BTFTLIAW – Chapter 1314


Chapter 1314 – Explain Yourself!

Yuan looked at the old man as though he was performing a play. Upon hearing the old man, Yuan laughed and said, “Well, well, well, if it isn’t Wind Messenger Chen Yuanlong. I think you shouldn’t be called wind messenger, but instead crazy messenger. Didn’t you notice that we have been holding the Sprites back? Let me ask you, did we plan for how many days before we start the operation? Within how many hours do you need to arrive at the scene?”

Hearing Yuan, Chen Yuanlong was stunned for a moment, then he said, “From what I can remember, we didn’t plan on how many days we should begin.”

Yuan laughed and said, “No we didn’t plan on when to start the operation. But I remember the plan as this: As long as we start to chase the Sprites, you will start to encircle them. And while we’re fighting the Sprites, you need to arrive within two hours. Is this correct?”

Yuan’s words caused the ordinary members to gawk. Then they hummed in discussion. For these ordinary members, they were defenders of the Lock Mountain Range. Naturally, they felt belonging towards the other defenders of the mountain range. So when they heard Yuan, they couldn’t help but talk to the others.

Chen Yuanlong didn’t expect Yuan to make this matter public. He was startled, then his expression turned uglier as he answered, “Right, there are such rules. But before the operation started, I received orders that the operation would be two hours late. In order to coordinate with your team, we set off late and approached the battlefield slowly.”

Yuan looked at Chen Yuanlong and said, “Two hours late? I don’t know who gave you this order, but can you call them out and confront me? When we act in the battlefield, we don’t need to listen to anyone. In our operation, we agreed that you’ll immediately take action the moment I inform you. You don’t listen to anybody. Do you dare say that you didn’t receive my notice?” 

Chen Yuanlong suddenly didn’t know what to say. He looked at Yuan with an ugly expression. Yuan’s face sank, then he said, “Chen Yuanlong, this matter wouldn’t be solved by you saying one or two sentences. We’ll let those above us decide.”

As soon as Chen Yuanlong heard Yuan, his expression turned even uglier. He knew clearly that this matter had been handed over from above. However, he couldn’t let anyone know about it since the higher-ups would just sacrifice the rook to save the king. When the time comes, he would be the one being sacrificed, and nobody would be able to save him.

Yuan looked at Chen Yuanlong and coldly said, “Chen Yuanlong, did you think that this matter only involves the life and death of 100 people? Have you ever thought about what would happen to the Lock Mountain Range if we were all killed? Have you ever thought about what would happen if the Sprites were to spread news of the incident? If we lost the partially controlled territory of the Machine Field, how much resources will we lose in one year? Have you thought of all of this?”

As soon as Chen Yuanlong heard Yuan, his face immediately paled. At this point, even idiots can see that there’s something wrong with Chen Yuanlong.

After he said that, Yuan didn’t care about Chen Yuanlong anymore. He turned around and then returned to the conference room. Meanwhile, Chen Yuanlong saw that captains from other forts were arriving one after the other. He knew that this incident was very serious. Chen Yuanlong’s face turned pale and his body faltered for a moment. Then he turned around and left without saying a word.

Nobody followed behind Chen Yuanlong. However, the other Captains who went with the operation had pale faces. As for the ordinary members, to understand what was going on, they immediately found those in Yuan’s team and asked them about what happened. These people naturally told them everything.

When they heard about what Zhao Hai had done, they couldn’t help but be surprised. They were able to block the Sprites for four hours. Zhao Hai also used various methods to hold them back and even managed to injure Murdoch, someone who was said to be invincible under Transcending Tribulation. This was definitely a huge event.

After all the other captains arrived, Yuan led Liu Zhen and Zhao Hai out of the conference room. There were a lot of people sitting outside because there wasn’t enough space. Then they proceeded to greet those they were familiar with and then chatted in a low voice.

Yuan glanced at everyone, then he slowly flew up before saying. “Brothers, there are many people here, even if I wasn’t able to approach you, you should already be aware of what just happened, so I won’t talk about it anymore. I can tell you that what happened is true. We have been sold out by other people. This isn’t only related to the 100 who have been sold out, but also to everyone. We have been desperately fighting against the other realms in the front line and in the Lock Mountain Range. However, some bastards still want to kill us. We can’t just stay silent. We need to seek justice, we need them to give us a proper explanation!” 

Everyone had been moved by Yuan’s words. They were all fighting with their lives on the line in the Six Realms Battlefield, and they were also afraid of becoming like Yuan.

These people didn’t think that this was Yuan’s own plot. This was because they were already aware of his identity. Yuan might be someone seeking refuge in the Machine Field, but over the years, he was able to make a name for himself. And in this incident, it wasn’t only Yuan who was here, there was also Liu Zhen. Liu Zhen was a Machine Field native. If these people plotted against Liu Zhen, then what’s stopping them from plotting against the others as well?

Because of this, the message resonated among everyone. Their moods immediately fired up, almost all of them shouted, “We need justice, we need an explanation!”

Yuan loudly added, “Correct, we need an explanation. Why would they do this, and who will take responsibility? I think Chen Yuanlong doesn’t have enough courage to do this even if he’s also a commander. There must be someone else behind this matter. We cannot fight against the other realms properly if this person isn’t removed. We need to seek justice!” 

The crowd shouted again, “Justice, justice!”

Then Yuan solemnly said, “To be honest, this incident caused me to be disheartened. I really didn’t want this to happen in the Machine Field. We have been united all through the years. We are trying our best to fight for the realm’s benefits. For the Machine Field, I hope everyone can back me up on this matter. We’ll select representatives to report this matter. I’ll just ask for your signatures. They need to give us an explanation. Is everyone alright with this?”

The crowd loudly said, “Good! We’ll do as Captain Yuan said.”

Yuan nodded and said, “Alright, it’s good that everyone agrees. I have already written a report about what happened today. Please sign your names one by one. Then me, Captain Liu, Captain Hestian, Captain Brant, and Captain Adam will jointly hand the report over to the Machine Field. Does anyone have a problem with this?” 

Nobody disagreed with the arrangement. This was because the Captains chosen by Yuan were the most renowned captains in the Lock Mountain Range. If these people weren’t qualified to represent everyone, then nobody was qualified.

Since everyone was alright with it, Yuan had Zhao Hai and Wu Yang take out the report that he had written. Then the report was projected so that everyone could see it. There were no false elements to the report nor were there any exaggerations. Everything written was the truth. However, the report was strictly written so that the Machine Field would certainly provide an explanation.

Everyone looked through the report and saw no problem. They immediately signed their names. Before long more than 10 thousand names were signed on the report.

All the captains present gave their signature, Yuan also gave them a salute. Those who were familiar with Yuan chatted with him before they left. After all, they couldn’t leave their posts for a long time. Otherwise, the Lock Mountain Range would be in danger.

When all of the captains gave their signature, they all left. The ones left were Yuan, Liu Zhen, Zhao Hai, Wu Yang, the others involved in this incident. There was also Adam, Hestian, and Brant. Adam was a Mage about 40 years of age. He wore a yellow mage robe that wasn’t eye-catching. However, he was a famous Mage Captain in the mountain range. He wasn’t only strong in offence, he was also talented in defense. Most importantly, although he looked ordinary, he was a true military man. His time spent hunting wasn’t any less than Liu Zhen.

Hestian was a Warrior. His weapon was a common two-handed sword. He looked 30 years old and he had a scar on his face that made him seem terrifying. However, instead of offence, he was famed for his defense. He claimed to be immovable in the Lock Mountain Range. He once led a team of 40 to block Cultivators for 3 hours without any reinforcements.

Brant was also a Warrior. He was two meters tall making him look like a mountain. His weapons were two executioner’s blades. His offensive strength was unusually formidable. It had been two years since he came to the Six Realms Battlefield, however, he had already made a name for himself. He was called double-bladed Brant. But some people also call him Killer Mantis. His strength caused people from other realms to be afraid.

Yuan looked at everyone and said, “I won’t be in the fort for the following days. Old Liu, I’ll have to ask you to keep your men here. This way, we could better defend against the  Sprites. Once I leave, the fort will be left to Little Hai. Wu Yang, since Little Hai is new here, please help him.” Then Yuan turned to the other Captains and said, “We can’t delay this. In order to avoid any more problems, we need to leave as soon as possible. Right, Adam, Brant, Hestian, if you have any looted weapons, you can leave them to Little Hai. He can make you a weapon.“

Adam looked at Yuan and said, “Refining weapons? Why? Our weapons are still fine.”

Yuan smiled and said, “Just leave your request, I’ll assure you that you won’t regret it.” 

Although Adam and the others didn’t know what Yuan was doing, they didn’t disagree. After all, they had looted a lot of weapons and they couldn’t use most of them. They all left some weapons and then wrote the weapon they wanted made. Then Yuan gave it to Zhao Hai and said, “Little Hai, these are the weapons and their requests. I’ll have to trouble you for the next few days. We’ll be going to send the report so you can use this time to close up.”

Of course Zhao Hai wouldn’t oppose it. He smiled and said, “Alright. Captain can rest assured. I’ll have them finished before you come back.” Yuan nodded. Then he waved his hand as he led Adam and the others to leave.

Once Yuan left the fort, Wu Yang immediately walked towards Zhao Hai and said, “Little Hai, what do you think we should do in the following days?”

Zhao Hai smiled and said, “Brother Wu, you have more experience in the battlefield than me. It’s better if you arrange it. However, the Sprites had been pushed back by us. They will certainly be on guard against our retaliation. Also, the people from the other realms should receive a report on what happened. There’s a good chance for the mountain range to be attacked. It’s better if we take caution.”

Wu Yang nodded and said, “It’s impossible to attack the Sprites at this time. They would certainly be afraid of retaliation. As for the defense, being careful is good. I’ll inform everyone to strengthen our vigilance.”

Zhao Hai didn’t say anything about it and just nodded. Then he said, “Brother Wu, I’ll be refining in the following days. So I can only leave the fort to you.” 

Actually, to Zhao Hai, making items wasn’t a time-consuming matter. However, he knew that although he was strong, Wu Yang had spent a longer time than him in the mountain range and Wu Yang also had more influence than him. If he suddenly made orders, then people might resent him. Therefore, he had to hand over the control to Wu Yang while saying that he would be refining weapons. Wu Yang can command the others and they wouldn’t resent him for it.

Wu Yang didn’t oppose and just nodded. After that, Zhao Hai took the weapons that Adam and the others left behind and then proceeded to close up inside the cave residence.


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