BTFTLIAW – Chapter 1312


Chapter 1312 – The Demon Spade Shows Its Might

Zhao Hai also noticed Murdoch’s move. As soon as he saw the metallic humanoid, he immediately released a 10 thousand-layer spell. But the metal spirit quickly changed its form into a large sword. Then the sword broke the formation and then went straight towards Zhao Hai.

At this time, the Silverback Gold-winged Bug began attacking the life source spirits. The main targets of the bug were the Nascent Soul life source spirits, reducing the pressure on Yuan and the others.

Although Yuan was also fighting, he was also paying attention to the developments of the battlefield. After all, this was related to their survival. Once he discovered that they had been sold out, Yuan was fuming. He didn’t expect that someone from the Machine Field would actually betray them.

But after Zhao Hai released the Silverback Gold-winged bug, Yuan was startled. He didn’t expect Zhao Hai to have a Bug. And after hearing the roar, Yuan knew that Zhao Hai had called Jia Ding Shan over.

Yuan didn’t think much about these things. It was already good that they have a chance to survive. And once they returned, he was going to settle some accounts with the higher-ups of the Machine Field.

Yuan was truly confident when he said that he was going to settle accounts with the higher-ups. One shouldn’t just see him as a captain in the front lines, his prestige in the Six Realms Battlefield was extremely high. He could wave his arm and the entire Lock Mountain Range would rumble. With all of these comrades here, the Machine Field would certainly face great pressure.

At this moment, Zhao Hai flew out of the Machine Field’s circle formation to meet Murdoch’s metal spirit. It didn’t take long before the metallic sword reached Zhao Hai.

Zhao Hai coldly snorted and then received his magic staff. Then he waved his hand once more and took out the crescent moon spade. Zhao Hai didn’t want a lot of people to know that his liquid silver could transform. Therefore, he took out the crescent moon spade to fight against the enemy.

The crescent moon spade and liquid silver don’t fall short of each other, and the former belonged to the dark element. Although the crescent moon spade required a lot of energy as well as spiritual force to use, making it impossible for Zhao Hai to use for a long time, he could still use it a couple of times. Zhao Hai believed that Murdoch’s spirit wouldn’t be able to resist the spade.

Because of this, Zhao Hai immediately swung the crescent moon spade towards the metal spirit the moment he took it out. A ‘tang’ sound was heard when the two collided. The sword that was made out by the metal spirit was cleaved. Although Zhao Hai didn’t use astral qi this time, the crescent moon spade was still able to damage the metal spirit’s body. This was astonishing.

When Zhao Hai saw this, he gawked. He didn’t really think that the crescent moon spade was this strong. He believed that the spade could defeat the metal spirit, but he didn’t expect to do so with ease.

At the same time, the moment the metal spirit was cut, Murdoch’s expression drastically changed. Then he spat blood as his complexion rapidly turned for the worse.

The metal spirit was his life source spirit. Any wound the spirit received was also a wound to himself. This meant that Murdoch was heavily injured.

Then at this moment, the Sprite besides Murdoch suddenly exclaimed. Then Murdoch turned his head to see a Demon army appearing on the horizon.

In fact, it wasn’t inappropriate to call it an army. There were a thousand Demons approaching, and all of them were pangolins. As for their leader, it was a golden pangolin that had Nascent Soul Strength.

Behind this pangolin was the rest of the 1000 pangolins. These pangolins were slightly small and were actually weak, at Foundation Establishment. However, Murdoch doesn’t dare underestimate this strength.

The strength of the Demons was renowned in the six realms. Even Cultivators would have a headache dealing with Demons. Also, Murdoch knew the leader of the pangolin army, they even fought before. Although Murdoch won in the end, this win wasn’t easy at all. Therefore, he knew who this Demon Pangolin was, it was one of the Five Armored Kings – Jia Ding Shan!

As soon as he saw Jia Ding Shan, Murdoch’s complexion completely changed.Jia Ding Shan was very difficult to deal with. And in addition to the Silverback Gold-winged bug, taking care of Zhao Hai in a short time has become impossible.

But what made Murdoch worry the most was Zhao Hai’s strength. Zhao Hai was able to injure him in a single blow. Although the main reason for this was Murdoch underestimating Zhao Hai, Zhao Hai’s strength was real. And now that he was injured, Murdoch was no longer Zhao Hai’s opponent. If he doesn’t go all out, then Zhao Hai might even defeat him.

Even if Murdoch was conceited, he still knew that Zhao Hai held back because he was guarding against him. In the end, this action rewarded Zhao Hai greatly. Now Murdoch was injured, Zhao Hai can now make a move. And with the other two Nascent Soul Experts present, how could the Sprites move forward without heavy losses?

With this thought in mind, Murdoch knew that their operation had failed. Moreover, the Machine Field couldn’t delay for a long time.

Murdoch looked at Jia Ding Shan who was rushing towards them and couldn’t help but breath a sigh. Then he turned to his side and said, “Have the ordinary spirits block Zhao Hai and the Demons. Let the others take back their life source spirits, we’re retreating.”

As soon as he heard Murdoch, the Sprite immediately said, “Sir, we’re retreating? Zhao Hai couldn’t resist for long!”

Murdoch shook his head and said, “He can. We’re withdrawing. If we don’t, we’ll be in danger.”

The Sprite didn’t dare violate Murdoch’s words, he complied and immediately passed on the orders. Zhao Hai could also see that Murdoch had decided to retreat. However, he didn’t pursue them. With his strength, he had no way to stop Murdoch from leaving. Although Murdoch was injured, he wasn’t crippled. Additionally, the Sprites still had a lot of Nascent Soul Experts. If Zhao Hai pursued, then his Undead would definitely be annihilated. This might also give the Nascent Soul experts a chance to turn around and kill him. Therefore, Zhao Hai didn’t pursue. Instead, he commanded the Undead along with Jia Ding Shan and the Silverback Gold-winged bug to clear the spirits that had been left behind. And before Murdoch disappeared, Zhao Hai cupped his fists and said, “Since Senior decided to leave, then forgive this Zhao Hai for not sending you off. But I’ll be asking you for advice one day.”

Murdock coldly snorted as he retreated slowly, completely ignoring Zhao Hai.

Zhao Hai just smiled and didn’t mind it. Instead of chasing, he commanded his troops to surround the spirits and get rid of them. These ordinary spirits weren’t enemies of Zhao Hai and the others, so they weren’t able to resist for long. However, they were enough to hold Zhao Hai back so that they wouldn’t be able to pursue Murdoch and the others.

Once Murdoch and the others were no longer in sight, the ordinary spirits have also been killed off. Zhao Hai and the others could no longer catch up to the Sprites at this point. Actually, nobody wanted to chase. After all, there were only 100 people here while the Sprites had a thousand. Pursuing the Sprites at this time would be courting death.

It was also at this time that Jia Ding Shan arrived beside Zhao Hai. Then he bowed and said, “Young Master, I’m late.”

Zhao Hai waved his hand and said, “You’re not late, just in time. Have the others take a walk around.” Jia Ding Shan nodded and then led the other pangolins to patrol the area.

At this moment, everyone also responded. They weren’t stupid and they knew about the plan. It has been four hours since they began chasing the Sprites. However, the people who were supposed to encircle the Sprites couldn’t be seen. Even idiots could understand that they had been sold out.

Wu Yang had an irritable temperament, but this didn’t mean that he was stupid. He also thought through the situation as he turned to Yuan and said, “Captain, have we been sold out?” Hearing Wu Yang speak, everyone turned to look at Yuan.

Yuan nodded his head, then he replied, “Little Hai’s Undead found out about it. They had been held back for more than an hour. It would take them an hour before reaching here. Everyone in the battlefield knows that a minute can decide life and death, and these bastards are hours late! Brothers, let’s not wait for them. Let’s go back to the mountain range and report what happened. I want to see what kind of explanation those bastards can give me.”

The group responded with a loud roar as they followed Yuan back to the mountain range. The reason why they reacted like this was first, because they were sold out, and second because the Lock Mountain Range wasn’t necessarily in-line with the higher-ups. The Lock Mountain Range was the forefront of the Machine Field and the most dangerous place for the realm. However, it was relatively independent and weren’t good with the Machine Field’s higher-ups. Otherwise, they wouldn’t have been sent here. Additionally, the nature of the mountain range made everyone support each other. Therefore, everyone in the mountain range were very united. As long as Yuan told them about what happened, the entire mountain range would certainly cause a scene. The Machine Field’s higher-ups wouldn’t be able to deal with such a major matter. One must know that the people in the Six Realms Battlefield were connected to a powerful family in the realm.

Yuan led everyone back to the mountain range with rage. He left the Cultivation Realm and then sought refuge in the Machine Field. Over the years, he served the realm and even brushed with death multiple times. This allowed the Lock Mountain Range to extend its range and provided the Machine Field with its own partially controlled territory. But now, someone plotted against him and wanted him killed. Yuan could no longer hold back, he wanted to find the person who wanted him dead and dismember their body into a thousand pieces.


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