BTFTLIAW – Chapter 1288


Chapter 1288 – Conflict Escalation

The Six Realms Battlefield had great spiritual density and was a good place for cultivation. However, the Machine Field couldn’t send people to cultivate here for a long time. This was because the Six Realm Battlefield was too dangerous. There weren’t many people like Yuan who stayed here for six or seven years that were alive and capable.

And even if the Machine Field sent a lot of people into the Battlefield, the other realms wouldn’t allow it. The other realms understood that the Machine Field’s biggest weakness was their individual fighting skill as well as their progression.

If the other realms let the Machine Field increase their fighting strength, then in addition to their battleships, even the Cultivation Realm would have a hard time dealing with them.

Because they knew about this, the other realms couldn’t allow the Machine Field to send a large number of people to the Six Realms Battlefield for cultivation. But at the same time, the other realms couldn’t send a lot of their own people to the battlefield. Although the spiritual density in the battlefield was great, it wasn’t a giant improvement compared to spiritual veins. In this case, these people would just cultivate in their own sects. Additionally, danger was everywhere in the battlefield and the casualty rate was high. Therefore, people consider this place as a place for honing their skills, not a place for cultivation.

It was for this reason that the people from the Machine Field had never used magic artifacts. Even if they had cultivation methods from the Cultivation Realm, they would rarely practice it. Everyone would still learn the Mage and Warrior paths because it required less spiritual qi.

The reason why Xiong Li and the others were able to learn the Cultivation Realm’s methods was because they have only been in the Machine Field for four years. Because they hadn’t been in the Machine Field for long, they weren’t too tied up by the Machine Field’s methods. At the same time, Zhao Hai gave them potions to practice with. It can be said that Xiong Li and the others were able to circumvent the need for spiritual qi because of these potions. This allowed them to gain enough strength to contend with the old Sprite’s spirit.

The Sprite gawked, his face turning uglier. He was a Nascent Soul Expert. However, five Machine Field juniors managed to drive him back. This was humiliation he couldn’t endure.

However, the Sprite didn’t make another move. He knew that attacking Li Kuangren and the others once more wouldn’t do anything. So he waved his hand and led the other Sprites back to the tree spirits. Then he ordered the tree spirits to attack.

It must be said that the attacks of these tree spirits weren’t very good. Otherwise, Liu Zhen and the others wouldn’t have lasted for so long. These tree spirits were spirits that possessed the trees of the Six Realms Battlefield. Being made out of common material affected their compatibility.

But this common nature also supplied the Sprites with endless supply of tree spirits. There was already a large pile of tree spirits that had been killed by people from the Machine Field.

While the fight was happening, Zhao Hai didn’t make any impactful action. Although he sent a spell or two out, those who understood him knew that he wasn’t fighting at full power.

Yuan and the others might have an idea on Zhao Hai’s strength, but Liu Zhen’s group was completely clueless. Liu Zhen and the others thought that Zhao Hai was as strong as Li Kuangren and the others. Therefore, they were fighting as though they were prepared to die in battle. Every single one of them were going all out.

Zhao Hai didn’t fight at full power because he wanted Xiong Li and the others to fight more. This would allow them to get used to their weapons and techniques more. 

The tree spirits’ attacking patterns weren’t hard to deal with, so Xiong Li and the others wouldn’t be in any immediate danger. These tree spirits were suitable for their training. Because of this, the two sides were at a deadlock for some time. Zhao Hai was also holding back because he was guarding against the Sprites. The Sprites were using basic spirits for the fight. Just earlier, the Nascent Soul Sprite only used a basic spirit to battle with Li Kuangren and the others to a standstill. This showed how much power each Sprite had. This was especially true once they used their life source spirit. Seeing that the Sprites were using basic spirits only meant that they were waiting for an opportunity. Once an opportunity emerges, then these Sprites would send their life source spirits to deal the final blow.

When two armies fought, the victor would often be the one with more numbers. This principle could also be applied here. Those with a larger number would most likely win the battle.

The battle between both sides continued on for an hour. A lot of tree spirits fell but they were quickly replaced by newer tree spirits. This caused Yuan and the others to have a difficult time.

Zhao Hai had also increased his speed in releasing magic formations, and his frown grew deeper and deeper. These Sprites were summoning tree spirit with no effort at all. They would just wave their hand and a nearby tree would come to life. Such methods were really surprising for Zhao Hai.

Moreover, Sprites were said to be able to communicate with everything. There were so many trees here making the Sprite’s resources inexhaustible. And even if the trees run out, the Sprites could still use the earth, the wind, and everything else. 

Looking at the growing number of tree spirits surrounding them, Zhao Hai knew that things couldn’t go on like this. If things continue as is, then they would begin to suffer casualties. When he thought of this, Zhao Hai waved his hand and released a large number of Undead in front of him. Then he commanded the Undead to attack the tree spirits.

These Undead had already learned the cultivation methods of the Cultivation Realm. Although the time they cultivated was short, their combat power was still greater compared to the tree spirits. As soon as the Undead entered the battle, the numerical advantage of the tree spirits vanished. Their attacks were blocked by Zhao Hai.

Yuan felt the pressure on him becoming light. Then he noticed that the tree spirits were being blocked by Zhao Hai’s Undead. 

When Yuan saw this, he couldn’t help but stare. Then he shook his long sledgehammer as he looked at the Undead battling the tree spirits. He didn’t expect Zhao Hai to have this many Undead.

Xiong Li and the others also began to relax as they went beside Zhao Hai. Xiong Li patted Zhao Hai’s shoulder and said, “You finally made a move. For a moment there I thought I would be overwhelmed.”

Zhao Hai smiled faintly as he pointed towards Sprites who were stunned, then he said, “Now let’s see what they would do. These Sprites certainly have other methods.” 

Then just as Zhao Hai said that, a person from the Machine Field suddenly cried out pitifully before falling. Zhao Hai stared before his expression changed. Then he waved his hand and released a 1000-layer formation. He sent the attack towards a certain direction. There wasn’t anything in that direction, only air. This caused Xiong Li and the others to be confused.

But at this moment, where there was nothing before, a distortion appeared. Then a transparent character appeared, blocking Zhao Hai’s attack.

It was also at this time that people discovered a wind spirit. The person from the Machine Field fell under this wind spirit’s hand.

Moreover, this was a Sprite’s life source spirit. Therefore, it’s quite strong. If it weren’t for Zhao Hai’s early discovery, then more people from the Machine Field would have been killed.

After the wind spirit blocked Zhao Hai’s blow, its body flickered and disappeared again. Not only could this wind spirit hide from view, it could also block spiritual force from detecting it. Sneak attacks were certainly its strong point.

However, this wind spirit had met its match. Zhao Hai didn’t notice it before so it was able to kill someone. But now that Zhao Hai had noticed its existence, it had already been tagged by the Space. It was already impossible for this wind spirit to sneak attack.

Zhao Hai threw spells one after another, causing the wind spirit to block them all and stopping its attack.

After clashing with Zhao Hai’s spells multiple times, the wind spirit finally knew that it couldn’t escape Zhao Hai’s attacks. The wind spirit materialized and then waved its hand. This caused wind spirits to appear around Zhao Hai and the others to attack them.

These wind spirits weren’t as formidable as the life source spirit. However, they still had their basic capabilities such as transformation and stealth.

Seeing this, Zhao Hai had to command the Undead to protect his people and also attack the approaching wind spirits. At the same time, Yuan and the others resumed their attacks.

These newly made wind spirits didn’t have the ability to block spiritual force detection. This allowed Yuan and the others to detect them and launch a counter-attack.

The Sprites also resumed their attacks. They began to make a large number of tree spirits to reinforce the wind spirits. Additionally, they also summoned earth spirits. But besides that life source wind spirit, the others kept their life source spirits from making a move.

Seeing the Sprites summon more and more spirits, Zhao Hai would naturally be impolite as he also released more Undead. Both sides launched a full-scale war in the surrounding forested region. Moreover, the scale of the battles became bigger and bigger as more Undead, tree spirits, wind spirits, and earth spirits were being summoned. The situation was escalating as time went by.

At this moment, Zhao Hai as well as the Sprites discovered that the battle had gone out of control. They made such a huge move that it’s certain that they have alarmed the other people in the core battlefield. And both sides don’t have any spare energy to deal with these people.

Now, in the surrounding area, people from the other realms were beginning to congregate. This wasn’t good for the Sprites and Machine Field. If they kept fighting like this, then they would be picked off by the others with very little effort.


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