BTFTLIAW – Chapter 1283


Chapter 1283 – Going Out

Zhao Hai stood on the fort walls and looked at the hills in the distance. These hills were high. They had all kinds of plants growing on them, making them look beautiful.

Zhao Hai and the others had been here for three days. They had yet to encounter a fight in these three days. They only accompanied Yuan as they were getting familiar with the surrounding environment. And to be honest, there was nothing special in the vicinity.

The guarded area of Yuan’s camp wasn’t very large, only about 100li(50km) around the fort. Even if this area didn’t have a radar, powerful magic formation masters could still use their spiritual force to scan it.

Actually, there were almost no defending missions in the area close to Yuan’s camp. And even if there was something that needed to be taken care of, the two closest camps would take care of it. Yuan’s camp mostly went on hunting missions, killing people from the other realms in the core battlefield. Because of this, the camp’s defense was handed over to other people.

Along with getting familiar with the environment, Zhao Hai and the others were also taken to the other camps to make other people aware that they were the newcomers of Yuan’s camp.

After getting in contact with the other teams, Zhao Hai began to understand Yuan’s position. Although Yuan was only a captain of 50 people, it was clear that his influence extended to the entire Lock Mountain Range.

Buddhist Warrior Yuan has been on the frontlines of Lock Mountain Range for seven years. And he had been the person who fought the most and also the one who dared to fight the most. More than a thousand small and large battles, a few of them where he almost died – it can be said that the Machine Field’s Lock Mountain Range became peaceful because of Yuan.

Zhao Hai asked other people and heard that before Yuan arrived in Lock Mountain Range, people would come look for trouble every other day. And not to say about robbing, people were already lucky if they weren’t robbed while at their camps.

When Yuan arrived at the mountain range, he began to lead people to fight the other realms repeatedly. Once someone from the other realms attacked the mountain range, Yuan would quickly deal with them with ferocity. Even if the Machine Field lost 100 individuals to kill 35, Yuan would still trade to teach them a lesson.

In these battles, it’s natural that Yuan’s team had the most casualties. The team has been reinforced multiple times, and there have been cases where it was wiped out, with Yuan as the only survivor..

Even with such dire consequences, Yuan continued to fight. He went all out and held nothing back. There were multiple times where he was severely wounded, almost losing his life.

But such battle style actually brought advantages. Seeing that they were beginning to lose heavily against the Machine Field, the other realms slowly stopped attacking the Lock Mountain Range. This allowed Yuan to lead people into the core battlefield, giving the Machine Field the breath of air it needed.

But in this case, more conflict was inevitable. After many battles, Yuan managed to gain a reputation. It was also at this time that the other realms gave him the nickname One-eyed Buddhist.

Naturally, the people from other camps weren’t in the Lock Mountain Range from the very beginning. In fact, those from the Machine Field who battled here would stay for three years at most. Yuan’s seven-year stay was actually very unique.

While Zhao Hai was thinking about these things, he suddenly heard heavy footsteps approaching him. He doesn’t need to see who it was, it was certainly Yuan. Only Yuan would have such heavy footsteps.

As soon as Zhao Hai turned his head, he saw Yuan walking slowly towards his side. Then Yuan looked at the direction of the core battlefield and said, “What are you thinking about?”

Zhao Hai replied, “I’m just wondering why Captain stayed inside the Six Realms Battlefield for this many years. With your current contributions, you can be positioned at the rear and even return to the Machine FIeld. Your status would not be low. So why would you stay in this dangerous place?”

Yuan didn’t move, he still looked at the core battlefield in the distance. Then after a while, he said, “Many people asked me this question, but I haven’t told them. But I can tell you, it’s because of revenge!”

Yuan didn’t say much but Zhao Hai understood what he meant after recalling the story about Yuan’s life. Zhao Hai nodded and said, “Alright, then I’ll help Captain with his revenge. By the way, Captain. You have been doing this for several years, so why haven’t you practiced a higher level Cultivation Method? Why are you practicing a low-level method?”

This wasn’t news to anyone in the Lock Mountain Range, so upon hearing Zhao Hai, Yuan turned to him and then smiled as he said, “You must be thinking that one couldn’t progress far if they practice low-level methods right?”

Zhao Hai was surprised when he heard Yuan, but he shook his head and said, “That’s not necessarily the case. I have also seen basic methods from the Cultivation Realm. They’re very clever and could make a person progress. However, the speed would be a bit slower. It was likely for their practitioners to die before they reached a higher level.”

Yuan nodded. “That’s correct. It seems like you have some experience. The progress of those cultivation methods are indeed slow, but there’s something good about that. This meant that there would be steady progress with close to no threat of being possessed by a devil. Moreover, there would hardly be any bottlenecks in such methods. As long as one practiced hard enough, they would progress. Although the speed is very slow, progress is gained through hard work and stability.”

Zhao Hai nodded. Yuan looked at Zhao Hai and said, “Little Hai, we’ll be heading out to hunt. Once you meet people from the other realms, you will understand what I’m saying.” Then after laughing, Yuan turned and left.

Although Zhao Hai didn’t understand what Yuan wanted to say, he didn’t mind it too much. In any case, he would find out about it tomorrow.

The next morning, after everyone had eaten, Yuan called the entire team over. Including Zhao Hai’s group, Yuan now had 50 people present. But even if this was a small team, everyone knew that only under Yuan could one earn merit very quickly. But this also meant that they were more likely to die in his command. Because of this, very few people joined Yuan’s group on their own decision.

Seeing his team, Yuan nodded and said, “We’ll be heading out today to hunt. 30 people will be left behind here, the rest will follow me. Little Hai and the other new recruits will come with me. As for the others, decide upon yourselves.”

Discussion was then heard in the dining hall. Nobody was thinking that they wouldn’t go along with Zhao Hai and the others. On the contrary, people wanted to come with him. But including Zhao Hai and his brothers, there were only 20 slots in this excursion. There was an unceasing debate about who these 20 people would be.

If this was any other team, then people would definitely hide when it came to going to the core battlefield. Very few people would go there. But Yuan’s team was different. All of these people had assimilated Yuan’s attitude. So upon hearing that they would be going to the core battlefield, everyone wanted to join the team.

After arguing for some time, the 20 people were finally decided. Those who were chosen were excited while those who failed to qualify were depressed. Seeing this situation, Zhao Hai smiled faintly. His favorable impression towards Yuan has increased by one point.

A flaming eagle will have a flaming nest. Because Yuan was belligerent, then the other people in his camp would naturally be influenced.

Seeing that the team has been decided, Yuan nodded and said, “Alright, we’ll head out soon, make preparations. Right, since Little Hai and the others are beginners, Wu Yang, you brief them.” Then after he said that, Yuan turned around and left.

Zhao Hai turned to Wu Yang and asked, “Brother Wu Yang, what is Captain talking about? What do we need to know?”

Wu Yang wasn’t selected this time, so he was quite dejected. But after hearing Zhao Hai, he answered. “Captain meant that you need to take some food and drinks along with you.” Xiong Li and the others were also beside Zhao Hai, so when they heard Wu Yang, they looked at each other and laughed.

Wu Yang looked at Zhao Hai and the others and said, “Why are you laughing? Go make your preparations.”

Xiong Li smiled and said, “Brother Wu, when it comes to drinks and food, then there’s nothing to prepare. Every time Little Hai goes out, he would bring a lot of food and drinks with him. Even if we stayed a year or longer outside, we still wouldn’t worry about starving. Hahaha. I can even say that when it comes to preparing food and wine, nobody can beat Little Hai.” Wu Yang stared, then he looked at Zhao Hai. He couldn’t really believe what Xiong Li said.

Zhao Hai laughed and then waved his hand as a giant crab appeared. He placed the crab on the table and then smiled as he looked at Wu Yang and said, “Brother Wu, I’ll give this to you. It’s freshly cooked, you can eat it directly.”

Wu Yang stared at the crab. This was the first time he saw a crab as large as this. A crab as large as this was certainly a magic beast. But this beast was now boiled and was sending out thick fragrances.

Zhao Hai glanced at Wu Yang before chuckling and leaving. When he went outside, those who were going with the mission had already prepared. After a while, Yuan also arrived. He was wearing the same clothes, he didn’t look like he was going to battle. His eyes swept through everyone and then nodded. He turned to Zhao Hai and said, “Little Hai, are you ready? We aren’t going out for just a day, you should bring more food.”

Zhao Hai smiled faintly and said, “Captain, rest assured. I have everything ready.”

Yuan nodded, then he said, “Alright, let’s go.” After saying that, he flew and led the team towards the core battlefield. Zhao Hai and the others immediately followed closely behind.

Upon leaving Lock Mountain Range, the group immediately slowed down. They also took out their weapons and made formations. 

Seeing the group being like this, Zhao Hai and the others became somewhat nervous. Xiong Li and the others also took out their weapons, only Zhao Hai remained unarmed. He just calmly looked at the scenery ahead. The other people in the team couldn’t help but look at Zhao Hai. However, Zhao Hai didn’t care, the same was true with Xiong Li and the others. In the minds of Zhao Hai’s brothers, if Zhao Hai took his weapon out, then it would just be bullying.


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