BTFTLIAW – Chapter 1282


Chapter 1282 – Core Battlefield

As Zhao Hai was looking at the forest, Yuan’s voice was heard, “Let’s go. I’ll let you see our Machine Field’s most magnificent creation. The Iron Bridge Fort”

Zhao Hai and the others were attracted by Yuan’s words. Then when they looked behind them, they couldn’t help but be dumbfounded. This was because in front of them was an enormous steel caste.

This giant steel castle was made entirely out of metal. But even so, it was miraculously floating in the air. But on the other end of the castle was a barrier that showed another similar-looking castle. If these castles were to accommodate people, then it wouldn’t be a problem for them to house ten thousand.

The outside castle was built in the style of a bastion. Its walls looked like an open flower. Placed on various places in the castle were all kinds of weapons. Each weapon certainly holds an enormous power in it.

Yuan looked at Zhao Hai and the others’ expression and said, “These two castles, one placed next to the other, guards the spatial rift. At the same time, it also acts as our headquarters, allowing us to rest peacefully. The two castles act as a bridge, with the spatial rift in between them. This is why the two castles are called the Iron Bridge Fort. Both the outside castle and the spatial rift’s castle are made manually. You should have seen that the spatial rift only allowed two people to walk in parallel. This meant that large equipment couldn’t pass through them. This limited the amount of resources that were sent over. People could only use spatial equipment to bring all kinds of materials so that the castles can be built. It took tens of years for the Machine Field to construct this fort. And ever since it was finished, our Machine Field was able to defend against the other realms.”

Zhao Hai and the others nodded. They didn’t really expect that the metallic hall they were just in was a castle.

Yuan continued, “Naturally, the Iron Bridge Fort is now acting as a rear headquarters for the Machine Field. People would only come here to exchange for rewards. Normally, other people would be stationed in other castles or bases. Later on, you will also only come here to rest. You can also use the contribution points you gained on the battlefield to exchange for rewards. Besides these things, there is also a lot of entertainment available in the fort. But if you want to use them, you will need to pay using your contribution points.”

Zhao Hai and the others nodded. They now understood more about the Six Realms Battlefield. It seems like the Machine Field had already established its own stable foothold in the Six Realms Battlefield. Otherwise, Iron Bridge Fort wouldn’t have been this peaceful.

Yuan looked at Iron Bridge Fort and then said, “Let’s go to our base.” Zhao Hai and the others nodded before they flew out with Yuan.

As they were flying, Zhao Hai looked at the scenery while also releasing silver needles. Since the Space had already masked its own presence, then the subspace wouldn’t be able to discover its existence. Even if Zhao Hai used the Space, nobody would be able to discover it.

Moreover, Zhao Hai doesn’t believe that the creator of the Six Realms Battlefield would pay any attention to him. It was like a person wouldn’t pay attention to any of his hairs.

And just as Zhao Hai was feeling a bit of a crisis, making him think of upgrading the Space as soon as possible, he immediately obtained an advantage upon entering the Six Realms Battlefield. The Space’s spiritual density has been upgraded to the Six Realm Battlefield’s level. The Space’s spiritual density was now much stronger compared to the Cultivation Realm. The density was almost approaching the level of a medium-grade spirit vein. 

Although Zhao Hai was glad that the Space’s spiritual density has been upgraded, this also made him realize his disparity compared to the Six Realm Battlefield’s creator. His Space was already mysterious yet the Six Realms Battlefield was more powerful. Zhao Hai was now more vigilant with each of his actions.

The group flew quickly. It seems like Yuan wasn’t worried about encountering any dangers nearby. And since this was the case, there was no need for Zhao Hai and the others to care about it as well. The group flew nonstop for several hours before Zhao Hai discovered a small fort in the distance.

This fort wasn’t made out of metal but instead ordinary stones. However, this fort still had all kinds of magical cannons to provide it with defense. Moreover, magic formations were engraved on the entire fort.

However, Yuan just flew by that fort. As they were passing by, Zhao Hai looked at the fort and saw that there were also people guarding it.

Zhao Hai looked at Yuan in confusion as he asked, “Captain, which team does this fort belong to?”

Yuan looked at the fort and said, “It doesn’t belong to anyone. It’s just a relay station. It’s mainly used for communication and rest. Also, those without any identification will be attacked by the castle if they approach.”

Zhao Hai nodded and at the same time gained a deeper understanding of this subspace. The Six Realm Battlefield was indeed very large. They were flying quickly yet they only came upon a relay station. This meant that they were still quite a distance away from the frontlines. If this was the case, then how large was the Six Realms Battlefield exactly? Zhao Hai was beginning to wonder.

The group flew for a few more hours before resting inside a relay station. After two hours, they departed once more and flew continuously for three days before reaching the frontlines.

Upon arriving at the frontlines, Zhao Hai could immediately feel the tension in the atmosphere. Over the last three days, they mostly flew over forested areas. The rest were hills. And as long as there were hills, a fort would no doubt be constructed there. Relay stations weren’t the only things constructed. Radar stations were also made. These radar stations were constructed so that people from the other realms couldn’t sneak into the Machine Field’s territory and wreak havoc.

The frontline was a defensive position composed of a large mountain range. This mountain range was known as Lock Mountain Range. On the entire span of the mountain range were small forts dotted at certain places. Also, there were radar stations in each mountain peak. As long as a person other than those from the Machine Field enters the Lock Mountain Range, they would immediately be discovered. 

Yuan’s camp in this mountain range was a small fort with around 50 guards inside. They were tasked with securing the nearby 100 li(50km). As long as an enemy appears on this 100 li distance, it was the camp’s responsibility to attack.

The fort wasn’t very large. It was also made like a bastion with magical cannons on its walls. Although Yuan’s team was strong, these magical cannons could still provide extra help.

Yuan settled Zhao Hai and the others down before he gathered everyone to introduce the newcomers. It must be said that the condition in the fort was very good. Although there were only 50 people in this fort, there were about 1000 robots serving them. Moreover, this fort was made to accommodate 500 people. Since there were only 50 here at this time, the fort was very spacious. There was ample space for everyone.

This fort has a dining hall, amusement room, and private rooms that were complete with household appliances – computers and all. One would often forget that they were in the frontlines of the Six Realms Battlefield.

Zhao Hai didn’t expect the situation here to be this good. However, Yuan also told them that beyond the Lock Mountain Range was no longer the Machine Field’s territory. It can be said that outside the Lock Mountain Range was the real battlefield where true chaos happens.

Past the Lock Mountain Range was a large forested area. This area was very fertile and spanned millions of square kilometers.

However, this region was owned by nobody. Anyone can go there to mine, pick medicine, and even murder other people for treasure. No matter what you did there, nobody would care.

This region was the core battlefield of the Six Realms Battlefield – the true Six Realms Battlefield. Yuan’s team’s job wasn’t only to defend their fort, but also to venture out to this battlefield in order to get plants and kill people.

The Six Realms Battlefield was just too large, this allowed each realm to hold on to their own territory. However, there’s a strange phenomenon wherein the resources within each realm’s territory wasn’t very diverse. There were treasures that could only be mined or grown on another territory. Each realm established strong defenses to protect their territories. But at the same time, the six realms wouldn’t dare attack another territory.

This was where the core battlefield became important. This was because this region had all resources that can be found in the other territories. Moreover, this was the only region that wasn’t unconquered.

Because the core battlefield had all the resources of the Six Realms Battlefield available, its output was naturally rich. Therefore, all realms wanted to take it for their own. But after several battles, they discovered that nobody could take this land. Therefore, the six realms reached a tacit understanding making the core battlefield a common territory. Everyone can head to the core battlefield to collect resources. However, one would need to depend on their own skill to survive. If they were killed, then they deserve it for being weak. This made the core battlefield into a huge meat grinder. Every year, countless deaths and injuries were incurred in this region. However, nobody was willing to give up on this region. At any point in time, someone was being killed in this huge territory.


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