BTFTLIAW – Chapter 1307


Chapter 1307 – Transforming Yalei 2

Yuan was currently standing on the fort walls along with Wu Yang, Xiong Li, and Zhao Hai’s other brothers. Although Xiong Li and the others were newcomers, their strength and weapons allowed them to contend with Yuan when they teamed up. This kind of strength made Yuan see them as important people. 

Naturally, this was only part of the reason why. The main reason was because of Zhao Hai. Zhao Hai was very strong. Additionally, he was capable of refining weapons for everyone. And with Xiong Li and the others being his brothers, it was normal for Yuan to see them as important.

At this point, Yuan was already aware that Zhao Hai had sworn brotherhood with Xiong Li and the others. Moreover, Yuan was able to learn more about Zhao Hai from them. Their testimonies made Yuan and the others admire Zhao Hai even more. 

Wu Yang, who was beside Yuan, was talking with Li Kuangren. Then suddenly he said, “Old Li, are you telling the truth? Does Little Hai have a lot of good wine?”

Li Kuangren nodded and said, “Of course. Why would I lie? If you don’t believe me, ask Xiong Li and the others. Little Hai’s wine is very delicious. Not only that, it’s also beneficial for cultivation. It’s very good.”

Wu Yang made a ‘tian’ ‘tian’ sound with his mouth as he said, “Now I want to taste it.”

Li Kuangren looked at Wu Yang, then he smiled and said, “You won’t regret it.”

As they were speaking, Yuan suddenly looked at his wrist computer. Then his expression changed as he turned to Xiong Li and said, “Has Little Hai always been inside the cave residence?”

As soon as they heard Yuan’s question, Xiong Li and the others couldn’t help but feel awkward. They had been getting along well with Yuan these days, so they didn’t want to deceive him. Xiong Li and the others were very certain that Zhao Hai wasn’t in the cave residence, that place was just a cover.

Upon seeing the strange expression on their faces, Yuan knew that there were secrets involved. So he said, “Let’s go into a private room.” Then the group relocated to a private room and then sat down. Yuan looked at Xiong Li and the others and said, “So what’s the matter?”

Xiong Li looked at Yuan, then he asked, “How did Captain know that something’s wrong?”

Yuan couldn’t help but smile bitterly as he said, “Take a look.” Then he opened his wrist computer and released a projection. Shown was a string of words that relays information. The information said that Zhao Hai has been spotted in Dark Demon Planet along with a large number of people from the Cultivation Realm. These people were now living inside the Bone Symbol Camp.

When they read this information, Xiong Li and the others couldn’t help but laugh. Then Li Kuangren said, “This kid, if he wants to head out, then at least he should have sneaked in some wine.”

Then as Li Kuangren said this, Zhao Hai’s voice was heard, “Fourth Brother, I’ve been busy the past few days. How could I find time to give you some wine?”

Everyone stared, then they all turned to see Zhao Hai standing in the room smiling at them. Xiong Li and the others immediately approached him as Yuan and Wu Yang looked at each other. Amazement could be seen in each others’ eyes. This was because they hadn’t discovered Zhao Hai entering the room.

Xiong Li looked at Zhao Hai and said, “Little Hai, why are you at the Bone Symbol Camp? What happened?”

Zhao Hai didn’t immediately reply, instead he turned to Yuan and said, “Captain, I apologize for hiding the truth from you. Actually, my space magic allows me to come in and out of the Six Realms Battlefield whenever I want.”

Yuan nodded and said, “So what happened?”

Zhao Hai forced a smile and said, “It’s not a big deal. During my break, I tried to contact a friend in Fabio Planet. However, I cannot get ahold of him. Thinking of how dangerous the planet was, I decided to check it out. But when I arrived, I discovered that the entire base had been destroyed. So I saved him and then accompanied him back to his family. But who knew that something else happened.” Then he continued on to describe the latter events.

As Zhao Hai spoke, Yuan’s emotions got more elevated. Zheng Li’s situation resembled his own. But Yuan relied on himself to get out of trouble while Zheng Li was fortunate enough to have some people take revenge for him and then send him to the Machine Field.

After some time, Yuan calmed down, he nodded and said, “You did the right thing. If you didn’t, then the entire Zheng Family would die as well as the families of those involved. However, now that you have escaped, those living outside Riverpond City will be unlucky.”

“What’s wrong with them?”, Zhao Hai asked. “Is the Imperial Water Sect that unreasonable?”

Yuan sneered and said, “That unreasonable? Little Hai, you’re too naive. There’s no such thing as reason in the Cultivation Realm. If you count on them being reasonable, then you might as well hang yourself. Alright, let’s not talk about this. What happened to my weapon? If you didn’t do well, then you’ll have to answer to me kid.”

Zhao Hai smiled. Then he turned his hand, taking out a sledgehammer. Then he handed the sledgehammer to Yuan and said, “Captain, try this out.”

Yuan stared, then he took the sledgehammer and then went out of the room. Then he flew up and went outside the fort to make an attack. A huge ‘boom’ was heard. Such a loud sound couldn’t be hidden from the entire fort. Everyone immediately ran out holding their weapons. They all thought that they were under attack.

But after Zhao Hai and the others explained the situation, everyone calmed down. At this time, Yuan already returned from outside. He couldn’t help but look at his sledgehammer for a while before putting it away. Then he laughed and said, “Little Hai, nice job. With this weapon, even Core Formation Cultivators couldn’t win against me.”

Zhao Hai smiled faintly and said, “It’s good that you like it, Captain. I’ll make sure to finish everyone’s weapon as soon as I can.”

Yuan nodded, then he patted Zhao Hai’s shoulder and said ,”Thanks for the trouble, Little Hai. These weapons are too important to us. These past few days, the Sprites had been causing too much trouble. They would come over and provoke us once in a while. You have to finish the weapons quickly.”

Zhao Hai raised his eyebrows and said, “The Sprites? Are they courting death? Alright, I’ll head back now. I’ll finish everyone’s weapons as soon as I can.” Yuan nodded. Then Zhao Hai’s body quickly vanished.

What Yuan didn’t know was that Zhao Hai had already finished all the weapons. However, it would be awkward for him to take them all at the same time. 

Zhao Hai returned to the Space and then looked at the situation outside Riverpond City. He wanted to see if the Imperial Water Sect was just like what Yuan said.

At this time, Zhao Hai discovered that his understanding of the Cultivation Realm was still too far from Yuan’s. The scene outside Riverpond City was a giant slaughter. An uncountable amount of Rogue Cultivators were killed.

Seeing this, Zhao Hai couldn’t help but clench his teeth in hatred. However, he couldn’t go to Riverpond City right now. This was because he discovered that there were a lot of experts present. Even the Sect Master of the Imperial Water Sect personally arrived.

Zhao Hai underestimated the amount of trouble that was caused by the event. Imperial Water Sect was a medium-grade sect. They didn’t have a lot of cities under their control. Up to now, they only controlled a dozen cities and Riverpond City was one of their best cities. But then, they suddenly received news that their Riverpond City Branch had been destroyed. This was such a great event. So how could the Imperial Water Sect not come over and investigate?

They scoured the entire city. But they couldn’t understand how small Rogue Cultivators living outside the city were able to eliminate an entire branch of the sect. Additionally, Zheng Li and the others were able to run away. All involved were gone. The Imperial Water Sect felt suffocated and there was nobody they could direct this hatred. In the end, bad luck descended upon the Rogue Cultivators outside Riverpond City. 

After looking at the situation for some time, Zhao Hai shifted his attention to the Bone Symbol Camp. Although the people outside Riverpond City were killed, these people didn’t have anything to do with him. He wasn’t responsible for their lives. Therefore, he didn’t think too much about this matter. This matter made him understand more about the World of Cultivation.

Naturally, Zhao Hai wouldn’t let the Imperial Water Sect off. As long as the sect’s troops scatter, he would teach the sect a lesson. In any case, now that he has offended the sect, he might as well make them expend some energy.

The Bone Symbol Camp turned back to normal. Uncle Lu and the others had been settled down. At the same time, the Bone Symbol Camp was very enthusiastic. Zhao Hai felt relief upon seeing this.

Margaret was currently in the Bone Symbol Camp. With her presence there, Uncle Lu and the others were be able to smoothly integrate to the Machine Field as soon as possible.

Actually, Zhao Hai didn’t want Uncle Lu and the others to stay in the Bone Symbol Camp for a long time. Once Yalei 2 has been prepared, he would send them there.

Upon thinking of this, Zhao Hai couldn’t help but shift the screen’s display to Yalei 2. Seeing Zhao Hai looking at the planet, Laura smiled and said, “Brother Hai doesn’t need to worry about this. I already asked Cai’er to place one of her branches in Yalei 2. Also, we installed the heart of earth fire in order to increase the planet’s temperature and melt the ice caps.”

Zao Hai nodded, “Alright, you can take your time. Later on, try separating some roots of the Hundred Spirits Tree and replant them into the planet to make the spiritual density thicker.”

Laura knit her brows and said, “Brother Hai, I believe separating the Hundred Spirit Tree’s root isn’t a good idea. You should know that the roots are currently supplying the Space, and the Space is our foundation. Meanwhile, Yalei 2 is just an outside base. It’s not good if something goes wrong. I think it’s better if we transplant Elven Trees there. Although it’s not as good, they can still improve the spiritual density of the planet. What do you think?”


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