BTFTLIAW – Chapter 1292


Chapter 1292 – Killing for Treasures

Ever since he discovered that the Six Realms Battlefield was made by someone, Zhao Hai decided to speed up his own plans. But Zhao Hai couldn’t increase his strength in a short time. At this moment, his strength wasn’t invincible in the World of Cultivation. So he could only expand his influence. He needs to create more contacts, much much more contacts.

Fortunately, the Six Realms Battlefield was a very good place to establish new connections. One could see this from Yuan’s relationship with Ma Rulong. Yuan stayed in the Six Realms Battlefield in order to take revenge. But if he went out, then Ma Rulong would certainly help him. After all, the two formed a friendship from near death.

If Zhao Hai wanted the Space to level up, then he would need the resources of the World of Cultivation. However, if one doesn’t have a strong backer, then they wouldn’t be able to easily get their hands on precious resources. Because of this, Zhao Hai decided to increase his own circle of influence.

After everyone took their own yin lightning mines, Yuan said, “Alright, it’s time to depart. Everyone, remember to keep close to each other. Being alone in the soft gold mine is equivalent to courting death.”

Everyone nodded, then Yuan began to lead the team out of the tunnel. But as he was about to leave, Yuan was blocked by Zhao Hai. Then Zhao Hai said, “Captain, we’re in the Demon Realm’s territory. Since we need to carefully advance, let me scout first.” Then he waved his hand and released some Undead.

What’s different about the Undead this time was that these Undead were small. There were some small mice, snakes, and other critters. Zhao Hai also had them transform into their normal appearances so that they wouldn’t attract any attention. These critters were best for reconnaissance.

Naturally, Zhao Hai wasn’t depending on these small Undead to scout. His main scouting method were still the silver needles. Actually, the silver needles were about to arrive at the soft gold mine. This move not only hid the existence of the silver needles, it would also increase everyone’s impression of him.

Yuan smiled and said, “Kid, having you really removes a lot of my worries. How about you follow me everywhere from now on?”

Zhao Hai shook his head and said, “Forget it, Captain. Do you also want me to follow you to the toilets? Even if you order me, I still won’t go.” When Zhao Hai said this, everyone couldn’t help but laugh. Even Yuan who was teased joined in on the laughter. These people shared life and death together, so a harmless joke like this wouldn’t affect their minds. 

After this conversation, Zhao Hai gave a nod which made everyone go out of the tunnel. Once they were out, Yuan reorganized the surrounding area to remove their traces. Then everyone flew towards the soft gold mine.

Although the Undead were paving the way ahead, Yuan still proceeded forward carefully. The group flew slowly and even flew in a circle to circumvent the Ironwood Demon Forest.

Meanwhile, Zhao Hai had no worries since the silver needles had already reached the soft gold mine. It was also at this time that Zhao Hai understood Yuan’s caution towards the region. The place was truly chaotic. In fact, upon looking at the mine, the first word that Zhao Hai thought about was the bug caves.

The soft gold mines had tunnels in all directions. And with the mountain where the mine was at being 6000 meters tall, the entire complex looked like a giant hive. And because it was a mine, its tunnels were more concentrated compared to the Bug Caves in Fabio Planet.

The tunnels built by the bugs also extended in all directions, however the tunnels were dug systematically. Moreover, each tunnel was covered with bug secretions making it as stable as concrete structures.

On the other hand, the soft gold mine’s tunnels were completely unmanaged. People dug wherever they could dig. With the wanton digging happening all the time, there were a lot of collapsed tunnels in the mine.

Also, since battles happen from time to time, more tunnels collapsed. Because of the mine’s unstable state, sounds of tunnels collapsing were commonly heard every day.

What attracted Zhao Hai’s attention the most were the people mining soft gold ores. There were people from all races here. And each team was only made out of a single race. Whenever two different groups of people meet, a battle would certainly happen. Fighting was a constant in the mines, it would make any newcomer here speechless.

After travelling in a circle, Zhao Hai and the others finally reached the mountain. Looking at the large mountain, everyone couldn’t help but stare. And just as they were staring, a loud explosion was heard before a tunnel close by collapsed. The group quickly evaded the debris that came out of the explosion.

When the group arrived at a safe location, Yuan smiled bitterly and said, “Good, this soft gold mine is still the same as before. Hahaha. Good, this is fantastic.”

As soon as they heard this, the group looked at each other. Actually, most of them were newcomers to the mines. They only heard that this place was terrifyingly chaotic. The reason why they never came here was because they weren’t qualified to go near this place.

Generally, most people from the Machine Field wouldn’t go too far from their territory. This allows them support whenever events happen. It can be said that there were only a few people like Yuan from the Machine Field who would actively seek the other realms for trouble. This also allowed Yuan to visit the other realms’ territory.

Upon hearing Yuan, a Warrior at the side said, “Captain, is the mine always like this? Then why didn’t it completely collapse?”

Yuan smiled and replied, “It’s not easy for the mine to collapse completely. Have you seen those collapsed places? Soon people will clean it up and take soft gold ores. Hahaha. Tunnels will continually collapse and re-dug. This is the reason why the mountain looked like this.”

XIong Li turned towards the mountain and said, “Captain, does this mountain still have soft gold ore left? From what I can understand, this place has been turned over several times already?”

Yuan smiled and said, “Not just several times, I reckon it’s been turned for several tens of times. At this point, there’s little soft gold ore left in this place. But do you really think that those who came here were only after the soft gold ores?” Upon hearing Yuan, people began to understand. Besides mining for soft gold ores, other people would also come here in order to seize treasures. This was the greatest shortcut to becoming rich.

Yuan looked at everyone and said, “Alright, don’t think about it too much. In any case, we’re already here. So why don’t we try our luck, aren’t we here to kill?” Everyone smiled and followed Yuan towards one of the surface tunnels. This tunnel wasn’t very big, but it was so deep that they couldn’t see the end.

Everyone entered the tunnel with heightened caution. All of them had their weapons out. However, upon seeing the Undead critters from time to time, they began to relax.

With these Undead, at least they wouldn’t have to be afraid of being ambushed. But they weren’t only alert because of ambushes, they were also paying attention in case the tunnel collapsed. The collapse of the tunnel earlier had left a deep impression on them.

After walking for some time, Zhao Hai stopped and waved towards the others. Everyone looked at Zhao Hai as they gripped their weapons tighter.

At this time, a small Undead appeared in the distance and then crawled over to Zhao Hai. After a short moment, it turned around and left. Zhao Hai turned to Yuan and said, “Captain, there are several people from the Cultivation Realm mining. What do we do?” Yuan asked, “Cultivators? Where are they?”

Zhao Hai replied, “There are ten of them. After turning left and then right, we would reach them after flying for 15 minutes.”

Yuan nodded, “Let’s go eliminate them.” Then he followed Zhao Hai’s directions and led the way. Zhao Hai and the others also hastily flew behind. In the Six Realms Battlefield, people from the Machine Field weren’t very afraid of Cultivators. They fought these people at least once every month, all fear they had already disappeared a long time ago.

As they flew, the group could feel bursts of energy coming from the front. It seems like the Cultivators were using spells. Upon detecting this, the group accelerated. However, the Cultivators were able to sense them, they immediately turned around and ran without pause.

One shouldn’t think that every Cultivator was arrogant. It was impossible for them to carry their pride and fight to the death wherever they go. Among all six realms, the people from the Cultivation Realm fear death the most. They treasure their lives more heavily compared to the other realms.

This was because people from the Cultivation Realm knew that they have longer lifespans compared to the people from the other realms. As long as they suffer no accidents, then they will live for a very long time. Therefore, it’s common for Cultivators to fear death.

Upon seeing that the people from the Cultivation Realm were escaping, Zhao Hai’s figure moved and then vanished in place. Then in the next moment, Zhao Hai was already fighting with the Cultivators. The others from the Machine Field quickly caught up and before long a group battle commenced. Zhao Hai sent 1000-layer formations continuously, completely entangling the Cultivators.

Nobody held back as attacks came crashing down on both sides. These Cultivators all had Core Formation strength. If this was the Cultivation Realm, then these people would be a region’s strongest experts. But in the Six Realms Battlefield, they only became prey for the Machine Field. And even if these people died, then nobody would know where to take their revenge.

The fight started in a flash and also ended quickly. In less than half an hour, all Cultivators were killed. Seeing the bodies in front of him, Yuan said, “Collect the loot first, then we’ll divide them when we go back.” Nobody disagreed and immediately took the weapons of the dead and stored them away.


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