BTFTLIAW – Chapter 1290


Chapter 1290 – Tunnel

When Liu Zhen heard Yuan, he couldn’t help but gawk. Then he said, “Hao Donglai? You met that Old Mouse? And he dared to go into our territory to steal? His guts are surely big.”

Yuan smiled and said, “Rest assured, Little Hai has already killed that mouse and turned him into Undead. In fact, it was Old Mouse Hao’s subordinate who discovered you being attacked.” Liu Zhen nodded. He wasn’t startled that Zhao Hai was able to kill Hao Donglai. If Zhao Hai could block two Nascent Soul Experts, then killing a Core Formation Demon Mouse wasn’t anything surprising.

Liu Zhen was also a bold and courageous person. When he heard Yuan, he thought for a while before saying, “Since we have nearly 100 people here, then we should go visit the Demons and make some noise. Let’s return the favor.”

Yuan nodded and said, “That is also good. I wouldn’t have dared to go too far before this, but now that we have Little Hai we can finally be noisy.”

Although they looked like formidable elders, Yuan and Liu Zhen actually had hearts of fiery youths. After resting for some time, the group left towards the Demon Race’s territory.

Yuan was still being extra careful along the way. Although they knew that Zhao Hai was strong, they knew that one couldn’t be careless in the Six Realms Battlefield. Yuan and Liu Zhen were famous characters from the Machine Field. People from the other realms couldn’t wait to eat them up. And if there was a chance to get rid of the two of them at the same time, then that would be best.

Although there weren’t any battalion-sized troops in the Six Realms Battlefield, it wasn’t impossible for a battalion-sized army to be mobilized just to get rid of the two. Yuan and Liu Zhen were also cautious people, otherwise they wouldn’t have survived this long in the Six Realms Battlefield. Yuan was famed for being unafraid of death, but he would still give himself a chance to escape whenever he fought. It was said that Yuan went into deadly battles without any fear of dying, but in reality he would only fight such battles if he was sure that he would survive.

There were experts everywhere in the Six Realms Battlefield. Core Formation experts were as common as dogs in a city. Yuan was also at Core Formation-level, not Nascent Soul. If he really didn’t care about his life and only knew how to fight, then he would have already died a long long time ago.

Liu Zhen was also the same. The two were the kinds of people who planned before making a move. And whenever they decided to move, they would go all out. Bit by bit, this strategy earned them their nicknames in the Six Realms Battlefield. And this also made the other realms stop underestimating the Machine Field.

Lu Zhen’s weapon was a long blade engraved with 1000 offensive formations, making its strength extraordinary. On the other hand, Yuan had a long hammer that was extremely heavy. The weapon was engraved with 1200 formations, making its might not any less than the Cultivation Realm’s magic artifacts. Although they couldn’t control their weapons to fly, their sword qi could reach 100 miles. Moreover, their attacks were very strong.

The Six Realms Battlefield was very rich in resources. Because of this, the Machine Field also invested heavily in their holdings in this subspace. All the weapons used by their practitioners here would surely be the best.

The same was true for the other realms. Everyone was willing to invest in the Six Realms Battlefield because the resources inside it were just too valuable. And the more you invest, the more profits you would gain. If you equip yourself well, then you can rob others. Because of this, no realm chose to be stingy when it came to the battlefield.

However, there were some exceptions to this and that was the Demon Realm. Because they were extremely diverse, they had difficulties in refining weapons for each other. But they still had their own methods. Once they develop intelligence, they would choose a body part and refine it into their own artifact. It was like the Sprite’s life source spirit but instead of their soul the Demons used their body parts. The strength of these artifacts could contend with a life source weapon of a Cultivator, it was even possible for it to be stronger. After all, the weapon was a part of the Demon’s body. Demons generally call this specially trained body part as their Origin Weapon.

Hao Donglai also had his own origin weapon and that was his front claws. Almost all Mouse Demons make their claws as their origin weapons. Since Mouse Demons use their claws to dig the earth, then they would need sharp claws. Therefore, making their front claws as their origin weapons was a natural move.

Because of this, whenever someone from the Machine Field like Yuan kills a Demon, they would send its corpse back to the Machine Field. And then the Machine Field will process the Demon’s parts to make weapons and armor.

The Demon Race was composed of different types of races whose true bodies were animals and plants. And because of their long period of Cultivation, weapons and armor made from their body parts were very high-grade items.

However, there was a rule in the Six Realms Battlefield. Not only would your merit be recorded when you kill an enemy, all things from the one you killed will belong to you. Therefore, when Hao Donglai and his team were turned into Undead by Zhao Hai, Yuan and the others didn’t say anything.

The group slowly moved forward. Even if they ran into people from the other realms, Yuan didn’t make a move in fear of alarming the Demons. Because of this, the group took four days to arrive at the area that was partially controlled by the Demon Realm.

Since this place could be considered to be the land of the Demons, Yuan became even more careful. Yuan had come here before so he knew the surroundings well. Instead of attacking the Demons immediately, the group found a place in order to rest well.

The place that Yuan found was actually a tunnel. It was so covertly placed that most people wouldn’t notice it. Moreover, there were no important resources around it. 

The tunnel was quite spacious. Moreover, it was very dry and clean, causing Zhao Hai to be surprised. Upon sizing the tunnel up, Zhao Hai turned his head to Yuan and said, “Captain, did you discover this place? It’s very good.”

Yuan smiled and said, “I once led a team to hunt in the Demon territory. At that time, we were met with trouble causing most of my team to be killed. After being pursued all over the place, I was able to discover this tunnel. Not only was this place hidden, its walls could also block spiritual force.” Zhao Hai nodded. He also tried to scan the place using his spiritual force before and discovered the tunnel’s ability to block any spiritual force scans. 

Zhao Hai carefully investigated the tunnel and couldn’t find any traces of artificial excavation. In other words, this tunnel was created naturally, making it even more unusual.

While walking through the tunnel, Zhao Hai collected some stones and then sent them to the Space. Upon entering, the Space issued a prompt saying that the stone can block spiritual force. And that more of these stones were being added to the Space.

However, Zhao Hai wasn’t happy about this. The stranger this place was, the more formidable the creator of the Six Realms Battlefield would be. For Zhao Hai, this wasn’t good news.

Naturally, Zhao Hai’s actions were seen by Yuan. Feeling confused about what Zhao Hai was doing, Yuan asked Xiong Li, “What is Little Hai planning to do with those stones?”

Xiong Li smiled and said, “Little Hai likes to research things. He’s a very strong refiner. The weapons we use were all made by Little Hai.”

When Xiong Li mentioned this matter, Yuan began to remember something. Then he looked at Xiong Li and said, “Now that I think about it, your weapons look like those used by the Cultivation Realm. So are you also practicing cultivation methods?”

Xiong Li smiled and said, “All of this is because of Little Hai. In addition to our weapons, Little Hai also gave us our cultivation methods. Back when we attended the Six Realms Beginner Competition, Little Hai killed some Cultivators to snatch their cultivation methods. This allowed us to cultivate those methods.”

Yuan frowned and said, “That’s not right. Cultivation methods of the Cultivation Realm are sealed inside jade slips. If one breaks those seals forcefully, then the information inside the jade slip will be erased. How did Little Hai get those methods?”

Xiong Li shrugged his shoulder and said, “Who knows, Little Hai has a lot of skills. You’ll get used to it soon. Right, Captain, you’re using an ordinary Machine Field weapon. If there’s some time, you can ask Little Hai to refine your weapon. I can guarantee that Little Hai could make your weapon easier to use and more powerful.” 

Yuan looked at Xiong Li in confusion. Then Xiong Li just smiled as he took out his chained hammers. This pair of chain hammers weren’t the ones he was using. Their hammers were the ones given to him by his family. He handed the hammers over to Yuan and said, “Captain, look at this. This is the weapon I used before. It’s a pure Machine Field Weapon. It might not be equal to the Cultivation Realm’s weapons, but its strength will certainly surprise you.”

Yuan received the chained hammers and felt their weight in his hands. Then he used them to strike the ground. The ground of this tunnel was very special, even Yuan’s strength couldn’t do anything to it. However, when the hammers hit the ground, the earth shattered immediately.

The stone didn’t even splinter and directly turned into dust. A casual swing of these hammers caused an area of about a square meter to turn into sand.

Yuan as well as the nearby people from the Machine Field were startled. They didn’t expect Xiong Li’s weapon to be this strong.

One must know that Yuan’s weapons were refined in a way that would increase the range of their sword qi. As for close combat, they could only be used like ordinary weapons. If such weapons were also tailored for close combat, then the Machine Field’s Warriors would increase their combat prowess by about three layers.

Every person in this tunnel was a true elite from the Machine Field. They knew clearly well what this type of weapon could do. In an instant, everyone’s eyes focused on the weapon on Yuan’s hands.

Yuan raised the weapons and tried to inspect it. However, since he wasn’t an expert in refining, he wasn’t able to understand anything about it. So he turned his head to Xiong Li and said, “This is the weapon that Little Hai refined for you?”

Xiong Li nodded and said, “Right, Little Hai helped us to refine it. Actually, there’s nothing else special about this weapon besides the addition of a magic formation. Little Hai added the weapon shattering formation that mechs generally use.”

Yuan stared, “Weapon shattering formation? Those formations used by Mechs and Battleship? But I heard that it couldn’t be used in weapons?” 

Xiong Li smiled and said, “This is Little Hai’s skill.” 

At this time, Zhao Hai walked over towards Xiong Li and Yuan. Naturally, he was able to hear their conversation. In any case, Zhao Hai wasn’t planning to hide this information for long. After all, these weapons would have a direct impact to the strength of the Machine Field. He didn’t intend to take this secret to his grave.

Seeing Zhao Hai walking over, Yuan immediately said, “Little Hai, can you help us refine our weapons? If we have weapon shattering, then our strength will definitely increase.”

Zhao Hai smiled faintly and said, “That’s not a problem. I’ll help you refine them after we head back. Actually adding weapon shattering to weapons isn’t that difficult, it could even be mass produced by the Machine Field. However, even if I only made a small modification to the formation, its specific arrangement is very important. If it isn’t arranged properly, then even if it could increase a weapon’s power, it would also reduce the weapon’s lifespan. And because everyone used different weapons, mass production of this formation hasn’t been ideal.”

Yuan nodded and said, “We don’t need it to be mass produced. After returning, we’ll hand our weapons over to you. No wonder Xiong Li and the others were able to face the spirit of a Nascent Soul Expert. Xiong Li and the others are clearly Foundation Establishment-level. With their strength, not to say five, even ten people wouldn’t be able to contend with a Nascent Soul Expert. It seems like their weapons contributed a lot to their strength.”

Zhao Hai nodded, then he smiled and said, “Right, this formation is very useful in fights. I’ll find time to refine your weapons when we head back. If others want their weapons refined as well, they can just look for me. No matter what, we’re all allies. I’m more than happy to help everyone.”

Yuan didn’t say anything else and just patted ZhaoHai’s shoulder. Then he turned to everyone and said, “Alright, let’s take a rest for two hours before making trouble with the Demons.” Everyone simultaneously nodded. But this time, the way they looked at Zhao Hai has changed. It was now filled with admiration.


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