BTFTLIAW – Chapter 1285


Chapter 1285 – One Should Return As Good As One Receives

Hao Donglai was admitting defeat, yet he was also issuing a threat. When he heard Hao Donglai, Yuan laughed and said, “Hao Donglai, you’re too naive. Who do you think this Yuan is? Now that you fell into my hands, you want me to let you go? Why don’t you just tell me to kill myself?”

As soon as Hao Donglai heard this, his expression finally changed. He knew that Yuan wouldn’t let him go. So his face turned resolute as he said, “Yuan, don’t go too far. If I go all out, then I can take your teammates with me. I don’t believe that your subordinates aren’t afraid of death!”

Just as Hao Dongali said this, a loud laughter was heard. However, this laughter didn’t come from Yuan. Hao Donglai turned his head towards the group of newcomers. Yuan and the others were also stunned. Then they turned to see that Xiong Li and the others were laughing.

Zhao Hai also chuckled at the side. Naturally, he knew what Xiong Li and the others were laughing at. On the other hand, Yuan and the others had yet to know about Zhao Hai. The other members of Yuan’s camp were somewhat anxious. They knew that even if they weren’t weak, they were still much weaker compared to the Old Mouse.

Yuan looked at Xiong Li and the others who were laughing, then he knit his brows and said, “Xiong Li, why are you laughing?”

Xiong Li suppressed his laughter before he said, “Captain, I heard that the eyes of a mouse is small, but I believe it now. The Old Rat really wants to go all out against us? Hahaha. It’s so funny. We can’t count how many people like him Little Hai killed. And he wants to go all out as a threat? What a joke.”[1]

Yuan couldn’t help but look at Zhao Hai when he heard Xiong Li. Although they knew some things about the Six Realms Beginner Competition, the information available to them were basic. They didn’t have any good understanding about Zhao Hai’s strength. The only thing Yuan knew was that Zhao Hai was blatantly challenging the folks from the Cultivation Realm. And since Yuan had some enmity against the Cultivation Realm, he was glad to accept Zhao Hai. He really wasn’t aware of how strong Zhao Hai was.

Zhao Hai smiled towards Hao Donglai before saying, “I’ve been wanting to fight the Demon Race in the Six Realms Beginner Competition. But unfortunately, all the Demons have been eliminated by the Cultivators before I get the opportunity. Captain, I want to use this chance to try.”

When Yuan saw Zhao Hai’s confidence, he nodded and said, “Alright, but don’t destroy the thornweed.” 

Zhao Hai smiled faintly and said, “Dealing with the old mouse isn’t too difficult. Don’t worry about it Captain.” 

Hao Donglai was already incensed about his current state, so when he heard Zhao Hai he coldly snorted and said, “Kid, since you want to be crippled, then let me show you how fierce I can be.” Then he gave a roar as a 50 meter tall mouse appeared in front of Zhao Hai. Then the mouse waved its claws and sent two claw attacks towards Zhao Hai.

Zhao Hai smiled faintly and then released two magic formations to block the two attacks. Then he looked at Hao Donglai’s real body and said, “It’s really a mouse spirit. Interesting. However, I hate mice.” Then he waved his hand and released a 1000-layer formation to attack Hao Donglai. 

Hao Donglai saw this attack and immediately issued a high-pitched scream. Then a ball of sand flew out of his mouth and directly hit Zhao Hai’s formation, crushing it completely.

When Zhao Hai saw this, his expression changed. Then he smiled and said, “Very interesting. He’s much better compared to those other trash.”

This ball of sand was an ability of the Mouse Race. However, only variant members of the Mouse Race like Hao Donglai can use it. 

The sand that Hao Donglai spat out wasn’t ordinary sand, but instead poisoned sand. It’s offensive strength was very powerful. After crushing Zhao Hai’s formation, the sands proceeded to attack Zhao Hai. Zhao Hai immediately released another 1000-layer formation to block it.

Hao Donglai didn’t hold back as he threw himself towards Zhao Hai. Upon seeing the situation, Yuan’s expression couldn’t help but change. He wanted to go forward to help but instead he was blocked by Xiong Li.

Yuan looked at Xiong Li and said, “Why are you blocking me? Little Hai is a Mage. He’s finished if Hao Dongali gets in close range.”

Xiong Li smiled faintly and said, “Little Hai is just playing around. With that Mouse’s strength, how could he get close to Little Hai? Little Hai is both a Mage and a Warrior. Captain doesn’t need to worry. If Zhao Hai wanted to deal with him then he would’ve already done it. I think Little Hai just wanted to experience the Demon Realm’s methods.”

Yuan stared. He had yet to see why Xiong Li and the others were so confident in Zhao Hai. He turned to look at Lu Dingtian and the others and saw that they had the same expression. It seems like they agree to Xiong Li’s words.

This made Yuan more curious about Zhao Hai’s strength. He felt that Xiong Li and the others’ confidence in Zhao Hai was too strange.

At this moment, Zhao Hai had already exchanged a few moves with Hao Donglai. Although Hao Donglai wanted to approach Zhao Hai, Zhao Hai didn’t give him the opportunity to get close. Zhao Hai’s 1000-layer formations weren’t easy to deal with. Because of this, Hao Donglai had yet to get in close-combat with Zhao Hai.

Zhao Hai noticed that Hao Donglai was beginning to repeat his methods, so he knew that it was time to stop playing around. He waved his hand to release another 1000-layer formation, then he punched out immediately after.

The magic formation was a cover for Hao Donglai to focus on. The true killer strike was the fist.

And sure enough, Hao Donglai was attracted by Zhao Hai’s magic formation. He thought that Zhao Hai was a pure Mage so he moved his body and evaded Zhao Hai’s magic formation. But suddenly, he felt a fist-shaped energy coming towards him. The fist was so powerful that Hao Donglai already felt it before it reached him.

Hao Donglai’s white fur stood up as he screamed. Then a large phantom Mouse appeared outside his body. This was a type of defensive measure of the Demon Race, known as the Dharma Protector.

Dharma Protector was quite a famous defensive measure of the Demon Race. However, along with its powerful might, the technique also consumed a lot of energy. Using the Dharma Protector once will consume a fourth of the Demon’s energy. But this technique was indeed very powerful.

Zhao Hai’s fist connected just as Hao Donglai’s Dharma Protector appeared. A bang was heard before the Dharma Protector was destroyed. Then the fist hit Hao Donglai’s body and threw him up into the air. The old Mouse spit mouthfuls of blood which carried parts of his innards. 

But since the bodies of the Demon Race were tenacious, this damage didn’t kill Hao Dongai. In fact, he used the force of the fist to launch himself as far as possible.

But how could Zhao Hai allow this to happen? When he saw that Hao Donglai was running, he vanished in place and appeared in front of the Mouse Demon. Upon seeing Zhao Hai appearing in front of him, Hao Donglai’s heart couldn’t help but tighten. He was now half-dead and he didn’t have any more strength to fight back. Moreover, Zhao Hai appeared very close to him, making escape close to impossible. Zhao Hai pointed and a bloody hole appeared in Hao Donglai’s forehead. Then the light slowly vanished from the Mouse Demon’s eyes before he finally died.

When Hao Donglai died, Zhao Hai immediately waved his hand and turned him into an Undead. Then he sent the Mouse Demon to the Space before flying back to where Yuan and the others were.

Yuan and the others were left dull standing in place. It was as if they had been petrified by a spell. It needed to be said that Hao Donglai had a minor reputation in the Six Realms Battlefield. He was given the nickname ‘Poisonous Sand Rat’. Yuan and Hao Donglai had also fought before. But at that time, Yuan was at a disadvantage. During that battle, Yaun had 20 people while Hao Donglai had 20 people as well. In the end, Yuan lost the battle and was forced to retreat to the Lock Mountain Range. Yuan lost quite a lot of people at that time. So naturally, Yuan knew how strong Hao Donglai was.

But now, this Hao Donglai actually fell after exchanging a few moves with Zhao Hai. Also, from what Yuan had seen, it seems like Zhao Hai was done playing around. Just as Xiong Li said, Zhao Hai wanted to see the methods of the Demon Race. And once he saw everything he wanted to see, Zhao Hai proceeded to go for the kill.

Yuan was shocked by the fighting strength that Zhao Hai displayed. One must know that Core Formation Demons were very strong. Even Yuan wasn’t certain that he would win one-on-one. But Zhao Hai just used a couple of moves to kill his opponent. Wasn’t he too strong?

When he saw Zhao Hai approaching the team, Yuan finally recovered. Then his eyes shone brightly as he laughed and said, “Good job, Little Hai. Great job. That was satisfying to see. I didn’t expect you to be that strong. Hahaha. Good, good. With your strength, you can go anywhere you want in the Six Realms Battlefield.”

Zhao Hai smiled and said, “Captain is praising me too much. Right, Captain, where do we go next?”

Yuan turned towards the thornweed patch and then sneered before he said, “Since things became like this, then let’s be impolite and go to the Demon Realm’s territory. Those Demons always run to the Machine Field to bully us. I think it’s time for us to return the favor.” Then after he said that, he flew towards a direction in the core battlefield.

Zhao Hai and the others weren’t very familiar with the places in the Six Realms Battlefield, so they just followed behind Yuan. But at this time, Zhao Hai noticed that the others from the team had changed their attitude towards him.

Battles in the Six Realms Battlefield happen every day. In this place, strength defines the chances of your survival as well as your contributions. The stronger you are, the more contributions you can gain. Therefore, everyone in the Six Realms Battlefield respected the strong. And the strength that Zhao Hai displayed was enough for these people to give him respect. While everyone was being polite to Zhao Hai, they were also secretly happy. After all, with a powerful teammate like him around, their safety was more assured.

  1. Small eyes = shortsighted


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