BTFTLIAW – Chapter 1295


Chapter 1295 – Elder of Sword Pavillion

Jia Ding Shan looked puzzled at Zhao Hai. Zhao Hai’s expression turned serious as he said, “Follow me.” Then his body moved as he brought Jia Ding Shan out of the tunnel and then led him towards Yuan and the others.

Although Jia Ding Shan didn’t know what Zhao Hai was doing, he had already submitted to him so all he could do was obey. He followed behind Zhao Hai as they flew forward.

Zhao Hai was in a hurry to go out because he discovered that Yuan and the others were under attack. They weren’t being attacked by the Demons. Instead, their opponents were people from the Cultivation Realm.

There were about 50 Cultivators that were being led by two Sword Cultivators with Nascent Soul strength. Such a team wasn’t an opponent for Yuan and the others.

To be honest, Yuan’s previous battles against the other realms only involved Core Formation Experts. As for those with Nascent Soul strength, Yuan wouldn’t normally dare make them his enemies. Only when they have vast numerical advantage would Yuan try to fight them.

But at this time, although their team had more than 100 people, the Cultivation Realm had 50 and two of them were Nascent Soul Sword Cultivators. In this case, it was impossible for Yuan and the others to be their opponent.

They could still survive for some time, but Yuan and the others were being desperate. They came to the soft gold mine because of Zhao Hai’s assurance. But now, Zhao Hai was left inside the tunnels and Yuan couldn’t check up on him. They won’t dare to leave the area as well. The only thing they could do was to defend the exit. However, they didn’t think that they would meet a team of Cultivators. Faced with so many Cultivators, Yuan and the others were in great trouble.

Fortunately for them, behind them was the collapsed tunnel, so they weren’t surrounded at all sides. They could also head back inside. Moreover, they still had 50 yin lightning mines left, those could still be taken out to be used.

But they couldn’t make a move at this time since it’s not yet necessary. They still don’t know Zhao Hai’s situation. If they risked retreating back into the tunnel, then they might bring trouble to Zhao Hai. The same was true for using the yin lightning mines.

Because of this, Yuan forbade the others from retreating back into the tunnel when the fight began. They also weren’t permitted to use the yin lightning mines. At this time, they could only defend against the attacks of the Cultivators. Before long, they were at a complete disadvantage.

However, even if they were at the back foot, their casualties weren’t that big. Currently, they only have injured people with no deaths. But Yuan wasn’t in a happy mood. This was because the two Nascent Soul Sword Cultivators had yet to make a move.

The two Sword Cultivators were the strongest people in this team. Without them making a move, Yuan and the others were already at a disadvantage. If these Sword Cultivators made a move, then the Machine Field team would certainly be finished.

At the same time, Yuan could see that the members of the Cultivator team were Sword Cultivators. It seems like they were from the same Sect and they went to the soft gold mine for training. Yuan and the others were being treated as training partners for these Cultivators.

Although he was aware about this, Yuan couldn’t be angry. He knew that this was the reality in the World of Cultivators. If you have the strength, then you can treat others like pigs and dogs. If you were weak, then you can only be treated as a pig or dog to be slaughtered.

Fortunately, the Machine Field had experience in fighting Cultivators. They were very methodical in their actions, allowing them to block the attacks of the Cultivators.

At this moment, Yuan noticed that the two Nascent Soul Sword Cultivators had shifted their attention into the tunnel behind them.  Yuan’s heart skipped a beat as he also paid attention to the hole behind him. He knew that his senses weren’t as good as the two Nascent Soul Sword Cultivators. The two Sword Cultivators must have found something. If Zhao Hai came out of the hole, then that would be good. However, if it wasn’t Zhao Hai, then Yuan and the others would be finished.

It didn’t take long before Yuan saw two people flying out of the hole. One of them was Zhao Hai, but who was the other one? Was it the Nascent Soul Demon from before? What was going on? Why did Zhao Hai go out with the Demon?

While Yuan was puzzled, Zhao Hai and Jia Ding Shan flew out of the tunnel. Zhao Hai saw the situation and without hesitation let lose several 1000-layer formations to drive back the Cultivators. Yuan and the others also took this chance to go behind Zhao Hai.

While he was behind Zhao Hai, Yuan also looked at Jia Ding Shan. He discovered that Jia Ding Shan was standing behind Zhao Hai as though he was a servant. This discovery caused Yuan’s heart to shake.

However, Yuan was an experienced person. His strength might be lacking, but his vision made up for it. As soon as he saw Jia Ding Shan, he knew that the Demon had been subdued by Zhao Hai. Otherwise, it wouldn’t have acted like this.

To be honest, this seemingly normal result was something that Yuan still couldn’t believe. This was because he knew clearly that if Zhao Hai was really able to do this, then that would make him terrifying. Jia Ding Shan was a Nascent Soul Demon, but it was actually subjugated by another person. This only meant that the other party had strength so great that it forced the pangolin to submit. 

As Yuan thought of this, the Cultivators paused their attack. The Cultivators stopped attacking because the two Nascent Soul Sword Cultivators could see that Zhao Hai and Jia Ding Shan were also at Nascent Soul. In this case, the Core Formation Cultivators needed to retreat or they would be courting death.

The two Sword Cultivators also noticed the strange arrangement between Zhao Hai and Jia Ding Shan. After observing for a while, one of the two Sword Cultivators looked at Zhao Hai and said, “Who are you? You seem to be someone new here. I haven’t heard about you.”

Zhao Hai smiled faintly and then gave the Sword Cultivator a bow. Then he said, “This one is Zhao Hai. You should be able to recognize my name. Might I have the honor to know your names?”

When the two Sword Cultivators heard Zhao Hai, they couldn’t help but stare. They had certainly heard about Zhao Hai’s name. The first place spot of the Six Realms Beginner Competition was just snatched by someone named Zhao Hai. So how could they not know of his name? They didn’t expect Zhao Hai to be in the Six Realms Battlefield.

The Sword Cultivator who asked Zhao Hai cupped his fist and answered, “I’m an Elder of the Sword Pavillion Zhou Fang. This is Song Qing, my junior brother.”

Zhao Hai nodded and said, “I didn’t expect to meet Cultivators from the Sword Pavillion. It’s an honor. This one is my servant Jia Ding Shan.”

Upon hearing that Jia Ding Shan was Zhao Hai’s servant, everyone present were shaken. Although they had already made this guess, they were still shocked when they heard it from Zhao Hai’s mouth.

Jia Ding Shan’s expression didn’t change as he cupped his fist towards Zhou Fang and Song Qing. The two Sword Cultivators didn’t dare neglect the greeting as they also cupped their fists. Although Jia Ding Shan was a servant, he was still a Nascent Soul Expert – someone with the same level as them. The World of Cultivation spoke with strength. If they underestimate Jia Ding Shan because he was a servant, they would risk offending him. And offending a Nascent Soul Expert was never a good idea.

After the two exchanged greetings, Zhao Hai immediately went straight to the point as he said, “We should all be aware that we are in the soft gold mine. I won’t say anything about you attacking my people. Of course, I can also fight back, but it’s obvious that it’s not suitable for us to fight. How about we all take a step back? What does Mister Zhou think about this?”

When Zhou Fang and Song Qing heard Zhao Hai, they couldn’t help but gawk. They didn’t expect Zhao Hai to go straight to the point. They looked at each other and exchanged a look. Then Song Qing turned to Zhao Hai and said, “Mister Zhao Hai’s words are very reasonable. This one wants to exchange notes with Mister Zhao Hai. I wonder if Mister Zhao Hai can agree to my request?”

Upon hearing Song Qing’s reply, Zhao Hai couldn’t help but laugh. Then he said, “Alright, that’s a good idea. This one has always wanted to compare notes with Sword Cultivators. I remember being able to see people from the Sword Pavilion back in the Yellowsand Planet trial. But it’s a pity that we only brushed past each other. Being able to spar with an Elder of the Sword Pavilion is my good fortune.”

Song Qing didn’t say anything else after hearing Zhao Hai. He took a step forward and then said, “Since Mister agrees, then forgive me for being impolite.” Zhao Hai smiled faintly and said, “Mister Song, please!”

Song Qing wasn’t polite as he moved his hand and took his sword out. The sword didn’t delay and immediately thrust itself towards Zhao Hai. The thrust looked ordinary, there’s nothing special about it at first glance. However, Zhao Hai knew that he couldn’t dodge this sword or else Yuan and the others would suffer bad luck. Song Qing’s sword had a very intense astral qi. It’s clear that he was able to absorb some astral qi into his body.

Zhao Hai’s eyes flashed a cold light. Then he took a step forward and released a punch. The fist shaped qi flew towards Song Qing’s sword. This fist was different compared to the previous punches he threw before. This time, Zhao Hai used astral qi in his attack.

Zhao Hai had also absorbed astral qi into his body before. However, he had yet to clash with an enemy who managed to do the same. Astral Qi could increase offensive strength so he was preparing to use it as a trump card. But this time, he had to use it because Song Qing also had astral qi. If Zhao Hai sent out an ordinary punch, then it might not be able to block the incoming sword.

The attack of the two happened very quickly. When the sword and the fist hit each other, a fierce ‘Bang’ was heard before the tunnel they were in shook. Fortunately, the tunnel didn’t collapse.

Dust fell but Zhao Hai was able to blow it off easily. On the other hand, Song Qing had already sheathed his sword. Zhao Hai just stood there and didn’t move. The two parties were looking at each other before they laughed at the same time. Song Qing cupped his fist towards Zhao Hai and said, “Mister has great technique. I have learned so much. I hope to meet you again in the future.”


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