BTFTLIAW – Chapter 1301


Chapter 1301 – Zheng Li’s Difficulty 

Zhao Hai returned to the Space right after because he didn’t want to attract too much attention. Although murder was very common in the soft gold mine, if he killed too many people in a short time, then people with power will take note of his presence. When that time comes, hunting peacefully would be impossible.

Getting attention was great, but too much wasn’t good. If Zhao Hai excessively slaughters people in the soft gold mine, then all races there will be alerted. When the time comes, it wouldn’t just become Zhao Hai’s matter, but also the entire Machine Field.

One must know that the other realms had been drooling for a long time for the Machine Field’s territory. But since they had problems with each other, they couldn’t form an alliance. Additionally, the people of the Machine Field in the Six Realms Battlefield weren’t easy to deal with. This allowed the Machine Field to defend their own territory in the battlefield. But even with this, their partially controlled territory was still smaller compared to the other realms.

Zhao Hai wanted to kill people in order to strengthen the Space. However, he didn’t want to cause trouble for the Machine Field. If he implicated the Machine Field, then he would not only suffer but the civilians in the realm as well.

Upon returning to the Space, Zhao Hai looked at what Yuan and the others were doing. Yuan and the others were biding their time. The Sprites also knew that they would retaliate since it was Yuan’s style. Yuan was waiting for the weapons refined by Zhao Hai. As long as Zhao Hai finished refining the weapons, then their combat strength would be increased. Most importantly, with Zhao Hai being a powerful expert, they were confident in causing trouble with the Sprites.

Seeing that Yuan and the others didn’t make a move, Zhao Hai relaxed. Then he looked at Laura and said, “How is it? Did you manage to map the soft gold mine?”

Laura nodded and said, “The entire soft gold mine has been mapped. The place is really chaotic. There are people fighting at any time.”

Zhao Hai couldn’t help but chuckle at the chaos in the soft gold mine. He already experienced it for himself. And now that the entire mine has been mapped, he can appear anywhere inside it.

The soft gold ore in the mine was close to being depleted. If this decreases even more, then the other realms might restrain their people from going to the mine. This was because they might not be able to withstand the casualties.

However, Zhao Hai wanted to use this opportunity to plant soft gold ores from the Space into the mine. This way, people would maintain hope that the mine still has more supply.

Speaking of which, only people from the Machine Field rarely went to the soft gold mine. This was mainly because their strength wasn’t good – only a few could manage to survive. Therefore, although the other realms were killing each other in the mines, people from the Machine Field rarely joined.

And as long as there was chaos in the soft gold mine, the Machine Field would be able to go to other parts of the battlefield to harvest resources. This chaos also reduced the pressure on Lock Mountain Range.

Before Yuan entered the Six Realms Battlefield, the Lock Mountain range was close to being turned into another soft gold mine. The other realms would go there to hunt people, dig ores, or harvest herbs. There were endless attacks conducted on the Machine Field. In their minds, as long as these attacks continue, people of the Machine Field might get tired of fighting and abandon the mountain range. This would give the other realms a larger area of activities, and in turn more resources.

From the past several days, Zhao Hai understood that the Lock Mountain Range also had patches of mineable areas. These were minerals unique only to the Machine Field. Some of these minerals would be used by the realm and the rest would be used to trade with the other realms. It can be said that the Six Realms Battlefield was the main source of foreign exchange resources of the Machine Field. If they lost Lock Mountain Range, then it would be a huge blow to the Machine Field.

After Yuan and the others went all out to fight the other realms, the other realms began to feel the pain of their losses and lessen their pressure on the Machine Field. At the same time, the soft gold mine became more chaotic, attracting more people from the other realms which in turn lessened the pressure on Lock Mountain Range much more. This was the reason why the mountain range was peaceful when Zhao Hai and the others arrived. In the past, it was common for experts like Hao Sha to attack the forts.

Zhao Hai doesn’t want the chaos in the soft gold mine to stop. The more chaotic it was, the calmer the Lock Mountain Range would be. In any case, the Space was producing soft gold ore now. Injecting some soft gold ore into the soft gold mine would certainly cause people to turn frantic.

Seeing Zhao Hai smiling, Lizzy smiled as well. Then she said, “Big Brother Hai, while we were receiving information about the soft gold mine, we also saw an acquaintance there.”

Zhao Hai immediately asked, “Acquaintance? Who?”

Lizzy waved towards the screen, then it showed a scene with a group of Cultivators. The strength of this group wasn’t that great. Most of these Cultivators looked like beginners. But their leader was a Nascent Soul Expert. And in this group was indeed an acquaintance of Zhao Hai, it was Suo Liancheng.

Upon seeing Suo Liancheng, Zhao Hai gawked. He didn’t expect to see Suo Liancheng here. To be honest, Zhao Hai had a good impression towards Suo Liancheng. He knew when to retreat and when to attack. He also had a straightforward personality. It’s just a pity that they belong to competing realms.

Zhao Hai said, “I didn’t expect him to also be in the Six Realms Battlefield. I’ll meet him when I have the time.”

Lizzy and the others smiled. They knew that Zhao Hai quite liked Suo Liancheng. This was why Lizzy told Zhao Hai this news.

After looking through the soft gold mine, Zhao Hai moved to take care of his newly procured Demon Undead. They were allocated planets as well as students to teach. And just like Hao Shai and Jia Ding Shan, each Demon Undead were given 1000 students.

Jia Ding Shan was very relaxed recently. After all, the iron armor beasts were very obedient. This made teaching them very easy.

Once he was done with these things, Zhao Hai decided to take a rest. But then, Cai’er’s expression suddenly changed. Then she turned to Zhao Hai and said, “Young Master, a bug tide just occured in Fabio Planet. Mister Zheng Li is in danger.”

Upon hearing Cai’er, Zhao Hai stared. Then he immediately commanded Cai’er to show the situation on Fabio Planet. Shown on the screen was the situation of Base Number 5. At this moment, the base was besieged by large quantities of Bugs. There weren’t only eight-legged bugs present, there were also praying mantis as well as bugs that Zhao Hai had not seen before. These bugs were surrounding the entire base. But what made it worse was that the walls of Base Number 5 had been broken through, causing the bugs to stream into the Base.

Zheng Li was Base Number 5’s commander. At this time, he was commanding Cultivators to drive off the bugs. However, they were being slowly grinded down. If this continues, then they would reach a very critical situation.

Zhao Hai was dumbfounded when he saw this. He also experienced a bug tide. In the last bug tide, there were a lot of reinforcements to support the base. The transmission formation lit up continuously as experts streamed in. But why wasn’t this the case this time?

Before long, Zhao Hai noticed that the transmission formations weren’t flashing. This meant that the base wasn’t being reinforced. This caused Zhao Hai to be puzzled. He immediately shifted the display to the transmission formation. But upon looking at the formation, Zhao Hai was shocked. Base Number 5’s transmission formation was actually seized by the Bugs.

There was no mistaking it, the transmission formation has been seized. Zhao Hai also saw that there was a large hole just outside the formation. This hole was quite enormous with a diameter exceeding 20 meters. Moreover, it was very deep. It was clear that it was being dug by the bugs. At the same time, there were two Silverback Gold-winged bugs above the formations, fighting off two Nascent Soul Experts. In addition to the two, there were also a large number of bugs standing on the transmission formations.

Zhao Hai hadn’t seen these bugs before. These bugs weren’t big. They had black-brown color and had eight feet. The six hindlegs were used for mobility while the two forelegs were able to be freely moved.

It was clear that the fighting strength of these bugs wasn’t strong. However, their speed of excavation was very quick. These insects were currently destroying the transmission formations.

Upon seeing these bugs, Zhao Hai began to understand where the large hole came from. It was also because of these bugs that Base Number 5 wasn’t getting any reinforcements.

Zhao Hai was shocked by the implications of this scene. This meant that the bugs had discovered the weakness of the transmission formations. As long as a living creature stood on top of the transmission formation, then it couldn’t be used. However, this weakness had never been discovered by the bugs before. This allowed multiple bug tides to be repelled.

But this time, not only was this attack deliberate, it was also well-organized. First, they had bugs that could dig very deep underneath the base, bypassing the alarms of the base. And then the bugs used this tunnel to perform an attack on the base while also blocking the transmission formations. This isolated Base Number 5 from the rest of the bases.

In order to complete this plan, the Bugs sent two Silverback Gold-winged bugs. The role of these Silverback Gold-winged bugs was to defend the insects on the transmission formations. As long as they held on, the Cultivators wouldn’t be able to get reinforcements.

One has to recognize that the move of the bugs this time was very extraordinary. They hit the weakness of Base Number 5. With no reinforcements, Base Number 5 would be courting death if they kept fighting the bugs. 


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