BTFTLIAW – Chapter 1313


Chapter 1313 – Fart!

As soon as they arrived back at the mountain range, Yuan and the others immediately told the forts about what happened. It didn’t take long for the mountain range to get into an uproar.

All captain-level characters immediately left their territories and went to Yuan’s fort. In the entire Lock Mountain Range, captain-level characters numbered more than 20 thousand. After knowing what happened to Yuan, they couldn’t just sit still.

Their response wasn’t only because of their unity, they were also afraid that they would follow in Yuan’s footsteps. Yuan has already been in the Six Realms Battlefield for seven years. Beside the first year he spent as an ordinary soldier, he has been a captain for the rest.

In the Six Realms Battlefield, Yuan spent the majority of his time as a captain. In the past, people thought that Yuan stayed as a captain for his revenge. But now, they began to think that someone might have been plotting against Yuan and made him stay as a captain.

Moreover, Yuan who has been a captain for six years has been sold out. What does this mean for the others? Will they be sold out tomorrow as well? A person from the Machine Field doesn’t fear sacrifice, instead they feared betrayal.

This time, Yuan and the others took on a very dangerous task. A hundred people were going under the assault of 1000 Sprites. Such a mission has a very narrow avenue for survival. But why did everyone go there anyway? This was because people from the Machine Field weren’t afraid of sacrificing themselves.

However, what was the final result? The reinforcing troops arrived several hours late. There was nothing to stop them in the middle of their journey. Instead of moving fast, they actually slowed down, much slower than marching speed. This was hard to justify.

And even if the people from the Machine Field wanted to hide the truth, they couldn’t do it because Zhao Hai had a video of the marching speed uploaded online. Therefore, everyone can see what happened. There was nothing anyone could do to stop the information from spreading.

Yuan’s anger flared up even more upon seeing Zhao Hai’s recording. He didn’t expect these people to be so excessive. This just made it clear that they wanted them to die. How could Yuan just accept this.

Yuan sat in the conference room with a sullen expression. Beside him were Zhao Hai, Liu Zhen, and Wu Yang. Their expressions weren’t attractive either.

After a while, Yuan asked, “How long will it take for them to get here?” 

Zhao Hai replied, “in about two hours. Meanwhile, about 300 captains will arrive in about 10 minutes.”

Boom! Liu Zheng pounded the table in front of him. His eyes turned red as he said, “What are these bastards doing? Do they want to destroy the Machine Field?” Liu Zhen’s identity was different to Yuan. He’s strong but at the same time a member of the Liu Family. Because of him, the Liu Family was able to get a lot of resources every year. It can be said that he held a lot of weight in the family. His family members also admire him a lot.

The Liu Family was a Warrior Family. Originally, it was just a medium-grade family. But because of Liu Zhen, the family became a first-grade family in the Warrior Association. A lot of Warriors in the association listened to Liu Zhen. Therefore, the repercussions of Liu Zhen’s anger would go beyond the Liu Family.

Yuan gave Liu Zhen a look, then he said, “Alright, don’t get too angry. Being enraged is useless. I really can’t see through this matter. If we investigate, we’ll just catch the scapegoats. Haven’t you listened to what the Sprites said? Their main target is Little Hai.”

Liu Zhen roared, “Bullshit. Their main target is Zhao Hai, how can that be possible? Those Sprites aren’t vegetarians. You say they won’t destroy us? You should know how those bastards think. I reckon they really want our lives.”

Zhao Hai looked at the two and said, “Maybe it’s not that complex. Before I entered the Six Realms Battlefield, I announced that I want to separate from the Ashley Family and go independent. Perhaps they want to deal with me due to this.”

Liu Zhen angrily replied, “Nonsense! How could the Ashley Family achieve this? The family had just developed recently. They were just a medium-grade family before. Although their strength has increased, they’re still far from being one of the realm’s higher-ups. They also couldn’t command the people in the Six Realms Battlefield. There’s definitely some mischief going behind this matter. I will definitely find out who’s behind this.”

Yuan hesitated for a moment and then said, “It’s still too early to say these things. Let’s see what those people want to say first. If their reply doesn’t satisfy me, then I will be noisy.”

Liu Zhen didn’t say anything. To be honest, He really can’t handle Yuan becoming noisy. This was because this matter was tied to the Liu Family’s benefit. Once Yuan really used his influence, then the entire Lock Mountain Range would follow behind him and would in turn cause the Machine Field to be in chaos. This was a matter that could affect the entire realm.

Yuan looked at Liu Zhen, then he said, “Old Liu, it isn’t that I want to make a scene. But I have to do it. If i don’t, then it’s very likely that this incident will be handled lightly. But have you thought about the consequences? Little Hai is a rare genius in the Machine Field. He can now face anyone from the other realms without backing down. This way, the other realms wouldn’t dare underestimate the Machine Field. If he died under such plots, then what would happen to the others? You, me, and the rest of the people in the battlefield. Here, in the Six Realms Battlefield, we’re fighting with our lives on the line. We fight desperately, but in the end would die in such plots. Have you thought about how demoralizing this incident would be for the Lock Mountain Range? If we let other people know how we got plotted upon, then how will it hit them? Will they still fight for the realm? Will you?”

Liu Zhen heard this and couldn’t help but sweat. At this time, the door of the conference room was shoved open as several people walked in. These people were all puffing, it was clear that they all hurried along.

Yuan looked at them and then said, “Come and take a seat.” The group looked at Yuan and then one of them said, “Old Yuan, are you telling the truth?”

Hearing this, Yuan stared, then he replied, “Do you think I would joke around with this matter? Sit down and wait for the others to arrive. Currently, those who are responsible for encircling the Sprites had yet to come to my fort. Hahaha” Yuan’s laughter was full of dejection. This caused the others to be startled.

Liu Zhen looked at Yuan and said, “Old Yuan, you…”

Yuan waved his hand and calmly said, “It’s nothing. I just felt that all those years of hard work are meaningless.” Yuan was a little disheartened. Although he was someone from the Cultivation Realm, he also had a huge enmity against the Cultivators. Afterwards when he arrived at the Machine Field, the realm had given him a lot of help. Not only did they block the Cultivators from pursuing him, they also provided him potions to help his cultivation. Later on, they sent him to the Six Realms Battlefield to allow him to continue cultivating. All of these actions caused Yuan to be touched. He completely regarded himself as someone from the Machine Field. But Yuan didn’t expect that he would be sold out by the same Machine Field that accepted him. This made him sad.

Liu Zhen heard Yuan and couldn’t help but sigh. To be honest, he was filled with great ambitions the first time he arrived at the Six Realms Battlefield. The Machine Field wanted to open up a new territory and increase their domain. He wanted to fight diligently for the realm, he wanted the Machine Field to become more powerful.

However, today’s matter caused  Liu Zhen to discover that his efforts had been wasted. It seemed to be insignificant, he couldn’t help but share Yuan’s sentiment.

Liu Zhen couldn’t help but sigh. The other captains who came also understood their mood. They also sighed as they sat in the conference room in silence.

More and more captains arrived at Yuan’s fort. Everyone asked Yuan the same question and then proceeded to wait in silence. And since the conference room wasn’t that big, there were a lot of people who sat outside. It was as if everyone had lost the ability to speak. The depressing atmosphere was suffocating.

Two hours passed unknowingly. At this time, the sound of clamor was heard outside the conference room. Yuan sneered and said, “It seems like the main character is here, let’s go and see.”

Then Yuan stood up and walked outside. Zhao Hai and the others hastily followed. Those who were waiting outside made way for Yuan. Upon arriving outside, Yuan saw a group of Mages and Warriors whose faces were pale. They were the leaders of the encircling operation. 

Yuan swept these people with his gaze, then he coldly said, “Everyone is early. How about coming over to our camp to rest? But our fort doesn’t have first-class amenities to satisfy you. I’ll have to apologize for the lack of hospitality.”

The Mage and Warrior leaders’ faces turned even more ugly. One of them was an old man with white hair and beard as well as sage-like eyes. He looked at Yuan and said, “Yuan, what are you doing? Why didn’t you hold the Sprites back?”

Upon hearing the old Mage, Yuan couldn’t help but laugh as he said, “You really like to reverse right and wrong. Really worthy of being an elite of the Machine Field. You ask why I didn’t hold the Sprites back? Then let me ask you why you haven’t arrived until now. Why don’t you explain that to me?”

The old Mage’s expression couldn’t help but turn ugly, then he replied, “Yuan, don’t think that you can talk nonsense because of your merit. What do you mean we didn’t show up? It’s clear that you need to hold the Sprites from retreating. You became a coward and ran away ahead of time. Yet you still have the face to talk nonsense here.”


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