BTFTLIAW – Chapter 1316


Chapter 1316 – Absorbing Evil Qi

Zhao Hai sat under the Hundred Spirits Tree with the crescent moon spade in his hands. Zhao Hai was really curious about the crescent moon spade. Because of it, he was able to injure Murdoch, someone who was said to be invincible under Transcending Tribulation. Although Murdoch was caught off-guard by the crescent moon spade’s might, it was still enough to show how formidable the crescent moon spade was.

Zhao Hai had long since known that the crescent moon spade was formidable. However, he was still confused. Murdoch’s metal spirit used astral qi yet it was killed by the crescent moon spade. This strength was somewhat unjustified.

Zhao Hai knew how strong astral qi was. He fought so many times without using astral qi because he knew that it was very powerful. Once astral qi was combined with a person’s attack, the increase in offensive strength would be to the point of disbelief.

Although the crescent moon spade was powerful, even grades stronger than the metal spirit, but the metal spirit was using astral qi, it was very hard to injure it. Yet when the metal spirit was cut, it was as though it didn’t have astral qi at all. This was what confused Zhao Hai.

In the World of Cultivation, there’s another kind of qi that was as strong as astral qi – evil qi. However, evil qi cannot be found anywhere. Finding evil qi was much more difficult than finding astral qi. Actually, in the World of Cultivation, evil qi was regarded as more formidable than astral qi. But evil qi was rarer than astral qi, and condensing it wasn’t easy. Therefore, evil qi had the same reputation as astral qi.

Zhao Hai couldn’t help but get confused about evil qi. If it was according to Chinese novels, evil qi was just a product of temperament. It was something that can be used to frighten others. However, it wasn’t a kind of energy. In the World of Cultivation, evil qi was actually a type of energy, a very strong energy.

With this thought in mind, Zhao Hai gently touched the crescent moon spade as he said, “You actually have evil qi? Interesting.”

Then after thinking for a while, Zhao Hai came upon a decision. Then he said, “Cai’er.” Hearing Zhao Hai, Cai’er immediately appeared beside him.

Zhao Hai looked at Cai’er and then said, “Cai’er, I want to try something with the crescent moon spade. I feel like it has evil qi inside it. I’ll try it with the condensing secret art. Keep a lookout for me. The crescent moon spade is strange, so if something goes wrong use the Space to break it for me.”

 Cai’er nodded, then she said, “Alright, Young Master. I’ll pay attention”

At this time, Laura and the others had arrived. Ever since they decided on what to do with Yalei 2 a few days ago, they had been busy taking care of its matters. Hearing Zhao Hai call Cai’er over, they couldn’t help but come due to curiosity.

Upon hearing Zhao Hai, Laura’s facial color couldn’t help but change as she said, “Brother Hai, this is very dangerous. Do you really have no other means but to do that?”

Zhao Hai smiled and said, “It’s fine. We’re inside the Space. If something goes wrong, it will immediately stop it.”

This didn’t stop Laura from frowning. Then she said, “But I’m still worried. The crescent moon spade is extremely strange. I’m a little afraid.”

Zhao Hai replied, “I’ll be fine. There’s no need to worry.” Then after he said that, Zhao Hai sat down and took the crescent moon spade. Then he used the condensing secret art and recalled his procedure when he was condensing astral qi. But this time, he wasn’t condensing astral qi but evil qi instead.

Seeing Zhao Hai already cultivating, Laura and the others immediately became anxious. They continued to look at Zhao Hai. Then at this time, Megan suddenly made a sound. Laura and the others were all concentrating on Zhao Hai, so when they heard Megan, they couldn’t help but get startled.

Laura turned to Megan and said, “Megan, what happened?” 

Megan’s eyes were full of fear as she looked at the crescent moon spade in Zhao Hai’s hand. She pointed towards the crescent moon spade and didn’t say anything. Laura and the others quickly turned their attention to the crescent moon spade and discovered that black gas was coming out of it and entered Zhao Hai’s body. 

This discovery caused everyone’s expression to change. However, since there were no prompts by the Space, Laura and the others comforted themselves. Then Laura said, “Perhaps the crescent moon spade really has evil qi. Brother Hai is really absorbing evil qi.”

At this time, the Space issued a prompt, “A large amount of destructive energy has been detected entering the Host’s body. This energy should be evil qi. Excessive amounts of this energy may cause damage to the Host’s body. There are two solutions, immediately stop the Host’s cultivation but this would erase all progress. The other choice is for the Host to transfer to Yellowsand planet. The planet’s astral qi can help the Host gather evil qi.”

Upon hearing the Space, the hearts of Laura and the others jumped. And without hesitation, Cai’er shifted Zhao Hai towards the Yellowsand Planet. Of course, this Yellowsand Planet was the one inside the Space, not the Yellowsand Planet in the Machine Field.

Right after this, the Space issued another prompt, “Massive evil qi detected. Extracting properties. The Space has acquired evil qi. Host can now designate a background as an evil qi planet.” The Space didn’t immediately ask Zhao Hai to accept the situation since it knew his present state. Currently, Zhao Hai was in no capacity to designate a background as an evil qi planet.

Zhao Hai’s present situation wasn’t very good. When he used the condensing technique to extract evil qi from the crescent moon spade, he quickly felt a rush of yin energy into his body. In the beginning, he succeeded. Although the energy was cold and abnormal, he could still control it. Moreover, he discovered that astral qi could help him revolve the energy. At this point, Zhao Hai was sure that the energy was evil qi.

However, Zhao Hai was quick to discover that astral qi was beginning to be consumed by the evil qi. As his astral qi got fewer and fewer and the evil qi increased, Zhao Hai began to lose control of the evil qi. If this goes on, then the evil qi would destroy his body.

Zhao Hai was startled. He wanted to regain control over the evil qi, but he failed. He also wanted to stop the absorption but he also failed. The evil qi rushed into his body like a flood over a dike. He could feel his veins, bones, and flesh being washed away by this flood.

But even if Zhao Hai was startled, he believed that the Space would do something. After all, with the Space and himself being one, it would naturally keep him safe.

At this time, Zhao Hai suddenly felt that he could absorb astral qi from the outside. This caused him to stare. Then he immediately understood what was going on. Now that there was astral qi available, he used it to absorb the evil qi. As Zhao Hai began to control the evil qi, the evil qi was also beginning to be calmed down.

Zhao Hai quickly began to cultivate. As more and more astral qi entered his body, the more stable the evil qi became. Then finally, the evil qi and the astral qi reached an equilibrium. Zhao Hai was now in control of the evil qi.

The combination of astral qi and evil qi formed a new type of qi. This new qi has the sharpness of astral qi and the ice-cold destructiveness of evil qi. Moreover, this new qi was in perfect harmony with Zhao Hai’s spiritual qi. This caused an unceasing increase in strength for Zhao Hai.

Zhao Hai knew that this was a good thing, so he didn’t stop, there’s still some evil qi left. He knew that once the evil qi inside the crescent moon spade was depleted, then he could no longer find another source for it. Therefore, he used this opportunity to absorb more evil qi into his body. He’s still unaware that the Space has extracted the properties of evil qi and he could designate a background to have evil qi.

Zhao Hai continued practicing. And this was a right move for Zhao Hai. This was because his first time condensing evil qi into his body was important not only to digest the qi inside his body, but it could also improve the quality of his spiritual qi. It can be said that his cultivation had increased this time.

But in the eyes of Cai’er and the others, Zhao Hai’s situation wasn’t going well. Zhao Hai’s body was surrounded by a large amount of black gas. The black gas was so thick that Zhao Hai’s body could no longer be seen.

After some time, Laura turned to Cai’er and said, “Cai’er, can we do something? Why does it seem that the black gas is becoming thicker and thicker?”

Cai’er shook her head and said, “It’s alright. If there’s really a problem, then the Space would do something about it. There’s no need for you to worry. Nothing is going to happen to Young Master. After all, this is the Space and it would be impossible for it to allow the Young Master to be harmed. Also, everything inside is under the Space’s control, even the crescent moon spade.”

Although Laura was still worried, she knew that Cai’er was correct so she nodded and let out a long breath. Then she turned to Lizzy and the others and then smiled bitterly as she said, “Brother Hai really won’t let us be calm when he cultivates. He always finds ways to make us worry.”

Lizzy and the others were also anxious. They let out a long breath and relaxed. Lizzy chuckled and said, “Why he’s done, let’s see how I deal with him.”

Laura smiled and said, “You’re doing it alone. I think that won’t do. You’ll need a hand or else we’ll lose face.”

Upon hearing Laura, Lizzy couldn’t help but turn red. Then she said, “Sister Laura, you’re bullying me. But we need to deal with Brother Hai, or else he’ll seduce other young women. Look at Zheng Yun, I think she has an eye for Brother Hai.”

Lizzy wasn’t saying anything wrong. After Zheng Yun was rescued to the Bone Symbol Camp, she has always been inquiring about Zhao Hai. And with her natural charm, people from the Bone Symbol Camp happily answered her questions. At this point, Zheng Yun worshipped Zhao Hai. It even reached a point where she cleans Zhao Hai’s villa every day, and nobody stopped her for it.


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