BTFTLIAW – Chapter 1311


Chapter 1311 – Sold Out

However, Zhao Hai was only slightly distressed. Zhao Hai has seen a lot of deaths. He killed a lot of people back in the lower realms – an uncountable amount. Therefore, he was able to suppress his feeling.

At the same time, he knew why he had this feeling. First, it was because he already regarded the Undead as their own people. Second, because there weren’t any large-scale battles since he ascended to the World of Cultivation. Therefore, he was like this.

Zhao Hai took a deep breath to calm down his mood. Then he proceeded to command the Undead. And as Zhao Hai commanded them, the Undead immediately set up a battle formation and re-engaged with the spirits of the Sprites.

When Zhao Hai released his Undead, they hadn’t composed any battle formation. They were an unorganized crowd that moved without any coordination. Zhao Hai deliberately did this so that the Sprites would let their guard down. However, this tactic no longer worked. If he didn’t command the Undead, then the Undead were going to be wiped out. And when that time comes, it would be very hard to stop the Sprites from attacking.

When it comes to command, Zhao Hai had zero talent. Normally it would be Lizzy and Megan who would command the Undead. But this doesn’t mean that Zhao Hai couldn’t command them at all. For small conflicts like the one right now, Zhao Hai could still effectively command the Undead.

Once the Undead entered into battle formations, the fight took another turn. The Sprites could no longer attack like before. The Undead once again managed to stall the Sprites.

Murdoch’s expression turned even uglier. However, he couldn’t help but recognize Zhao Hai’s skill. But this appreciation soon turned to apprehension. Since Zhao Hai was an enemy of the Sprites, he needed to be killed.

The stronger Zhao Hai appeared, the more reason for Murdoch to kill him. If Zhao Hai were to be left alone, then he would become a huge threat to the Sprite. And for the security of the entire Sprite race, the elimination of Zhao Hai was required.

Murdoch observed the Undead battle formation for a while, then he said, “Have ten Nascent Soul experts attack the Undead. Remember, the ten shouldn’t be separated. Form a team and coordinate attacks.”

The person at his side nodded then left to convey the command. Although Zhao Hai was commanding the Undead, he was also paying attention to the Sprites. Hearing that Nascent Soul Experts were about to enter the fight, Zhao Hai immediately said inside his brain, “Lizzy, Megan, take command of the Undead. I need to deal with Nascent Soul Experts.”

Lizzy and Megan immediately complied and took control of the Undead. Zhao Hai took out Liquid Silver and then released a 10 thousand-layer formation.

At this moment, the Nascent Soul Sprites also made a move. They used their life source spirits to attack. These life source spirits were four tree spirits, three earth spirits, and three wind spirits. Now that Zhao Hai released his formation, these life source spirits couldn’t help but resist it.

The attacking power of a 10 thousand-layer formation was very good. Even these life source spirits were good at fighting, they would still suffer minor injuries if they faced it head on.

However, after Zhao Hai sent several formations, the Sprites were able to find a way to deal with them. Zhao Hai’s formations were now resisted by three tree earth spirits and two tree spirits. Meanwhile, the other spirits attacked the Undead.

Although the Undead were able to fight more effectively under Lizzy and Megan’s command, they still weren’t able to hold back the Nascent Soul life source spirits. After all, there was a huge gap in strength. In fact, the Undead had already surpassed expectations by reaching this point.

Megan and Lizzy knew very well that if they couldn’t do anything to the Nascent Soul life source spirits, then the other spirits would be able to do what they want. If they all rushed in, then Yuan and the others would begin to suffer some losses.

Because of this, although Lizzy and Megan were blocking the Nascent Soul life source spirits, they didn’t give their all in doing so. Instead, they prioritized blocking the ordinary spirits from going forward. Due to this action, Yuan and the others were still safe.

However, Yuan and the others were starting to become nervous. They could see that the Nascent Soul life source spirits were about to penetrate the battle formation of the Undead. When this happens, then even they would have to fight.

At this time, several Nascent Soul life source spirits were able to kill their way through the Undead’s battle formation. They were preparing to expand their area in order to completely destroy the Undead formation.

Seeing what was happening, Yuan knew that he could no longer wait. So finally, he said, “Brothers, we have been watching the battle for quite a while. We cannot just let Little Hai fight on his own. Prepare to fight! Let’s make the Sprites know that the people of the Machine Field aren’t cowards!” Then he rushed over with his sledgehammer towards the Nascent Soul life source spirits.

Seeing Yuan and the others coming over, the Nascent Soul life source spirits immediately shifted their attention. Their main duty was to stop people from moving. So when Yuan and the others charged over, the spirits would naturally stop them.

But even if Yuan and the others charged over, their lineup wasn’t chaotic. This was also the way the Machine Field fought with the other realms. The people from the Machine Field knew that if they fought on their own, then they would certainly be defeated.

While tying down five Nascent Soul life source spirits, Zhao Hai also began to offer support towards Yuan and the others. Unexpectedly, this allowed the battle to enter into another stalemate.

Murdoch raised his eyebrow and said, “Zhao Hai is actually able to tie down five Nascent Soul life source spirits. If this kid doesn’t die, the Sprites will have a huge trouble to deal with in the future.”

The others besides Murdoch agreed. Then Murdoch said, “Send ten more people forward. Remember, the most important target is Zhao Hai.” Someone nodded and then immediately arranged for ten more Nascent Soul Sprites to go forward.

Seeing that ten more Sprites were going to join the fight, Zhao Hai’s eyes couldn’t help but shrink. With these ten Sprites, things would get harder. Zhao Hai immediately said, “Condense the formation!” This was for Lizzy and Megan as well as Yuan and the others.

As soon as they heard Zhao Hai, Yuan and the others immediately contracted their battle formation. At the same time, the Undead slowly retreated towards Yuan’s formation. This caused their area of operation to decrease, but it also increased their defense.

Seeing Zhao Hai’s response, Murdoch commanded, “Alright, order everyone to attack!” A Sprite beside him immediately passed down the order.

With this order, the Sprites immediately released their life source spirits and went all out to put pressure on Zhao Hai and the others. Zhao Hai released several 100 thousand-layer formations one after another in order to defend.

However, this didn’t stop the Undead from being eliminated. Compared to Core Formation Experts, their strength was still far off.

At this time, a change occurred in the Machine Field’s formation. Mages retreated further into the formation while Warriors prepared for close combat. The Mages drank potions in order to recover their energy and work with the Undead to stop the Sprite from advancing. But this caused the casualties of the Undead to increase even more. From the initial 20 thousand Undead, only 10 thousand were left.

Zhao Hai still wasn’t going all out. This was because Murdoch had yet to make a move. And according to what was agreed upon, the Machine Field’s net would arrive two hours after the Sprites start fighting Yuan. 

However, Zhao Hai and the Sprites have already been fighting for two hours. Despite this, the encirclement was nowhere to be seen. This caused Zhao Hai to be annoyed.

He asked Cai’er about where the encirclement army was. But from what Cai’er said, they started marching 1 hour late, and from their speed they would arrive in 2 hours.

Hearing this report, Zhao Hai’s expression changed. These people shouldn’t make such inferior-level mistakes. One must know that speed was crucial in a war. If they marched slowly and were late to surround the enemy, then they would let go of the opportunity to wipe out the enemy. When the time comes and the Sprites eliminate Yuan’s team, then they could turn around and focus on escaping the encirclement. The action made by the Machine Field was very abnormal.

When he thought about this, Zhao Hai moved and appeared beside Yuan. With an ugly expression, he said, “Captain, I’m afraid that we’ve been sold out.”

Hearing Zhao Hai, Yuan couldn’t help but stare. Then he said, “What do you mean?”

Zhao Hai’s expression turned cold as he answered, “My Undead scouts just reported that the Machine Field’s army is still two hours away from here.”

Upon hearing Zhao Hai, Yuan’s eyes couldn’t help but turn red. He said, “Are you sure?”

Zhao Hai nodded. Yuan looked at Zhao Hai and said, “Can we last for two hours? As long as we survive, those bastards wouldn’t survive.”

Zhao Hai sneered and said, “Two hours is nothing, I can last for two days. But this isn’t something that the two of us can deal with. What do we do afterwards?”

Yuan coldly snorted and said, “Let’s not think about that for now. Once we survive, those bastards will have some questions to answer. If they fail to satisfy me, then let’s see how I’ll deal with them.”

Zhao Hai nodded, “Alright, then I’ll start being serious.” Zhao Hai flew up and then released 20 thousand more Undead. But this time, he gave priority to skeleton Undead.

At the same time,  a huge bug appeared beside Zhao Hai. As long as someone had gone to Fabio Planet, they would recognize that this bug was an overlord on the planet, the Silverback Gold-winged bug. These bugs could handle two Nascent Soul Experts alone.

Also, as Zhao Hai began to move, a loud roar was heard not far away. The source of the roar was approaching fast. And from the intensity of the roar, the approaching party was at Nascent Soul-level.

Murdoch saw the SIlverback Gold-winged bug and couldn’t help but stare. Then his expression changed. Naturally, he recognized the bug. He also knew how difficult it was to deal with. He didn’t expect Zhao Hai to take one of them out.

Moreover, the loud roar from the distance was low and deep. It also carried intense energy. It’s possible that it’s from a Demon.

In the Six Realms Battlefield, it was very common for people to meet each other. Because of this, Murdoch could judge a person just by their voice. This was especially true when it came to Demons. He could recognize them through their roars. This was because Demons were very distinct from each other. Each Demon had their own qualities that made it quite easy to differentiate them from each other.

Both the Silverback Gold-winged Bug and the Demon were hard to deal with. And now, both were on Zhao Hai’s side. This made Murdoch somewhat worried.

At this point, it was impossible to deal with Zhao Hai in a short time. Zhao Hai’s capabilities were out of Murdoch’s imagination. He could actually withstand the assault for a long time. The Undead that the Sprites had eliminated so far had almost no effect towards Zhao Hai and the others. This caused Murdoch to blank out for some time.

Zhao Hai released a Silverback Gold-winged Bug and called over a Demon for help, this wasn’t good for the Sprites. Although their move was supported by the Machine Field, Murdoch knew very well that the Machine Field couldn’t hold back for a long time. Otherwise, things would be too obvious.

In fact, there were things that Murdoch left unsaid. He said that Zhao Hai was a threat to the Sprites, but he didn’t say that Zhao Hai was also a threat to some people in the Machine Field. And these people wouldn’t allow someone like Zhao Hai to exist.

It was precisely because of this that Murdoch was able to ambush Zhao Hai in a place like the Lock Mountain Range. He knew that Zhao Hai wouldn’t be able to get immediate support. Murdoch expected his people to deal with Zhao Hai easily. And in this way, the Machine Field’s partially controlled territory would become a playground for the Sprites.

But now, it seems like the plan has been disrupted. Murdoch knew that if he couldn’t deal with Zhao Hai, then their plan would be a failure. With this thought in mind, Murdoch no longer held back. He waved his hand and called over a silver metallic man. Then he said, “Chuck, kill Zhao Hai!’

A Sprite liked to name their life source spirit, this wasn’t a weird thing. And Murdoch’s life source spirit was named Chuck.

Compared to the other life source spirits, Chuck looked much more pure. His facial features were also more distinct and he resembled more like a person. He nodded to Murdoch and then rushed towards Zhao Hai.


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