BTFTLIAW – Chapter 1272


Chapter 1272 – Brutal Attack

Fu Yishan looked at Zhao Hai with a vicious gaze. He hates Zhao Hai not because he killed Jiang Tian. Jiang Tian was just one of his disciples, and he hasn’t even been promoted into a formal disciple. Although Fu Yishan felt some pain when Jiang Tian died, it wasn’t a pressing situation for him.

Fu Yishan hated Zhao Hai because Zhao Hai publicly slapped his face. For the Cultivators, face was as valuable as their lives. Therefore, at this point, he wanted to eat Zhao Hai’s meat and drink his blood.

Standing not far away from Fu Yishan was Zhongli Qiang. The Cultivation Realm and the Devil Realm had united to deal with Zhao Hai.

Zhao Hai continued sitting calmly as he looked at the two groups of people. Then after a moment, he began to laugh. Fu Yishan looked at Zhao Hai’s reaction and couldn’t help but snort as he said, “Zhao Hai, you’re still laughing even though you’re about to die. I admire your courage.”

Zhao Hai looked at Fu Yishan and then replied, “I didn’t expect the righteous Cultivators from the Cultivation Realm to cooperate with the Devil Realm. You have given this Zhao Hai huge face.”

Zhongli Qiang coldly snorted and said, “Zhao Hai, there’s no need for you to buy time. Those people from the Machine Field wouldn’t be in any danger, but they also won’t be able to come back to save you. The transmission formations have already been closed. All you can do now is die.”

Zhao Hai laughed and said, “Zhongli Qiang, you’re too naive. You think I’m hoping for them to come back? Let me tell you the truth, I asked them to leave. Otherwise, would they just give up on me? If they left me behind, then the Ascenders in the Machine Field would revolt. When the time comes, even three-year olds would know how much trouble it would bring.”

Zhongli Qiang and Fu Yishan looked at each other. They believed what Zhao Hai was saying. In fact, they found it strange when Ma Rulong left with everyone else from the Machine Field. Losing Zhao Hai here wouldn’t bring any advantage to the Machine Field. Even if they obtained the mines and the ore planets, losing the trust of the people as a tradeoff wasn’t worth it. Ma Rulong should be smart enough to know about this.

But Ma Rulong actually left, this caused the two to be puzzled. So after hearing Zhao Hai, they immediately knew that it was true. Only Zhao Hai could make Ma Rulong leave like that, otherwise Ma Rulong would have stayed.

At this time, the two couldn’t understand why Zhao Hai would do this. Not only would this disadvantage him, it would place him in extreme danger. Was Zhao Hai a selfless person? Fu Yishan and Zhongli Qiang wouldn’t dare believe so.

It doesn’t matter if they were from the Cultivation Realm or the Devil Realm, all of them were innately selfish. It was impossible for them to sacrifice their lives for others. If they can’t win, then they would have other people die in place of them.

Seeing the appearance of the two, Zhao Hai immediately knew what they were thinking about. He smiled faintly and said, “You two can’t understand why I would do that? Letting others go while I stay behind to brave the dangers isn’t something a wise person would do right?”

Seeing Fu Yishan and Zhongli Qiang turning silent, Zhao Hai laughed and said, “I stayed behind because I’m going to kill some people. Some people need to die so that others would be afraid of me. I want people to know that if they want to plot against me, then they need to make sure that their necks are hard enough!”

Zhao Hai’s words were filled with a very thick killing aura. Zhongli Qiang and Fu Yishan didn’t expect Zhao Hai’s plan to be like this. 

When they were hit with Zhao Hai’s killing aura, the two couldn’t help but be a bit frightened. Although these two had seen great storms, this was the first time they saw someone like Zhao Hai.

Although people from the Devil Realm were in a constant state of murder, they just kill people for their cultivation. Moreover, what they killed were mostly civilians. The teachings in the Devil Realm were different. In the eyes of the people from the Devil Realm, these commoners were not humans at all. They were farm animals that could be slaughtered whenever they were needed. Would a butcher feel bad about killing a pig? Because of this, practitioners from the Devil Realm had no psychological burden when killing commoners.

However, practitioners from the Devil Realm treat other practitioners as people. And they wouldn’t easily make a move against them. When Zhongli Qiang heard Zhao Hai, he felt that Zhao Hai wasn’t treating them as humans at all. He just wanted to kill. That’s why Zhongli Qiang was startled.

Zhao Hai looked at those present as he laughed and said, “You look startled. Do you think that this Zhao Hai is a good man? Hahahaha. All of you are going to die today. If you don’t believe me, then take a look for yourself.”

When Fu Yishan and Zhongli Qiang looked around them, their faces couldn’t help but change color. This was because they had been surrounded by a dense number of Undead. These Undead filled up the entire vicinity of the void arena. Even they couldn’t count how many Undead there were.

Most importantly, the void arena’s transmission formations have been occupied by the Undead. In other words, those present here wouldn’t be able to escape. Moreover, they could no longer get any reinforcements. They can only stay here and fight against Zhao Hai.

Seeing all of the Undead around them, Fu Yishan and Zhongli Qiang couldn’t help but feel their scalp tingle. The sheer number was terrifying.

At this time, Zhao Hai loudly said, “Brothers, reveal who you are. Let our guests open their eyes.” Along with his command, the Undead all roared as their skeletal frame began growing flesh and blood. Before long, the Undead wore their human appearance.

This change caused those from the Devil Realm and the Cultivation Realm to be surprised. They have never seen Undead act like this. Moreover, they knew some of them.

There were people standing beside Zhao Hai. There’s Helian Da, Jiang Tian, and also Tu Mietan!

These people were too familiar to them. They even saw them being killed by Zhao Hai. But now these people were standing beside Zhao Hai. How could they not be surprised.

However, they were quick to discover that these Undead didn’t become alive. They were Zombies.

There were a lot of zombies in the World of Cultivation. Some of these zombies appear naturally. These zombies could cultivate themselves after being born. As for zombies that were created, they were treated like weapons for battle. Naturally, those who use zombies were generally Ghost Cultivators or people from the Devil Realm.

However, even if one wasn’t from the Devil Realm, they were still quite familiar with zombies. Sometimes, zombies from the Devil Realm would find a way to go to the Cultivation Realm. There were also times when zombies were seen in clashes against the Devil Realm. Since they weren’t that uncommon, people were quick to recognize that Helian Da and the others had been turned into zombies.

Zhao Hai revealed a lot of his strength this time. Aside from the beast-shaped Undead, he released nearly 200 million Undead. All of these Undead stood firmly and were equipped with the bone armor. In their hands were weapons that were made by the Space. And these weapons each had a weapon shattering formation inside them. It can be said that the Undead were fully armed.

The Void Arena wasn’t a huge asteroid field. If the Void Arena was as large as the Rainbow Meteorite Field, then even the most powerful Cultivators wouldn’t be able to transform it. Therefore, the 200 million Undead were able to fill the arena.

Additionally, besides the weapon made by the Space, some of the Undead also had something else on their other hand. These looked much like yin lightning mines!

These yin lightning mines were newly made by the Space. After getting the ones in Tu Mietan’s hand, Cai’er detonated one and then collected all data pertaining to it. Then the mines are deconstructed by the processing machine and then reconstructed once more. After that, the mines were analyzed by the scanner to see the formations inside. And since the Space has generated the materials needed to construct the mines, it could now produce it whenever.

However, since Zhao Hai had the yin lightning mines for a short time, the materials available only allowed the manufacture of 1000 mines. Then these mines were distributed among the Undead.

At this time, the Cultivators and the people from the Devil Realm got closer to each other as they faced the Undead surrounding them. Their weapons were already out, prepared to attack at any time.

Zhao Hai was still sitting on his seat, looking at these people with a cold gaze. Zhongli Qiang and Fu Yishan fell back to the middle of the group, their weapons also held in their hands.

Then suddenly, Zhao Hai’s cold voice was heard, “In the World of Cultivation, the bigger your fist, the less you need to talk. Everyone, kill them all!” Then along with Zhao Hai’s command, the Undead moved and went straight to killing.

Fu Yishan and Zhongli Qiang’s group immediately used their magic artifacts and retaliated against the Undead. All kinds of artifacts flew into the air. However, the Undead arranged themselves in a neat formation as they sent attack after attack.

The Undead were currently in cube formations as they pressed towards the Cultivators and the Devil Cultivators. The Cultivators and Devil Cultivators started out with a spherical formation. But in the end they had been pressed down and forced to flatten their formation.

Offensive and defensive artifacts flew constantly as the Cultivators fought off the Undead. But because they didn’t have a unified command structure, their fighting style was chaotic.

Zhongli Qiang and Fu Yishan were quick to discover this point. Therefore, they immediately took command and coordinated everyone. Some Cultivators were assigned for defense while others were in charge of offense.

However, the coordination between the Undead was flawless. And with Lizzy and Megan in command, the flow of the battle was soon grasped by the Undead. Although the artifacts of the Cultivators and Devil Practitioners were strong, the Undead casualty wasn’t a lot. They gradually pressed towards the Cultivators and the Devil Practitioners.

The Cultivators and the Devil Practitioners began to grow more anxious. Zhao Hai’s Undead were too formidable. They weren’t easily broken when attacked and they even have armors that give them powerful defense.

When the Undead reached a certain distance away from the Cultivators, they all stopped at the same time. Then those with yin lightning mines went forward and threw the mines towards the circular formation. These mines weren’t larger than walnuts. And as they reached the formation, they detonated at the same time.

Purple colored lightning lit up the circular formation. These were the yin lightning mines that were quite famed in the World of Cultivation.

Although the Cultivators and Devil Practitioners had a lot of artifacts in hand, they still couldn’t perfectly defend against this many yin lightning mines. When the mines exploded, the formation immediately broke. Cultivators and Devil Cultivators did their best to defend themselves from the destructive power of the yin lightning mines.

The Cultivators and Devil Practitioners that were left behind after the explosion weren’t a lot. In the beginning, there were more or less 100 of them. Although these people were very strong, the yin lightning mines were very formidable. Once the purple lightning vanished, Zhao Hai looked at the formation and couldn’t help but get terrified.

The circle formation was reduced to a scant number of people. All around them were dozens of corpses, while the others were erased from sight.

Brutal, too brutal! This was more than 100 Foundation Establishment Experts as well as Core Formation experts. All of them vanished, their artifacts reduced to fragments. The explosion was just too savage.

There were some Cultivators and Devil Practitioners who managed to survive due to sheer luck. They also couldn’t believe that 100 Foundation Establishment Experts and Core Formation Experts would vanish just like that. Even in the Cultivation Realm, such a group of people couldn’t be underestimated. But now, all of these people were reduced to a very few – most of them turned into ash. 

But what rang loudly inside the minds of these remnants were the weapons that the Undead used. These were yin lightning mines! And it wasn’t only one or two, but more than a thousand!


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