BTFTLIAW – Chapter 1322


Chapter 1322 – Poison Bee Pirates


Because he pressed too hard, the remote control in the hands of the blonde-haired man was crushed. But in any case, if there was indeed a nuclear bomb, then an explosion should have happened in the Bone Symbol Camp. However, the entire camp was quiet. There were no explosions at all. Even the nuclear bombs that Zhao Hai took out didn’t respond.

The blonde-haired man paled even more. He knew that his last hope had vanished. They were now in the Bone Symbol Camp, and he wanted to take the entire camp with him to the grave. This was enough for the entire camp to want to swallow him alive.

Zhao Hai looked at the blonde-haired man, then he smiled faintly and said, “Still unwilling to give up? It doesn’t matter, you can never escape.” Then after he finished talking, Zhao Hai snapped his fingers once again. Besides the blonde-haired man, all the others that surrounded Zhao Hai died. 

The blonde-haired man looked at the broken remote control in his hand, then he took out another item and then said, “We’ll die together!!” Then he tried to activate the thing he took out. But at this moment, his head exploded. The thing he held fell to the ground, it was a small nuclear bomb. It seems like the blonde-haired man planned this as well. He wasn’t planning to live through this ordeal.

Zhao Hai looked at the man and then waved his hand, taking all the bodies. Then he looked at the others from the Bone Symbol Camp. Being swept with Zhao Hai’s eyes, everyone unconsciously looked away. Zhao Hai’s killing technique was too shocking for them. He just snapped his finger and then people died. 

After sweeping everyone with his gaze, Zhao Hai said, “Some of you are old members of the camp, and some of you are new. I don’t have much to say to the old members. But to the new members, let me tell you this. I don’t care what your status is before you joined, or what you did. But now that you have joined the Bone Symbol Camp, you need to honor the camp’s rules and customs. Don’t form your own groups, the Bone Symbol Camp is the Bone Symbol Camp. Don’t take the camp’s tolerance as weakness. Remember this.” After he said that, he turned around and nodded towards Tie Sheng and Tao Wang. The two immediately followed Zhao Hai into the building.

The new members of the Bone Symbol Camp, especially the unruly ones, looked at each other and saw their pale faces. Their hearts couldn’t forget the fear they just felt.

The newcomers have been causing a lot of trouble in the Bone Symbol Camp recently. This was especially true for those on the side of the blonde-haired man. And since the Bone Symbol Camp didn’t pressure them heavily, they became more and more bold up until now.

Zhao Hai’s appearance shook the entire situation. Him killing a lot of people sent a message to everyone. They were now afraid. There were many people who made malicious remarks about Zhao Hai. There were groups of them. This was because they were jealous of Zhao Hai. Now, these malicious thoughts evaporated. They were even afraid that Zhao Hai would look for them to settle accounts.

The old members of the camp didn’t have a good outlook on these newcomers. But since the family ordered them to be united, they endured. Now, seeing the expressions of these newcomers, the old members couldn’t help but be happy inside.

After this incident, the Ashley Family’s External Halls had been cleansed. All at once, the smoke produced by the mass recruitment settled. The newcomers also understood their place. Naturally, there were also newcomers who ran away after hearing what happened. Those who ran away didn’t want to follow the rules, or they might have some ulterior motives towards the family. This caused the Ashley Family to lose some sense of worry.

These things all happened later. Right now, Zhao Hai entered the Bone Symbol Camp’s conference room with Tie Sheng and Tao Wang. Then he waved his hand and summoned the Undead blonde-haired man. Zhao Hai looked at the blonde-haired man and said, “What’s your name and who sent you?”

The blonde-haired man immediately replied, “Answering to the Young Master. My name is Eric, I’m from the Poison Bee Pirate Group. The group received several secret missions to infiltrate the Ashley Family and find a way to kill Zhao Hai or tarnish his reputation. From the appearance of these people, they don’t seem to be from the Machine Field. As for who they were, I don’t know.”

Zhao Hai raised his eyebrow and said, “What is your position in the Poison Bee Pirate group?”

Eric replied, “I’m the fourth head of the group. My father was the previous fourth head. He was killed during a mission so I took his place. Since I’m young, the other heads don’t look highly upon me. It was the other heads who assigned me to do the mission.” 

Zhao Hai nodded, then he said, “Where’s the headquarters of your pirate group? Show it to me on the star chart.” Eric nodded before opening his computer and then pointed towards a planet.

Tie Sheng and Tao Wang have also been listening to Eric. Now they knew what was going on. They looked at the planet that Eric pointed to and wasn’t surprised. This was because the planet that Eric pointed to was in a meteorite field that was also known as the Pirate Paradise. It’s a region placed in between the Machine Field and the Cultivation Realm. 

The Pirate Paradise is a very famous place. It was an incomparably vast region, much larger than the Rainbow Meteorite Field. It was also much more dangerous. This area was pirate-infested. Some of these pirates were from the Machine Field, some were from the Cultivation Realm, some were from the Devil Realm. There were all kinds of large and small pirate groups existing there. It was even rumored that the largest pirate group could contend against a Great Family in the Machine Field and a Medium-grade Sect in the Cultivation Realm.

After many years of operation, the pirates had carved a place for themselves in this meteorite field. Its defenses were impregnable. Even Cultivation Sects would find it very hard to attack this place.

Also, the pirates were also conscious of their targets. They would rob passerby but never the huge caravans. And as long as they were given tolls, then they could guarantee a caravan’s safety. If anyone orders a hit on someone, they could also turn into killers. It was because of such rules that they existed to this day. Otherwise, they would have already been destroyed by the Machine Field and the Cultivation Realm.

Although these pirates were strong, they could never match an army from the Machine Field or a big Sect from the Cultivation Realm. However, these pirates could handle the dirty jobs that families and sects needed to be done. It was also because of this that they haven’t been eliminated and were able to live with ease.

Zhao Hai looked at where Eric was pointing and was also aware of the Pirate Paradise. Therefore, he wasn’t surprised about the location. Then he asked Eric about the strength of the Poison Bee Pirate group.

From what Eric said, the Poison Bee Pirates numbered about 100 thousand people. And if they counted the relatives of the members, they would reach 1 million. Most of these people were Mages and Warriors. They also own battleships. Altogether, the pirate group had over 300 battleships. One of them was a high-level warship, 50 were intermediate-level, and the rest were low-level ships. To operate these ships, the pirate group had 10 thousand people on deck. They also have 50 thousand Mechs in hand, which was not weak for a pirate group.

Zhao Hai nodded and thought some things through. He now has a planet that doesn’t have many people. If he can get these pirates to Yalei 2, then he would no longer worry about the population.

However, he didn’t put this forward. After asking Eric everything he wanted to know, Zhao Hai returned Eric to the Space. Zhao Hai was also aware of Eric’s current position in the group. Although he was the fourth head, he was basically driven out of the group. The other heads had removed his power, this was why he was sent over for this mission.

Zhao Hai didn’t care much about these things. Eric’s status was no longer important now that he was an undead. And now that Zhao Hai knew the location of the Poison Bee Pirates, he could clean them up when he had some time.

After Zhao Hai received Eric, he looked at Tie Sheng and said, “Big Brother Tie Sheng, what do you think?”

Tie Sheng replied, “The family is in an unstable state, so other people wanted to deal with us. Little Hai, did you come out because of this?”

Zhao Hai nodded and said, “Yes, I heard that some of our brothers had disappeared after going out on missions. Therefore, I came back to see the situation. It seems like the matter is much more complex than I thought. I’m certain that the other realms had begun to make a move on us. Moreover, their ultimate target should be me.”

Tie Sheng nodded, then he asked, “What do you plan to do now?”

Zhao Hai smiled faintly and said, “Easy, I’ll just deal with them all. I have already talked to Uncle Cadjo. I’ll be making tracking tokens so provide us with coordinates. Once I finish making them, I’ll hand it over to our people. Then once they get attacked on a mission, they can crush the token so I can know their location. When that time comes, I’ll rush over with haste. I believe we’ll be able to know who’s behind this when the time comes.”

Tie Sheng knit his brows and said, “But isn’t that too dangerous? Their target is you. I’m afraid they’re waiting for you to come out. Since they have you as a goal, then they naturally have plans to deal with you. If you go out, then aren’t you just delivering yourself to their front door?”

Zhao Hai smiled faintly and said, “Big Brother Tie Sheng, rest assured. Nothing wrong will happen. I’ll head back first. Once I finish making the tracking tokens, I’ll hand them over to you.” Then he left the room after he said that.


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