BTFTLIAW – Chapter 1318


Chapter 1318 – Dejected

Zhao Hai was currently riding his sword as he flew inside the soft gold mine. Going to the mine and then finding a target has become Zhao Hai’s current task. Because of this, the Demons inside the Space have increased. Moreover, the Demons were beginning to expand the Space’s Demon Race army.

In order to further enhance the strength of the Space’s Demons, Zhao Hai had Jia Ding Shan go to the space’s yellowsand planet in order to condense astral qi into his body. And once he succeeds, he can compile his experience so that he could bring the other pangolins to condense astral qi. Once they succeed, their combat capability would be greatly improved.

The violent nature of the astral qi inside the Space was inferior to the real astral qi in yellowsand planet. Zhao Hai believed that Jia Ding Shan would be successful in condensing astral qi. In fact, Jia Ding Shan was successfully absorbing astral qi in the yellowsand planet. Moreover, the process was very smooth; he had just yet to finish.

Compared to the calm nature of the Space, the Lock Mountain Range was also peaceful. However, Zhao Hai knew that this wasn’t true peace. At this point, the entire Six Realms Battlefield knew about the battle between the Machine Field and the Sprites.

While Zhao Hai was exploring the soft gold mine, he once heard people talk about their battle against the Sprites. People couldn’t believe it in the beginning, but they were able to accept it slowly. After all, due to the volume of the confrontation, it was able to attract a lot of spectators.

After knowing the result, the entire Six Realms Battlefield exploded. This was an extraordinary event. 100 people were able to drive back 1000 Sprites. Although there weren’t a lot of casualties on both sides, the result was still unexpected. Even the Cultivators couldn’t achieve this.

What made people even more surprised was the fact that the leader of the Sprites was Murdoch, someone half-step into Transcending Tribulation. Even if the others don’t move, Murdoch alone could deal with 100 people. But instead Murdoch was actually repelled. It was even said that he suffered some serious wounds.

This was too shocking. Whether in the Six Realms Battlefield or the World of Cultivation, the Machine Field had always held the weakest position. When has the Machine Field become so domineering?

Everyone was confused. But one thing was certain. More and more people were going to the Machine Field’s partially controlled territory. However, they weren’t there to cause troubles. They were there to see and not disturb the Machine Field.

Although the other realms didn’t look highly upon the Machine Field, this time was different. The Machine Field was able to repel the Sprites, and this was a fact. This caused the people from the other realms to look at the Machine Field with more caution.

The Lock Mountain Range was also on high alert. This was because the people from the other realm were sending parties to the Machine Field’s partially controlled territory.

And because the Lock Mountain Range was close by, the number of parties sent by the Lock Mountain Range was very large. At this point, it wasn’t a surprise for them to meet people from the other realms. However, the people from the other realms weren’t as arrogant as before. They didn’t dare engage with the Machine Field. Naturally, they didn’t want to be set as an example.

The people from the Machine Field weren’t used to this situation. They were famed for being daring in battles and wouldn’t back down against the other realm. They were also known for being unafraid of death. Whenever they fight people from the other realms, they were all determined to die. Because of this, they were able to drive back the people from the other realms.

But this time, things were different. The people from the other realms simply didn’t want to fight them. Once they see the Machine Field, they would immediately retreat. This caused the Machine Field to feel strange. In the past, people would immediately charge forward whenever they see someone from the Machine Field. This was even true in the Machine Field’s partially controlled territory. Being given space like this was the first time for the Machine Field.

This caused the people in the Lock Mountain Range to feel proud. At the same time, they became even more grateful to Zhao Hai. However, they couldn’t find Zhao Hai right now since he was still closed up crafting.

But while they were feeling proud, they also had a hint of worry in their minds. They were thinking about Yuan’s incident. Some people had sold them out. This was something that the Lock Mountain Range would never agree to.

And just like what Zhao Hai said, the Machine Field was treating the incident with a cold treatment. There’s also no movement in the Six Realms Battlefield. Nascent Soul Experts like Chen Yuanlong didn’t want this investigation to go through. This was because this matter doesn’t only involve him.

Chen Yuanlong’s actions were being directed by the Machine Field’s higher-ups. The higher-ups also couldn’t just sacrifice Chen Yuanlong since it would cause dissatisfaction among the other Nascent Soul Experts. At the same time, Yuan was just a refugee from the Cultivation Realm. It could be said that he had no backing at all. Even if he died, no family would cause any trouble. At most, his friends would make some noise, but dealing with them wasn’t a big deal.

Meanwhile, Chen Yuanlong was different. Besides being a strong Mage, he belonged to a famous Mage Family in the Machine Field. And since the Chen Family was earning a lot from Chen Yuanlong being in the Six Realms Battlefield, they would just let him be touched.

In this case, the only thing that the Machine Field could do was be indifferent to the incident. They were both pressured by the Lock Mountain Range on one side, and then the Chen Family on the other. Because of this, they could only drag this matter for now.

Although Yuan was overwhelmed by his emotions, he was now calming down. He has been waiting for several days already, but the higher-ups of the Machine Field had yet to give them a satisfactory answer. Instead, they were dragging things out. This caused Yuan to be more and more angry. But this also informed him about the enormity of this matter.

To be honest, Yuan was now feeling dejected. Although he was the one who ran to the Machine Field, he had already done a lot for the realm all these years. Although he wanted to seek revenge, it has been so many years then. Even if he has a huge hatred to deal with, he also knows to pay a debt of gratitude. He wanted to thank the Machine Field for taking him in.

Because of this, he stayed in the Lock Mountain Range for many years with no complaint. As a Captain, even if he was able to escape several times, the number of wounds he received was also innumerable.

But in the end, he was sold out. This made Yuan sad the most. Yuan stayed in the Iron Bridge and didn’t leave his room for several days. He has a room in the Iron Bridge Fort that was especially assigned to him. Although accommodations in the Iron Bridge Fort needed to be paid for, he doesn’t need to pay. He can stay here for as long as he wants and nobody would care. This was also the treatment given to him by the Machine Field.

In the past, Yuan thought that this treatment was very good. It was as if the Machine Field was giving him great face. But now, the room felt like a huge irony of the things that he has done over the years.

While Yuan was thinking about this, a knock was suddenly heard on his door. Yuan stared for a moment, but then he stood up and opened the door. On the other side was Liu Zhen and the others.

These five captains left the Lock Mountain Range in order to report the incident. They held great influence in the Six Realms Battlefield. This was also why the Machine Field was placed in an awkward position.

Yuan looked at them and then smiled bitterly as he said, “Come in.”

Liu Zhen looked at Yuan’s appearance and was somewhat shocked. Then he entered Yuan’s room and saw the liquor bottles on the table. Liu Zhen looked at Yuan and said, “Old Yuan, what’s wrong with you? You can’t do this. Are you ruining yourself?”

Yuan smiled bitterly and said, “Relax, I’m feeling much better. I just felt dejected these days, so I drank a little more. It’s fine, I’m already better.”

Liu Zhen was still looking at Yuan with worry. Yuan had become thinner than a few days ago. His eye sockets had also collapsed deeper. He looked very haggard, and he had grown himself a beard. His body reeked of alcohol. It’s clear that he’s been drinking all this time without changing his clothes or washing his body.

Moreover, Liu Zhen could hear that Yuan’s voice was filled with dejection and sounded exhausted. It wasn’t the same tone as the Yuan from the days before.

The other captains were also stunned. They have known Yuan for a long time and they hadn’t seen him in this state before. It seems like this incident had a great effect on his mental being.

Liu Zhen sighed and then found a place to sit down before he looked up at Yuan and said, “Old Yuan, the matter this time seems very difficult. They are clearly dragging it on. What do you think? Should we make it bigger and put some pressure on them?”

The other captains looked at Yuan. They obviously approved of this action. They wanted to make more noise about this so that the Machine Field wouldn’t do anything like it in the future. Otherwise, they wouldn’t know when they would be sold out like Yuan.

Yuan looked at the others, and then he shook his head gently and said, “Forget it. It’s better if we don’t make this incident bigger. Otherwise, the Six Realms Battlefield would become unstable. There’s no benefit to us and for them as well. The higher-ups intend to deal with this matter coldly, and we’ll go along with them.”

Liu Zhen and the others looked at each other. They didn’t expect Yuan to say this. Yuan looked at them and said, “I know that you are surprised. But to be honest, if this thing becomes bigger, the other realms would just look at us like a joke. I don’t want this to happen. However, this doesn’t mean that it’s over. Those people will still need to give us an explanation. Even if they don’t kill anyone, at least Chen Yuanlong and the others need to be punished.”


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