BTFTLIAW – Chapter 1321


Chapter 1321 – Blonde-haired Man

In any place, there were no shortage of arrogant idiots, let alone ambitious people. These people would often do crazy things that looked stupid to other people.

When Zhao Hai and Margaret entered the Bone Symbol Camp, the camp’s members immediately surrounded them. Tie Sheng and the others approached Zhao Hai and greeted him. Zhao Hai also responded with a smile and greeted both those he knew and didn’t. Everything seemed very normal.

At this moment, a voice was suddenly heard, “Zhao Hai, I challenge you! I want everyone to know that you’re just a pretty boy with nothing but a talent of seducing women!”

As soon as this voice was heard, the scene immediately turned silent. Everyone looked at the source of the voice and saw a person over 30 years old. He had blue warrior garments and was blonde. He was charmingly handsome, but he had an arrogant expression on his face. Behind him were other people who were both Mages and Warriors. All of them had an unruly expression as they looked at Zhao Hai and the others.

Zhao Hai looked at these people and was certain that they weren’t from the Bone Symbol Camp. He didn’t know these people. He turned to Tie Sheng and asked, “Brother Tie Sheng, who are these guys?”

Tie Sheng paled. Naturally he knew who these people were. In fact, these were one of the fellows who just recently joined. Their status was also muddy. It also seems like they were from the same organization since they always stuck together ever since joining the Bone Symbol Camp. It was very difficult for Tie Sheng to manage them.

It can be said that Tie Sheng couldn’t control them at all. But although these people were being very arrogant, they didn’t go too far. Because of this, Tie Sheng didn’t pressure them too much. To think that these people called Zhao Hai out in front of so many people. This was basically hitting Zhao Hai’s face in front of everyone, and in turn it was also hitting Tie Sheng’s face.

Upon hearing Zhao Hai, Tie Sheng coldly snorted and said, “They’re the Bone Symbol Camp’s recent recruits. Their status isn’t very clear, but they seem to belong to one group. They liked to bully people in the camp, but they didn’t go too far so I wasn’t able to expel them. I didn’t expect them to do this today.”

The two weren’t speaking in an indistinct voice, so the blonde-haired man and the others could hear what they were saying. The blonde-haired man gave Tie Sheng a look and said, “You? What capabilities do you have to manage us? Hmph. You should just hand the Bone Symbol Camp over to me.”

Zhao Hai looked at the blonde-haired man. Then he suddenly laughed as he shook his head and said, “I have seen a lot of idiots in my life, but there aren’t a lot of idiots like you. I don’t care what you were before, but now that you have joined the Ashley Family and the Bone Symbol Camp, then you must observe the camp’s rules. If you don’t follow, then I don’t mind teaching you a lesson.”

The blonde-haired man looked at Zhao Hai and sneered, “Teach me? You? What qualifications do you have? Don’t think because you manage to get some achievements that you’re invincible. I’ll let everyone know that you’re just a swindler.”

This time, Zhao Hai was no longer smiling. He looked at the blonde-haired male and felt that something wasn’t right. This man’s performance in the Bone Symbol Camp should have been in the acceptable range or else Tie Sheng would have already dealt with him a long time ago. But now, he was actually being aggressive, wanting to fight Zhao Hai.

Why would he want to do that? The entire World of Cultivation was already aware of Zhao Hai’s strength. Even if Zhao Hai was pretending, it was still impossible for him to collude with the Cultivation Realm and the Devil Realm. His strength has been recognized by the World of Cultivation, but this man was actually clueless. He even thought that Zhao Hai was weak and wanted to force him into a fight.

It was impossible for this man to court death. There must be a reason. Or he might have an ace in his hand. He thinks he can deal with Zhao Hai with this method.

The blonde-haired man just looked at Zhao Hai and didn’t make any noise. He became even more arrogant during this time. He raised his head high as though he didn’t put Zhao Hai in his eyes. However, Zhao Hai can see a subtle hint of fear in his eyes.

Zhao Hai gently raised his brows and then chuckled as he said, “You want to challenge me? Alright, I’ll accept. When do you want to compete? Tell me.”

When the blonde-haired man heard Zhao Hai accept, his expression loosened. It seems like he had already succeeded when Zhao Hai agreed.

The blonde-haired man immediately said, “Now, here. I will remove your mask of lies in front of everyone.” Then after he said that he glanced at Margaret. Margaret was looking at him with anger, which made the blonde-haired man even more angry.

Zhao Hai looked at the blonde-haired man’s expression and smiled faintly as he said, “Now? Alright. But I’m afraid you’re not enough. Have your friends join in as well so that people won’t say I’m bullying you. This also saves time. You should know that my time is precious and I don’t want to waste time.”

The blonde-haired man gave a strange smile and then said, “That’s what you said. There’s no taking it back now.” Then he waved his hand as the people who followed behind him moved and surrounded Zhao Hai. The positions of these people weren’t random, they seem to be in a formation.

But Zhao Hai didn’t care, he looked at the blonde-haired man and then at the formation before saying, “You’re done?”

The blonde-haired man laughed and said, “Zhao Hai, you will pay the price for your arrogance. Now die!” Then everyone surrounding Zhao Hai took something out. They were identical items. Then they began casting.

As soon as they began, Tie Sheng and the others discovered what the blonde-haired man’s group took out, it was actually a set of formation weapons.

Formation weapons were special weapons in the Machine Field. If it was used alone, then its strength wouldn’t be very good. However, these weapons come in sets. These weapons emit an energy that would combine to form a huge magic formation that can attack people. Naturally, it could trap people and defend. The effect depends on the formation weapon.

It seems like these people were already prepared to deal with Zhao Hai. It wasn’t easy to get one’s hands into a set of formation weapons. It was also very difficult to refine. But now, the blonde-haired man was able to take out a set. This was certainly not something that can be prepared overnight.

Zhao Hai looked coldly at the blonde-haired man. He didn’t actually care about the formation, but he still said, “Who sent you? Tell me, otherwise I’ll turn you into an Undead.”

The blonde-haired man coldly snorted and said, “Nobody sent me. I just want to prove to everyone that you’re a fraud.”

Zhao Hai smiled faintly and said, “You’re not talking? Alright, it doesn’t matter. I’ll make you talk.” Then he extended his hand and snapped his fingers!

Pa! A slightly loud snap was heard. It wasn’t that loud but the moment Zhao Hai snapped his fingers, a burst of blood came out of one attacker’s head. Then his body fell to the ground. He was already dead!

Everyone stared, including the blonde-haired man. They didn’t see Zhao Hai make a move. They just noticed Zhao Hai snapping his fingers, and then the person died. This was too scary! All the spectators couldn’t help but feel their back turn cold.

Zhao Hai looked at the blonde-haired man and said, “You’re still not talking?”

The arrogant expression on the blonde-haired man’s face vanished. Instead, his fear was now clear. However, through clenched teeth, he said, “Zhao Hai, you could not threaten me. You will die today.”

Zhao Hai smiled and said, “Alright, I admire your courage.” Then he snapped his fingers twice. Then like before, another two person fell to the ground one after the other.

Those gathered around Zhao Hai couldn’t help but flinch. At this point, it was useless even if they used their formation weapons. Three people had died, the magic formation was no longer complete. Although it can still be used, its power has been greatly reduced. It can no longer threaten Zhao Hai.

These people didn’t expect Zhao Hai to be so ruthless. Zhao Hai didn’t look like someone who would kill in an instant. But Zhao Hai did exactly that.

The blonde-haired man’s expression turned ugly. Then he took out something and said, “Zhao Hai, don’t force me. At worst, we will perish together.” Seen on the blonde-haired man’s hand was a remote control switch.

Zhao Hai smiled faintly and said, “You want to say that you buried a large number of small nuclear bombs in the Bone Symbol Camp right? And as soon as you use that remote control, the entire Bone Symbol Camp would explode. Am I correct?”

The blonde-haired man’s facial color changed for the worst this time. This was because Zhao Hai said what he wanted to say. Zhao Hai chuckled before he turned his hand and took out a small cylinder. The body of the cylinder was silvery-white in color. There’s also a small green light on the top. 

When the blonde-haired man saw the cylinder, his face paled. This was because this was one of the nuclear bombs that they buried all around the Bone Symbol Camp.

Zhao Hai smiled and said, “Don’t waste your energy. You initially wanted to use this to threaten me. But you didn’t expect me to allow your comrades to attack at the same time. Therefore, you decided that you won’t use it and use the formation weapons instead to defeat me. But you failed to recognize something, I can’t be defeated. Hehe. Your plan is excellent. But it’s just a pity that you met me, Zhao Hai. The moment you cross me, you’re already defeated. Now tell me, who sent you!”

The blonde-haired man was now pale. But he coldly snorted and then ruthlessly pressed the remote control. He hoped that Zhao Hai was just deceiving him. He also hoped that Zhao Hai wasn’t able to take all the nuclear bombs. As long as the bomb explodes, he can use the chance to run away. He no longer had any hope of defeating Zhao Hai.


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