BTFTLIAW – Chapter 1273


Chapter 1273 – Modified Yin Lightning Mines

These were yin lightning mines, not ordinary stones from the roadside that you can just throw at passersby. Yin thunder mines were famed in the World of Cultivation not only because of its lethality, but also because of how difficult they were to make.

But now, Zhao Hai took out a thousand yin thunder mines. Were these mines trash in his eyes?

Zhao Hai was very satisfied with his victory. But what he was unsatisfied about was the lack of harvests. To be honest, Zhao Hai didn’t expect the yin thunder mines to be this destructive. It killed about 100 people, and these were experts who have defensive artifacts.

At the same time, Zhao Hai was happy about the Undead’s performance. Their coordination was already very good, but now that they have yin lightning mines, their strength has increased by one layer.

Zhao Hai was initially worried about the Undead’s strength. Currently, the Undead have strength equal to Qi Condensation Cultivators. In the World of Cultivation, they were still really weak. Although they were now studying Cultivation Methods, increasing their strength in a short time was impossible.

The blood lightning beads might be a powerful weapon in the lower realms, but they can’t do much in the World of Cultivation. Even low-level Cultivators couldn’t be damaged by the blood lightning beads. Because of this, the main method of the Undead’s offense has been rendered useless.

Now that there’s the yin lightning mines, this weakness has been taken care of. As long as they were given time, all of the Undead would be equipped with yin lightning mines. This will enhance the strength of the Undead once more.

Zhao Hai wasn’t polite and ordered the Undead to eradicate the survivors. The Cultivators and Devil Practitioners that were left had already lost their confidence. In this case, it was easy for the Undead to clean them up.

Once the fight was over, Zhao Hai turned the dead Cultivators and Devil Practitioners into Undead. Then he commanded the Undead to clean up the surroundings. At the same time, all traces of energy around the area needed to be erased.

Zhao Hai remembered what he saw back in the bug caves. Upon analyzing the remnant energy of the battle, Suo Liancheng was able to restore the fight scene. This time, Zhao Hai wouldn’t make such a careless mistake. The battlefield has been cleaned up and the energy traces have been smoothed out.

If Zhao Hai doesn’t clean up the battlefield, then others would see that he had used a lot of yin lightning mines in the battle. Zhao Hai doesn’t want others to know that he had this much ying lightning mines. If the others knew, then they would be prepared, reducing the impact of the mines in the battlefield.

Zhao Hai wasn’t satisfied because the yin lightning mines killed a lot of his enemies. He was happy because even if the mines killed the Cultivators and Devil Practitioners, it wasn’t too destructive by itself.

If the Cultivators and Devil Practitioners weren’t huddled up at that time and instead scattered themselves, then the yin lightning mines wouldn’t be able to kill a lot of them. It was because they were close to each other that the yin thunder mines were able to display a lot of might.

If the yin lightning mines were truly powerful, then Lin Jiang wouldn’t have handed them over. And the Devil Realm shouldn’t have made Tu Mietan use it sneakily. One could see the limitations of the yin lightning mines from this point. Only when there’s a large number of them would they exert their formidable power.

After everything has been processed, Zhao Hai teleported to the Space. As for the transmission formations in the Void Arena, he placed seals on it so that reactivating them in a short time would be impossible.

Upon entering the Space, Zhao Hai discovered that Laura and the others were busily discussing the data collected from the battle. The scene looked like they were having a conference.

They could look for weak points through this post-battle analysis. This way, they wouldn’t make the same mistake the next time.

Presently, the Universal Processing Machine was making yin lightning mines. These mines would definitely be very useful for the Undead. It has more utility compared to magic artifacts and paper talismans. Although these mines were known for being difficult to mass-produce, the Space was an anomaly that could do the impossible. And once the Space gains the ability to mass-produce these yin lightning mines, then Zhao Hai wouldn’t need to fear anybody.

The usage of yin lightning mines this time brought out several issues. The first issue was the distance where the mines could be used. Yin lightning mines were different compared to most magic artifacts. In the World of Cultivation, things like the yin lightning mines were considered to be hidden weapons. People only cared about their power and not how to control them.

When controlling magic artifacts, Cultivators would use their spiritual force and tap into the artifact’s core. Then they would control the artifact through this core. This way, even if the artifact was damaged, the spiritual force used to control it wouldn’t be affected too much. And since magic artifacts rarely get destroyed, Cultivators weren’t too worried about damaging their spiritual force.

However, consumable weapons like yin lightning mines were different. These weapons wouldn’t have formation cores so they couldn’t be controlled with much flexibility. But if they were equipped with formation cores, even if they can be controlled better, once they explode the spiritual force of the user would be heavily damaged. 

When ordinary artifacts get destroyed, they were crushed from the outside to the inside. And since these artifacts were most often made with quality materials, their formation cores would have good defenses and would protect the user’s spiritual force. 

On the other hand, yin thunder mines were exploding artifacts. These artifacts start to explode from inside out. If there was a formation core, then the user’s spiritual force would no doubt be damaged. Once the yin lightning mines explode, the first to be damaged wouldn’t be the enemy, but the user. Because of this, exploding artifacts like the yin lightning mines don’t have any system for flexible control. They would only be made to be as powerful as possible. Because of this, yin lightning mines could only be used during sneak attacks or large-scale like what the Undead did. Only through these methods could the yin lightning mines display their true power.

The yin lightning mines’ greatest problem right now was control. So what Zhao Hai needed to do was find a way to fix this problem as well as reduce its threat to the user’s spiritual force.

After undergoing the analysis of the scanner, Zhao Hai managed to obtain a diagram for a modified yin lightning mine. Originally, a large part of the formations inside the mines were for sealing yin lightning inside while the others were used for activating the mine as well as increasing its explosive might.

But in the diagram that Zhao Hai obtained, new magic formations were added to the mines. These formations could seal the yin lightning while also increasing the mine’s explosive might. More importantly, these magic formations allowed the existence of a formation core.

This formation allowed the control of the artifact. Ordinarily, this formation core shouldn’t be placed inside the mine. But in the diagram, this formation core had an additional formation that has only one function, and that was to delay the mine’s activation.

This delay would activate once the user activates the yin lightning mine. It would delay the explosion by a fraction of a second. Even if it was just a moment’s time, this delay would allow the user to evacuate their spiritual force from the formation core. This way, the user wouldn’t be injured by using the yin lightning mines. This would also provide the user with a firm control over the mines.

One shouldn’t underestimate this simple modification. If it weren’t for the scanner, then even if someone spent hundreds of years researching, they wouldn’t be able to find the compatible formations and magic formations to achieve this feat.

After obtaining this diagram, Zhao Hai immediately ordered its production. These yin lightning mines would definitely become great weapons for the Undead.

Just like Zhao Hai, the Undead have never used magic artifacts before. If they were equipped with magic artifacts that they weren’t familiar with, then it would take some time for them to use it. The Undead needed to be taught the Cultivation Realm’s cultivation methods and then practice it. Only then would the Undead become Cultivators. In the future, they wouldn’t be different to the Cultivators from the Demon Realm.

In the World of Cultivation, Demon Cultivators don’t only refer to plants or beasts that were able to cultivate. These Demon Cultivators also include Zombies and Ghosts. However, even if these Zombies and Ghosts cultivate their own cultivation methods, they could still be considered to be Cultivators.

The Undead inside the Space were heading towards this direction. Zhao Hai was heavily advocating for this to be pushed through. In the future, the Space’s Undead would become a powerful influence in the World of Cultivation.


While inside the Space, Zhao Hai wasn’t only researching new ideas. He was also paying attention to the Machine Field’s situation. Naturally, when Ma Rulong and the others returned to the Machine Field, they were met with a hero’s welcome. However, upon seeing that Zhao Hai wasn’t with them, the entire realm went into an uproar. There were several powers in the Machine Field that wanted to go to the Cultivation Realm to save Zhao Hai. However, they didn’t succeed since the transmission formations had been closed. And if they use battleships to head to the Cultivation Realm, then this would be taken as a declaration of war.

Because of this, the Machine Field could only protest the Cultivation Realm to open the transmission formations as soon as possible. However, the Cultivation Realm didn’t answer. It was as though they were delaying for time.