BTFTLIAW – Chapter 1304


Chapter 1304 – Unexpected Calamity

The sound of fighting caused Zhao Hai and Zheng Li to stare. Although Zhao Hai wasn’t from the Cultivation Realm, he stayed here for a period of time. In the Cultivation Realm, it was rare for people to fight inside a city and in the residential areas around it. This was because these areas were controlled by the sect. If people fought in these areas, then they might destroy the properties of the sect. No sect wanted this to happen.

In the past, when Helian Da went to Zhao Hai to look for trouble, they even reached an agreement to fight outside Seamount City, in an uninhabited hill. They didn’t dare cause damage to the city and the residential areas. This was because they knew that even if the Seamount Faction was a small and weak sect, they would still not let them off for damaging their property.

But now, in the residential area outside Riverpond City, some people were actually violating the Imperial Water Sect’s rules. Who has such big guts?

The two quickly flew forward. Before they reached their destination, Zheng Li’s expression changed. This was because the fight was happening close to his home.

Upon seeing the two sides who were fighting, Zhao Hai and Zheng Li couldn’t help but stare. This was because the battle was a bit out of proportion. One side only had five people while the other had much much more. The latter party was surrounding the five people and sent relentless attacks towards them.

But what’s strange about the situation was that the five-man party was actually on the winning side. Although they had been surrounded, they were defending with no problem. Every strike made by the other party would be repelled, and the attacker might even be killed. 

The five people were wearing dark-blue Cultivator robes. The style of the robes was very beautiful. Although they had differing weapons in their hands, all of them held the same dark blue flag. They used these flags to attack and defend. And when shaken, these flags would cause huge waves. To their enemies, whether they were using spells or magic artifacts, they had no way to break through these waves. These waves would also swallow one or two people. Naturally, if they couldn’t escape, these people would die.

In addition to the flags, the five also had an assortment of swords and shields. Their offensive and defensive cooperation was very good. Upon analyzing the situation, Zhao Hai didn’t feel strange about what was happening. This was because the attacking side only had Foundation Establishment Experts as their strongest members. There was also a huge difference between the quality of magic artifacts between the two sides.

Although the five people also had Foundation Establishment cultivation, their magic artifacts were high-grade. This caused their attacks and defenses to be powerful. In this case, it’s no wonder that the five were able to defend.

Meanwhile, when Zheng Li saw the five people, he couldn’t help but be stunned. Compared to Zhao Hai, he had more understanding regarding Riverpond City. Governing Riverpond City was a branch hall of the Imperial Water Sect. The standard clothing of the Imperial Water Sect was the dark-blue robes. Also, the sect’s weapons were the flags used by the five people. These flags were called the Imperial Water flags. Having these weapons meant that the five people were disciples of the Imperial Water Sect. If they weren’t Inner Sect disciples, then they were certainly from the Outer Sect.

As for those besieging the Imperial Water Sect’s disciples, Zheng Li knew them as well. These people were the residents living outside Riverpond City. Zheng Li lived here for quite some time, so he knew these people. Some of these people were friends of his father. Yet these people were attacking the people of the Imperial Water Sect. What was going on? Do they want to revolt? On the lands controlled by the Imperial Water Sect, those who attack their disciples would certainly be decapitated.

Zheng Li didn’t think about it too much as he looked around. The battlefield was also strange. It wasn’t far from his home, so why didn’t his family join the attack?

Zheng Li knew that people living in the residential areas had lived there for generations. Some of them were able to cultivate, but their talent wasn’t good so they were ignored. Since they cannot join the sect, they continued living here. 

Because of this, the people living in this area were very united. All of them were living at the lowest level. Since they were poor, they had developed a culture of supporting each other. Now that five disciples of the Imperial Water were attacking them, then his family should be among the attackers. So why haven’t they shown up yet?

Upon thinking about this, Zheng Li’s heart couldn’t help but sink. He ignored the fight and immediately headed towards his home. Zhao Hai saw Zheng Li’s move and paused for a moment, then he quickly followed behind.

It didn’t take long before the two arrived outside Zheng Li’s house. The Zheng Family’s house looked very ordinary. It was a worn-out stone house with no special qualities to it whatsoever.

But inside the courtyard of this residence were three coffins. The courtyard has been transformed into a mourning hall. There were two people on the ground. One of them was lying on the ground, nobody knew if he was dead or alive. The other was crying constantly.

Seeing this scene, Zheng Li’s head blanked out. He lost all capacity to think. He even stumbled when he landed on the ground. The aura of a Core Formation Cultivator had disappeared.

Zhao Hai saw Zheng Li’s expression and knew that an accident had happened to his family. He also landed on the ground and supported Zheng Li as the two entered the house.

The two walked in, then Zheng Li went to the coffins first. When he saw who were inside, he quickly fainted from grief.

The coffins were newly-made. Inside the three coffins were three corpses, one male and two female. One of the two women was an elderly lady. Her hair was white while her clothes were looking very old. Calluses could be seen on her hands. It’s clear that she had lived her life doing hard jobs.

The other woman was also somewhat old. She had a healthy set of hair while her hands were also filled with calluses. As for the man, he was dressed in Cultivator robes. However, his robes were very shabby and grey. One could see that this Cultivator died in frustration. This man’s brow looked the same as Zheng Li. It seems like this man was Zheng Li’s father.

One could see at a glance that Zheng Li’s father has been killed because of the sword wound on his throat. Zhao Hai looked at the body of Zheng Li’s father and then turned to look at the five people in the sky. He was fully certain that this had something to do with those five people.

Zheng Li was unconscious, but Zhao Hai didn’t wake him up. Instead, he took him and entered the mourning hall. White cloth were hung in the hall. But on the walls of the mourning hall, instead of the word “Settle(奠)”, what was written was the character “Enmity(仇)”. 

The character for enmity was written in blood. The blood red script on the white cloth made it very striking. 

Inside the mourning hall were two people wearing hempen clothes. One of them was a man about 20-years old. He was currently on the ground rapidly breathing. His complexion was flushed and he was unconscious. At the same time, Zhao Hai noticed that the man’s right sleeve was empty. And seen on the right shoulder was blood. It was clear that his arm had been ripped off.

Kneeling at the side of this man was a girl. This girl’s age was smaller at about 15 or 16. The girl was pretty, she was bound to become a beautiful woman in the future. She was currently sobbing pitifully. If this scene was on Earth, then some strange people would turn into enraged werewolves in an instant.

Zhao Hai sighed, then he waved his hand as white light fell on the young man. When the white light vanished, the breath of the young man stabilized. His face also returned to its normal color. Then the young man opened his eyes. The crying girl had also noticed that there was someone else inside the hall.

Zhao Hai sent out a gentle shake of his spiritual force to wake Zheng Li up. Upon waking up, Zheng Li quickly grasped the situation. Then he looked at the young man and the young girl. He got out of Zhao Hai’s support and then went to the young man before holding his shoulder and saying, “Little Wu, how did this happen? What is all of this about?”

Zheng Li’s younger brother was named Zheng Wi. He looked at Zheng Li seemingly unconvinced that it was Zheng Li. Seeing this, Zheng Li shook Zheng Wu’s body and said, “Little Wu, tell me. How did this happen? Why did Grandmother, Father, and Mother die?”

After being shaken by Zheng Li, Zheng Wu sobered up. Then he cried out loud. His sobbing was even more pitiful than Zheng Li’s sister.

Zheng Wu cried for some time, then he said, “Big Brother, how did you come back? Father was killed by the Imperial Water Sect. Grandmother and Mother as well. Huhuhu. Brother, you need to avenge us.”

Zheng Li’s eyes were almost spitting fire as he said, “Imperial Water Sect, you’re dead!!’ Then he flew straight towards the five Imperial Water Sect disciples. 

Zhao Hai didn’t follow behind him. The five disciples were only at Foundation Establishment. With Zheng Li’s cultivation, he could deal with them easily. There was no need for Zhao Hai to go. Instead, he decided to make clear of the matter.

Zhao Hai arrived beside Zheng Wu. Then he smiled and said ,”Little Wu? I’m your Big Brother’s friend, you can call me Zhao Hai. Can you tell me what happened? Why did the Imperial Water Sect kill your father?”

Zheng Wu naturally noticed that Zhao Hai was with Zheng Li. After sobbing for some time, he answered, “Big Brother Zhao, this is because the son of the Riverpond Branch’s Hall Master has taken a liking to my little sister. He wants to make Little Sister into a cultivation furnace. Father didn’t agree. So the Hall Master sent people to kill father. They also took my arm as well as killed Grandmother and Mother.”


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