BTFTLIAW – Chapter 1317


Chapter 1317 – Crescent Moon Spade’s Transformation

Normally, the people from the Bone Symbol Camp would stop Zheng Yun. After all, Zhao Hai was now Margaret’s man, he was now the Patriarch’s son-in-law. What Zheng Yun was doing was trying to woo the Patriarch’s son-in-law. 

However, the people from the Bone Symbol Camp didn’t stop it. Although the Machine Field has an advanced level of civilization, they don’t advocate monogamy. In fact, there were a lot of people in the realm who have three or four wives. Even Patriarchs of families would have 12 wives. Everyone would only praise them for being loose and not say that he was lacking virtues.

Actually, this phenomenon was related to the battle hierarchy of the Machine Field. The main battle powers of the realm were the mech and battleships while Mages and Warriors were supporting characters.

The pilots and crew of battleships and mech were mostly male. Moreover, the Machine Field wasn’t completely peaceful where there were no battles. And once a battleship was destroyed, numerous males would be killed alongside it.

These massive deaths to the male population caused an imbalance between the male-female ratio in the Machine Field. If the realm insisted on monogamy, then there would be a lot of females who would stay single. Moreover, this would result in a decrease in the realm’s population. Therefore, polygamy was widely accepted by the realm.

It was for this reason that nobody stopped Zheng Yun from what she was doing. Even Zheng Li didn’t stop her. This was because the Cultivation Realm also practiced polygamy.

It was also because of this that Lizzy said those words. Although she didn’t mind Zhao Hai bringing more women back, she still felt jealous seeing other women be obsessed with Zhao Hai. Also, she knew that Zhao Hai was unaware of this.

While this happened, the black gas around the crescent moon spade in Zhao Hai’s hands suddenly disappeared. Then the crescent moon spade began to change dramatically. The mostly black crescent moon turned into a golden color. At the same time, the ghost’s head connecting the pole and the crescent moon had changed into a monk.

The connected bones on the pole also vanished and were turned into a series of buddha heads connected from end to end.

On the sides of the monk holding the crescent moon spade were two small bells. The entire crescent moon spade gave out a solemn feeling. It was completely different from its usual cruel and cold feeling.

Laura and the others looked at the new crescent moon spade with interest. The change of the spade was too huge. They couldn’t react for some time.

At this time, the black gas surrounding Zhao Hai’s body has been completely absorbed. However, Zhao Hai was still not awake since he was currently in cultivation.

Seeing that Zhao Hai was fine, Laura and the others felt relieved. Then the Space issued a prompt, “Host has succeeded in condensing evil qi. Host can now return to the Hundred Spirits Tree to increase his cultivation level.”

Cai’er naturally agreed and transported Zhao Hai back to the Hundred Spirits Tree. Zhao Hai had no reaction to this as he just sat there and absorbed spiritual qi.

After more than two hours, Zhao Hai finally opened his eyes. Laura and the others were still looking at him, but now they had tables and chairs and were chatting over tea and snacks.

As soon as he opened his eyes, Zhao Hai saw Laura and the others drinking tea. He stood up, but then his gaze was attracted to the crescent moon spade in his hand.

He firmly grasped the crescent moon spade, and he heard a pleasant chime. This wasn’t a fragile sounding chime, instead it was a long echoing chime. One could even faintly hear Buddhist script inside their mind.

Zhao Hai stared at the crescent moon spade. He looked at Laura and the others in confusion as he asked, “Is this the crescent moon spade? How did it turn into this?”

Laura smiled and said, “We don’t know. We only know that once you absorbed all the evil qi from it, the crescent moon spade changed into that.” 

Zhao Hai took the crescent moon spade towards the Universal Scanner. While he was walking he said, “Let’s have the crescent moon spade scanned. We’ll see how much has changed.”

When Zhao Hai placed the crescent moon spade on the scanner, a prompt was immediately heard, “The Host’s level is not enough to analyze the weapon.”

Zhao Hai’s motivation was quenched. Then he turned to Laura and the others and said, “Let’s see if there’s other weapons like this in the World of Cultivation.”

Laura smiled and said, “Brother Hai, you don’t need to bother. I’m sure there’s no such weapon in the World of Cultivation. I remember all the famous weapons in the Cultivation Realm, and there’s nothing like the crescent moon spade.”

Zhao Hai nodded and said, “Alright. The crescent moon spade is very strong. Maybe I’ll use it more and more. It wouldn’t be good if it’s a treasure of some sect.”

Laura replied, “You don’t have to worry about that. Right, how was your cultivation?”

Zhao Hai smiled and said, “It went very well. My cultivation has increased. Moreover, the astral qi and evil qi have combined with each other, increasing the power of my attacks.”

Laura smiled and said, “That’s very good. Let me tell you some good news. The Space just said that it has extracted the properties of evil qi. You can now assign a background to become an evil qi planet.” 

Zhao Hai stared, then with great elation he said, “Really? That’s fantastic! Let’s immediately designate an evil qi planet. How about planet number 50? Let’s make that an evil qi planet.” Laura and the others naturally agreed. In any case, there’s nothing in planet number 50. It’s fine if it was filled with evil qi.

After designating an evil qi planet, Zhao Hai and the others entered the villa. Zhao Hai looked at the new crescent moon spade. BUt because his level wasn’t enough, he had no way to know what the spade truly was.

With this thought in mind, Zhao Hai couldn’t help but sigh. Because of his lack of levels, he couldn’t do anything. And with the current state of the Space, it would be very difficult for it to level up.

Zhao Hai sighed and then received the crescent moon spade. Then he turned his head to Laura and said, “How is the Six Realms Battlefield doing?”

Laura smiled and said, “It’s fine. You haven’t cultivated for more than a day. As for Yuan and the others, there hasn’t been a result. The Machine Field is currently investigating, it’s still unknown what result they come up with.”

Zhao Hai sneered, “Investigate? I bet this investigation would last more than a year. Once this investigation ends, people will have forgotten this matter. It seems like they’re treating this incident with a cold shoulder. But I must say that these higher-ups still have some conscience. They haven’t yet sold out Yuan directly.”

Laura sneered as well. Then she said, “They wouldn’t dare. Yuan is as strong as a Nascent Soul Expert. They’re the top experts of the Machine Field. If they want to capture Yuan and the others, then they would need to pay a huge price. I think the Machine Field wouldn’t want to sacrifice a lot of people.”

Zhao Hai nodded. Then he sighed and said, “If this matter is really pursued to the end, it would be of no benefit to anyone. And if they can’t come up with a good explanation, then the Six Realms Battlefield would be in chaos. In that case, it wouldn’t be good for the realm as well. We’ll have to guard it in the future.”

Laura and the others nodded. Then Lizzy suddenly said, “Brother Hai, this is an opportunity. After this matter, I’m afraid Captain Yuan would feel dejected. We can use this chance to win him over to our side. What do you think?”

Zhao Hai nodded and said, “Captain Yuan’s situation is  somewhat special. It’s quite simple to win him over, but this mainly depends on his own plans. If he wanted to leave the Six Realms Battlefield, then we can have him join us. He will certainly agree. However, I’m afraid he doesn’t want to leave the battlefield. He’s on the battlefield for revenge. Moreover, I think he has already adapted to the life of the battlefield. If he doesn’t want to leave, then we can’t do anything.”

Lizzy nodded. Yuan’s situation was quite complex. His hatred towards the Cultivation Realm was very deep. HIs whole family has been killed by the realm. Because of this, it wasn’t impossible for him to stay in the Six Realms Battlefield for a long time, let alone in a position like a Captain. Actually, with his strength and prestige, he would have been promoted a long time ago.

Yuan’s goal in staying in the Lock Mountain Range was to take revenge, to kill people. Nobody knows what choice he would make. Everything was up to Yuan to decide.

However, Zhao Hai knew that if Yuan joined them, then it would greatly boost their development. Yuan has worked in the Six Realms Battlefield as a captain for close to 7 years. He led a lot of team members and a lot of people had benefited from him and owe him a debt of gratitude. Yuan’s connections were unimaginable. If Zhao Hai gains the support of someone like Yuan, then his development would be faster.

But Zhao Hai didn’t think about forcefully drawing Yuan over because of these benefits. After all, Yuan has his own plans and Zhao Hai respects him.

Yuan has been living in hatred. It can be said that he has some issues in facing reality. Otherwise, he wouldn’t have stayed in the Six Realms Battlefield for this long. Perhaps he was afraid of facing the real world.

Naturally, all of these were just ideas of Zhao Hai. As for what Yuan’s current state really was, only the man himself knew.

Megan stayed silent. But upon hearing Zhao Hai, she sighed. Zhao Hai looked at Megan in confusion and said, “Megan, what’s wrong?”

Megan replied, “There’s nothing wrong. But now that you mentioned Captain Yuan, I suddenly thought of Brother Zheng Li. Now that Brother Zheng Li is in the Machine Field, it would be impossible for him to check for Lu Wei. Because of this, getting our hands on the method to collect Faith Power has become more difficult.”

Zhao Hai and the others turned silent. They had also thought about this point. However, the situation calls for them to save Zheng Li. Otherwise, people would die. Zhao Hai couldn’t accept his friend being killed. 

Zhao Hai took a breath and calmed down. Then he said, “Once the Imperial Water Sect settles down, I’ll return to the Cultivation Realm and personally go to the Five Elements Sect. As long as we monitor that place, we wouldn’t be afraid of Lu Wei running away.”

Everyone nodded. Then at this time Margaret said, “Brother Hai, there’s another matter that you need to solve. If you don’t deal with this properly, then the trouble it would cause might be big.”

Zhao Hai stared. He looked at Margaret and said, “There’s something that important? What is it? Tell me.” Zhao Hai didn’t think that there’s something that huge that might lead to huge trouble.

Margaret looked at Zhao Hai, then she changed the monitor’s image to Zhao Hai’s villa in the Bone Symbol Camp. At this time, there’s someone inside the villa busily cleaning it. This person was Zheng Yun.

Seeing Zheng Yun, Zhao Hai couldn’t help but be stunned, “Yun’er? Why is she cleaning my place? Isn’t there a robot in charge of that?” Then he turned around and looked at Laura and the others in confusion. Meanwhile, Laura and the others were looking at him with a playful look. Zhao Hai wasn’t a newbie when it came to love. He knew what was going on, but he still frowned.

Laura looked at Zhao Hai and said, “Brother Hai, what’s wrong? Are you unhappy? It’s alright. We know that you haven’t done anything to Yun’er. But it seems like Yun’er likes you. Jokes aside, I hope that you can accept her as a concubine.”

It wasn’t only Zhao Hai who was shocked by Laura’s words, Margaret and the others also gawked. They haven’t talked about Zheng Yun before, so Laura asking Zhao Hai to take her in was certainly a surprise.

Laura looked at everyone and said, “I know that you are all surprised by my words. But I’m not saying this on a whim. Zheng Yun is a person that has innate charm. Such a person is very beneficial to cultivation. Brother Hai is still not strong enough, so he needs every means to become stronger. If Brother Hai takes in Zheng Yun as a concubine, then she would greatly benefit Brother Hai’s cultivation. Naturally, this wouldn’t be unfair to Zheng Yun. After all, she likes Brother Hai. Brother Hai, if you don’t want to take her in right now, you can still form a relationship with her and get to know her slowly, just like Margaret.”

Upon hearing Laura, Margaret and the others turned silent. To be honest, although they were jealous, they don’t actually oppose Zheng Yun being taken in as Zhao Hai’s wife. Especially now that Laura said this.

Zhao Hai smiled bitterly and said, “Let’s talk about this later. How old is Zheng Yun? She likes me now because she worships me. After a few years, she will be more sensible. Maybe she wouldn’t like me then.”

Laura and the others didn’t need to think these matters through. For them, Zheng Yun was already an adult. But to Zhao Hai, she was too young, only 15. Zhao Hai wasn’t a strange uncle. He can’t marry a very young girl!


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