BTFTLIAW – Chapter 1303


Chapter 1303 – Riverpond City

But how could the bugs just let the people from Base Number 5 withdraw safely? To the bugs, land wasn’t the most important thing. After all, the entire underground of the planet was their domain. To them, the area where Base Number 5 was built on wasn’t attractive. What they were attracted to were the people in Base Number 5.

The Bugs wanted to eat people in order to ingest their genes and evolve. Therefore, the main target of the bugs this time was the inhabitants of Base Number 5.

Now that the Cultivators in Base Number 5 have been routed, and their spirits totally crushed, the bugs began to chase them down with ease.

Several mosquito bugs were chasing behind Zheng Li. Although Zheng Li wanted to get free from them, he could not. This was because the strength of these mosquito bugs was similar to him.

Zheng Li was now despairing. He was alone, only the bugs were chasing behind him. And he was still very far away from another base. If this continued, then he would surely be overtaken by the bugs. He had just experienced a battle, so his energy was very low. He cannot support flying for a long time.

However, Zheng Li struggled for survival since childhood, so he didn’t know how to give up. He knew that opportunities were always at any corner. However, this opportunity might not come in a long time. If you give up, then this opportunity would disappear. As long as there was a chance for survival, Zheng Li wouldn’t give up.

When Zheng Li left Base Number 5, he headed directly towards Base Number 3, the nearest Base. A swarm of mosquito bugs were chasing him relentlessly, leaving him with no opportunity for rest.

At this time, Zheng Li discovered that large quantities of praying mantis bugs appeared in front of him. Although the strength of these praying mantises was inferior to the mosquitos, they were much more numerous. They were enough to tie down Zheng Li.

Zheng Li was also aware that if he was tied down by these mantises, then he would die. However, his current problem was that he didn’t have anywhere to hide. And flying straight upwards was impossible. Zheng Li was currently stuck.

At this time, a spatial rift appeared close to where Zheng Li was. Then Zhao Hai walked out of the rift. While Zheng Li was stunned, Zhao Hai quickly said, “Walk in, quick.” Then he pulled Zheng Li into the spatial rift. As Zheng Li vanished, the bugs were confused. They quickly buzzed around the general area where Zheng Li disappeared.

To the bugs, Zheng Li was their prey. Now that their prey had disappeared, they need to look for him.

While Zheng Li was confused about Zhao Hai’s presence, they appeared inside a cave. Inside the cave was a residence, it seems to have been built for some time.

Zheng Li sobered up. Then he looked at Zhao Hai in surprise and said, “Little Hai, how did you show up here? Where is this?”

Zhao Hai looked at Zheng Li and then smiled faintly, “I don’t know if Brother Zheng Li has heard of this place. But this is the Six Realms Battlefield!”

“The Six Realms Battlefield? This is the Six Realms Battlefield?” Zheng Li also heard about this place from a friend in Base Number 5. Although the man didn’t go to the Six Realms Battlefield, he told Zheng Li about it to show off. He said that being able to go to the Six Realms Battlefield was an affirmation of one’s strength.

Zhao Hai looked at Zheng Li’s reaction and smiled, “Right, this is the Six Realms Battlefield. I came here after the competition. I’m resting and had the urge to contact Brother. However, I found that I couldn’t contact you. I immediately thought that something was wrong so I went to Base Number 5. I didn’t expect that the base had really fallen.”

When he heard Zhao Hai, Zheng Li couldn’t help but let out a long sigh as he said, “Fortunately, you came just in time. Otherwise, I would have fallen as well. Brother, I must say, I didn’t think that your space magic was that strong. You can actually travel a very long distance.”

Zhao Hai smiled and said, “It’s nothing. But Brother, what do you plan to do now? Losing Base Number 5, isn’t that a bad thing for you?”

Zheng Li sighed and said, “It’s not only a bad thing, but it’s a very huge crime. Even if I return to the Cultivation Realm, I’m afraid I would still be punished. Now, those people should be thinking that I’m dead, and that’s not good too.”

Zhao Hai frowned and said, “Do you mean that if you return to the Cultivation Realm, then not only would you be punished, but your family as well?” Zheng Li didn’t say it like that, but Zhao Hai understood what he meant.

Zheng Li sighed and said ,”Correct.”

Zhao Hai thought for a moment, then he said, “Brother Zheng, how about this. I can return you to Seamount City and then follow you back to your family. Then I’ll send them to a base I’m planning to make in the Machine Field. There’s no need for you to go back to the Cultivation Realm. What do you think?”

Upon hearing Zhao Hai, Zheng Li stared. He understood what Zhao Hai wanted to do. Basically, he wanted Zheng Li to betray the Cultivation Realm. But to be honest, he hasn’t thought about this situation before.

In the World of Cultivation, the position of the Cultivation Realm was the highest. Even commoners of the Cultivation Realm felt proud about this even if they were treated as farm animals.

Now that Zhao Hai wanted him to betray the Cultivation Realm, Zheng Li couldn’t help but feel somewhat awkward. Zhao Hai just looked at him in silence. He didn’t urge Zheng Li to make a decision. He believed that Zheng Li was a smart person and he knew how to make a wise choice.

If Zheng Li returned to the Cultivation Realm, then he certainly wouldn’t have any good food to eat. Therefore, he only had one road left for him. Zhao Hai also knew that Zheng Li wasn’t attracted to the Machine Field. Therefore, he can only wait for Zheng Li to make a decision. If Zheng Li doesn’t want to transfer to the Machine Field, then Zhao Hai wouldn’t persuade him otherwise.

After some time, Zheng Li looked up at Zhao Hai and said, “Alright, we’ll move to the Machine Field. This way, they wouldn’t live in fear for the future. When shall we move them?”

Zhao Hai smiled faintly and said, “It’s best if we leave right now while the news of Fabio Planet hasn’t spread far. At this time, nobody is paying attention to your family. If other people start to pay attention to your family, then things might become troublesome.

Zheng Li nodded and said, “Alright. Thank you for the trouble.”

Zhao Hai laughed and said, “Brother Zheng, we’re not strangers. There’s no need to be polite. Let’s go.” Then he waved his hand and opened a spatial rift. Zhao Hai walked in first with Zheng Li following closely behind.

On a hill outside Seamount City, two people appeared. Zhao Hai was wearing Cultivator clothing so that he wouldn’t attract any attention. Meanwhile, Zheng Li was looking at the surroundings. This was his first time in Seamount City, so he was new to the view.

Zhao Hai released Liquid Silver and used its sword form as a flying sword and then he said, “Let’s head immediately to the transmission formation.”

Zheng Li nodded, then he took out his own flying sword and then stepped on it as they flew towards the city. Actually, identification checks were very rare in the Cultivation Realm, especially in small cities like Seamount City. If they check a person’s identity, then the other party might find it as an insult. If the person was a powerful individual, then the city wouldn’t have anyone to blame but themselves.

Zhao Hai and Zheng Li had powerful auras, so nobody dared to check them. With this, the two were able to reach Seamount City’s transmission formation with ease. When they stood on the formation, Zheng Li told the operator, “To Half Moon Planet, Riverpond City.”

The operator easily adjusted the coordinates of the formation. The operator had records of all cities within the formation’s range. They could use this record to adjust the formation’s coordinates. It can be said that the transmission formation matrix was a huge net connecting the entire Cultivation Realm.

The formation’s operator didn’t say anything and just made preparations. Then a flash of white light appeared before Zhao Hai and Zheng Li appeared in another area. The place they appeared in was much more lively than in Seamount City. The transmission formation area was also larger. White light flashed from time to time as people appeared and disappeared from the formations. 

The arrival of Zhao Hai and Zheng Li didn’t attract anyone’s attention. Once the two left the transmission formation, Zhao Hai  looked at Riverpond City. Then he turned to Zheng Li and said, “This Riverpond City is bigger than Seamount City. Which Sect does it belong to?”

Zheng Li looked around him, then he sighed and said, “This is under the control of the Imperial Water Sect. It’s a medium-sized sect that controls over a dozen cities including Riverpond City here in Half Moon Planet.”

Zhao Hai nodded. Zheng Li looked deeply at Riverpond City, then he turned to Zhao Hai and said, “Let’s go.” The two stepped on their flying swords and went outside the city.

Cultivators generally don’t use their flying swords inside a city. Flying swords could improve their speed, but it also consumed their energy. If there wasn’t an urgent matter, then Cultivators would walk instead.

However, using flying swords like Zhao Hai and Zheng Li wasn’t a rare case. At most, they would make some people look at their direction. The two quickly left Riverpond City. Outside the city were plenty of residences. These residences were usually where Cultivators lived. But these Cultivators were those who had low accomplishments. They don’t have the ability to find a place for their family inside the city, so they moved them just outside. In addition to being safe, it was also a sign of status. The closer one lived to a city, the more accomplishments a Cultivator had.

Back when Zheng Li was still a Foundation Establishment Cultivator, he was deemed too old and didn’t have potential to grow. Therefore, he never entered a sect. Naturally, his family wasn’t eligible to live in an area near the city.

Not only did his family live far from the city, they were also tasked to farm. These farms were under the Imperial Water Sect. They were workhorses for the sect.

Now, Zheng Li has become a Core Formation Cultivator, and this was done while he was in Fabio Planet. Therefore, he was able to establish his home near Riverpond City. 

As soon as the two entered the residences, they heard the sound of yelling. Some people were actually fighting.


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