BTFTLIAW – Chapter 1302


Chapter 1302 – Two Choices

Intelligent….too intelligent!

When Zhao Hai saw the actions made by the bugs, he couldn’t help but sigh. The bugs were indeed smart. Although he had already confirmed the intelligence of the bugs back when he was in Base Number 5, it seems like the bugs were becoming smarter and smarter. This wasn’t good.

Zhao Hai didn’t immediately move to save Zheng Li. Base Number 5 wouldn’t be falling that soon. Even if the base has been broken through, there were still a lot of Cultivators that could defend it. At this moment, Zheng Li was still organizing people to fight bugs on the street. 

Zhao Hai frowned as he considered what to do. Should he just save Zheng Li or the entire Base Number 5?

Zhao Hai wasn’t overestimating himself. This was because he was truly strong enough. He has more than enough Undead to kill the bugs, saving the base from being surrounded on all sides.

However, if he did use such an above board method, then it would surely bring him trouble. Therefore, Zhao Hai couldn’t make up his mind at this time.

Laura and the others were also waiting for Zhao Hai to make a decision. They were looking at the monitor. The bugs and Cultivators were fighting each other. The Cultivators were in a battle formation as they defended against the bug assault. However, the bugs were endless. There were also flying bugs that managed to pick off a Cultivator once in a while.

Seeing Zhao Hai knitting his brows, Laura couldn’t help but ask, “Brother Hai? What are you thinking about?” 

Zhao Hai looked at the screen and said, “Do you think I should solve Base Number 5’s problem or just rescue Brother Zheng Li?”

When she heard this, Laura paused for a moment. Then she answered, “Brother Hai, I think it’s best for us if you just save Brother Zheng Li. We cannot do anything about Base Number 5. Even if it’s a good thing, you should know about the trouble that it would bring us. So why are you still hesitating?”

Zhao Hai gave a nod. Then he said, “I’m hesitating because of the Bug Race. Their ability to evolve is too formidable. And they seem to be getting smarter now. The Cultivators have been keeping them back all this time. But once the bugs evict the Cultivators from the planet, then I’m afraid they would start conquering other planets. If this happens, then the entire World of Cultivation would face a crisis.”

Laura smiled faintly and said, “Brother Hai, it wouldn’t be that serious. You’re underestimating the strength of the Cultivation Realm. If you count the entire realm, they have a large number of Nascent Soul Experts. We already knew about how strong they are. And what of those stronger than them? Moreover, the Great Sects had existed for many years, their foundation is very solid. The Bugs can reproduce quickly and their ability to evolve was indeed powerful. However, the Cultivation Realm isn’t that weak. I believe that you shouldn’t care about the Bugs for now. Rescue Brother Zheng Li first. He’s a Rogue Cultivator yet he was able to reach his current position. This meant that he has good talent. And as long as you can find a way to receive his family, then Brother Zheng Li might become your subordinate. As for Fabio Planet, you shouldn’t be worried. If the Bugs act, then the Cultivation Realm’s attention would be pointed towards them. This would make us breathe easier. We can seize this opportunity to grow our power.”

Zhao Hai listened to Laura’s words and thought that what she said was reasonable. The bugs could pull attention away from him. Not only could his development become smoother, this event would also impact the equilibrium of the Six Realms Battlefield. No matter what, this was a good thing.

Upon thinking up to this point, Zhao Hai gave a slight nod. Seeing Zhao Hai’s appearance, Laura smiled and said, “Also, if the Bugs truly becomes a problem, then we could use it as an opportunity to enter Fabio Planet. From what we saw, bug nests are beneficial to the Space. As long as we get more, then the Space’s strength would increase.” 

Zhao Hai nodded and said, “Alright, then let’s rescue Brother Zheng Li first. However, we cannot reveal the Space to him. Let’s take him to the Six Realms Battlefield.” Laura nodded and said, “But we can’t do it right now. There are still a lot of people left in Base Number 5. If we rescue Brother Zheng Li right now, then people from Base Number 5 will notice us. We should wait first. I believe that the Cultivators wouldn’t get annihilated in the base. Even if the transmission formations couldn’t be used, they can still fly away. Once they escape from Base Number 5, they would certainly be chased down by the bugs. When the time comes, we can rescue Brother Zheng Li.”

Zhao Hai laughed and said, “Alright, then let’s do that.”

The situation in Base Number 5 was still shown on the screen. The Silverback Gold-winged Bugs were still defending the transmission formation while the other bugs were destroying the transmission formations. Although the two Nascent Soul Experts of Base Number 5 were doing all they could, they were unable to move the Silverback Gold-winged bugs.

The Silverback Gold-winged bugs were already stronger than them. If the two bugs weren’t defending the transmission formation and fought seriously, then the two Nascent Soul Cultivators would be destroyed.

The two Nascent Soul Cultivators were also aware of this. However, they need to clear the transmission formation. If they cannot solve this problem, then Base Number 5 will be conquered.

One should know that building a base in Fabio Planet wasn’t an easy task. Each base cost a lot of resources as well as lives in order to be built. Losing a base meant losing one foothold on the planet. Then sooner or later, the Cultivation Realm would be expelled from the planet.

Therefore, people from the Cultivation Realm wouldn’t just let a base be destroyed. As long as they have hope, then they will defend the base at all costs.

The entire Base Number 5 has devolved into a hopeless mess. Zheng Li already knew that Base Number 5 was finished. There were already a lot of bugs inside the base, and now, their transmission formations weren’t working, starving them of reinforcements. In this case, wanting to hold on to Base Number 5 was simply wishful thinking.

But the present issue was that even if they don’t defend Base Number 5, wanting to escape from the bugs would still be very difficult. The Cultivation Realm’s bases in Fabio Planet which were linked by transmission formations were very far from each other. It was also very dangerous to go from base to base without going through a transmission formation. This was because there were a lot of bugs present between two bases.

When he thought of this, Zheng Li couldn’t help but bitterly smile. The Cultivation Realm had been relying on transmission formations. Now that the base had lost its transmission formations, they can’t retreat.

Although this was the case, Zheng Li didn’t give up in resisting. This was because he knew that their opponents weren’t like the other realms in the World of Cultivation. If it was the other races, then once they surrender, then they would stop attacking. However, what they were facing were the bug races. If they surrendered, then they can only be regarded as food.

What Zheng Li was worried about wasn’t his life, but instead his family. His family members were just commoners. Because of his cultivation, Zheng Li’s family was able to enjoy a higher quality of life. If he died here, then his family would return to their original status. This wasn’t something that he wanted to see.

Most Rogue Cultivators in the Cultivation Realm practice for their family. They want their families to stop being farm animals and slaves. And in order for their family to not return to this state, they had to practice hard.

Including him, Zheng Li’s family consists of six people. His grandfather had passed away but his grandmother was still alive. Then there’s his parents, and then his younger brother and younger sister.

Zheng Li’s father was also practicing. However, since his talent was less than Zheng Li, he was stuck in Qi Refining, not even Foundation Establishment. His father did tasks every day in order to support Zheng Li’s brother and sister’s training and also to feed the family.

Zheng Li’s Mother and Grandmother was even worse, only at Body Tempering. So they could only farm. As for Zheng Li’s younger brother, his talent was good. At 20 years old, he was able to reach Qi Refining. As for his sister, it was even better. She managed to reach Qi Refining at 15 years old. Naturally, reaching this state before 20 years old had a lot to do with Zheng Li. Now that he was a Core Formation Cultivator, he was able to give his brother and sister some pills once in a while. Therefore, they were able to quickly progress. With his brother’s speed, it wouldn’t be long before he would be admitted to the Outer Sect. 

However, if Zheng Li died here, then all of these plans would vanish. There was an age limit for Sects to recruit disciples. Even if you reach the required level, if your age passed the limit then you wouldn’t be able to enter. Without the pills that Zheng Li provides, his brother and sister wouldn’t be able to enter a sect in their entire lives.

This doesn’t mean that Zheng Li was looking down on his brother and sister. To be honest, although the talent of his brother and sister was good, it wasn’t that much. Without the support of pills, it would be very difficult for them to enter a sect. One must know that the Cultivation Realm wasn’t short of manpower. Great Sects were very meticulous in the selection of their disciples. Therefore, if one wants to be selected, then they need to show talent. This would guarantee the sect’s strength.

But even if Zheng Li wanted to live, he still needed the permission of the bugs. When he thought of this, Zheng Li couldn’t help but feel a bitter taste in his mouth. He was a Core Formation Expert. He only needed to wait for two years before he could get out of the Planet and become an Elder of a Sect. Although he might not have any influence, at the very least he would get the treatment of an Elder. This will make his brother and sister cultivate better. However, he didn’t expect the bugs to become more and more powerful. And this time, he couldn’t even choose to escape. 

Although he was feeling despair, Zheng Li didn’t give up in resisting. This was because he knew that as long as he held on, then a chance to survive might appear. If he gave up, then this chance would disappear.

The fight went on as more and more bugs arrived. Moreover, the strength of the bugs was increasing. A mosquito-type bug had entered the fray. This was a bug that Zhao Hai hadn’t seen before. This bug was quite strong with strength equivalent to a Core Formation Expert.

Once these bugs joined in, the situation in Base Number 5 got out of control. Cultivators were beginning to desert. If not for the two Nascent Soul Cultivators, then the entire battle formation would have collapsed.

One shouldn’t overestimate an average Cultivator’s willpower. Since Cultivators value their lives even more than an average person, their willpower easily crumbles when they face an unwinnable situation. When that situation comes, deserting was quite common.

The two Nascent Soul Experts were also having a very bad time. Although they were Nascent Soul Experts, there were a lot of people like them in the Cultivation Realm. Even if they flee, they would still be punished. The Sects had their own rules, and the loss of Base Number 5 was a very huge sin.

However, as more and more bugs stream into the base, the Nascent Soul Experts began to consider their own safety. Between the choice of death or punishment, naturally they would rather be punished than die here. Death was the end, and this was something that Cultivators would never accept.

When the two Nascent Soul Experts looked like they were going to retreat, two Goldspine Bugs suddenly appeared.

Goldspine Bugs and Silverback Gold-winged Bugs looked similar. The only difference between the two of them was that the Goldspine Bug had a sharp horn on its head. This horn could move and when it does it would be like a spear. This bug had the same reputation as the Silverback Gold-winged bugs.

Not only do the Goldspine Bugs have the same reputation as the Silverback Gold-winged Bugs, they were also as strong. They were bugs with Nascent Soul-level strength. When these two bugs appeared, the two Nascent Soul Cultivators immediately ran away. This was because they knew that they had no capability to block four Nascent Soul-level enemies. 

And as soon as the two experts ran away, the chaos in Base Number 5 entered its climax. Other Cultivators in the base decided to run as well. Before long, all resistance that Base Number 5 had, vanished. Seeing this situation, Zheng Li couldn’t help but sigh. Although Base Number 5 was his responsibility, he also wanted to save his life.


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