BTFTLIAW – Chapter 1327


Chapter 1327 – Face to Face

Five long weapons!

The five magic artifacts that the Yellow Daoist released were unexpectedly five long weapons. These were the sledgehammer, mace, glaive, halberd, and long axe!

These five heavy weapons were the ones used by the Yellow Daoist that most when dealing with an enemy. These five weapons also followed the Yellow Daoist in gaining fame. Naturally, these weapons weren’t his life source weapon. However, they couldn’t be underestimated.

When the other Cultivators saw that the Yellow Daoist had taken out the five heavy artifacts, they couldn’t help but get startled. They knew that the Yellow Daoist was now beginning to turn serious.

They didn’t expect Zhao Hai to force the Yellow Daoist into this situation. In their opinion, once the Yellow Daoist made a move, then Zhao Hai would immediately suffer. But who would’ve thought that Zhao Hai could compel the Yellow Daoist to use his five heavy weapons.

The Yellow Daoist’s weapons were shining. They had an imposing aura that seems like it could overturn the heavens and the earth. It made one feel that they were as firm as a mountain.

The swords revolved faster around Zhao Hai. At this moment, Zhao Hai’s body flashed as a spatial rift appeared beside him. But just as Zhao Hai was about to leave, a Cultivator’s voice was suddenly heard. “Seal!” Along with this command, the spatial rift beside Zhao Hai was unexpectedly blocked.

Zhao Hai’s expression turned ugly. He glanced at the Cultivator who just shouted. This man wasn’t tall and he wore ordinary robes. He didn’t look like anything at all. At this time, this man was proudly looking at Zhao Hai.

The Yellow Daoist looked at Zhao Hai, then he coldly snorted and said, “What? You want to run? Zhao Hai, since you can fight with me with ease, you managed to get my interest. Don’t disappoint me.”

Zhao Hai performed a secret art before a *chi* sound was heard as the flying swords moved as one and attacked the Yellow Daoist.

The Yellow Daoist raised a hand and said, “Guard!”. Along with his command, the sledgehammer rushed out and struck at the swords.

The sledgehammer didn’t strike a particular sword and instead hit the air. But as the sledgehammer struck, the surrounding space seemed to condense. The flying swords that Zhao Hai sent out were stopped by an invisible wall. Zhao Hai’s face changed as he spit out some blood. It was clear this time that he was injured.

A surprised expression appeared on Zhao Hai’s face. He wasn’t acting this time, he was genuinely surprised. The damage made by the Yellow Daoist damaged Zhao Hai more than the last one. Moreover, qi managed to penetrate into his internal organs. Therefore, Zhao Hai couldn’t help but spit out some blood.

In the past, Zhao Hai had a very high estimation about the strength of a Transcending Tribulation Expert. But after this time, he discovered that he was still underestimating them. This was especially true once they used magic artifacts.

The Yellow Daoist looked at Zhao Hai with a satisfied expression. Then he smiled faintly and said, “Zhao Hai, you managed to force this man to use his five treasures. You should be proud. You can die now. Behead!” Then one of the five treasures, the glaive, flew towards Zhao Hai to behead him.

Zhao Hai looked at the Yellow Daoist’s attack. Then he suddenly laughed as he made a move. In his hand was the crescent moon spade. The crescent moon spade faced the glaive head on.

The crescent moon spade and the glaive clashed. A loud *dang* was heard as the crescent moon spade was sent back. Zhao Hai spit out blood once again. But in turn, he was able to block the glaive.

Zhao Hai looked at the Yellow Daoist and said, “Daoist is truly strong. It’s Zhao Hai’s fortune to gain your advice today. But it seems like I can only accompany you another day. Then he moved his hand and another spatial rift appeared beside him.

The Cultivator with a spatial ability commanded once more “Seal!”. But this time, Zhao Hai’s spatial rift wasn’t blocked. Zhao Hai looked at the Cultivator and sneered before his body disappeared along with the spatial rift.

The only reason why Zhao Hai opened the spatial rift before this was to see which Cultivator had spatial abilities. 

One must know that divergent ability users were different than common practitioners. Common practitioners could be identified by their breath. Even if they deliberately conceal their aura, there were still ways of finding out about it.

 However, divergent ability users were different. Their abilities were inborn. If they don’t use their abilities, then it would be impossible to know that they had it.

Zhao Hai didn’t really intend to leave when he first opened the spatial rift. He wanted to find out which one had the spatial ability. As long as he identifies this person, he could get rid of him. Once he was gone, then the threat posed by the Cultivators would decrease.

By relying on the spatial ability user and the pirate ships, the Cultivators were able to block the camps of the Ashley Family. Once this spatial ability user was removed, it would be very hard for these Cultivators to block the Ashley Family’s camps even if they still had the pirate ships.

The opponent was an owner of a spatial ability. The threat of this person on Zhao Hai was too great. As long as he removes this person, then he would have more time for himself to think about how to deal with the Cultivators.

Zhao Hai’s battle with the Yellow Daoist made him understand the Transcending Tribulation realm even more. The Yellow Daoist sent two attacks that made Zhao Hai vomit blood. With this strength, it was clear why they couldn’t be opponents of Nascent Soul Experts.

Although he wasn’t a Transcending Tribulation expert, this doesn’t mean that he couldn’t block their attacks. With this, it would be impossible for the Yellow Daoist to stop him from leaving.

After Zhao Hai entered the Space, Laura and the others immediately surrounded him. Meg even had a bottle of potion in hand. Laura looked at Zhao Hai and asked, “Brother Hai, are you alright? Are you heavily injured?”

Zhao Hai shook his head and said, “I’m alright. My internal organs were just shaken a little. I should be able to recover soon.” Then he took the bottle that Meg handed to him and drank it. 

Zhao Hai also discovered that even if he was injured internally and even managed to spit out blood, his body’s ability to recover was formidable. The blood that he spit out was only due to the impact caused by the clash. The wounds had already started to heal.

After drinking the potion, Zhao Hai turned his head and said, “Did you manage to save the people from the Ghost Symbol Camp?”

Laura nodded and said, “Rest assured, we’ve already sent them to Dark Demon Planet.” Zhao Hai nodded and felt relieved. In addition to studying the Transcending Tribulation Realm, he also fought with the Yellow Daoist for a long time because he wanted to buy the Ghost Symbol Camp’s members as much time as possible.

The moment Zhao Hai appeared in the battlefield, Laura and the others already opened spatial rifts in order to rescue the Ghost Symbol Camp members. 

The group entered the villa and then Zhao Hai looked at the monitor. When the Cultivators saw that Zhao Hai disappeared, they were startled. They didn’t expect this to happen. Zhao Hai looked like he was at a dead end, but he was able to exit with ease. The Yellow Daoist’s expression turned jet black. He waved his hand and caught the wielder of the spatial ability and said, “Didn’t you say that you can seal spatial rifts? What just happened?!”

The Cultivator was terrified. He also couldn’t understand what was going on. Why was Zhao Hai able to withdraw with ease? From the look on the Yellow Daoist’s face, he understood that if he doesn’t give a satisfying answer then he would suffer bad luck.

The Yellow Daoist was truly enraged this time. He was a Transcending Tribulation Expert sent to deal with a Nascent Soul brat. This matter has already lost him a lot of face. He would even lose more face if he failed. But now, the target was able to run away. If this was passed on, then he would become a laughingstock in the Cultivation Realm.

The Cultivator with the spatial ability wiped the sweat off his head and stuttered before answering, “Daoist, this one, no, this little one also doesn’t know. Zhao Hai’s ability is really strange. I wanted to seal his spatial rift but I can’t do it. This little one really did his best.”

The Yellow Daoist coldly snorted and let go. Then he turned his head and looked at the Ashley Family’s ships. His expression turned frigid. He was at Transcending Tribulation, and he couldn’t feel anyone inside those ships. This made him even more furious. He didn’t pay attention to the ships because these camp members were merely ants in his eyes. But he didn’t expect Zhao Hai to save them under his nose. This was equivalent to hitting everyone here in the face, to the point of leaving it numb.

The others also felt the chang inside the ships. Their facial expressions were very ugly. In front of them all, Zhao Hai was able to save the Ghost Symbol Camp members. This was a huge disgrace.

The Yellow Daoist no longer paid attention to the ships. Instead he looked at the Spatial Cultivator and said, “Have a look at where the rest of the Ashley Family members are. I’ll kill them all. Let’s see if Zhao Hai wouldn’t dare come out.”

The Spatial Cultivator didn’t dare to neglect this command. He immediately replied as he took out a small computer and said, “Replying to the Daoist, according to the information we gained, the Ashley Family had sent out seven groups this time. Among this group were 100 members of the Ashley Family’s Bone Symbol Camp. We can deal with them first.”

The Yellow Daoist nodded and said, “Alright. We’ll deal with them first. Zhao Hai is in the same camp. Zhao Hai would certainly feel pain if we kill them.” Everyone nodded in compliance.


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