BTFTLIAW – Chapter 1280


Chapter 1280 – Destination, Six Realms Battlefield

Zhao Hai was currently sitting inside a ship along with Xiong Li and the others. Ma Rulong was also with them. They had just left Machine Field Planet and were headed to a certain location. Other people were clueless about their destination. However, Zhao Hai and the others knew that they were going to the Six Realms Battlefield!

With a serious expression, Ma Rulong looked at Zhao Hai and the others and said, “Little Hai, you should all be very careful. The Six Realms Battlefield isn’t like any other place. All who go there are experienced experts. Nobody is easy to deal with. Don’t trust anyone besides those from the Machine Field. Although it’s only you six that are going, once you arrive there you will be sent to a 50-person team. Your Commander will be someone named Buddhist Warrior Yuan. He is originally a member of the Jingang Sect of the Cultivation Realm. However, he offended a powerful elder of his sect so was kicked out. Additionally, that elder posted a bounty on his head. He didn’t have a choice but to run to the Machine Field. In his stay here, he managed to contribute greatly to the realm. He is nicknamed the One-eyed Buddhist because he lost one eye when he was chased down by his Sect. He’s a strong expert and a friend of mine. I’ve asked him to take care of you.”[1]

Zhao Hai nodded and said, “Thank you Team Leader. I also heard about the One-eyed Buddhist. He’s a famous character in the Machine Field. However, he seems to have disappeared. People thought that he’d been assassinated by someone. I didn’t expect him to be in the Six Realm Battlefield. And it looks like he’s been there for some time”

Ma Rulong nodded, “Correct. He’s been there for several years already. Although he’s only a Captain of a small team, nobody dared to underestimate him in the Six Realms Battlefield.”

Zhao Hai nodded. At this time Xiong Li said, “Team Leader, is Buddhist Warrior Yuan really that powerful?”

Ma Rulong nodded and said, “Of course he’s powerful. Yuan isn’t an Ascender. His mother and father were commoners on the planet where Jingang Sect is. He managed to learn a minor version of the sect’s cultivation method when he was young. Because of his talent and strength, he became suitable for the sect’s Cultivation Method. It didn’t take long for him to become an inner disciple of the sect.”

After speaking up to this point, Ma Rulong sighed. Then he looked at everyone and continued, “You should have seen the Cultivation Realm’s situation. And even if you haven’t seen it, you should have heard of it. When Yuan became an Inner Disciple of the Jingang Sect, the status of his parents naturally improved. They were admitted to the sect and were given a residence. However, there were some from the Jingang Sect who looked down on them and would spread some baseless humors once in a while. Fortunately, Yuan’s parents knew their place, so they endured.”

Zhao Hai and the others could almost guess what happened next, but they didn’t speak and just listened quietly. Ma Rulong went on, “One day, Yuan came home and heard that his mother had died. Yuan looked at his mother’s remains and saw that his mother was killed. He asked his father what happened. Initially unwilling to tell Yuan about what happened, his father finally relented and told Yuan everything. When Yuan’s mother went to fetch some water, she unintentionally spilled some of it on an Inner Disciple of the Jingang Sect. This Inner Disciple got angry and killed Yuan’s mother. And it was known that this Inner Disciple was a grandson of a sect elder.”

“Yuan was a very filial son, so how could he bear this injustice? But since he still had control over himself, he didn’t immediately look for revenge. Instead, he endured and waited for an opportunity. Finally, Yuan was given the chance to kill that person during a sect mission. Naturally, he wouldn’t declare that he killed the man. He just said that the man was killed while doing the mission.”

“However, the sect elder didn’t believe Yuan that easily. And after his circumstances were found out, Yuan ran away. His father was unable to escape and was burned alive by that elder. Then the elder began to offer a bounty for his capture. Yuan could no longer stay in the Cultivation Realm so he went to the other realms. But with his strength, it was difficult for Yuan to ensure his own safety. He was afraid that the other realms would capture him in order to gain favor with the Jingang Sect. In the end, Yuan ended up in the Machine Field. He gave the Machine Field his Cultivation Method in exchange for protection. The Machine Field’s higher-ups agreed and he stayed in the Machine Field since then.”

“Because of his hatred towards the Jingang Sect, he has always been merciless towards the people from the Cultivation Realm. But since he only learned a part of the Jingang Sect’s Cultivation Method, his control over magic artifacts wasn’t very good. However, this fellow is still very strong. In addition to cultivating the Jingang Sect’s method, he also placed great attention to his body. This caused his defense to be very formidable. After years of refining his body, Yuan became a human beast. This allowed him to get positive results in the Six Realms Battlefield.”

“I met him in the Six Realms Battlefield. At that time, I was one of his men. While on a mission, he was seriously injured while the rest of the team were killed. Only the two of us were left. I took him back with me as we were being hunted. I hid and hid until reinforcements arrived. After that, we became lifelong friends. But let me tell you this first, you should listen to him properly. That fellow’s temperament isn’t very good.”

Zhao Hai and the others nodded. Zhao Hai smiled at Ma Rulong and said, “Team Leader, rest assured. We’re honest and good-natured people. We will never cause any trouble.”

Ma Rulong snorted and said, “Kid, you had never been honest. But fortunately, your temperament is compatible with his. You’re kind to your allies and ruthless to your enemies, that fellow is the same.”

Zhao Hai smiled faintly and said, “Good man. Haha. Working with him will certainly be great.” Ma Rulong looked at Zhao Hai and couldn’t help but smile bitterly. He doesn’t know what to say.

The ship proceeded smoothly before stopping two days later. Much to Zhao Hai’s surprise, the ship’s location wasn’t that far away from Dark Demon Planet. There were many factions on this planet and it wasn’t any different to any other place in the Machine Field. This planet was called Apte.

Zhao Hai heard about Apte Planet before. To be honest, he just ignored it at that time. He didn’t expect the ship to stop at this place. And much to Zhao Hai’s surprise, the ship didn’t park outside the planet. Instead, it directly flew inside towards a fairly big island on the planet.

This island was the territory of a family on the planet. This family was the strongest influence in Atpe. This island along with other surrounding islands were under this family’s control. The ships coming and going from this place looked very normal, much like the civilian ship that Zhao Hai and the others were in. Because of this, the ship where Zhao Hai and the others were in didn’t look suspicious.

The ship entered a secret base upon reaching the island. After landing, Ma Rulong led Zhao Hai and the others out of the ship. It must be said that without the silver needles Zhao Hai wouldn’t have known that this was Apte Planet.

The group followed Ma Rulong out of the ship and soon discovered that they were in an underground cavern. This cavern had plenty of robots both active and inactive. They numbered approximately 1000.

Ma Rulong looked at these robots and then whispered, “Don’t underestimate these robots. Inside their bodies are small nuclear bombs. If all of these robots explode at the same time, then even Little Hai wouldn’t be able to escape. You’re guaranteed to die on the spot.”

As soon as they heard Ma Rulong, Zhao Hai and the others couldn’t help but be surprised. They didn’t expect these robots to be this deadly. If these robots explode at the same time, the damage they can inflict would certainly be dangerous. Zhao Hai was even certain that they could destroy the entire planet.

Ma Rulong didn’t mind the robots as he walked towards a cave. This cave was enormous. It had rocks and stalagmites everywhere that were arranged beautifully.

However, Zhao Hai wasn’t in the mood to admire the sight. This was because he discovered that besides the robots, there were also a lot of Mages and Warriors protecting the place. There were about a hundred of them. All of them were hidden with some even hiding behind magic formations.

Upon seeing this, Zhao Hai couldn’t help but look at Ma Rulong. But Ma Rulong’s expression made Zhao Hai somewhat puzzled. It seems like Ma Rulong wasn’t aware of the existence of these people. 

Before long, the group arrived at their destination. Then Ma Rulong looked at Zhao Hai and the others and said, “I can only accompany you up to here. Go on ahead. Someone will receive you on the other side.”

Zhao Hai and the others nodded as they stepped on the transmission formation. Ma Rulong looked at Zhao Hai and the others until a white light flashed. The next moment, Zhao Hai and the others were no longer in sight.”

Seeing the transmission formation empty, Ma Rulong sighed as he muttered, “Kid, you need to survive.”


There was a flash of light inside a huge metal room, then Zhao Hai and the others appeared inside it. Upon appearing, ZHao Hai and the others couldn’t help but stare. This was because this scene was very familiar. A giant room that was made entirely of metal, numerous magic formations on the walls, ceiling, and floor – Zhao Hai couldn’t help but feel that time had flown backwards. It was like he ascended once more.

  1. Jingang(金刚), known as Buddha’s Warrior Assistant. 


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