BTFTLIAW – Chapter 1294


Chapter 1294 – Submit or Die!

Just like its name implies, the Ten Thousand Transformation Staff could come in all kinds of forms. And it was said that the staff was as firm as diamond. It was also rumored that the staff doesn’t have the same style as a Buddhist staff. Although it wasn’t as beautiful as Buddhist staffs, its might was astonishing.

The Pangolin was very confident in its claws. Pangolins use their claws to dig, so it was the most tenacious part of their body. Ever since he gained spiritual wisdom, the Pangolin had been nurturing its claws as weapons. This made the strength of its claws unimaginable.

 The Pangolin had also fought people from the other realms and among them were experts with Nascent Soul strength. There were very few weapons that it couldn’t grab with its claws.

But in the process of fighting Zhao Hai, the Pangolin couldn’t get any advantage. And instead, its strong scales were destroyed by Zhao Hai and his shield could block his claws. Moreover, there were no scratches on Zhao Hai’s shield. Such weapon caused the Pangolin to feel afraid.

The Pangolin was sure that Zhao Hai wasn’t using the Ten Thousand Transformations Staff. But Zhao Hai’s own transforming weapon still caused it to feel a headache.

Seeing that his attack was useless, the Pangolin retreated quickly. Its small eyes couldn’t hide the amazement it felt. It had already calmed down from its anger and was starting to consider its own situation.

Zhao Hai looked at the Pangolin and smiled as he said, “What? Scared? I thought Demons are unafraid of death? I’ll give you two options. Either you surrender to me, or die and be skinned!”

Hatred flashed through the Pangolin’s eyes. Then it opened its mouth and coldly said, “Are certain that you can stop me from escaping?”

Zhao Hai laughed and said, “I am sure that you can’t escape from me. If you don’t believe me, then you can look behind you. It’s already impossible for you to escape.”

The Pangolin suddenly felt a savage aura coming from behind it. When it turned to look, it discovered that a giant bug had appeared. It was the Silverback Gold-winged Bug that Zhao Hai subdued!

The fighting strength of the Silverback Gold-winged Bug was in no way inferior to the Pangolin. It might even be more powerful than the Demon. After all, it had been transformed by the Space.

Although the Pangolin was a Demon, it also knew about the Bug Race. The Bug Race and the Demons were different. Although the Bugs were also technically Demons, the Demons were somewhat weaker while the Bugs were a headache to the Cultivation Realm.

The Silverback Gold-winged Bugs had a reputation among the Bugs, so how could the Pangolin be unaware of it. With Zhao Hai in its front and the Silverback Gold-winged back at its back, the Pangolin knew that it no longer had any chance of victory.

The Pangolin’s heart turned cold. It knew that it was in trouble, so it looked at Zhao Hai and said, “Who are you?”

This Pangolin had been in the Six Realms Battlefield for a long time but he doesn’t know who Zhao Hai was. Additionally, the Demons don’t have many computers and they also didn’t like to use them. Therefore, even if it heard Zhao Hai’s name, it couldn’t recognize him from his face.

Zhao Hai looked at the Pangolin, then he smiled faintly and said, “I’m called Zhao Hai.”

Upon hearing Zhao Hai’s name, the Pangolin couldn’t help but stare, then it muttered, “So you’re Zhao Hai. No wonder you’re so strong.”

Zhao Hai didn’t say anything and just looked at the Pangolin. The Pangolin also knew that if it didn’t submit, then it would certainly die. Between death and submission, naturally it knew which one to choose. It wasn’t a Demon that was faithful to its race until death. Thinking that it would perish, it had no choice but to submit to Zhao Hai.

Zhao Hai didn’t compel the Pangolin to make its decision. He only stood there and waited for the Pangolin to respond. Before long, the Pangolin turned into its humanoid form and moved forward. The humanoid pangolin looked very ordinary. It had yellow body armor and was quite buff. However, its face was very generic, he looked like an army man.

Zhao Hao saw this and knew that the Pangolin had decided to submit. The Pangolin gave Zhao Hai a salute and said, “Jia Ding Shan submits to Master. I wish the Master would take me in.”

Upon hearing the Pangolin, he nodded and said, “Go in.” Then he waved his hand and opened a spatial rift. Jia Ding Shan stared. But after seeing the Silverback Gold-winged Bug staring at him, it had no choice but to enter the Space.

From the moment Jian Ding Shan announced that he submits to Zhao Hai, the walls to its heart had already fallen. It had completely lost all courage to rebel. Naturally, it wouldn’t dare defy Zhao Hai’s orders.

Just as Jia Ding Shan entered the Space, the Space immediately issued a prompt, “Partially submissive creature detected. Subduing completely, subjugation complete. The creature is a demon-class lifeform. Its body is in the form of a pangolin. Extracting the demonic spirit of the Pangolin and fusing it with the Space. Extraction successful. All armored creatures in the Space will now increase in strength.”

Upon hearing this, Zhao Hai couldn’t help but smile. The prompt was good news to him. Jia Ding Shan has been completely subdued, this was certainly good news.

Actually, in the World of Cultivation, subduing another practitioner and making them your servant wasn’t an unusual matter. However, this was generally done by powerful practitioners to those lower-ranked than them. There were very few people who would submit to those of equal level. Moreover, with the Machine Field’s reputation, making other people from other realms submit to them was close to impossible.

Jia Ding Shan being subdued by Zhao Hai would certainly cause a massive stir in the World of Cultivation. However, Zhao Hai didn’t mind it for now as he released large quantities of Undead to clean the battlefield. There were more than 30 Demon corpses waiting to be cleaned up.

The yin lightning mines caused the Demons directly hit by them to be vaporized. However, there were several Demons whose bodies survived after the explosion. There were also a few surviving ones, but the Undead wouldn’t have any problems dealing with them.

Actually, Zhao Hai could send the injured Demons to the Space to cure their wounds after subjugating them. However, Zhao Hai didn’t want to do that since this would leave Yuan and the others very little loot. Although they had killed the group of Cultivators earlier, the loot they gained was still lacking. If Zhao Hai subdued the surviving Demons, then Yuan and the others would gain even less spoils.

Therefore, Zhao Hai didn’t subjugate the Demons and just killed them off. Then he took their bodies to the Space while taking Jia Ding Shan out.

After releasing Jia Ding Shan, Zhao Hai didn’t immediately call Yuan and the others over. Instead he looked at the collapsed mine and tried to see if he could get some soft gold ores.

Zhao Hai turned to look at Jia Ding Shan and said, “You’ve been here for some time, did you manage to find some soft gold ores?”

Jia Ding Shan respectfully replied, “Replying to the Young Master. I haven’t really come across any soft gold ores. In fact, there are very few soft gold ores left in this mountain. I’m afraid finding some wouldn’t be easy.”

Zhao Hai nodded, he had the same idea. Then he looked at the rubble and said, “Go take a look at those rocks and try to see if there are some soft gold ores.”

Jia Ding Shan nodded and immediately began to sort through the rocks. The collapsed tunnel was huge, so its collapse should have informed other people. But since nobody wanted to explore a collapsed region, this gave Zhao Hai the opportunity to investigate.

Zhao Hai kept silent as he looked at Jia Ding Shan being busy. He was also paying attention to the people outside. Yuan and the others had escaped the collapsed tunnel and were waiting for him to come out.

Zhao Hai sent them out because he was afraid that they would get caught in the fight. One should know that fights between Nascent Soul Experts weren’t peaceful. Zhao Hai wasn’t sure if he could keep everyone safe from being attacked.

At the same time, Zhao Hai realized that his strength was still lacking. If he didn’t have the Silverback Gold-winged bug, then Jia Ding Shan wouldn’t have surrendered. It’s possible for the Pangolin Demon to find an opportunity to run away. No matter which realm in the World of Cultivation, and no matter from which influence they came from, Nascent Soul Experts always had ways to save their lives. They couldn’t be easily dealt with.

The Demons weren’t the strongest in the World of Cultivation Realm. It can be said that their strength was at the middle of the ranking. However, Jia Ding Shan was already a very strong Nascent Soul Expert that was difficult for Zhao Hai to deal with. When he thought about this, Zhao Hai couldn’t help but whisper, “It seems like I had been a little carried away.”

Zhao Hai knew that those he met weren’t the strongest experts of the World of Cultivation. At least these people hadn’t been integrated into the very core of their own sects. At the very least they were Inner Disciples. For people like these, Zhao Hai couldn’t be proud even after defeating them.

He had already shown his strength before to the Cultivators. In the future, the Cultivation Realm would only want to deal with him. They would certainly send more powerful experts. When that time comes, things would only get more troublesome.

After thinking about this, Zhao Hai secretly made a warning to himself. He needs to be careful or else he would suffer a loss.

At this time, Jia Ding Shan happily held a rock the size of a person’s head. Besides being more yellow than the other rocks, it looked nothing special. However, this piece of rock actually made people feel a strong aura.

Jia Ding Shan handed the rock over to Zhao Hai and said, “Young Master, our luck is really good. This is soft gold ore. If we refine it, I reckon we can get 2 to 3 bars of soft gold.”

Zhao Hai received the ore and immediately felt that it was heavy. It seems like its gold content was high. Otherwise, it would be impossible to get 2 to 3 bars by just relying on this piece of ore alone.

Zhao Hai nodded and then threw the ore to the Space which immediately made ore veins out of it. Then he looked at Jia Ding Shan and said, “Good job. Keep looking.” Jia Ding Shan nodded and then resumed digging. But at this time, Zhao Hai’s expression suddenly changed as he hurriedly stopped the Pangolin.


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