BTFTLIAW – Chapter 1297


Chapter 1297 – Ancient Demon Artifact

Zhao Hai looked at Hao Sha and then smiled, “Hao Sha, I’m really curious. What caused you to be this crazy? Are you that confident in your strength? To be honest, I want to make you submit. But now I changed my mind. Rather than making you my servant, I’d rather turn you into an Undead. Just like what I did to Hao Donglai.”

Upon hearing Zhao Hai, Hao Sha’s expression turned into wild rage. His voice was now close to a shriek as he said, “So you’re the one who killed my grandson Donglai? Zhao Hai, I’ll kill you. I’ll kill everyone here!”

Zhao Hai looked at Hao Sha’s reaction and then coldly snorted and said, “You won’t have that opportunity. Jia Ding Shan, go on.”

Jia Ding Shan has been waiting for these words. Upon hearing Zhao Hai, he immediately charged forwards towards Hao Sha. Along the way, he also transformed into a giant pangolin.

Seeing Jia Ding Shan going towards him, Hao Sha would naturally retaliate. He transformed into a huge mouse and clashed with the pangolin.

It must be said that a battle between two Demons was much more ferocious compared to fights between other realms. This was because the Demons have much more formidable bodies. Most people would protect their bodies during fights while Demons just allowed their opponents to hit them. Because of this, their battles looked very brutal.

A Demon Mouse and a Demon Pangolin clashed a few times in the air. However, none managed to gain an advantage over the other. Jia Ding Shan had a few of his scales peeled out but Hao Sha also suffered some gashes on his skin.

Although the battle already looked brutal, this was just the two sides probing each other. They had yet to go all out. A large part of this was because Hao Sha was also paying attention to Zhao Hai.

The Toxic Sand Rat had never seen Zhao Hai attack, but he knew things about Jia Ding Shan. Also, he recognized Zhao Hai’s name. Zhao Hai was an ascender who currently doesn’t have power in the World of Cultivation. For Hao Donglai, it was unbelievable for Zhao Hai to be able to subdue Jia Ding Shan. But if Jia Ding Shan couldn’t be subdued, then he could only be killed in battle.

With these few clashes, Hao Sha was able to gauge Jia Ding Shan’s strength. The pangolin wasn’t any weaker than him, especially when it came to defense. In this case, if Zhao Hai can subdue him, then Zhao Hai should have enough strength to be considered as a threat.

Hao Sha was beginning to feel regret. If he just retreated, then it’s still possible for him to preserve his life. But now, it was already too late if he wanted to escape.

But at the same time, Hao Sha spoke his previous words because he was confident. This confidence stems from an ace that he has. And this ace was actually an artifact.

Demons barely used artifacts, but this didn’t mean that they didn’t use them. In fact, there are many Demons who use magic artifacts. After all, these artifacts could give them an advantage in battle. Moreover, as time passed, more and more Demons would use artifacts.

However, artifacts used by Demons weren’t the same as artifacts used by the Cultivators. The Cultivators had a lot of magic artifacts. They could use different artifacts according to the situation. However, the Demons don’t use this method. Most Demons don’t pay attention to quantity but to the quality of the artifact.

Although Demons couldn’t use these artifacts like life source weapons, they were very meticulous in choosing their artifacts. It can even be said that they were more picky than Cultivators.

The Demon Race’s techniques in refining artifacts might not be as good as the Cultivators, but their focus on the craft was much more intense. They would strive for perfection with each artifact they make.

Demons also use artifacts differently compared to Cultivators. Cultivators would generally use their magic artifacts all throughout the battle. On the other hand, Demons would treat their artifacts as hidden weapons. They would only use it when they’re sure that their enemy wouldn’t be able to escape the attack.

The artifact in Hao Sha’s hands was extraordinary. In his hands was a demon artifact. This demon artifact wasn’t something that he bought from a Demon. Instead, while he was exploring, he was able to discover a cave on a bleak planet. Inside this cave residence was a skeleton with the Demon Artifact.

Demon artifacts and magic artifacts were different. Although both were used to kill people, the refining of demon artifacts required sacrifices. There were even times where a demon artifact required numerous lives in order to be completed. It was also because of this refining method that demon artifacts had stronger attacks compared to magic artifacts.

But the demon artifact in Hao Sha’s hand was even stronger. It was an ancient demon artifact so it required a lot of energy in order to use it. Therefore, Hao Sha hadn’t been able to use it. However, even if he hadn’t been able to use it, Hao Sha was still very confident due to this artifact.

Ancient magic artifacts and ancient demon artifacts were very rare in the World of Cultivation. But each one of them contained tremendous power. Hao Sha tried to use his artifact before and was able to flatten a mountain in one shot, which showed it’s great power.

Hao Sha’s artifact looked quite unique. It looks somewhat like a crescent spade that Buddhists used. However, this spade had intense ghost qi around it. One could feel that it hadn’t been used in a good way.[1]

It was because of this artifact that Hao Sha had confidence even if he were to face two Nascent Soul Experts.

Naturally, Zhao Hai was unaware of this. However, he also didn’t treat the matter too lightly. Zhao Hai had met arrogant enemies before. Most of these arrogant people would have secret cards that they could play. Also, Zhao Hai would never lower his guard no matter who his enemy was. 

After another few clashse, Zhao Hai began to frown when he saw that Jia Ding Shan and Hao Sha were still fighting. He knew that Hao Sha was on guard against him, and he was also aware that Hao Sha still had some cards he could play. Normally, people in Hao Sha’s position would find a way to escape. However, Hao Sha doesn’t have any intention of leaving. This showed that his card should be very powerful, or else he wouldn’t be this confident.

When Zhao Hai thought about this, he waved his hand and made a move. However, he didn’t enter the fight. He just took Liquid Silver and released several 1000-layer formations.

Although 10,000 layer formations were very strong, it was impossible for it to deal with a Nascent Soul Expert. Therefore, Zhao Hai used this approach to harass Hao Sha.

Hao Sha had been waiting for Zhao Hai to make a move. He wanted to see how strong Zhao Hai was in order to decide how to kill him. After all, he came here to avenge Hao Donglai.

Zhao Hai continually sent attacks over to Hao Sha. Although he didn’t injure Hao Sha, he was beginning to push him back. Hao Sha also knew that it was time to make a move. Zhao Hai’s magic was already beginning to make him lose.

With this thought in mind, Hao Sha’s eyes flashed a cold light. Then he called out as a jet black crescent moon spade appeared beside him. Then the weapon revolved around his body before attacking Zhao Hai.

Ghastly shrieks resounded as the crescent moon spade moved. The spade was divided into segments. The middle pole seems to be made out of bones. Both ends of the spade resembled fangs and a crescent moon – both ghastly in their own right. It looked terrifying.

The moment he saw the crescent moon spade, Zhao Hai immediately felt that something was different about it. This spade was giving him extremely dangerous vibes.

Zhao Hai’s expression sank. Then he thrust his staff outward. The magic staff’s aura increased instantaneously in preparation to meet the spade. Then Zhao Hai began to use Liquid Silver to release a 300,000-layer formation. This was the strongest formation that Zhao Hai could arrange.

This was the first time that Zhao Hai used Liquid Silver fully ever since it had been completed. Of the 300,000 magic formations in this formation set, a large majority of it comprises weapon shattering formations. The weapon shattering formations caused an exponential increase in the staff’s offensive strength.

‘Bang!’ A loud explosion was heard when the staff and the crescent moon spade hit each other. Liquid Silver was thrown back. Zhao Hai had also been shaken. Since the strength of the staff had been massively amplified, its rebound caused him to be shocked. Although Zhao Hai didn’t underestimate the crescent moon spade, he discovered that his estimates were still lacking. Just now, the collision between the two weapons caused a huge impact inside his mind. If it weren’t for his mind being stronger than normal, then he would have suffered a serious injury.

Zhao Hai was affected, and Hao Sha’s situation wasn’t any better. The crescent moon spade was knocked back, causing Hao Sha to feel that he had been hit by a thunderbolt. He vomited blood and his body couldn’t help but fall down. Jia Ding Shan didn’t miss this opportunity as he grabbed Hao Sha by the throat using his claws. However, Hao Sha didn’t make any resistance. The moment he fell down from the sky, he was already dead.

Zhao Hai calmly reclaimed Liquid Silver while waving his hand to retrieve the crescent moon spade. Even after going against the full strike of Liquid Silver, the crescent moon spade was still undamaged. This just showed how extraordinary it was.

As he sent a clump of dark fog towards Hao Shai to turn him into an Undead, he carefully inspected the crescent moon spade. The ghost qi of this spade was very dense, enough to cause anyone to be frightened. Surprisingly, the spade wasn’t very heavy. It felt like it wasn’t made out of metal. But if it was hit, it made a metallic sound. This caused Zhao Hai to be more curious about it.

Zhao Hai waved his hand and sent the crescent moon spade to Cai’er. It would be sent to the scanner and he would look at the results later.

Zhao Hai thought that since it was a powerful weapon, then it would certainly have an artifact spirit. But after he sent the weapon to the Space, he discovered that he was wrong. If there was an artifact spirit, then the Space should have issued a prompt. But now that there was no prompt, then this meant that the crescent moon spade doesn’t have an artifact spirit.

Such a powerful weapon unexpectedly doesn’t have an artifact spirit. This incurred Zhao Hai’s curiosity even more. He couldn’t wait to read the scanner’s results about the weapon.

  1. Crescent Moon Spade/Monk’s Spade – Monk’s spade


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