BTFTLIAW – Chapter 1277


Chapter 1277 – Take Us With You

Zhao Hai can be regarded as someone returning to his hometown with great achievements. Naturally, this requires a celebration. Just as Tie Sheng was preparing the food and drinks in the cafeteria, the other Camp Lords also arrived. It doesn’t matter if these people had some problems with the Bone Symbol Camp before, all of that has vanished. Zhao Hai was now the hero of the entire Machine Field and the biggest contributor to the Ashley Family. It’s stupid to not form any good relations with him at this time.

Zhao Hai was also very polite to the Camp Lords. Even Diya, the Camp Lord of the Ghost Symbol Camp who had a bad relationship with the Bone Symbol Camp before was greeted the same way. Zhao Hai gave them a proper greeting without showing any arrogance.

The celebration was naturally jovial. When evening arrived, Zhao Hai and Margaret returned to their villa and then they immediately entered the Space to sleep. Noon of the next day arrived and after eating his meal, Zhao Hai left Margaret inside the Space as he went out and had a robot lead Barlett and the others over. He wanted to chat with them.

Before long, Barlett and the others arrived. They have known Zhao Hai for about a year now, they knew him even before Zhao Hai knew Margaret. But since Zhao Hai left a month after he Ascended and they needed to finish their education, it has been a long time since they had last seen each other.

Zhao Hai gave them magic staffs and he even made the Bone Symbol Camp take care of them. They were very grateful for this. So when they entered the Bone Symbol Camp, they wanted to meet Zhao Hai to thank him. However, Zhao Hai was already attending the competition. Moreover, it seems like he became the Machine Field’s Hero. This caused them to be a bit dizzy. This development was too fast, they didn’t expect it.

Now that Zhao Hai was looking for them, it’s natural for Barlett and the others to comply quickly. They knew Zhao Hai’s position in the Machine Field. There were innumerable people who wanted to flatter him but were unable to. In this case, they wouldn’t dare to neglect his invitation.

Although they were wizened people and had powerful status in the lower realms, coming to the Machine Field made then understand a lot of things. In the past year, they didn’t only adapt to the spiritual qi of the Machine Field, they were also able to somewhat stabilize their mentality.

Barlett and the others were Zhao Hai’s friends. But even if Zhao Hai put on airs in front of them, they still had to accept it.

Under the robot’s lead, Barlett and the others entered Zhao Hai’s room. They didn’t see Margaret inside but they didn’t say anything. Zhao Hai quickly welcomed them. When the group gave him a salute, Zhao Hai laughed and said, “Come in quick, take a seat. I wasn’t able to talk properly with you yesterday since there’s a lot of people. So I called you over today for a chat.”

When Barlett and the others saw that Zhao Hai was so enthusiastic in meeting them, they couldn’t help but be moved. Zhao Hai doesn’t need to care about people like them, now with his stellar reputation. However, Zhao Hai chose to be warm to them. They saw how Camp Lords were very cordial towards him yesterday. These Camp Lords were even speaking respectfully towards Zhao Hai, this showed how high Zhao Hai’s current status was.

Zhao Hai talked with them yesterday for a while, and even then he showed great enthusiasm. Barlett and the others thought that Zhao Hai was polite to them yesterday for the sake of his reputation. Zhao Hai was now a legendary figure in the Machine Field. Because of this, his history was uncovered by people. Therefore, people were aware that he had relationships with a few people back in the Ascender Academy. If Zhao Hai didn’t say hello to them yesterday, then other people would think that Zhao Hai was an ingrate. This would heavily damage his reputation.

But today was a private meeting. There was no need for Zhao Hai to be cordial since nobody was looking at them. Moreover, nobody would listen to Barlett and the others if they complained. Because of this, when they were invited over by Zhao Hai, they already acted extremely respectful.

However, they didn’t expect Zhao Hai to be very polite. When they heard Zhao Hai, their hearts immediately filled up with happiness. It seems like Zhao Hai was indeed a true friend. 

The group entered the living room and sat down. Then the robot began serving them tea. Zhao Hai looked at Barlett and the others, then he smiled and said, “How are you? Is the camp treating you well?”

Upon hearing Zhao Hai, Barlett smiled and said, “Thanks to you, the Bone Symbol Camp has been treating us well. Although we’re given tasks, they weren’t very dangerous. We’re having a good time here.”

Zhao Hai smiled and said, “That’s great. There’s no need to be very polite with me. You can keep calling me Little Hai like before. I got some food and wine prepared, let’s eat.” Then everyone went to the dining area to eat. The robot had already prepared them some food and wine.

After inviting everyone to have a seat, Zhao Hai lifted his wine glass up and said, “Come, let’s drink. We haven’t seen each other for some time. We have a lot of catching up to do!” Barlett and the others were also very happy. So they raised their classes and drank with Zhao Hai.

Upon downing one glass, everyone began to loosen up as they chatted. Barlett and the others were naturally interested in the Cultivation Realm. So Zhao Hai retold his journey to them. The room’s atmosphere became warmer.

After drinking a few more glasses of wine and eating a few dishes, Zhao Hai suddenly said, “Everyone, I invited you in today because I have something to tell you.”

As soon as they heard Zhao Hai, Barlett and the others knew that it was time for proper business. The group immediately adjusted their seating position as they waited for Zhao Hai’s next words. Seeing everyone turn serious, Zhao Hai smiled faintly but he didn’t stop them. Then he continued, “Even if I just returned to the Machine Field, I will have to head out again to do a mission. And after I’m finished with this mission, I might be leaving the Ashley Family to go independent.”

Barlett and the others weren’t very surprised with Zhao Hai’s words. In fact, they had been hearing rumors flying around about this, especially in the Bone Symbol Camp. Everyone believed that Zhao Hai would go independent. Moreover, it seems like it would be soon.

Therefore, upon hearing Zhao Hai, Barlett and the others weren’t shocked. They just nodded. Seeing them nod, Zhao Hai added, “Me, Xiong Li, Lu Dingtian, Dongfang Yu, Li Kuangren, and Sun Fei are going to go on our own. And since I have gained a large merit this time, I will certainly be rewarded greatly. I want to use this opportunity to ask for a planet.”

Upon hearing Zhao Hai, Barlett and the others were stunned. All of them looked at Zhao Hai in surprise. As soon as he saw their reaction, Zhao Hai immediately knew what they were thinking about. They didn’t know that there were still unclaimed habitable planets in the Machine Field. But upon explaining it to them, Barlet and the others understood that there were habitable planets that nobody wanted.

Barlett nodded and said, “This rumor has been circulating in the Bone Symbol Camp. Everyone knows that you will go independent. However, nobody thought that you would take a planet. Little Hai, let me just say, if you want to operate a planet, then you will have to make a huge investment.”

As soon as he heard this, Zhao Hai smiled faintly and said, “This is not a problem, don’t worry about it. But if I want to go independent, then I would need people to help me. I wonder if you’re interested in coming?”

When they heard Zhao Hai, Barlett and the others were stunned. Then they looked at each other, visibly confused. They didn’t expect Zhao Hai to invite them to come with him. It was truly unexpected.

Barlett and the others have been in the Bone Symbol Camp for some time. They had also understood their present situation. Aged Ascenders like them had no status in families. Barlett and the others were among the lucky ones since they were taken care of by the Bone Symbol Camp. They would be given easy tasks and money every year. This way, their lives wouldn’t be bad. However, that was it.

Other Aged Ascenders weren’t as lucky as Barlett and the others. They generally won’t be given missions so they don’t have any money. And if they were given tasks, the tasks they were given were dangerous. There was a high chance for them to fall in those tasks. Therefore, there weren’t a lot of aged ascenders left in the External Halls.

Zhao Hai looked at their expressions, then he smiled faintly and said, “I might go out to do a mission soon, but I’m sure that I would get the reward before then. I believe it shouldn’t be a problem for me to ask for a planet that nobody wants. However, transforming that planet would be a top priority. Although I asked Margaret to take care of this matter, she’s still young after all. There will be a lot of things that she wouldn’t be able to deal with. So I thought of you. Don’t worry, money, materials, and other resources will not be a problem. So what do you think?”

Barlett paused for a moment and then said, “Alright, I agree. In any case, we wouldn’t be able to progress far in the Bone Symbol Camp. We might as well help you. What do you all think?”

The others agreed as well. People like them used to hold high status in the lower realms. But in the Machine Field, they were demoted to useless old men. It would take a long time for them to fully adapt to this situation.

Originally, they were dejected with their current state. They thought that they would rot and die in the Bone Symbol Camp. But now, Zhao Hai came to invite them for exciting work.

Seeing them agree, Zhao Hai immediately lifted his wine glass and said, “Alright, then when I get the planet, I’ll depend on you to take care of it.” Barlett and the others lifted their wine glasses up as well and gave Zhao Hai a toast. Then everyone downed their wine. But this time, the old men felt that the fire they had in their youths was reignited.


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