means.

Although these Cultivators were flying towards the Pirate Paradise, they already contacted the pirates through the computer to pick them up using a spaceship. Zhao Hai didn’t stop this. After all, without the spatial ability user, these people couldn’t muster up any storms.

Laura and the others relaxed now. Laura looked at Zhao Hai and said, “Brother Hai, I think we should tell Manager Cadjo this information to save him from worrying. We can also let him make the Ashley Family investigate the pirates. There should be pirate spies in the Ashley Family, otherwise they wouldn’t be able to know how many teams the Ashley Family sent out and also where they were going.” 

Zhao Hai nodded and said, “That’s true. The family has been mass recruiting lately. It wouldn’t be a surprise if pirate spies managed to get in. Alright, I’ll tell this to Manager Cadjo. Meanwhile, you should prepare the Undead Army. Once the silver needles enter the Pirate Paradise, you can tidy them up. Then find a way to transfer them to Yalei 2. Of course, we can’t send all of them to the planet. The Pirate Paradise still needs to exist, but it can’t exist in this manner.”

Laura gave a nod. But then she said, “However, it’s not easy to control these pirates. They aren’t used to being under the command of the same person. And there are also people from the Machine Field there. If we go deal with them in a strong manner, then we might face some backlash. We shouldn’t be anxious about this.”

Zhao Hai stared. To be honest, he really wanted to use his Undead in order to clean up the pirate groups. But as the matter stands, the destruction of the Pirate Paradise wouldn’t only affect the Cultivation Realm and the Devil Realm, the Machine Field would be implicated as well. When the time comes, even his own realm would go against him.

Although the Machine Field’s higher-ups had tried to deal with him multiple times, they wouldn’t do it publicly. After all, Zhao Hai was someone who had contributed a lot to the realm.

If Zhao Hai blatantly cleared the Pirate Paradise, then the Machine Field’s higher-ups might dread his strength even more. The strength that Zhao Hai displays right now was already threatening. Fortunately, he doesn’t have much power in the realm. Although his relationship with Margaret tied him up with the Ashley Family, Zhao Hai himself requested for an uninhabited planet for himself. This meant that he wanted to establish his own base. Zhao Hai’s method was something that the Machine Field’s higher-ups wanted to see.

Even with Margaret’s connections with the Ashley Family, Zhao Hai establishing his own faction meant that the strength between him and the Ashley Family has been split up and weakened.

But if Zhao Hai showed extraordinary fighting prowess at this time, to the point of threatening a Great Family, these Machine Field higher-ups would definitely find fault in him. When the time comes, they would no longer try to deal with Zhao Hai in secret. They would go openly against him.

Upon thinking of this, Zhao Hai nodded and said, “It seems like I’ll have to find another way to deal with those pirates. However, I can’t let the Poison Bee Pirate Group go. We’ll give the pirates a warning. This way, they would hesitate working with the Yellow Daoist. I wouldn’t be relieved if they weren’t forced to return to the Cultivation Realm.”

Laura smiled faintly and said, “Brother Hai, in fact, you are doing very well right now. After all, even if Margaret is the daughter of the Ashley Family’s Patriarch, her influence in the family is small. Solving the problem to this point is already very good. If you solve the problem perfectly, then even the Ashley Family might not be able to accommodate you.”

Zhao Hai understood what Laura wanted to say. Because of his strength, Thunder Ashley was starting to feel threatened by him. If he handled matters perfectly, then Thunder might start suppressing him in secret. After all, with Margaret being a direct heir, she had the right of inheritance. If Zhao Hai appeared too strong, then Thunder would worry that Zhao Hai would get rid of the other successors and inherit the family through Margaret. With Zhao Hai controlling things behind Margaret, Thunder was afraid that the Ashley Family might change surnames in the future.

Such matters weren’t strange. There were plenty of families that were destroyed because of this. Zhao Hai has been good to the Ashley Family lately and rarely imposed his influence, so Thunder never thought about dealing with him. But if Zhao Hai went on like this, then Thunder might start to suppress him some day.

When he thought about it, Zhao Hai couldn’t help but nod and said, “Alright. Let’s do that first. I’ll go inform Manager Cadjo and wait for the Poison Bee Pirates to be cleaned up. After that, I’ll return to the Six Realms Battlefield.”

Laura nodded. Although Margaret was also present, she kept quiet and didn’t oppose Laura’s words. Actually Margaret doesn’t have any deep sentiment towards the Ashley Family. Compared to the Ashley Family, her relationship with the Bone Symbol Camp was much deeper. Therefore, she didn’t take it to heart even though Laura was saying some malicious words towards the family.

Now that Zhao Hai had dealt with the Cultivator with spatial abilities, the Cultivators could no longer attack the Ashley Family with ease. And now that the Bone Symbol Camp’s members were safe, Margaret felt relieved. Margaret also contributed to the plan that Laura and the others made. 

Zhao Hai looked at Margaret and smiled. Margaret smiled back at him as well. Then Zhao Hai no longer disturbed them from working.

Seeing nothing else happening to the Cultivators, Zhao Hai turned to Margaret and said, “Let’s go look for Uncle and tell him about what happened.”


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