BTFTLIAW – Chapter 1325


Chapter 1325 – Waiting

Zhao Hai was currently resting inside the Space. On the screen was an image of empty space. This was because he was spectating the silver needles as they travelled towards the Pirate Paradise.

Zhao Hai looked at the map of the Space and compared it to the Machine Field’s map. At this rate, the needles would reach the Pirate Paradise in three days.

Naturally, Zhao Hai wasn’t concerned about this right now. He was just calmly waiting for news from the Machine Field. Yesterday, he saw a 100-person squad from the Bone Symbol Camp leaving for a mission. This squad was carrying the tracking tokens that he just made.

Zhao Hai was waiting for news about this 100-person team. He wanted to see the moment they got attacked.

It wasn’t only the Bone Symbol Camp who sent people out on a mission. The other camps also had teams of their own. All of these teams were carrying the tracking tokens on their bodies. This way, Zhao Hai would be informed the moment these people get attacked.

Laura and the others were sitting beside Zhao Hai as they looked at the empty space on the monitor. Honestly, the scenery was very boring. However, Laura and the others happily looked at it because Zhao Hai was accompanying them.

It has been two days since Zhao Hai handed over the tokens to Tie Sheng. Contrary to what Zhao Hai expected, Cadjo didn’t give the tokens to the camp lords. Instead, he took full control over the tokens. When people head out to do a mission, they would go to him in order to get the tracking tokens. And if they don’t meet any attack, they would have to return them.

Zhao Hai doesn’t have any opinions about how Cadjo decided to handle the tokens. In fact, Cadjo’s arrangement was the most appropriate way for the family’s External Halls.

Dark Demon Planet was very peaceful these days. Zheng Li also convinced Uncle Lu and the others to move to Yalei 2. Uncle Lu and the others knew that in order to live a good life, they would have to stay with each other. They would advance when they need to advance and retreat when they need to retreat. Only then could they survive.

Compared to Dark Demon Planet, the Six Realms Battlefield wasn’t so peaceful. Captain-level characters of the Lock Mountain Range congregated in Yuan’s fort. This was the first time that they all gathered here. But they didn’t have any point of complaint. After all, this second gathering was for their future security.

When everyone arrived at Yuan’s fort, Yuan immediately discussed the matter of the Lock Mountain Range Alliance. As soon as they heard about this, Captains all agreed. This alliance would only bring them benefits as well as security. None of them even thought about opposing the idea.

After that, an election of the first batch representatives was held. The Lock Mountain Range would select 20 Captains as their representatives. Moreover, these Captains needed to have served in the mountain range for at least two years. These 20 people would represent the entire Lock Mountain Range. Naturally, this was a very important decision. Everyone needed to make sure that the elected representatives were good.

If some of these 20 Captains were to transfer out of the Lock Mountain Range or retire, then they would have to withdraw from the alliance and then another election would be held for their replacement.

Nobody opposed this rule. This was because only people from the Lock Mountain Range would consider the benefit of the alliance. 

The election was finished smoothly. Before long 20 people were selected as the representatives of the Lock Mountain Range Alliance.

These representatives wouldn’t gain more power. They couldn’t order other Captains nor would they receive more benefits. What they could do was to serve the people from the Lock Mountain Range.

This job was actually harsh, but nobody opposed it. This was because the main purpose of this union was to keep the Lock Mountain Range secure.

After the election ended, it was no surprise that Yuan, Liu Zhen, and the others were elected. Yuan also became the leader with the most number of votes. Moreover, everyone was alright with this result.

As soon as he saw the result of the election, Yuan couldn’t help but feel thankful. If he really chose to retire, then the Lock Mountain Range might turn chaotic. If this happens before they beat the Sprites, then all of the prestige and accomplishments that he gained would all disappear. When the time comes, the other realms would come like sharks after smelling blood.

Yuan sighed. He knows that he couldn’t retire yet. At least before Zhao Hai gained enough prestige, he couldn’t retire.

Zhao Hai was well aware of what happened in the Six Realms Battlefield. The results were within his expectations. There’s nobody other than Yuan who can lead the Lock Mountain Range Alliance. Yuan had had the most prestige in the mountain range with his long years of service. If he retired at this unstable time, then the entire mountain range would turn chaotic. Therefore, he persuaded Yuan to stay even if he wanted Yuan to settle down on Yalei 2.

After the Lock Mountain Range Alliance was established, various teams immediately reported some of their problems. Examples of these included issues with supplies, weapons, and other things.

The teams in the Lock Mountain Range could also report their problems directly to the higher-ups. But so far, the answers they received had never been satisfactory; or their problems were completely ignored. And with the strength of a single team, they couldn’t do anything about it. Now that the alliance has been established, they would naturally report these issues and hope that it gets solved as soon as possible.

Yuan and the others didn’t expect the Lock Mountain Range to have this much problems. The 20 representatives soon found themselves busy talking to the teams and compiling all reports to send to the higher-ups. 

Now, that they have the strength to talk with the higher-ups as equals. After all, they were now acting as the entire Lock Mountain Range. Moreover, at this very unstable time, if the higher-ups don’t agree, then their standing in the Six Realms Battlefield might be affected.

Zhao Hai didn’t care about these things at this time, nor was it his turn to care. Therefore, he was now in the Space waiting for any signal of any attacks on the Ashley Family’s External Hall members.

Laura looked at Zhao Hai, she looked worried as she said, “Big Brother Hai, I think the people that were sent to deal with you this time aren’t simple. They might be small, but I think they have someone who has a spatial ability.” 

Zhao Hai looked at her and said, “Why do you say that?”

Laura explained, “In order to deal with you, those people need to enter the Machine Field in secret. They need to be undetected by the Machine Field. We shouldn’t underestimate the Machine Field’s capabilities. These fellows have been able to resist the Cultivation Realm for a long time. Being independent for a long time is evidence of the realm’s strength. They should also have moles placed among the pirate groups to act as their informants. Therefore, if a lot of people from the other realms enter, the Machine Field would certainly get word about it. Therefore, its impossible for a lot of people to come deal with you.”

Zhao Hai nodded. Then Lizzy continued the explanation, “If it’s just a few people, then that’s another problem. Not everyone who disappeared came from one direction. All of them want in all directions from Dark Demon Planet. In this case, these people were all attacked. Some were even attacked while completing their tasks. You should know that transmission formations weren’t widely used in the Machine Field. Those people couldn’t just use transmission formations to go places. And if they only rely on flight, then they wouldn’t be able to attack so many people. With the number of losses that the family suffered, it’s clear that they have means to come and go quickly. Besides transmission formations, only spatial abilities can do this.” 

Zhao Hao nodded again. Then Megan added, “Moreover, both the Cultivation Realm and the Devil Realm know that you can use space magic. Therefore, the best way to deal with you is another person with spatial abilities. It shouldn’t be difficult for the Cultivation Realm and the Devil Realm to find someone who can use space magic.”

Zhao Hai smiled faintly and said, “You’ve really thought this through. Unfortunately for them, they don’t know that they’re dealing with a fake Space Mage.”

Laura and the others chuckled. However, Laura was still a bit worried, “Brother Hai, you made the other realms aware of how strong you are back in the Void Arena. Moreover, they should have already heard about your actions in the Six Realms Battlefield. After knowing your capabilities, they still decided to act against you. This means that they’re assured of their success. Brother Hai, I think they sent out a Transcending Tribulation Expert!” 

Zhao Hai frowned and said, “Transcending Tribulation? Will they really?”

Laura nodded and said, “It’s very possible. Brother Hai, people already know that most Nascent Soul Experts aren’t your match. They aren’t even sure if they can succeed if they use formations. Then the only way to deal with you is to send a Transcending Tribulation Expert.”

Zhao Hai nodded. Their assumptions weren’t groundless. With Zhao Hai’s present strength, it can be said that nobody can defeat him below Transcending Tribulation. The difference between a Transcending Tribulation Expert and a Nascent Soul Expert was the same as heaven and earth. Going from Nascent Soul to Transcending Tribulation transforms a Cultivator qualitatively. It’s impossible for a peak Nascent Soul Expert to beat a Transcending Tribulation Expert. If the enemies really did send a Transcending Tribulation Expert to deal with him, then the situation has indeed turned difficult.

Lizzy looked at Zhao Hai and said, “Big Brother Hai, you should scout the situation first before going out. Once you see the level of the attackers, it wouldn’t be too late to make a move.”


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