BTFTLIAW – Chapter 1326


Chapter 1326 – Vicious Battle

When he heard Lizzy, Zhao Hai gently shook his head. Although Lizzy’s method was the best for him, he couldn’t agree to it.

At this time, Cai’er suddenly said, “Young Master, someone crushed a token.” Zhao Hai stared, then he immediately said, “Show me.”

The image on the screen quickly changed. What surprised Zhao Hai was that the first to use the tokens weren’t from the Bone Symbol Camp, but from the Ghost Symbol Camp instead.

It must be stated that Zhao Hai’s relationship with the Ghost Symbol Camp wasn’t very good. The relationship between the Camp Lords of both sides wasn’t very good either.

But after Zhao Hai won the Six Realms Beginner Competition, the other Camp Lords began to warm up to him. But since he had been busy since then, he didn’t have time to improve their relationship. But it must be said that Zhao Hai still saw the people from the other camps to be members of the Ashley Family. 

This group from the Ghost Symbol Camp was sitting on a small ship. At this time, the ship was surrounded by a group of people. Additionally, these people were dressed like Cultivators and were using 5 small battleships. These five battleships were evidently modified with weapons more advanced than normal ships. Seeing the appearance of these ships, Zhao Hai knew that these belonged to space pirates. Only pirates would deck their ships with this much weapons.

Zhao Hai glanced at the Cultivators. It was a small group that numbered about 50. What surprised Zhao Hai the most was the composition of this group. There were 20 Core Formation Cultivators and the rest were at Nascent Soul. Also, the Core Formation Cultivators weren’t weak. The magic artifacts that they used were all high-level.

Zhao Hai raised his brow and said, “It seems like we’ve found our big fish. Interesting. I’ll go meet them.” Then his body disappeared from the Space and reappeared on the scene. As he appeared on the battlefield, he waved his hand and his flying sword killed the nearest Cultivator. This was a Cultivator at Core Formation Stage. He wasn’t even able to comprehend what happened before his head fell. Then Zhao Hai waved his hand once more to take the body into the Space. Then his body flashed and reappeared beside a small battleship. He sent out a 100 thousand-layer formation. Although the battleship was able to erect its protective shield, it was nothing compared to the might of a 100 thousand-layer spell. It was like paper as it was torn to pieces. Then the battleship exploded turning into a huge fireball.

It was at this time that those who besieged the Ahsley Family stopped and shifted their attention to Zhao Hai. Zhao Hai also stopped as he looked at the Cultivators and coldly smiled and said, “Were you waiting for me? Well, I’m here.”

One of the Cultivators looked at Zhao Hai and then coldly snorted before saying, “Zhao Hai, you finally showed yourself. Hahaha. That’s good. I’m afraid that you’ll keep hiding in the Six Realms Battlefield.”

Zhao Hai looked at the Cultivator and said, “Why would I hide? Didn’t you want to see me?”

The Cultivator coldly snorted and said, “Do you really think that you can leave today? Now that you appeared, you can forget about leaving. You’re not the only one capable of using space magic in this world.”

Zhao Hai sneered when he heard this. Then he said, “I never did think that I’m the only Space Mage in this world. However, I’m afraid you still won’t be able to make me stay.”

The Cultivator replied, “You’re very arrogant. But you are indeed strong, and everyone in the Six Realms Battlefield knows about it. Therefore, we asked someone to deal with you.” Then he faced one of the pirate ships and said, “Daoist, I ask you to make a move. Kill this brat!”

A cold snort was heard from the pirate ship. Then the door of the ship opened and a person wearing yellow cultivator clothing floated slowly towards the battlefield.

This person’s presence wasn’t that big. However, he looked very strange. His hair, beard, and eyebrows were all earth yellow.

Zhao Hai looked at this person and his expression quickly turned heavy. His spiritual force failed to detect this person. Moreover, being respectfully called a ‘Daoist’ wasn’t a common address in the Cultivation Realm. Only Transcending Tribulation Experts and above were called ‘Daoists’. This only meant that this person was a Transcending Tribulation Expert.

The Transcending Tribulation Expert looked at Zhao Hai and sneered as he said, “Zhao Hai, I’ve heard of you. Not only did you win the Six Realms Beginner Competition, you also made waves in the Six Realms Battlefield. Do you really think that you’re unparalleled?” 

Zhao Hai looked at the Transcending Tribulation Expert, then he coldly snorted and said, “Are you a Transcending Tribulation Expert in running your mouth as well? You want my life, now this Zhao Hai is here. Why don’t you take it?”

The Transcending Tribulation Expert didn’t think that Zhao Hai would be rude towards him. His eyes flashed cold light as he coldly snorted and said, “Extremely arrogant!” Then he waved his hand and sent a giant earth-yellow palm towards Zhao Hai.

Zhao Hai coldly snorted and then waved his hand to cut the palm using his flying sword. The Transcending Tribulation Expert harrumphed, he didn’t care about Zhao Hai’s counter.

It didn’t take long before the sword and the palm hit each other. A ‘Bang’ sound was heard before Zhao Hai’s sword was thrown back. It seems like Zhao Hai lost in this exchange. However, his attack was still able to disperse the palm attack.

A hint of dread flashed through Zhao Hai’s eyes Although he didn’t use astral qi and evil qi, he used full power in that move. The flying sword also had weapon shattering in it. And while he was able to block the blow, it still managed to shake his mind. He didn’t expect the other party’s attack to be so powerful. It’s an attack worthy of a Transcending Tribulation Expert.

What Zhao Hai didn’t know was that the Daoist was also surprised. He knew that although he sent a casual attack, he already used seven points of his strength. This much force couldn’t be blocked by Nascent Soul Experts. But Zhao Hai was actually able to block it without suffering heavy wounds.

One must know that Transcending Tribulation Experts weren’t in a whole different level of strength compared to most Nascent Soul Experts. Most Nascent Soul Experts wouldn’t survive five points of strength, much more if it was seven points.

The Yellow Daoist’s eyes couldn’t help but turn bright. He was now interested in Zhao Hai. But at the same time, he also wanted to murder him. The existence of such a person wasn’t good for the Cultivation Realm. If he were allowed to grow, then there would come a time where he would threaten the Cultivation Realm.

With this thought in mind, the Yellow Daoist’s determination to kill Zhao Hai became firmer. He looked at Zhao Hai and said, “Good, very good. You can block me. It seems like I’ve been looking down on you before. You’re qualified for me to become serious.”

Zhao Hai coldly snorted and said, “It seems like Transcending Tribulation isn’t that great.”

The Yellow Daoist sneered, “Ignorant kid.”

Then he took a step forward and sent a punch outward. A yellow fist was sent towards Zhao Hai. 

Zhao Hai found out that he couldn’t avoid this punch. Although the Yellow Daoist only sent out his qi, this qi was still under his control after leaving his body. Even if Zhao Hai dodged, the fist could still change directions.

Zhao Hai breathed in and just like the Yellow Daoist he took a step forward and punched out. He used astral qi in this punch. But after punching out once, Zhao Hai sent another punch. The two fists worked together to go against the Yellow Daoist’s punch.

The Yellow Daoist didn’t make any further moves. He just looked at the scene, interested in what Zhao Hai would do.

He saw Zhao Hai stop after sending out two punches. These two punches proceeded to hit the earthen yellow fist.

Boom! Boom! Two sounds of impact were heard one after the other. The winds caused by the collision caused the clothes of the Cultivators to fly. This showed how powerful the collision was.

For the first time, the Yellow Daoist’s expression turned serious. One must know that the two firsts that Zhao Hai sent out weren’t any ordinary punches. These two fists emanated an aura showing that Zhao Hai had studied a fist technique.

In the Cultivation Realm, fist techniques also existed, but there were only a few of them. These first techniques were stored in the ancient reserves of the Great Sects. Almost no small sect has their hands on these techniques. First techniques were mostly used by ancient cultivators. Because they didn’t have methods to make magic artifacts yet, these ancient cultivators could only resort to using their hands and feet as weapons.

The ways of the ancient cultivators would almost always lose against a person from this age. After all, they don’t use magic artifacts. Therefore, these techniques slowly faded from usage. Only a few inheritances have them, and these were being kept by great sects. At the same time, no great sect would have their disciples train these ancient body cultivation methods as their main method. At most, these techniques would be used to supplement their cultivation.

However, one has to recognize that when it came to the body, ancient cultivators were peerless. The reason why disciples from great sects were formidable was partly because of these body cultivation methods.

The Yellow Daoist was also able to study a fist technique manual. Although he didn’t have any other body cultivation method, it can be said that the power of his fist could contend against ancient fist techniques. Compared to the five-element fists that was used by the realm, it was much much stronger.

The Yellow Daoist was very confident in his fists. He believed that even Murdoch wouldn’t be able to deal with his fists with ease. However, Zhao Hai only made two punches and managed to cancel his fists. This was completely out of his expectations.

The Yellow Daois looked at Zhao Hai and said, “Good Zhao Hai, good. Then receive my next move.” Then he stepped forward once again and released another punch. But this time, he didn’t release just one punch. A succession of punches was sent out and a group of earthen yellow qi was sent towards Zhao Hai like a round of artillery shells.

Zhao Hai’s facial color sank. He knew that the Yellow Daoist was now acting seriously or was beginning to. Zhao Hai didn’t think that the Yellow Daoist didn’t have any magic artifacts. It was just that the Yellow Daoist believed that using his fists was already enough. This was the confidence of an expert at the Transcending Tribulation stage.

Zhao Hai was also aware that if he didn’t use a weapon, then he wouldn’t be able to block the Yellow Daoist’s fists. Although the Yellow Daoist’s fists looked like they were very light, Zhao Hai could feel an intense amount of energy in each one of them. Each fists surpassed the previous fist he sent out, and there were more than two this time!

The earlier fist needed two of Zhao Hai’s astral qi-infused fists to disperse. Now that the Yellow Daoist had sent so many punches, it would be courting death if Zhao Hai wanted to counter it using punches.

When he thought of this, Zhao Hai quickly waved his hand. After that, swords spread out behind him like a peacock showing its majesty. Silver-white swords fanned out behind him. These swords looked exactly the same. They were three feet by three inches. Each one of them were straight and smoothly polished. The sword ridges  had the design of a Yazi. On the hilt was a cloud pattern which gave the sword a peaceful nature. Behind the swords were tiny bells that sounded crisp and sweet.[1]

There were a lot of these swords behind Zhao Hai, forming a dense and majestic sight. Just by looking at them, they numbered over a hundred. Moreover, from the style of these swords, one could see that they were a complete magic artifact set!

A magic artifact set was a very special type of magic artifact. Magic formation weapons that the Machine Field used acted independently and their might wasn’t necessarily strong. One the other hand, magic artifact sets were very powerful the more there were in the set. Naturally, the spiritual force needed to operate these sets was very high. Average people wouldn’t be able to use them.

Of course, Zhao Hai wasn’t using a real magic artifact set. These were flying swords that liquid silver transformed into. As for being able to control a large number of swords, it wasn’t surprising for Zhao Hai. He could even control 10 thousand silver swords with no problems. After all, if he could control a lot of silver needles at the same time, then he could control swords as well.

Zhao Hai performed a sword art and then pointed forward. *Chi* Along with Zhao Hai’s command, the swords behind him all flew forward like a school of fish heading straight towards the Yellow Daoist’s attacks.

Each of these swords were infused with astral qi, so their might was very extraordinary. Moreover, the flight of these swords weren’t simple. As they flew, they arranged themselves in special patterns, directly facing each fist.

Boom! Boom! Boom! Boom! A series of explosive sounds were heard. The surrounding qi was sent into disarray. The Cultivators around them couldn’t bear these qi and were forced to step back.

When the qi storm disappeared, the spectators couldn’t help but gawk at the scene. Standing there was a pale Zhao Hai and his flying swords that revolved around him. The warship that he attacked has been completely crushed.

The Yellow Daoist stood opposite Zhao Hai. His expression had now turned completely serious. Then the Yellow Daoist suddenly laughed and said, “Good, Zhao Hai. It seems like if I don’t put out my real strength today, then I wouldn’t be able to deal with you.” Then he waved his hand as five magic artifacts were taken out. Seeing these magic artifacts, Zhao Hai couldn’t help but stare. This was because these five magic artifacts looked very special.

  1. Yazi – seventh of the nine sons of the dragon. Weapons with Yazi images engraved in them were said to be sharper than the rest.


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