BTFTLIAW – Chapter 1281


Chapter 1281 – Shocking Discovery

It wasn’t only Zhao Hai who felt this, the same was true with Xiong Li and the others. The place where they ascended looked almost the same as this. So upon seeing the metal room, they were also surprised.

After some time, Li Kuangren muttered and said, “What’s this? Did we ascend once more?”

Li Kuangren’s words caused Zhao Hai and the others to recover. Then they looked all around in confusion.

At this time, a door appeared on a wall before several Mages and Warriors appeared. Leading the group was an old Mage. When the Mage saw Zhao Hai and the others, he laughed and said, “Everyone, welcome to hell!” His laughter sounded like an insane grandmother’s laugh. It was chilling.

Zhao Hai and the others looked at each other as they didn’t understand what was going on. The Mage then said, “Come with me.” Then he turned around and walked out. Naturally, Zhao Hai and the others followed behind.

Outside the metallic room was a long corridor. What surprised Zhao Hai was that this corridor was also made of metal. It was also wide enough to allow two people to walk side by side.

After walking through this corridor for about 150 steps, Zhao Hai and the others arrived at a hall made out of metal. The hall was about 10 thousand square meters. What attracted Zhao Hai and the others’ attention was that everything in the hall was made entirely out of metal. The table, chairs, pillars, walls, everything was metal.

There were a lot of Mages and Warriors in the hall who were resting, groups of two or three were chatting, and there were also people just sitting down and drinking tea. There were also a lot of robots in the hall that provided services.

Upon seeing these people, Zhao Hai’s pupils shrunk. The bodies of each Mage and Warrior exuded a strong killing aura. One could see at a glance that these people were walking the line between life and death. Such people would be very difficult opponents.

While Zhao Hai was looking at these people, they were also sizing Zhao Hai and the others up. Their gazes weren’t very friendly, there was even a hint of hostility.

Then at this moment, a person in the hall attracted Zhao Hai’s attention. This person was just standing in the hall yet he appeared like an iron tower. This person had dark skin, a bald head, and a scar on his face that spanned from his left ear and through his left eye. This scar made the man look terrifying.

This man was very tall with his height surpassing 2.5 meters. He towered among everyone in the hall. He was a crane among chickens. His eye was currently closed as he stood there like a statue.

But when Zhao Hai saw him, his eyes involuntarily flashed a cold light. This was because the man’s killing aura was very strong, which aroused Zhao Hai’s own killing aura. Zhao Hai already knew who this man was, he must be Buddhist Warrior Yuan.

And sensing Zhao Hai’s gaze, Yuan opened his eye and looked at Zhao Hai. Naturally, he only had his right eye since his left was gone. A cold light flashed through his right eye. He obviously felt Zhao Hai’s killing aura.

Seeing that Yuan was looking at him, Zhao Hai just smiled as he withdrew his entire killing aura, showing complete control over it. Then he gave Yuan a salute.

The other people in the hall couldn’t help but gawk when they saw Zhao Hai’s performance. Everyone in the hall simultaneously made an impressed “Hoh!” sound.

These Mages and Warriors were surprised to see Zhao Hai’s attitude towards Yuan. Buddhist Warrior Yuan was an ominous presence in the Six Realms battlefield for many years. The battles he had fought easily reached the thousands with dozens of those being life and death battles. But even if he was heavily injured in those battles, he always returned. It was said that he was as resilient as a cockroach.

Because of this, Yuan had the strongest killing aura here. Most rookies who come here would urinate under Yuan’s killing aura. But Zhao Hai actually received it with a calm approach. This showed Zhao Hai’s strength.

When Yuan saw Zhao Hai’s attitude, his eyes lit up. Then he walked over, his steps were very heavy. With each step Yuan made, the ground sounded like drums.

Yuan arrived in front of Zhao Hai and the others, completely ignoring the old Mage. He looked at Zhao Hai and said, “Are you Zhao Hai?”

Zhao Hai smiled faintly and said, “I am. Is Mister Buddhist Warrior Yuan? This one has seen mister.”

Yuan burst out laughing, then he said, “Good, good. Truly a man praised by Ma Rulong. I also heard about what you did. Great job. You can’t be lenient towards those fellows from the Cultivation Realm. Well done, well done!”

Zhao Hi smiled faintly and said, “It’s not a big deal. I just killed someone from the Cultivation Realm as well as the Devil Realm.”

Yuan laughed once more when he heard this. Then he patted Zhao Hai’s shoulder as he turned to the old Mage and said, “I’ll be taking care of them.”

The Mage was evidently scared of Yuan. So when he heard him, he immediately nodded and said, “Please. The command has already been sent down for them to be sent to you. However, don’t forget to give them their recorders.” 

Yuan nodded and said, “I know. How could this Yuan forget about that. Alright, let’s go.” Then he led Zhao Hai and the others towards a machine beside the hall.

This machine looked like an iron box with no special quality to it. Yuan stood in front of the machine and then said, “Walk in one by one and don’t move.”

Zhao Hai nodded and entered the machine first. As soon as he entered, the machine flashed with red light. This red light formed a flat plane on top of the machine and descended, scanning Zhao Hai from head to toe.

After the red light vanished, a metal wall in front of Zhao Hai opened up. Inside the opening was a wristband.

Zhao Hai extended his hand and then took the wristband before wearing it. The size of the wristband was just right. And it wasn’t heavy at all nor did it feel cold. It was actually comfortable to wear.

When Zhao Hai came out of the machine, Xiong Li followed in. The process went the same as Zhao Hai. Before long, everyone had a wristband on.

After this, Yuan looked at Zhao Hai and the others and said, “Don’t lose this thing. These things record your contribution during battles. These contributions will become points that you can exchange with anything you want. Alright let’s go. From now on, you’re part of my team.” Zhao Hai and the others nodded. Then they followed Yuan out of the hall. When they left the hall, they were once again inside a corridor. But as they walked, Zhao Hai and the others discovered that this corridor was more than a kilometer long.

A metal door was at the end of the corridor. When the group walked towards the door, it automatically opened. Then Yuan flew out with Zhao Hai and the others quickly following behind.

It was at this point that Zhao Hai and the others discovered that they were headed towards a spatial rift. The metal door actually connects to a spatial rift.

This rift wasn’t very big, it was only about three meters high and wide enough to let two people in side by side. Yuan didn’t hesitate and continued flying forward.

Zhao Hai and the others hastily followed behind. Before long, they appeared in front of another metal door. A red light flashed from the door and scanned everyone before it opened.

Yuan led Zhao Hai and the others across another corridor until they arrived at another metal hall. But this metal hall was much larger than the previous one. There were also more people here. The mixed sounds of chatting and quarrelling  was heard in this hall.

At this time, they were surrounded  by a group of people. The group had three Mages and four Warriors. One of them turned to Yuan and said, “Captain, is this them? Where’s Zhao Hai? Let me see him. Hahaha. He’s amazing, even daring to kill people from the Cultivation Realm. He’s certainly very strong.” The person who spoke wasn’t very tall but it was clear that he was very strong. He had messy hair and his skin was pale gold. He wore worn-out Warrior clothing but his body exuded a valiant aura.

But as this person was talking about him, Zhao Hai was stunned. He was the only one who was stunned in their group. This was because the Space had just issued a shocking prompt!

“Host has entered a subspace made by another person. Host may be discovered. Proceeding to disable tracking function. Tracking function has been disabled. The host can now move freely in this subspace.”

This prompt caused Zhao Hai to be startled and coldly sweat. Although the prompt was short, its contents were extremely terrifying. Zhao Hai was very clear that even if they were still inside a metallic room, they were already in the Six Realms Battlefield. And now the prompt just pointed out that the Six Realms Battlefield was a subspace that another person has made. This was an existence that was similar to his Space. This was scary information.

And as he thought about it more, Zhao Hai was even more startled. The Six Realms Battlefield had an entrance in every realm. When he first thought about this, Zhao Hai couldn’t help but feel strange. It’s too much of a coincidence. But now, upon knowing that the Six Realms Battlefield was someone else’s subspace, Zhao Hai knew that this was done on purpose.

The owner of the subspace opened a passage in every realm, enabling other people to enter the battlefield and kill each other.

But what was his purpose for doing this? The person who made this subspace must be an expert of extraordinary strength. There might not be such an expert in the entire World of Cultivation. The strongest person in the World of Cultivation were those legendary Immortals. However, Zhao Hai haven’t heard of Immortals having their own subspaces. Moreover, from what Ma Rulong said, the Six Realms Battlefield was enormous.

If nobody from the World of Cultivation was strong enough to do this, then who did it? Where did he come from? Why did he make the Six Realms Battlefield? What was his goal?

All of these issues passed by Zhao Hai’s mind, making him absent-minded. At this time, Zhao Hai felt a pat on his shoulder. Zhao Hai was just about to retaliate when he noticed that it was Yuan.

Zhao Hai quickly recovered. Yuan looked at Zhao Hai in confusion as he asked, “Little Hai, what happened? Why are you sweating so much? Is there a problem?”

Zhao Hai shook his head before he replied, “I’m fine. But I just thought of something so I was somewhat distracted. Captain, are these our brothers?” Zhao Hai also noticed the group that approached them.

Yuan nodded and then introduced everyone to Zhao Hai and the others. The Warrior who spoke first was surnamed Wu, Wu Yang. His metal-element body refining technique was said to be formidable. He was one of the experts in Yuan’s team.

The others were from Great Families of the Machine Field. In the Machine Field, the majority of practitioners were from External Halls that were filled with Ascenders. But in the Six Realms Battlefield, Ascenders were very rare. People sent here were mostly descendants of Great Families or Core Members of the family.

Zhao Hai and the others exchanged greetings with the other team members. After that, Yuan led everyone out of the metallic hall. Then after passing another corridor, Zhao Hai and the others went out of a metal door. Upon passing through the door, the group were met with the view of a forest. Zhao Hai and the others were currently flying above the forest..

Although Zhao Hai wanted to find out about the secret of the Six Realms Battlefield, he knew that it was impossible for him with his present strength. He might even bring danger to himself. What he needed to do was pretend that he didn’t know anything and just cultivate. He could resume his investigation when he gets stronger.

Because of this, Zhao Hai put the matter on the back of his mind as he inspected his surroundings. He discovered that the environment was indeed very good. Compared to the Cultivation Realm, the spiritual density here was thicker. It was a very good place for cultivation.

The forest where they were in can be called a virgin forest. The forest was so expansive that its end couldn’t be seen. Looking at the size of the forest, Zhao Hai couldn’t help but feel excited. With a forest this large, there would certainly be unique plants growing inside it. He wanted to explore the place to see if he could find something to send to the Space.

Originally, Zhao Hai wasn’t too anxious about upgrading the Space. But when he learned that the Six Realms Battlefield was a subspace of another person, he couldn’t help but feel a sense of crisis. He began to think about the security of his Space. If other people can create subspaces like the Six Realms Battlefield, then would it be possible for them to break into the Space? If that was the case, then Zhao Hai’s biggest advantage would vanish!


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