BTFTLIAW – Chapter 1300


Chapter 1300 – Soft Gold Mine

Zhao Hai’s body appeared inside a tunnel. This was a tunnel inside the soft gold mine. Zhao Hai handed over the weapon refining task over to Cai’er while he returned to the mine. His purpose this time was to get more Demons for the Space so that he could increase the Space’s beasts’ fighting strength as soon as possible.

The weapons used by Yuan and the others had a lot of requirements. Moreover, plenty of these weapons were nonmetal. Instead, they used some special wood or bones from Demons.

These kinds of things were no longer useful for the Space, but they were good for refining weapons. Although there wasn’t any shortage of these things in the Space, Zhao Hai wouldn’t deny having more. And since Yuan and the others wished for him to make them good weapons, then he would naturally comply.

The Universal Processing Machine was formidable because of its two functions: to make any material into weapons and also fusing two materials together which was almost impossible to fuse in any other way.

The weapons that Yuan and the others use were simple weapons made by the Machine Field. The reason why they have high requirements for their weapons was because of their experience in fighting in the Six Realms Battlefield. At the same time, they also had deep understanding regarding the weapons used by the other realms. Even Sprites, who fought mainly with their summons, use artifacts. If someone from the Machine Field wanted to contend against people from the other realms, then they would need a weapon specially made for them. Naturally, it would be better if the weapon had weapon shattering.

However, weapon shattering had a high requirement when it came to weapons. The more weapon shattering weapons a weapon has, the more high-quality materials it would need. This was because ordinary materials don’t have the means to withstand the pressure of weapon shattering.

Most metals couldn’t handle this intense shaking. Therefore, these metals needed to be fused with other materials such as special wood or bones.

These special wood and Demon bones couldn’t just be simply classified as wood or bones. One should know that these things were mostly from weapons from all kinds of environments and were excellent materials. Whether they were wood or bones, they could be considered as treasures of the heavens and earth. Their properties could be used in all kinds of manners.

And before using these materials, Zhao Hai also ran them under the Universal Scanner in order to analyze their properties. Fusing them into artifacts wouldn’t reduce the artifact’s strength. Instead, this fusion would instead cause the artifact to be more powerful.

Zhao Hai had a lot of ores inside the Space. However, he doesn’t intend to abuse these ores. Take soft gold, for example, if he used it in everyone’s weapon, then how could he explain where he got them? One shouldn’t think that Yuan and the others don’t know anything about refining. A weapon was a Warrior’s second life, so how could Yuan and the others not know about them? If they discover anything suspicious, then Zhao Hai would find it hard to explain.

After seeing that the weapon refining was going well, Zhao Hai shifted his attention to Jia Ding Shan. Jia Ding Shan was currently busy teaching the pangolins in the Space. These iron armor beasts have become very smart. Jia Ding Shan also discovered that they were very suitable for Cultivation. Zhao Hai arranged 1000 iron armor beasts to be taught to cultivate. At this point, these pangolins were almost equivalent to Qi Condensation-stage Cultivators.

Jia Ding Shan was very satisfied with this result. One must know that it wasn’t easy for a Demon to reach Qi Condensation. As long as a Demon reached this stage, however, their Cultivation would become smoother. 

Actually, for Demons, Qi Condensation was akin to building their foundation for practice. Once this foundation was established, then their later stages would become easier. But if this foundation wasn’t properly set up, then they would face disadvantages in their further practice.

The Pangolin Family wasn’t a huge clan in the Demon Realm. They also weren’t as powerful as the Mouse Race. The Mouse Race can be considered to be a medium-sized power in the Demon Realm. This was because they had a large population, allowing them more disciples to train. And the more Mouse they could train, the more powerful they would become, and in turn they would get more resources. And the more resources they get, the more Mice they can train. It was an upward cycle.

This was also the development cycle for other influences in the World of Cultivation. This explained why, despite being in a rich environment, small sects were still having difficulties expanding.

Jia Ding Shan was now Zhao Hai’s servant. He taught these pangolins not only to make them stronger, but to also train a group of soldiers for Zhao Hai.

Hao Sha was also the same. Zhao Hai arranged some mice for him to train. His results were also doing great. Although Hao Sha was now an Undead, he could still pass on his cultivation method to the other mice. After seeing that this project was doing great, he prepared to leave for the soft gold mine.

The soft gold mine was too chaotic. Every day, groups of differing numbers arrive in order to hunt other people. This made this place the best place to kill people.

Zhao Hai stood in the tunnel of the soft gold mine and looked around. There was nobody present – as he had seen in the Space. This time, Zhao Hai changed his appearance and wore cultivator robes. He also didn’t hold his staff and instead stepped on a silver sword as he flew.

No matter who sees him, they would regard Zhao Hai as a Cultivator. Nobody would think that he was a Mage from the Machine Field. Zhao Hai also didn’t inform Yuan and the others that he would be hunting people in the soft gold mine. One must know that everyone was currently thinking that he was refining weapons.

Zhao Hai doesn’t think that news in the soft gold mine wouldn’t reach Yuan and the others. One shouldn’t underestimate the means of communication of people in the Six Realms Battlefield. In this place where computers were popular, all kinds of communication methods emerged endlessly. Zhao Hai had no confidence that his presence here would remain unknown. Therefore, he can only change his appearance.

After looking around him, Zhao Hai chose a direction and flew along it. Zhao Hai was here to kill people, so he doesn’t care about who he came across.

Not long after Zhao Hai began flying, he met a team of ten people. Unexpectedly they were Spirits. Although Zhao Hai hadn’t fought with them before ,he didn’t avoid them and directly flew in their direction.

These Spirit Cultivators were also quick to discover Zhao Hai. They also didn’t avoid him and instead waited for him to arrive. Although these Spirit Cultivators were only at Core Formation, in their minds, ten people besieging Zhao Hai should be enough to deal with him.

It was very rare for two groups to speak when they met each other in the soft gold mine. If their strength was the same, then maybe they can negotiate to leave. But if one side was strong while the other was weak, then the stronger party wouldn’t hesitate to make a move. At this point, communication was unnecessary.

This was also the reason why Zhao Hai didn’t talk and just immediately engaged the group of Spirit Cultivators. The Spirit Cultivators rely on their spirits to attack. And Core Formation Spirit Cultivators couldn’t be underestimated. Once Zhao Hai approached, they immediately unleashed a large amount of spirits to attack.

Some of these combat spirits were spirits captured by the Spirit Cultivators and made into their own summons. The strength of a spirit was generally related to their master. Spirits also have some intelligence of their own. If a spirit was too strong for their master, then the spirit might devour their master. Therefore, spirits used by the Spirit Cultivators were those on the same level as them or a level lower. In this case, they relied on numbers to win.

Besides combat spirits, the Sprites also have their life source spirits. Their life source spirits were different compared to the Sprite Race’s life source spirits. A Sprite’s life source spirit was a spirit that was generated by splitting their own soul. They could command them freely and make them attack their enemies. This made them terrifying on the battlefield.

On the other hand, a Spirit Cultivator generally won’t let their own life source spirit participate in the battle. The connection between a Spirit Cultivator and their life source spirit was too intimate. Any damage done to the life source spirit would heavily impact the Spirit Cultivator. 

When Zhao Hai saw these combat spirits, he smiled faintly before releasing large quantities of Undead as well as Hao Sha.

Seeing the Undead, the Spirit Cultivators immediately knew that they were in trouble. However, it was already too late for them to run away since the Undead had surrounded them. Zhao Hai didn’t give the Spirit Cultivators and opportunity to attack as he immediately ordered the Undead to attack.

Due to Zhao Hai’s presence as well as Hao Sha and the other Undead, the battle was finished quickly. Zhao Hai also made the Spirit Cultivators into his Undead.

After obtaining the Spirit Cultivators, Zhao Hai immediately cleaned the battlefield. He doesn’t want to leave any traces otherwise people might find him for trouble.

It must be said that there were a lot of people in the soft gold mine. Zhao Hai didn’t need to fly far before he met another group. This time, he met a group of 15 Demons. This was a group of Core Formation Demons led by a Nascent Soul Demon. Zhao Hai wasn’t polite and released large quantities of Undead as well as Hao Sha. The other party was destroyed completely in a blink of an eye. This team of Demons comprised various races. There were Snakes, Toads, Ox, Bears, and the Nascent Soul Demon which was a Hawk.

These races were enemies before they achieved their spiritual wisdom. But after they developed intelligence, they belonged to one race, the Demon Race. Now that he gained a lot of Demons, Zhao Hai didn’t stay in the soft gold mine. He returned to the Space and arranged for more beasts to be taught cultivation.


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