BTFTLIAW – Chapter 1299


Chapter 1299 – Plan for the Space’s Beasts

Planet Number 30 was a low-level Cultivation Background. There’s nothing inside it besides a large mansion. Zhao Hai made Jia Ding Shan live there in order to cultivate as well as teach the armored race inside the Space.

The armored race in the Space weren’t ordinary pangolins. As it turns out, the pangolins in the Space were the Dwarves’ iron armor beasts. Not only were their defenses very strong, they also have incomparably sharp front claws. When Jia Ding Shan has been subdued by the Space, his genes were extracted and injected into those iron armor beasts. This made the beasts more formidable.

After knowing about this, Zhao Hai thought that if the World of Cultivation could have a Monster Demon Race, then why can’t the Space? Therefore, he let Jia Ding Shan teach the iron armor beasts how to cultivate, then perhaps the Space would be able to produce a Demon Pangolin Clan.

Jia Ding Shan had a very few understanding about the Space. Although he doesn’t understand what Zhao Hai wanted to do, he didn’t ask and just complied. Zhao Hai had Cai’er send Jia Ding Shan to Planet Number 30 and then arranged some iron armor beasts for him.

When Jia Ding Shan saw Planet Number 30 as well as the iron armor beasts, he became happy. The spiritual density of Planet Number 30 was like a small spirit vein. Jia Ding Shan was a rogue cultivator and doesn’t have a family, he always took to heart the fact that he doesn’t have a successor.

One must know that inheritance was different for Cultivators and Demons. As long as one can practice, then anyone can become a disciple for a Cultivator. In this way, a sect can continue existing.

On the other hand, there were a lot of limitations for the Demon Race. The first issue was the race. There were many kinds of Demons and they all had specific cultivation methods. Take Hao Sha, for example. He’s from the Mouse Clan. His cultivation methods would only work for other Demon Mouse. It was impossible for him to teach those that weren’t from his race. Imagine, how could a Mouse teach a Cat how to cultivate? It was impossible no matter how you thought about it.

Besides the race, one should also take into account spiritual wisdom. If a Demon wanted to cultivate, then they would first need to develop spiritual wisdom. Otherwise, no amount of effort would work. Under such restrictions, finding a successor wouldn’t be very easy. Because of this, Demons pay more attention to their successors compared to other realms. It was also for this reason why Hao Sha was enraged upon knowing that Hao Donglai had been killed.

But for the pangolins in the Space, they didn’t have an appropriate cultivation method. Therefore, they couldn’t practice and only ponder on their own. This would certainly not yield any great results. One must know that the methods of the Demons were developed over many years. The beasts in the Space had just started, so it’s normal for them to not have any results.

As for the spiritual wisdom of the beasts in the Space, it was being controlled. For example, beasts in the Space used for consumption couldn’t have spiritual wisdom. Beasts that could have spiritual wisdom were those who could help Zhao Hai fight. After all, those with spiritual wisdom were more effective in combat compared to those who don’t.

And once beasts develop their spiritual wisdom, they can practice and would become a Demon. At this point, Zhao Hai hadn’t subdued a lot of Demons, and most of them were Undead. Naturally, because of this, Zhao Hai didn’t hold back and prepared some planets so that the Space’s beasts could be trained. The Undead Demons would be the ones teaching them.

It was almost daylight when everything had been arranged. Zhao Hai called Jia Ding Shan out again. When they head out this time, he would have Jia Ding Shan close up. This way, nobody would suspect him once he goes to the Space.

Even if Jia Ding Shan was left behind, Zhao Hai still had Hao Sha. Hao Sha’s fighting strength was on par with Jia Ding Shan. And now that Hao Sha has been turned into an Undead, his fighting strength had increased.

When Zhao Hai went out of his room, Yuan and the others had already gotten up. Jia Ding Shan was also standing outside his own room. This was something that Zhao Hai deliberately set up. Yuan also prepared a room for Jia Ding Shan to stay in. This way, when other people went out of their rooms, they would see that Jia Ding Shan wasn’t together with Zhao Hai.

When Zhao Hai came out of his room, Jia Ding Shan stepped forward and then gave Zhao Hai a bow as he said, “Young Master, I have a sudden feeling of enlightenment. I’m asking for your permission to allow me to close up.”

Naturally, this was Zhao Hai’s plan all along. So when he heard Jia Ding Shan, he pretended to frown as he said, “You want to close up?” At this time, Yuan and the others went closer. It’s clear that they heard Jia Ding Shan.

Yuan laughed and said, “It’s no big deal. If he wants to close up, then he can close up. Our Lock Mountain Range has places for these kinds of things. Let me send a request so that Jia Ding Shan can go there.”

Zhao Hai nodded and said, “Alright, you can listen to Captain.” Jia Ding Shan expressed his gratitude towards Yuan. Then everyone went to the dining room to eat.

After their meal, Yuan led Jia Ding Shan to the place where he can close up. Once Jia Ding Shan entered, the entire place was sealed. Yuan was also aware that people from the other realms can survive without food for a very long time, so he didn’t bother preparing any for Jia Ding Shan.

After sending Jia Ding Shan away, Yuan and the others went to the fort’s training grounds in order to divide the spoils. The spoils included artifacts as well as Demon corpses. The Demon corpses were those who followed Jia Ding Shan. Since they weren’t that strong, Zhao Hai didn’t bother making them into Undead and just handed them over to Yuan to become loot.

But now, because of his earlier plans, Zhao Hai wanted to turn these Demons into Undead. This way, he could have more beasts in the Space cultivating.

However, since he already told Yuan that he didn’t want these corpses, Zhao Hai naturally wouldn’t go back on his word. And even if he could ask for these Demon corpses when he refined their weapons later on, Zhao Hai still wouldn’t do it. In the end, he decided that he couldn’t ruin the impression these people have of him just for a few Undead. In any case, he could just return to the soft gold mine in order to hunt more Demons.

After taking out the spoils, Yuan looked at the pile before turning to everyone and saying, “These are all of our spoils. How do you think we should split it?”

Nobody spoke for some time. But it was clear that they were incredibly excited. In the past, the person with the most contributions would be able to choose first and then the Demon corpses would be transformed into contribution points which everyone would divide.

But this time, everyone knew that most of the contribution was held by Zhao Hai. Without Zhao Hai, then they wouldn’t have gotten these spoils. Therefore, nobody was able to say anything.

Yuan looked at everyone and then smiled as he said, “Brothers, I have an idea. To tell you the truth, these artifacts are relatively useless to us. So we might as well give all of them to Little Hai. We’ve already confirmed that his refining is very good. He can reuse the artifacts and use it as raw materials for our weapons. With this, we can save the trouble of looking for raw materials ourselves. What do you think?”

Upon hearing Yuan, everyone looked at him strangely. These people knew that although what Yuan said was reasonable, this wasn’t the real case.

Weapon refining of the World of Cultivation was unusual. There were plenty of weapons made with different styles of refining. The Machine Field currently doesn’t have any means to reuse these materials. And if the process went wrong, then these artifacts would be destroyed and then turned into scrap. Such matters were incredibly common in the Machine Field. Yuan’s words pushed all of the benefits towards Zhao Hai, this was the reason why everyone felt strange.

Zhao Hai also gawked when he heard Yuan. He looked at Yuan and knew that Yuan wanted to give the weapons to him. But to say that Yuan wouldn’t provide him with raw materials was impossible. Yuan just relayed that these weapons weren’t useful to them, so they might as well give it to Zhao Hai.

Then after a moment, Zhao Hai smiled and said, “If fellow brothers don’t have any problems, then I’ll receive these and you won’t need to prepare any materials when I refine your weapons.”

Upon hearing Zhao Hai, Yuan gawked, then he quickly said, “Little Hai, don’t misunderstand. We’ll give these artifacts to you in hopes that you can make use of them. If they turn to scrap, then it’s fine as well. We’ll still be providing you with materials regardless. We wouldn’t make you suffer a loss.” Yuan was truly afraid that Zhao Hai had misunderstood him for wanting to profit off of the situation. Therefore, Yuan hastily explained.

Zhao Hai smiled and said, “Captain, I’m not kidding. If you give me these artifacts, then I can deconstruct them into useful materials. And even if I were to add more materials, it wouldn’t be that expensive for me. Moreover, I killed Hao Sha yesterday and turned him into my Undead. In fact, I’ve taken benefits away from you all. So you can let this be my contribution.”

When he heard Zhao Hai, Yuan’s eyes shone as he said, “Little Hai, are you really confident about recycling these artifacts? Even if they’re high-quality?”

Zhao Hai smiled faintly and said, “As long as you bring them to me, I can deconstruct them.”

Yuan laughed and said, “Alright, fantastic, then that’s settled. I also have some artifacts on hand from previous events. I’m unable to use them so I’ll hand them over to you. As long as you prepare me a good weapon, then I don’t care what you do with them.”

Zhao Hai smiled and said, “That won’t be a problem. You can rest assured.”

After he said this, Zhao Hai was approached by the others. Besides newcomers, everyone in the Six Realms Battlefield had advanced-level goods in their hands. Since these artifacts were high-level, the materials used to make them were high-quality as well. Since the success rate of recycling these artifacts was very low, they didn’t dare try it. Now, upon hearing that Zhao Hai was confident in his ability, they would naturally hand these goods over to him. If they could trade these artifacts for 1 or 2 good weapons that they could use, then it would be worth it.

Naturally, Zhao Hai didn’t decline. This wouldn’t be a hassle for him and he could also gain some advantages. At the very least, the Space would obtain more types of materials. As for the others, they would be able to get rid of things they can’t use. So it was a win-win situation for everyone.

Seeing Zhao Hai accept their artifacts, more people handed their artifacts over. Naturally, Zhao Hai accepted everything. At this point, the only thing left to be divided were the corpses.

Yuan looked at the corpses and said, “We’ve processed these things before. It’s useless if we keep them here, so let’s sell them to the Machine Field and turn them into contribution points.”

At this moment, the nearby Liu Zhen shook his head and said, “Also, don’t forget that we need to pay Little Hai. So let’s just give them all to him. It’s the least we can do for his efforts.”

The others didn’t speak, but a lot of them nodded. The most important thing for them was a good weapon. They could just earn contribution points later on. Compared to contribution points, a good weapon from Zhao Hai was the biggest priority.

But this time, Zhao Hai actually waved his hand and said, “No need. To be honest, the artifacts that everyone will hand over to me can make me a lot of money. So I won’t be greedy and ask for the corpses as well. They should be exchanged for contribution points for everyone. No matter what, we can’t make everyone work for free.”

Seeing that Zhao Hai doesn’t want the corpses, Yuan nodded and said, “Alright, then let’s go with what Little Hai said. By the way, everyone should head back and get the artifacts that you don’t need. Otherwise, don’t blame me if Little Hai tampers with your weapons.” Everyone laughed at Yuan’s joke. They experienced life threatening events together, so they wouldn’t mind these kinds of jokes. Then everyone headed back to their rooms in high spirits.

After Yuan took the Demon corpses, he turned to Zhao Hai and said, “Little Hai, do you need me to prepare you a room for crafting?”

Zhao Hai initially thought that he would decline, but since he was heading back to the Space, then he would need a place where he wouldn’t be disturbed. Therefore, he nodded and said, “Captain, prepare a place for me where I won’t be disturbed. It would be best if this place is a little bigger. Also, when everyone returns, please have them write down their requirements for their weapons. I’ll keep an Undead outside and have it receive their requirements.”

Yuan nodded and said, “Alright. That’s not a problem. Wait for me here, I’ll be back right away.” Zhao Hai nodded, then Yuan flew towards his own room.


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