BTFTLIAW – Chapter 1306


Chapter 1306 – Settling Down

After Zheng Wu and Zheng Yun recovered from their shock, they quickly found themselves worshipping Zhao Hai. The two were still young and at an age where having idols to worship was very common.

Zheng Li didn’t mind the appearance of his brother and sister as he turned his head to Zhao Hai and said, “We have a lot of people coming with us, can you accommodate them all?”

Zhao Hai smiled and said, “Big Brother, feel relieved. I already made Margaret prepare ahead of time. Right, Brother, although I said that I killed the Branch Hall’s people, I actually turned them into Undead. Is that alright with you?”

Zheng Li shook his head and said, “Turning them into Undead is better. Let’s consider it as them paying reparations.” After he said this, the sound of footsteps was heard outside. Uncle Lu and the others had finished preparing and had brought their family members over.

When Uncle Lu and the others arrived at the Zheng Family’s residence, they couldn’t help but stare upon seeing Zhao Hai talking with Zheng Li. Zheng Li quickly went forward and said, “Uncle Lu, rest assured, the Imperial Water Sect’s Branch has already been dealt with by Little Hai. However, it’s possible that the Imperial Water Sect would respond soon. We need to leave quickly. Uncle Lu, please take a look and make sure that everyone is here.”

As soon as Uncle Lu heard Zheng Li, he couldn’t help but gawk. Then he turned to Zhao Hai with a doubtful look in his face. Zhao Hai smiled faintly and gave a polite salute. This made Uncle Lu and the others doubt Zhao Hai even more.

Zheng Li also noticed Uncle Lu’s expression, so he turned to Zhao Hai and said, “Little Hai, please show everyone the people from the Riverpond City Branch.”

Zhao Hai understood the meaning of Zheng Li, he nodded and then waved his hand. A large number of Cultivators appeared beside Zhao Hai. However, these Cultivators were all skeletons, devoid of flesh and blood. All of these skeletons were wearing the Imperial Water Sect’s dark-blue robes. 

Uncle Lu and the others saw this and immediately felt thoroughly relieved. At the same time, they felt some fear towards Zhao Hai’s methods. Not only did he kill his targets, he also turned them into Undead. He wasn’t someone people could provoke.

This time, Uncle Lu didn’t hesitate anymore. He immediately counted the people present. In fact, those who participated in the fight were already prepared. After all, it’s very simple for Cultivators to move. They could just put their residence inside their spatial bags and then leave.

Rogue Cultivators were very poor, but spatial items weren’t rare in the Cultivation Realm. Even if Rogue Cultivators only had one or two artifacts, they would still have spatial items to use.

With spatial items in hand, moving was naturally very quick. Additionally, since they were poor, they didn’t own a lot of things to begin with. Most of those who should arrive had already arrived. Those who were not yet here were those who live quite far. However, it wouldn’t take long for them to arrive.

Zhao Hai thought for a moment and then said, “Brother Zheng, you lead everyone to the Machine Field first. I’ll remain here and wait for the others. After you go there, just listen to the arrangements made by the people you see.” When Zhao Hai told Zheng Li that he had Margaret arrange this matter, it was actually done. He had Margaret go to the Bone Symbol Camp and then prepared what was needed. As long as Zheng Li and the others arrive, the people from the Bone Symbol Camp will immediately receive them and give them the basic things they would need.

This operation would not experience any problems. After all, Zhao Hai had become the pride of the Bone Symbol Camp. His status wasn’t any worse than Desbarres. Moreover, his relationship with Tie Sheng and Tao Wang was very good. Then there was Margaret. The Bone Symbol Camp was naturally happy to help Zhao Hai.

When Zheng Li heard Zhao Hai, he nodded and said, “Alright, I’ll go there now.” Zhao Hai nodded, then he waved his hand and opened a spatial rift beside him. This rift wasn’t very big, just enough for two people to enter at the same time. Zheng Li cupped his fist towards Zhao Hai, then he entered the spatial rift.

The spatial passage wasn’t very long. It only took a few steps before Zheng Li came out on the other side. Standing outside the passage was a very pretty woman. This woman was wearing mage robes. From the atmosphere, it was clear that she has been waiting for him. The woman immediately said, “Margaret has seen Brother Zheng Li.”

Zheng Li already guessed Margaret’s status. He immediately returned the greeting, “I’ve seen sister-in-law. This time, I’ll have to trouble you.”

Margaret smiled faintly and said, “Big Brother Zheng is too polite. You and Brother Hai are Brothers. It’s normal to offer help at this time. This is Ashley Family’s Bone Symbol Camp. Your living arrangements have already been arranged. This is the camp that Brother Hai started in. However, you’ll only reside here temporarily. You’ll live in a better place in the future. Is Brother Zheng Li alright with this?”

Zheng Li nodded and said, “Then I’ll have to ask Sister-in-law to help us arrange everything.” At this time, Tie Sheng and Tao Wang also arrived and exchanged greetings with Zheng LI. Then Uncle Lu and the others began walking out of the spatial rift. 

Once Uncle Lu and the others arrived, they were immediately welcomed by the Bone Symbol Camp into the large building and then gave them their dwellings. The camp also helped Uncle Lu and the others to get familiar with their new environment. Their hospitality was very good.

The Bone Symbol Camp were also very eager to please the people from the Cultivation Realm. With Uncle Lu and the others present, the Bone Symbol Camp’s strength would increase.

One must know that although Uncle Lu and the others weren’t looked highly upon in the Cultivation Realm, they were still Cultivators in the end. They were comparatively stronger than most Mages, Warriors, and Mechs. If they were integrated into the Bone Symbol Camp, then the camp’s strength would be boosted. Therefore, Tie Sheng and Tao Wang were attaching great importance towards Uncle Lu’s group.

Zheng Li watched the camp’s hospitality as they settled Uncle Lu and the others. It must be said that the Bone Symbol Camp truly had plenty of rooms. Moreover, compared to the outer residences of Riverpond City, the camp’s environment was vastly different. There were a lot of things that they needed to get used to. Uncle Lu and the others suddenly discovered that their own lifestyle had improved. Their family members didn’t need to work hard everyday anymore. They didn’t even need to cook their food and wash their clothes, they had robots to take care of it. If they want, they can just sleep all day. 

This arrangement caused them to be beyond satisfied. At the same time, after getting in contact with the members of the camp, they naturally became aware of Zhao Hai’s reputation in the Machine Field. Most importantly, they knew Zhao Hai’s influence in the Bone Symbol Camp. It didn’t take long before they developed a new reverence towards Zhao Hai.

The Rogue Cultivators that participated in attacking the Imperial Water Sect numbered about 300 people. Whether they were injured or killed, their family members have been moved to the Bone Symbol Camp. More than a thousand people appeared in the Bone Symbol Camp. But even with this, the camp was still able to accommodate them well. 

The Bone Symbol Camp’s region was originally very big, and they also had a lot of available rooms. Although the camp had a lot of Warriors and Mages, they don’t actually live in the camp’s main building. This was because they have their own villas on another part of the island. Most people from the Bone Symbol Camp would generally want to live in those villas. Therefore, the large building of the Bone Symbol Camp was fairly empty. Therefore, there were no issues in arranging places for Uncle Lu and the others to live in.

After everyone had entered the spatial passage, Zhao Hai looked at Zheng Wu and Zheng Yun, then he smiled and said, “Everyone has gone in, you should go as well. I reckon the Imperial Water Sect already knew about what happened. But it doesn’t matter. After you go to the Machine Field, you can also practice. When you gain enough strength, you can come back and look for revenge.” 

Zheng Wu and Zheng Yun were now looking at Zhao Hai as their idol. Zhao Hai was able to appease their enmity as well as save a large number of people. This caused them to worship him. Upon hearing Zhao Hai, the two nodded immediately and then walked towards the spatial rift.

Before long, the two arrived at the Bone Symbol Camp. Zhao Hai also went in and greeted Tie Sheng and Tao Wang. Then he returned to the Six Realms Battlefield.

After all, his focus right now was still the Six Realms Battlefield. He can’t stay outside for too long. Zheng Li also didn’t oppose it. He went to bury his parents and grandmother first then he helped the Bone Symbol Camp communicate with Uncle Gu and the others so that they could get used to life in the Machine Field as soon as possible.

The lifestyle of the Machine Field varies greatly from the Cultivation Realm. In the Cultivation Realm, people rarely used robots and machines. Everyone was dedicated to cultivating. Those who can’t cultivate would go out and farm the fields. Moreover, herbs in the Cultivation Realm weren’t taken care of by machines. This was because the plants were very expensive. It would be troublesome if a machine malfunctions and destroys everything. Therefore, the people from the Cultivation Realm employed old methods to harvest plants. 

Additionally, electricity hasn’t spread out in the Cultivation Realm. Generally, only huge cities would have electricity. In this case, using computers or robots was impossible. Therefore, the lifestyle of the Cultivation Realm was relatively more primitive. This was especially true for commoners like the families of Uncle Lu and the others.

But in the Machine Field, the lives of everyone were aided by all kinds of machines. In every home were electric appliances and each family would have at least one or two robots. This was vastly different to the Cultivation Realm. Now that Uncle Lu and the others were going to live in the Machine Field from now on, then they would need to get used to using these machines. This way, their integration to the Machine Field would be smooth.

And since it was because of the Zheng Family that Uncle Lu and the others had to transfer, Zheng Li took upon himself to aid Uncle Lu and the others at all steps going forward. It was also good that the Bone Symbol Camp took care of them very well. Slowly, Uncle Lu and the others were able to be accustomed to living in the Machine Field and the Bone Symbol Camp.


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