BTFTLIAW – Chapter 1305


Chapter 1305 – Inborn Charm

In the end, Zheng Wu turned out to just be a young man with no real experience. Before this, he was able to set up this mourning hall purely out of his feeling of hatred. He also wrote the character ‘enmity’. But after all of that, when he saw Zheng Li, all of it vanished. 

Without a doubt, Zheng Li was the Zheng Family’s pillar of support. He was the person the family depended on for its future. Therefore, upon seeing Zheng Li, all the pressure on Zheng Wu disappeared, allowing the young man to express his grief.

As for Zheng Li’s younger sister, she had already exhausted herself crying. Even if she wanted to cry louder, she won’t be able to. Zhao Hai looked at Zheng Li’s younger sister and thought that she was indeed a beautiful girl. But after a while, Zheng Li’s sister became prettier. This was a very fatal thing to men. Even Zhao Hai who had good mental strength couldn’t help but stare at her for some time.

It was at this time that Zhao Hai’s heart felt alarmed. He quickly settled his mind and then sighed. He now knew why the son of the Hall Master wanted Zheng Li’s sister. It seems like Zheng Li’s sister was someone who was born with natural charm.

Some women were born with the ability to make their movements and actions charming and seductive.. This wasn’t something that they deliberately did, but came naturally to them. If such a woman was married to an ordinary man, then good for him. This woman would also be good at flattering others.

But there was another type of these women. At a glance, one wouldn’t be able to feel anything about them. Most people might even ignore her. However, after you notice her, your soul will be attracted. Those with weaker minds would immediately throw themselves towards that woman. If you marry that kind of woman, then that’s also good for you. Your luck is incomparable. If you were a Cultivator, then more blessings to you. Such a woman will be good for your cultivation. However, you need to remember that if you don’t have enough strength, then it’s possible that people will kill you for your woman!

Men blessed with women born with innate charm were without a doubt domineering characters. Otherwise, people will stubbornly go after them.

Zhao Hai sighed, then he turned his head towards the sky. The five Foundation Establishment disciples of the Imperial Water Sect had already been killed by Zheng Li. Others also saw Zheng Li and immediately approached him.

Zheng Li was now calm. He slowly stepped on the ground and then stored the corpses of the five disciples into his spatial equipment.

Zheng Li approached his father’s coffin and then cried loudly. At the same time, he took out the corpses of the five disciples and then took their heads as an offering to the coffin.

Those who knew Zheng Li also flew down. They looked at Zheng Li and sighed at the same time. They had been friends with Zheng Li’s family for several decades. Seeing the Zheng Family’s disaster, they also couldn’t help but feel grief.

Zhao Hai knelt beside Zheng Li and gave respects to the three coffins in front. Then he turned to Zheng Li and said, “Brother Zheng, I’m sorry for your family’s loss. But now is not the time to grief. We’re too close to Riverpond City. Once the Imperial Water Sect’s branch hall discovers the situation, they will certainly retaliate. We should make preparations.”

Upon hearing Zhao Hai, Zheng Li quickly grasped the current situation. He stood up and looked at everyone. At the same time, those present couldn’t help but change their expression when they heard Zhao Hai. Desperation began to appear on their faces.

Zheng Li knew what these people were thinking. They had just besieged five disciples of the Imperial Water Sect. If the sect knew about this, they wouldn’t let it go.

The phrase “the law doesn’t blame the public” doesn’t apply to the Cultivation Realm. In this place, everything depended on strength. If your strength wasn’t enough, then you will be killed. Conversely, if the other party was strong enough, then they wouldn’t be blamed even if they commit genocide.

The reason these people attacked the five disciples of the Imperial Water Sect was first, the atmosphere. Second, they were frightened. If this happened to the Zheng Family today, then it might happen to them tomorrow. These people had been blinded at that time. But now that they had sobered up, they were frightened.

Zheng Li looked at his family’s friends and then looked at Zhao Hai and said, “Brother, what do you think we should do?”

Zhao Hai replied with a serious expression, “We kill. Let’s eliminate the Branch Hall of the Imperial Water Sect in Riverpond City first. Then we leave this place. If they’re willing to follow me, then we’ll go. If not, then they better start running now.”

Zheng Li knew that Zhao Hai wasn’t talking nonsense. Upon hearing Zhao Hai, Zheng LI knew that he was being serious. So he nodded and said, “Alright, let’s eliminate Imperial Water Sect’s Riverpond Branch first. Help me to solve the grief in my heart.”

Zhao Hai nodded. Then he looked at everyone. They didn’t lower their voices so it’s obvious that everyone heard their conversation. Everyone was confused at the two, they were even thinking that they misheard.

It was understandable, their strongest members were at Foundation Establishment. And they had no hope of progressing further in life. Moreover, they were Rogue Cultivators. It can be said that they were at the very bottom among the Cultivators.

On the other hand, the Imperial Water Sect’s Branch Hall Master was at Nascent Soul-level. To Zheng Li’s friends, those at Nascent Soul were aloof existences that they couldn’t touch. Additionally, the Riverpond City Branch had a lot of Core Formation Cultivators. And now there was Zhao Hai saying that he would extinguish the entire branch. It seems like he doesn’t place the Branch Hall in his eyes. This caused Zheng Li’s friends to think that they had misheard.

Zheng Li sighed, he knew that explaining things to them was useless. They weren’t experienced enough about the world. It was like telling a complex story to a child. So he turned to Zhao Hai and said, “Brother, you go to Riverpond City first. I’ll deal with things here first. If they want to go, then I’ll have them prepare. If they want to leave, then I’ll let them leave as soon as possible. Also, Brother, do you have a spare spatial bag with you? Can you hand me one?”

Without delay, Zhao Hai took out a spatial bag and then handed it over to Zheng Li. Then he flew to the air and then vanished in a blink of an eye.

Seeing Zhao Hai disappear, Zheng Li sighed. Then he went to his family friends and then bowed and said, “Uncle Lu, Uncles, Little Li thanks you all. If it weren’t for you, then Wu’er and Yun’er might have been finished.”

A Foundation Establishment man waved his hand and said, “Li’er, there’s no need to say these things. Your Zheng Family and our families have been friends for generations. How could we ignore these kinds of things? Forget it, at worst, we will all die together.”

Zheng Li nodded and said, “Thank you Uncle Lu. However, Uncle Lu can feel at ease. Even if they want to kill my brother, they wouldn’t have the strength to do so. But I’m afraid that once the Riverpond Branch knows what happened, they will never let us off. Uncle Lu, now you have choices. First, you can leave Riverpond City and hide in another city. However, once the Imperial Water Sect tracks you down, you will be in danger. Your second choice is to pack your things as soon as possible and then gather here. Then everyone can come follow me later.”

Uncle Lu looked at Zheng Li in confusion, so he asked, “Come with you? Where?”

Zheng Li replied, “My Brother has some status in the Machine Field. We’ll go to the Machine Field with him. As long as we’re in the Machine Field, everyone will be safe. With the Imperial Water Sect’s strength, they wouldn’t dare go to the Machine Field to cause trouble.”

Upon hearing Zheng Li, Uncle Lu and the others didn’t say anything. With their present situation, it would be impossible for them to stay in Half-moon Planet. But if they want to leave, then they’ll have to use transmission formations. However, transmission formations were controlled by sects. Escaping meant going into the hands of the sects. And at this time, their best choice was to go to the Machine Field.

Uncle Lu looked at Zheng Li and said, “The Machine Field? But if we want to leave, then we’ll have to use transmission formations. And transmission formations are controlled by sects.”

Zheng Li nodded and said, “Uncle Lu doesn’t need to worry about that. My brother can use space magic. He can bring everyone to the Machine Field.” After he said that, explosions could be heard in the distance. It seems like Zhao Hai made his move.

When Uncle Lu and the others heard this, they knew that they needed to make a decision as soon as possible. However, this wasn’t something that Uncle Lu could decide on his own, so everyone convened and discussed what to do.

Actually, there was nothing to discuss about this matter. If they don’t go with Zheng Li, then they can only escape on their own. And if they do, then they would be courting death. Those in their right minds knew what to do.

Before long, everyone finished their discussion. Uncle Lu went to Zheng Li and said, “Alright, We’ll go with you. We’ll just die if we go on our own. But there are a lot of us, can your brother really take all of us away?”

Zheng Li nodded and said, “I’m sure. Uncle Lu, you have to pack your things and fetch your family so we can leave as soon as possible.”

Uncle Lu nodded. Then he led everyone to leave. They needed to make use of the time to pack their things. Meanwhile, Zheng Li faced the three coffins and then gave them a bow before saying, “Grandmother, Father, Mother. Your son will bring you to leave the Cultivation Realm so that you can rest in peace. Please forgive me for being impolite.” Then he covered the coffins with cloth before placing them inside the spatial bag that Zhao Hai gave him.

After tidying up, Zheng Li went to Zheng Wu and Zheng Yun. Seeing his brother and sister, Zheng Li said, “Little Wu, Little Yun, get up. We’ll be leaving this place. When Uncle Lu and the others come over, let them rest in the courtyard first. If they can’t fit inside, let them wait outside. Wait for me here, I’ll help Zhao Hai.”

Zheng Wu and Zheng Yun nodded. Zheng Yun hadn’t said anything ever since the beginning. Her lips were very dry, it seems like she couldn’t speak. She exhausted her vocal chords by crying.

Zheng Li hugged Zheng Yun. Zheng Yun also threw herself to Zheng Li as her tears unceasingly flowed down. Although the Zheng Family was a poor family, Zheng Yun was treated as the family’s treasure. Everyone in the family loved her and prepared nothing but the best for her. She also made every effort to progress, she didn’t show any spoiled attitude at all. She helped with the family work while working hard on cultivation. It was because of this that she was able to make quick progress.

However, nobody thought that she would be the reason for their family’s disaster. After Zheng Wu lost consciousness, Zheng Yun didn’t know what to do, so she could only cry. When Zheng Li arrived, he saw his younger sister cried so much that she turned mute. She couldn’t say even a few words.

Zheng Li held Zheng Yun and patted her back as he said, “Wait for Big Brother to return. Big Brother will take revenge, I’ll be back.”

Zheng Yun nodded her head, then she let go of Zheng Li. Zheng Li walked out of the room and prepared to head out. Zheng Wu also stood up. He has been heavily injured in both body and spirit. But after Zhao Hai’s treatment, he was able to recover some of his strength. At the very least, standing up wouldn’t affect his condition.

Zheng Wu looked at Zheng Li and said, “Big Brother, won’t you be in danger?”

Zheng Li looked at Zheng Wu, then he smiled faintly and said, “I’ll be fine. Your Big Brother Zhao Hai will have no problems slaughtering the entire Riverpond City. Don’t worry.”

Zheng Wu stared. He didn’t expect Zheng Li to be so confident in Zhao Hai. He knew that Riverpond City had a lot of Cultivators. Moreover, he was aware of the Branch Hall’ strength. It was also because of this knowledge that he became desperate.

Zheng Li was at Core Formation. People at Zheng Wu’s level weren’t anything in Zheng Li’s eyes. And to Zhao Hai, perhaps people like Zheng Li were nothing in his eyes.

But before Zheng Wu could say anything, a person’s shadow appeared in the air. Then Zhao Hai went to Zheng Li’s side. Seeing Zhao Hai arrive, Zheng Li couldn’t help but ask, “You’re done?”

Zhao Hai nodded and said, “It’s been dealt with. Not only did I eliminate the Branch, I also took their treasures. This way, we can support you for a period of time while in the Machine Field. There are many pills and other things that can benefit cultivation. However, we better hurry up. I don’t think it will take long before the Imperial Water Sect get’s word about what happened here.”

Zheng Li nodded, then he turned to Zheng Wu and Zheng Yun as he said, “Alright, you two. Take your things, we’ll be leaving soon.”

Zheng Wu and Zheng Yun were now dumbfounded. They knew they didn’t misheard what Zhao Hai said. He could actually eliminate the Riverpond Branch that soon? He even snatched their treasury? How could he be that quick?


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