BTFTLIAW – Chapter 1271


Chapter 1271 – Green Pine Swordsman

Zhao Hai looked at Zhongli Qiang and coldly sneered. His gaze swept the people from the Devil Realm and the Cultivation Realm before he returned to his seat among those from the Machine Field.

The battle for top three was finished. However, nobody thought that the tournament would be finished in this manner. It was too fast!

Moreover, Zhao Hai made everyone understand why he decided to kill Tu Mietan. As it turned out, the Devil Realm already made a move on Zhao Hai. No wonder Zhao Hai immediately killed Tu Mietan.

But there were some Cultivators whose eyes shone when they heard Zhao Hai. They shared their hatred for Zhao Hai with the Devil Realm. Now, the Cultivation Realm and the Devil Realm have been offended by Zhao Hai. The two realms now share a common enemy. Moreover, this enemy was currently in the Cultivation Realm.

For the Cultivators, dealing with Zhao Hai was the most important thing right now. The grievances and graciousness that they had with the Devil Realm would take too long to understand. Although the Cultivation Realm and the Devil Realm had some friction, this didn’t mean that the two hadn’t cooperated before. The Devil Realm shouldn’t reject cooperating with them in dealing with someone.

Some Cultivators looked at each other and saw that they all had the same idea. Then they all discussed in a low voice.

But it didn’t matter as to what they were discussing. Now that the battles have ended, the only thing left was the conclusion to the competition. Actually, this discussion didn’t have much to do with Zhao Hai. After all, he wouldn’t be able to obtain a lot of things, only two magic artifacts. To someone like Zhao Hai, two magic artifacts was nothing. What people were discussing were the Machine Field’s rewards.

What the Machine Field obtained this time was very rich. The several mineral mines as well as ore planets were things that the Machine Field needed.

The Cultivation Realm wouldn’t dare renege on giving the Machine Field their rewards. If they treated this matter unfairly, then it wouldn’t only affect the Machine Field, the other realms would also expect them to be unfair in the future. Nobody would join the competition anymore and then everyone would go back to fighting for resources.

Therefore, Zhao Hai and the others weren’t worried about the rewards. Zhao Hai doesn’t even need to be present for it. As long as Ma Rulong was there, then everything’s fine.

When Zhao Hai returned to the spectator seat, Ma Rulong immediately went to his side and said, “Little Hai, what do you want to do next? Those people from the Devil Realm wouldn’t let you off easily.”

Zhao Hai nodded and said, “Team Leader, rest assured. Those people from the Devil Realm can’t do anything to me. You don’t have to worry about me. I think you should go and accept the Machine Field’s prize. Then you should return to the Machine Field alongside the others from the realm. Leave these people to me.”

Ma Rulong stared, then the color of his face changed as he said, “That’s no good. Little Hai, I can’t do that. Leaving you behind is too dangerous.”

Zhao Hai smiled faintly and said, “Don’t worry, these trash can’t do anything to me. Also, if you stay behind, you won’t be able to do anything. Don’t forget, this is the Cultivation Realm. If you get in conflict with the Cultivators, it would give them justification to confiscate our rewards. Moreover, a lot of those from the Machine Field are from the realm’s powerful families. If they suffer an accident, then the relationship between Cultivation Realm and the Machine Field might get heated. Therefore, you should leave as soon as possible. I can stay here and deal with these people. I can just leave whenever I want. Don’t forget, I can also use space magic.”

Upon hearing Zhao Hai, Ma Rulong kept silent for some time before he nodded and said, “Alright, I’ll listen to you. But Little Hai, you need to survive. I’ll wait for you in the Machine Field.” Zhao Hai nodded. Then Ma Rulong turned to talk to the other team leaders. 

The team leaders also understood Zhao Hai’s intentions. They understood that if they continued to stay beside Zhao Hai, then they would only plunge themselves in danger. If they leave, then the Cultivators wouldn’t do anything to them. After all, they don’t have any enmity with them. But Zhao Hai would be in grave danger.

These people have known Zhao Hai for some time. Although they haven’t had much contact with each other, they had a good impression of him after exchanging drinks with him a few times. They were touched when Zhao Hai decided to face danger alone for them.

But what these people didn’t know was that Zhao Hai had another reason for making them leave. In addition to not pulling them into danger, Zhao Hai also made them leave so that he can enter the Space at any time. If these people were present, then Zhao Hai wouldn’t be able to enter the Space whenever he wants. With these fellows present, Zhao Hai had a lot of means that he couldn’t use.

Zhao Hai doesn’t want a lot of people to know of his secrets. He didn’t even tell Xiong Li and the others about his secrets, not to say about these people.

The actions on Zhao Hai’s side were seen by other people. They saw that Ma Rulong and Zhao Hai discussed for a while before Ma Rulong took the team leaders and left, leaving Zhao Hai alone on the participant’s seats. When they saw this scene, people from the other realms were confused. They don’t know what the Machine Field was doing.

The other realms didn’t expect Ma Rulong to give up on Zhao Hai this way. Although Zhao Hai had offended both the Devil Realm and the Cultivation Realm, he also made a lot of contributions towards the Machine Field. If the Machine Field gave up on Zhao Hai, then this would affect the entire realm’s morale.

Zhao Hai didn’t actually care too much about what was happening around him. He just calmly sat on his seat. Now that Ma Rulong and the others left, he was the only one left. But at this moment, Cai’er was reporting about what the other realms were doing.

Cai’er told Zhao Hai that the Devil Realm and the Cultivation Realm have been talking in secret. They were also prepared to deal with him. This wasn’t surprisig for Zhao Hai.

At this moment, the prizes were beginning to be distributed. It wasn’t Zhao Hai and the others that received the prizes but instead the representatives from their respective groups. Naturally, Ma Rulong represented the Machine Field.

The awarding ceremony ended quickly. At this point, the Cultivation Realm wouldn’t cheat anyone. Moreover, the prizes were very good. The property rights of mineral mines and ore planets were given to the Machine Field. However, these were mere papers that would lose their value come five years. In the past, these deeds were being passed on inwardly among the Cultivators. This was the first time where the deeds fell into the hands of the other realms.

After Ma Rulong received the prize, he immediately brought the other team leaders towards the spectator stands. The others from the Machine Field had yet to leave. They were planning on sharing a cup or two with Zhao Hai after the competition. After all, Zhao Hai won, so there was a reason for celebrating.

When Ma Rulong arrived, he immediately told everyone about what Zhao Hai plans to do next and then urged them to leave. Everyone couldn’t help but get stuck in their seats as they turned to look at Zhao Hai, their hearts couldn’t bear leaving. They were core members, the elite of great families. Therefore, they were moved by Zhao Hai’s action.

However, none of them thought about staying behind and dying with Zhao Hai. Firstly, this was because they weren’t that close with Zhao Hai. And secondly, even if they stayed, they didn’t have the strength to aid Zhao Hai. Their best course of action was leaving this place as soon as possible.

Everyone agreed and then they proceeded towards the transmission formation. After that, they took another transmission formation to go back to the Machine FIeld. When those from the Cultivation Realm were about to make a move, Ma Rulong’s shadow could no longer be seen.

Just now, their attention was on Zhao Hai and not on Ma Rulong. They thought that Ma Rulong wouldn’t give up on Zhao Hai. They expected Ma Rulong and the others to join Zhao Hai after they received their award. However, they didn’t think that Ma Rulong would immediately leave. This caused the Cultivators to react too late.

At this point, the Cultivars knew that they had been tricked by Zhao Hai. However, they weren’t too angry about it. This was because the Machine Field’s rewards would just last for five years. They wouldn’t be able to increase their strength in such a short time. Also, they couldn’t do anything to Ma Rulong unless they wanted to attract the resentment of the entire World of Cultivation. For them, it was fine as long as Zhao Hai stayed behind. He was their main goal after all.

Zhao Hai seemed to be unaffected as he just sat there and observed the other realms. The Elves, Sprites, and Demons were beginning to leave. As for the Cultivators and the people from the Devil Realm, only a part of them left the arena. The rest remained.

The other realms knew that something was about to happen, therefore they hastened their departure. When everyone else had left, the people from the Cultivation Realm and the Devil Realm surrounded Zhao Hai.

The one heading this group was Devil Realm’s Zhongli Qiang as well as a Core Formation Expert from the Cultivation Realm. Actually, this Core Formation Expert was the one that Zhao Hai had a conflict with earlier.

This Core Formation Expert was Jiang Tian’s master, Fu Yishan, also known as the Green Pine Swordsman. Fu Yishan was a wood-element Cultivator. Most wood-element Cultivators wouldn’t take up the sword since their nature wasn’t compatible with sword techniques. They would often make use of wooden artifacts as well as poison in battles. These materials weren’t suitable for making a sword.

However, Fu Yishan was a lucky man. During an expedition, he came upon an uninhabited mountain that had a thin pine tree that was about a meter tall. When he found this tree, Fu Yishan saw a lot of dead monster bones on its base. The bones of these monsters were green. One could see at first sight that they were poisoned.

This caused Fu Yishan to be curious about the mountain. After careful research, he discovered that it was the pine tree that had caused this phenomenon. It had turned everything around it poisonous. Moreover, its body had turned firm like steel. Because of this, he was able to fashion the pine tree into a sword.

Fu Yishan spent a lot of effort on the mountain as he refined the tree. In the end, he was able to refine the poisonous green pine sword and make it his Life Source Weapon. This sword also gave him the nickname Green Pine Swordsman.


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