BTFTLIAW – Chapter 1289


Chapter 1289 – Golden Battle Beasts

There were no good people in the Six Realms Battlefield. And it was very hard to see cheap hunts in the core battlefield. If Zhao Hai and the others continued fighting with the Sprites, then it’s certain that the spectators would never let them off.

The Sprites were no fools as well. They were also aware of their present situation. The Sprites dispatched their team in order to kill Liu Zhen. They would only deal with Liu Zhen and nothing else. Yuan coming over was just a bonus. In the eyes of the Sprites, Yuan being here was a good opportunity.

Buddhist Warrior Yuan, Eight-star Li Zhen, these were two people that other realms dreaded. If one of these people were to die, then the Machine Field would suffer a huge blow.

Fifty people versus 200, to the Sprites this was an assured task. Even if they don’t use their life source spirits, they could still achieve success with no effort.

However, they didn’t expect that there was a remarkable person in the Machine Field’s party. Although the Sprites were summoning endless amounts of tree spirits, they were still blocked by the Undead. Besides that one person that fell in the hands of the wind spirit, the others from the Machine Field were very well defended.

Now that there were so many people spectating, the Sprites knew that if they don’t deal with Zhao Hai soon, then things would become more troublesome.

The lead Sprite turned his head and said, “Gaitt, let everyone fight.. Only when we deal with Yuan and the others will we be safe. We have 200 people. As long as we don’t suffer a lot of losses, those fellows outside wouldn’t dare make a move on us.”

There were almost no battalions in the Six Realms Battlefield. At most, teams would consist of 100 people. Teams with 200 people like the Sprites were very rare.

Also, the people from the other realms who were spectating weren’t a lot. Otherwise, they would have already made a move against the Sprites.

The Sprite called Gaitt understood what the lead Sprite said. It was time for them to use their life source spirits. Gaitt immediately sent the order for all the Sprites to let their life source spirits out.

The life source spirits were released and they immediately attacked towards Zhao Hai and the others. Zhao Hai was also paying attention to the moves made by the Sprites. Upon seeing them make a move, he would naturally be impolite. He released another large batch of Undead and he also took his Liquid Silver out. Then Zhao Hai waved his staff and released 12 giant golden beasts.

Each of these golden beasts towered at ten meters high. They were the beasts of the original golden combat suits. These twelve zodiac beasts were strong, but they had been inside Zhao Hai’s staff for a long time. And Zhao Hai judged that now was the correct time to use them.

Once these giant battle beasts were released, all of them roared to life. Zhao Hai waved his hand, sending them towards the Sprites. At the same time, Zhao Hai stopped in front of two tree spirits. These two tree spirits were the life source spirits of the two strongest Sprites present. Both were equivalent to Nascent Soul Experts.

After blocking the two tree spirits from moving, Zhao Hai released a 10,000-layer formation to attack them.

Although these two tree spirits looked like they were dumb, their wisdom wasn’t actually low. Moreover, these two were very well coordinated with each other. One of them threw a punch to scatter Zhao Hai’s magic while the other transformed its arm into a wooden net to pull Zhao Hai in. Zhao Hai released another 10,000-layer formation to block the two spirits’ attack.

Because of the Undead, the Sprites still weren’t able to get to Yuan and the others despite releasing a lot of life source spirits. They had no way to proceed. The combat power of the twelve battle beasts were also very extraordinary. The most horrifying thing about these beasts was that they can transform into any kind of beast, allowing them an endless amount of fighting patterns. There were already several life source spirits that were injured by these beasts.

When the Sprites discovered that they still couldn’t get to Yuan and the others despite releasing their life source spirits, they couldn’t help but be shocked. In their minds, as long as they released their life source spirits, then things will be finished in no time. They also didn’t expect the two Nascent Soul life source spirits to be blocked by one person.

And after seeing that several life source spirits were injured, the Sprites finally understood that they wouldn’t be having a great day today.

The lead Sprite looked at Zhao Hai with hatred in his eyes. He knew that the Sprites had already failed their mission. And this failure was because of Zhao Hai. All of the Undead who blocked the tree spirits were all from Zhao Hai. All these golden beasts taking down life source spirits were also from Zhao Hai. And Zhao Hai himself blocked two Nascent Soul life source spirits. He alone made the attack of the Sprites useless. In the elder Sprite’s eyes, Zhao Hai was extremely hateful.

However, they couldn’t do anything to Zhao Hai. Gazes alone couldn’t kill anyone. And since their life source spirits were being blocked by Zhao Hai, they were in a stalemate. 

There were more and more people who gathered around the battle. These people were from all the other realms. The Sprites felt that they were standing in the middle of a wolf pack.

At this time, a roar was heard from outside the battlefield. Then a small group rushed towards the Sprites. This group wasn’t very large at only 50 people. And it can be seen that these people were all from the Machine Field. These people came here to see the fight and were hoping to pick up some cheap harvests. But after finding that it was Yuan and the others, they immediately rushed in to rescue.

The sight of this team cemented to the Sprites the idea that it was already impossible to deal with Yuan and the others today. If these people appeared, then more people from the Machine Field would come soon. Although the Sprites had surrounded Yuan and the others, they weren’t in any commanding position at all. Yuan and the others were blocking the attacks very well. It would be very hard to break through their defense in a short time.

The old Sprite’s expression turned ugly. However, he loudly said, “Withdraw. We could no longer deal with them.”

The other Sprites were also looking at Zhao Hai with ruthlessness. Then they took back their life source spirits before forming squads and leaving.

But even if the Sprites left, the tree spirits were still assaulting Zhao Hai and the others. They even attacked the approaching people from the Machine Field. Naturally, these tree spirits were set up by the Sprites to tie Zhao Hai and the others down, allowing them safe retreat from the battle.

Zhao Hai didn’t think of pursuing them. Although the Sprites had retreated, their safety wasn’t completely assured. There were still wolves around them.

The Sprites had great fighting ability, other realms wouldn’t easily attack them. However, nobody could say if this still bodes true when motivation exists.

Fortunately, after the Sprites retreated, the tree spirits quickly lost their power and were quickly dealt with by the Undead. No additional casualties appeared among the Machine Field’s people. The additional 50 people were also fine.

Before long, the two groups converged. Zhao Hai didn’t say anything and just took out several bottles of potions and distributed them to everyone. Nobody held back and immediately took the potion without even knowing what it was.

After everyone drank the potions, Zhao Hai looked at the people surrounding them. Some have already left while the others had yet to make a move.

These people also saw the fight between Machine Field and the Sprites. They couldn’t help admit that they weren’t as strong as the Sprites. If they tried to make a move on Zhao Hai and the others, then they wouldn’t be able to win.

Since they can’t be sure, then they wouldn’t attack. It also needed to be said that two lunatics from the Machine Field were present, Buddhist Warrior Yuan and Eight-star Liu Zhen. These two had already proven that they couldn’t be easily dealt with.

Yuan and Liu Zhen had already been known as lunatics in the Six Realms Battlefield. They weren’t people one could easily fight against. This was especially true for Yuan. People had tried multiple times to kill him but they inevitably failed. 

After the group drank their potions, Yuan and Liu Zheng went to Zhao Hai’s side. Yuan looked at Zhao Hai with shining eyes as he laughed and said, “Good, Little Hai, good job! I didn’t really expect that you would have such a powerful Undead. It seems like you’ve been busy slaughtering people.”

Zhao Hai just chuckled and replied, “If it weren’t for these Undead, then how could we get the top 6 in the elimination round? To tell you the truth, we relied on these Undead to kill the bugs back in Fabio Planet.”

Upon hearing Zhao Hai, Yuan laughed once more. Meanwhile, Liu Zhen looked at Zhao Hai and said, “Zhao Hai, this Liu Zhen owes you one. If you need anything in the future, then don’t hesitate to come to my place. I’ll try my best to help.” Zhao Hai smiled faintly and expressed his gratitude.

Yuan looked at the people slowly retreating as he coldly snorted and said, “These bastards, they only came here to get cheap rewards. They aren’t afraid of breaking their teeth. This Yuan was just about to teach them a lesson.”

Liu Zhen smiled and said, “Old Yuan, don’t brag too much. You just saw Little Hai’s strength and you want to fight again? I think you should just forget it. Those Sprites wouldn’t just let us off that easily.”

Yuan nodded and said, “The Sprites really wanted to deal with the both of us at the same time. It seems like it has been a long time since I beat them up. Their skins must be getting itchy.”

Liu Zhen nodded, “We should retaliate, but depending on our present state I’m afraid that would be difficult. Let’s just head back and think about ways to deal with the Sprites.”

Yuan shook his head and said, “I’m not too anxious about dealing with the Sprites. I still have something left to do. Hao Donglai just tried to steal our thornweeds. I must go to the Demon territory to vent some anger before heading back.”


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