BTFTLIAW – Chapter 1309


Chapter 1309 – Deploying Troops

Yuan frowned and said, “Target? But if the Sprites are looking for a target, then who might it be?”

Then as he said this, Yuan’s eyes suddenly shone. He turned to Zhao Hai and said, “Little Hai, you mean their targets are..” Then he referred to himself and then towards Liu Zhen. This was because the Sprites staged an ambush against them in the past. In other words, the two were in danger.

Zhao Hai understood what Yuan wanted to say, he nodded and said, “That’s one of the possibilities. Captain, you and Captain Liu Zhen are two of our best fighters. You are also the most threatening people for the other realms. The territory of the Sprites is just right next to us. Moreover, the two of you have caused no small damage to the Sprites. A lot of Sprites want the both of you dead. As long as you two aren’t dealt with, the Sprites wouldn’t be able to live in peace.”

After he spoke this, Zhao Hai stopped for a moment before continuing, “However, with how much they regard the two of you, the Sprites certainly know that you won’t be going out of the mountain range soon. However, they still kept sending people to provoke us. This means that they want the two of you to counter. As long as you lead your people out, you will be going straight into their hands. But obviously, the Sprites have been underestimating you.”

Yuan laughed and said, “Correct. They underestimated me. They think that this Yuan is just a musclehead. They didn’t know that I wouldn’t have survived for so long if I wasn’t able to think for myself. I think we need to make them suffer this time.”

Zhao Hai didn’t oppose Yuan’s opinion. Since the Sprites wanted a fight, then the Machine Field would comply. They needed to be hurt so bad that the Sprites would behave.

But as the matter stands, this would forge an irresolvable feud between the Sprites and the Machine Field. However, almost all six realms in the World of Cultivation were enemies. Elevating how much they hate each other wasn’t a big deal.

Zhao Hai looked at Yuan and said ,”Captain, what do you plan to do?”

Yuan smiled and said, “The Machine FIeld has the most practitioners among all of the six realms. This is because compared to the methods of the other realms, the Machine Field’s cultivation methods have less limitations. Therefore, we have the most people in the Six Realms Battlefield. This is the reason why the other realms couldn’t push us back. Now that the Sprites decided to take a poke at us, we better return their hospitality. With our numbers we can surround the Sprites instead. Even if we can’t wipe them out, they would still feel pain.”

Zhao Hai nodded and said, “Good. Let’s make the other realms understand that the Machine Field cannot be bullied. I think the Sprites want to make the Lock Mountain Range return to what it was before. They plan to make us lose our semi-controlled territory so that they can take advantage of us and get more resources.

Yuan nodded, “If those fellows want to pressure the Machine Field, then they would first pressure our hold in the Six Realms Battlefield. Naturally, we cannot make them succeed. Therefore, we need to hit them ruthlessly this time.”

Zhao Hai agreed. Yuan continued, “Little Hai, you have to take a good rest. We will need your strength. Besides stopping their strong experts, we also need your undead to block their summons.”

Zhao Hai nodded, then he gave Yuan a salute before turning around and leaving. Yuan immediately arranged people to send word to the other forts. He also sent requests to prepare to battle the army of Sprites.

Defending a place like the Lock Mountain Range couldn’t be done without a unified chain of command. The Machine Field doesn’t only have experts who have Core Formation strength. The realm also had Mages and Warriors that reached Nascent Soul-level. The strength of these people couldn’t be underestimated. All of these people in addition to magic cannons and other devices allowed the Machine Field to safely defend their territory.

This time, since the Sprites made a huge move, the commanders needed to be unified. With Yuan’s status, he couldn’t take command of this huge operation. Therefore, more people have to cooperate with him.

Moving large numbers of people couldn’t be done in a short time. Moreover, this needed to be done in a way where the Sprites wouldn’t be able to sense it. Yuan and the others also strengthened the defensive capability of the Lock Mountain Range. As the Sprites continued their small attacks, they discovered that the defense of the mountain range was getting stronger and stronger. And because of this, they didn’t suspect that the Machine Field was planning to surround them.

Zhao Hai has been very relaxed during these days. Although he was strong, his time in the Six Realms Battlefield was still too short. He had yet to establish his prestige. Additionally, he still hasn’t grasped the situation with the battlefield. Naturally, he wasn’t assigned important work. What he needed to do was rest and prepare himself for the battle since he would be facing the main force.

This time, the Sprites seems to have made some effort and managed to deploy 60 Nascent Soul Experts. The Machine Field naturally competed with this amount. Within a short time, the mountain range was able to amass ten thousand people. They were divided into ten teams with each team consisting of 1000 people. Then these teams proceeded to position themselves to surround the Sprites.

And in each team were two Nascent Soul-level experts. Although there were only 20 Nascent Soul-level experts all-in-all, this was everything that the Machine Field could muster up for this operation. Although the Machine Field still had more Nascent Soul-level experts, these people needed to remain so that the other realms wouldn’t use this opportunity to attack the Mountain Range.

The reassignment of people as well as positioning them required time. Meanwhile, Yuan and the others haven’t moved at all. This was because they needed to stay as bait. This would make the Sprites suspect nothing.

Yuan also led the others out for a few times in order to fight the Sprites. But after seeing that they couldn’t get any advantages, the Sprites immediately retreated, not giving Yuan the chance to fight seriously. Naturally, Yuan acted like he was enraged by this. He looked as if he was going to chase the Sprites.

Yuan’s performance made the Sprites think that everything was going normally. Therefore, the frequency of their attacks increased while they didn’t move from their original position.

It must be said that picking a place for ambush wasn’t easy. Moreover, the Sprites knew that if they changed places constantly, then they would risk being discovered by the Machine Field and lose the significance of their ambush. They also knew that it was impossible for their 1000-people team to attack the Lock Mountain Range.

Lock Mountain Range was essentially 10 defensive lines that were manned all year round. As for where Yuan’s territory was, it was only on the first defensive line. Behind it were even more forts. As long as Yuan’s camp gets into trouble, the forts behind them would certainly help and send reinforcements to strengthen the defense. Wanting to attack the Lock Mountain Range with only 1000 people was impossible. The Machine Field’s people weren’t soft eggs that could be easily defeated.

Although the Sprites looked down on the strength of the Machine Field, they didn’t doubt their ability. The Machine Field was the most ruthless among the six realms.

Zhao Hai didn’t make a single move at this time. Yuan also urged him to stay put. If Zhao Hai vanished, then the Sprites would find out right away. Therefore, Zhao Hai announced that he was going to close up inside his cave residence.

Whether the news entered the ears of the Sprites or not, Yuan still made an excuse. This way, Zhao Hai can play the role of a rogue soldier.

Zhao Hai hasn’t been idling these past few days either. He has been monitoring the Sprites’ situation while inside the Space. The Sprites didn’t change their place of ambush. But Zhao Hai discovered that the Sprites had turned the trees, stones, and even the air near the ambush area into their spirits. This also allowed them to expand their area of battle.

However, this has no effect on the operation of the Machine Field. At this point, the encirclement was about to be done. As soon as the encirclement is finished, Yuan would pursue the Sprites and enter their ambush area. Then the battle would begin.

It can be said that Yuan was the bait to attract the Sprites. The Sprites expected to eat them but would instead be trapped in a bigger net created by the Machine Field.

When the large net was set-up, Yuan would immediately become a bomb that exploded. Together with the encirclement outside, two groups would join forces in order to deal with the Sprites in one stroke.

Yuan’s team held confidence going into this fight. The reason for their confidence was their weapons. Their weapons were made by Zhao Hai. Back when they tested their weapons, they found that its power had improved. And in the small skirmishes with the Sprites, they discovered that the effects of their weapons were extremely powerful. Not only is the spiritual qi requirement less, its attacking strength has also increased – especially in close combat. In the past, Yuan would expend a lot of energy in order to deal with a spirit summon. But with his new weapon, as long as he hit the summon a few times, then the summon would be destroyed. And this was the defensively strong summons like the tree spirits and the stone spirits. As for wind spirits, all of them were destroyed in one attack. This showed how strong Zhao Hai’s weapons were!


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