BTFTLIAW – Chapter 1319


Chapter 1319 – Time To Leave

Although Yuan’s words sounded inconsistent, but Liu Zhen and the others understood what Yuan meant. Yuan wanted the higher-ups to take action and deal with some people in order to calm people down. At the same time, Yuan and the others wouldn’t pursue this matter to the end like before.

What Yuan did has given the Machine Field a lot of face. The higher-ups would certainly agree to Yuan’s request. This was the quickest way of dealing with the situation.

Liu Zhen and the others also knew that Yuan wasn’t willing to submit to the higher-ups. He did this for the Machine Field so that the Six Realms Battlefield wouldn’t turn chaotic. This decision was for the Machine Field and its people.

Liu Zhen and the others turned silent before they felt a little ashamed. This was because they suddenly found out that they, natives of the Machine Field, didn’t have as much love for the realm as an outsider. They were more loyal to themselves and their family. As for the Machine Field, they didn’t have as strong of an attachment. Take this matter for example. While they were thinking about making the incident bigger, Yuan was already set on making concessions. This was because this would be better for the Machine Field.

Yuan looked at Liu Zhen and the others and said, “Actually, I think there are a lot of families involved in this matter. I don’t know if your families were involved, but I’m fairly certain that most families involved in the front lines of the realm had participated. However, in recent times, small families had begun to be more united. If we turn this incident into something bigger, then the whole Machine Field might act. Therefore, you better communicate to your families in order to settle this matter as soon as possible. It’s not good if this is dragged on. A lot of people in the Lock Mountain Range have been waiting for the result. If there’s no answer, I’m afraid things wouldn’t work well. It’s impossible for us alone to stop those people. So you should talk to your families and make them understand the current situation. Make them put pressure on the higher-ups so that this gets settled as soon as possible.”

Liu Zhen nodded and said, “Alright, then we’ll go back to the realm. How about you, Old Yuan? What are you planning to do?” Yuan let out a long breath, then he forced a smile and said, “I’m feeling tired. I’ll take a rest. After this matter gets settled, I’m planning to leave the Six Realms Battlefield and find a place to peacefully retire. I might even accept a few apprentices.”

After hearing Yuan say this, Liu Zhen froze. Then his expression changed as he said, “Old Yuan, are you kidding? How can you leave? If you do, then I’m afraid the other realms would hold a party to send you off. In the future, it would be impossible to keep our partially controlled territory peaceful.”

It wasn’t only Liu Zhen, the other captains were stunned as well. Adam looked at Yuan and said, “Old Yuan, this isn’t something to joke about. This isn’t a trivial matter.”

Yuan forced a smile and said, “I’m really tired. Especially after this incident. I felt that all of my energy had been used up. I can’t continue fighting like this. Also, nothing will happen to our partially controlled territory. As long as Little Hai is there, then nobody would dare cause any trouble. In the past, we were able to hold on to our territory because we were desperate enough. But this time, with Little Hai’s strength, we’ll be able to keep our partially controlled territory.”

Liu Zhen smiled bitterly and said, “The main target of the Sprite attack is Little Hai. Do you think that Little Hai won’t notice that something is wrong? If he knew, then would he still fight for the realm?”

Yuan smiled and said, “You can rest assured that he will. He’s someone who holds sentiment deeply. Otherwise, he wouldn’t have waited for us to return and would have just left the Six Realms Battlefield and nobody could stop him. Iron Bridge Fort is useless for him. Don’t forget, he can use space magic and had proven that he can leave without using our rifts. I think this is also the reason why those fellows want to get rid of him. His abilities are just too terrifying. He can go wherever he wants and whenever he wants. We can even say that he can turn the entire Six Realms Battlefield into his own backyard.”

Liu Zhen and the others gave a wry smile. Last time, Zhao Hai left the Six Realms Battlefield and even went to the Cultivation Realm to settle some matters. This wasn’t a secret in the Machine Field. Even the Cultivators were able to get word about it. After all, hundreds of people from the Cultivation Realm arrived at the Machine Field. This wasn’t an ordinary matter.

Liu Zhen looked at Yuan and said, “Old Yuan, if you leave, where do you plan on settling down?” 

Yuan shook his head and said, “I haven’t thought about it yet. Even if I want to leave, it would be impossible to do it quickly. After all, there are still a lot of things that I need to take care of.” 

Liu Zhen nodded and said, “Alright. I’ll tell my family about this as well. I believe they can help you leave. You don’t need to worry about it.”

Yuan nodded. Then he commanded a robot to clean up the bottles on the table as well as clean the room. At the same time, he entered the bathroom to clean himself. He no longer managed Liu Zhen and the others.

Liu Zhen and the others looked at each other and then smiled bitterly. But they didn’t leave. They had a good relationship with Yuan so they didn’t mind it at all. Liu Zhen solemnly said, “Those higher-ups had gone too far. Although Old Yuan wants to solve it as soon as possible, we couldn’t just accept it. However, we shouldn’t make this any bigger than it is. Making more noise brings no benefits to anyone. But we also need to make sure that the same situation wouldn’t happen again. We better form a union to talk to the higher-ups. This union can represent us and the Lock Mountain Range. If a similar situation happens, then the union can directly talk to the higher-ups to ensure the safety of the Lock Mountain Range. What do you think?”

Adam nodded and said, “That method is good. The Lock Mountain Range has become united after all these years. Forming a union would be good for everyone. Our union doesn’t need to be recognized by everyone in the Lock Mountain Range. As long as they agree to its existence, then it’s already fine. I think this group should be called the Lock Mountain Range Alliance. Our first leader would be Old Yuan. At this point, only he has the qualifications.”

Brant knit his brows and said, “Will Old Yuan accept? He’s already prepared to leave.”

Liu Zhen smiled and said, “I’m confident that he’ll agree. And there’s no issue if he left. The people of this union don’t have to be in the Lock Mountain Range all the time. However, they need to have served the Lock Mountain Range for over two years. What do you think?”

Adam nodded and said, “Good idea. Let’s do that. When the time comes, our union can represent us in talking to the higher ups.”

Liu Zhen nodded, “Right, but I’m afraid we’ll have to wait after the incident is dealt with before we can form this alliance.” The others nodded as well.

At this time, Yuan was done taking a bath and had changed clothes. Although he still looked depressed like before, at least his appearance has become more energetic.

After seeing that Liu Zhen and the others haven’t left yet, Yuan stared and then said, “Why haven’t you guys left yet? Is there something wrong?” By this point, the robot had almost cleaned the room. Yuan sat down casually as he looked at Liu Zhen and the others.

Liu Zhen proceeded to tell Yuan about what they discussed. After hearing the proposal, Yuan nodded and said, “That’s a good idea. Alright, if this union is established, I will be the leader. But it’s better if we make the leader position be re-elected every two years. What do you think?”

Liu Zhen and the others thought about it before they nodded. This was the best way to do it. After all, it wouldn’t be good if a leader stays in the position for too long. Even if it was Yuan, it would still be difficult for him to find out about the Six Realms Battlefield after he left. Having a leader who’s knowledgeable about the Lock Mountain Range would be good for everyone’s interests.

The group described the details about the union before Liu Zhen and the others left. At the same time, Yuan also left his room and walked out to see the fort. He looked at the trees outside, this was the place where he lived and fought for seven years. He decided to leave, but to be honest, he was still reluctant.

At the same time, he was also confused. He didn’t know where to go now. He had spent a long time in the Six Realms Battlefield that he no longer had any idea about anything outside of it. Once he left, he might feel foreign to the outside world.

With this thought in mind, Yuan couldn’t help but smile. It seems like he has become old. Wasn’t this what the elderly did? Sitting through spring and autumn, facing enemies of generations, never afraid and had experienced everything. But now that he has to leave and start a new life. It looks interesting.

When he thought of this, Yuan chuckled and then got up as he laughed loudly to the point of shedding tears. He thought about the time he spent in the Six Realms Battlefield. He was like a soldier afraid of leaving the barracks. He doesn’t want to leave but he knew that he had to. He was tired.

After some time, Yuan stopped and then let out a long breath to calm his mood. Then he murmured, “It’s time to leave. But before leaving, I need to do something else.” Then he returned to the fort and waited for any news from Liu Zhen and the others.

Liu Zhen and the others told their families about the plan. Their families complied as well and then relayed the information to the Machine Field’s higher-ups. Upon hearing this, the higher-ups were wild with joy. They felt too pressured about this incident and finally it took a favorable turn. This was very important to them. They immediately made a move and executed more than ten individuals. These people were management staff of the Six Realms Battlefield as well as some captains, they were mainly small fries. As for Nascent Soul Experts like Chen Yuanlong and the others, although they weren’t executed and removed from the Six Realms Battlefield, their powers had been revoked. Moreover, they faced heavy punishment. There was also a guarantee that a similar matter wouldn’t occur. At the same time, the Machine Field also agreed to the establishment of the Lock Mountain Range Alliance. The incident came to a swift end.


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