BTFTLIAW – Chapter 1270


Chapter 1270 – One Move, One Fist

Zhao Hai looked at the sword that was quickly approaching his throat, he couldn’t help but praise it in his heart. At this point, he wouldn’t be able to evade the sword without using the Space since it’s too close. It was also too late to use a magic formation. This was the peak of Suo Liancheng’s sword. Once it’s out, you die! There’s no return. The only thing to do was face it head on!

Zhao Hai’s throat could feel the sharp aura coming out of Suo Liancheng’s sword. His hair couldn’t help but rise up.

Seeing Zhao Hai’s situation, Ma Rulong and the others stood up. Zhao Hai’s current situation was too dangerous. He couldn’t evade nor could he defend. He could only stand there to wait for death. Suo Liancheng’s sword was too savage.

Almost everyone in the spectator stands stood up, not only the people from the Machine Field . They were also startled by Suo Liancheng’s sword. The sword was too fast. It hasn’t been long since Zhao Hai invited Suo Liancheng to begin. Moreover, Suo Liancheng’s timing was just right. He attacked when Zhao Hai wasn’t fully prepared. 

Everyone wanted to look and see if Suo Liancheng could break Zhao Hai’s unbeatable myth. They were even wondering if he could kill Zhao Hai.

But just as Suo Liancheng’s sword was about to piece Zhao Hai’s throat, Zhao Hai’s hand moved and grasped forward. The next moment, Suo Liancheng’s sword stuck firmly between Zhao Hai’s thumb, index finger, and middle finger. Because Suo Liancheng’s sword was travelling too fast and was suddenly stopped, the sword body couldn’t stop shaking violently.

One should know that Suo Liancheng’s sword wasn’t ordinary. It was Ten Thousand Sword Sect’s most known weapons. It was also built excellently. When this sword shook, it rang as though it was a fragile bell.

Everyone was stunned. They didn’t expect Zhao Hai to just catch the sword barehanded. One could see the sword’s power by looking at how violently it shook. But in the end, Zhao Hai just caught it with three fingers.

When Suo Liancheng saw that Zhao Hai had grabbed his sword, his complexion changed. He immediately used a secret art to retrieve his sword. However, the sword just shook violently and couldn’t break out of Zhao Hai’s grip. Zhao Hai’s fingers were like iron casts, grasping the sword firmly.

Zhao Hai looked at Suo Liancheng and then smiled, “Alright. Suo Liancheng, you’re truly worthy of being a sword cultivator. Your sword is very sharp. However, I’m a Warrior as well. This sword cannot deal with me. You should surrender.”

If he was against other Cultivators, then Zhao Hai might not be able to tell them to admit defeat. But since Suo Liancheng was a sword cultivator, he doesn’t have any other magic artifact. Most sword cultivators wouldn’t use artifacts other than their swords. All of them were focused on their sword skills and to make it as sharp as possible. Suo Liancheng was the same.

When he saw Zhao Hai’s calm appearance, Suo Liancheng knew that it was already impossible for him to win. Suo Liancheng nodded, his voice solemn as he said, “Mister is correct. Since my sword can’t do anything, then this Suo Liancheng admits defeat.”

Zhao Hai laughed and then let go of Suo Liancheng’s sword. The golden sword hastened back to return. Then it flew around Suo Liancheng looking like a son who was complaining to his father about being bullied.

Suo Liancheng extended his hand and rubbed his sword, comforting it. Then after some time, the sword returned to its sheath on Suo Liancheng’s back.

Seeing Suo Liancheng’s action, Zhao Hai nodded and said, “Suo Liancheng, it seems like you already have a grasp on the sword dao. You’re truly talented.”

Suo Liancheng smiled faintly and said, “Mister Zhao Hai is too polite. Mister is the true talent. You were able to reach this level of strength less than a year after ascending. This one is envious.”

Zhao Hai smiled and said, “To be honest, there are only a few Cultivators that have my respect. You’re one of them. I hope that we can meet again after this and become friends.”

Suo Liancheng looked at Zhao Hai deeply before heading down the arena. Since Zhao Hai won, then he would stay in the arena since he would have to fight Tu Mietan. But even if he lost, he would have to stay to accept Tu Mietan’s challenge.

One shouldn’t say that this was unfair to Zhao Hai. There are only a few things that’s fair in this world. The competition has rules, and these rules needed to be implemented. In fact, this was the rule that the Cultivation Realm prepared for him. In their minds, Zhao Hai was already strong. With his strength, victory was almost certain. As long as Zhao Hai won, then he would have to fight the second person immediately. This would give the other person a greater chance to defeat Zhao Hai.

But they didn’t expect Zhao Hai to be so strong and defeat Suo Liancheng in one move. He didn’t consume too much energy in the fight. This caused them to be surprised.

However, at this point, there was no way for them to change the competition’s rules. Therefore, they can only look at the arena to spectate Zhao Hai’s battle against Tu Mietan. The spectators didn’t have much expectations towards Tu Mietan. Although Tu Mietan was indeed strong, his strength could only be on par with Yi Shuihan or Yao Guang.  He would not be able to win against Suo Liancheng. Moreover, Suo Liancheng was the Cultivation Realm’s undisputable strongest rookie. 

It was because of this that the other participants from the Cultivation Realm looked at Suo Liancheng with respect. After all, Suo Liancheng’s strength was the real deal. But Suo Liancheng was defeated by Zhao Hai in just one move. This meant that it would be very difficult for Tu Mietan to defeat Zhao Hai.

While Zhao Hai was waiting in the arena, he heard the sound of clothes ruffling before Tu Mietan stepped on the ground. Tu Mietan still wore his everlasting smile, then he gave Zhao Hai a salute as he said, “Tu Mietan has met Mister Zhao Hai. Mister Zhao Hai has great talent and strength. It’s an honor for me to fight you today.”

Zhao Hai returned the courtesy and said, “Mister Tu Mietan is too polite. I was also able to see Mister Tu Mietan’s strength in the past few days. To be honest, Mister Tu Mietan is strong as well. This Zhao Hai admires your strength. However, since we are in the arena, Mister will have to excuse me for being impolite.”

Tu Mietan felt somewhat strange. He didn’t expect Zhao Hai to be polite to someone like him. Moreover, Zhao Hai was more polite than him. But he quickly recovered and replied, “Mister is too polite. Mister, please.”

Zhao Hai gave a very polite bow. If this interaction didn’t happen in the arena, then the spectators might believe that they are seeing two friends greeting each other.

Upon seeing this scene, those from the Cultivation Realm couldn’t help but feel disappointed. They thought that the Devil Realm would make Zhao Hai their enemy. On the other hand, those from the Devil Realm were ecstatic. Seeing Zhao Hai being polite, this meant that he wasn’t worried about the fight. As long as Zhao Hai wasn’t worried, then the plan regarding the yin lightning mines might succeed.

The two people stood opposite to each other. Tu Mietan already took his blade and ghost face shield out. He didn’t take his flag out in the meantime. It seems like he’s trying to make Zhao Hai lower his guard.

On the other hand, Zhao Hai just stood there, he didn’t even take his magic staff out. Everyone  knew that Zhao Hai’s staff was an extraordinary weapon. If Zhao Hai took his staff out, then Tu Mietan wouldn’t have any chance of winning. Seeing Zhao Hai not equipping any weapon, this made Tu Mietan think that Zhao Hai has lowered his guard. The people from the Devil Realm were also becoming more confident in their victory.

At this time, Tu Mietan began to move. His blade cut towards Zhao Hai. Zhao Hai also took a step forward and punched.

Everyone stared. They haven’t seen Zhao Hai use his fist to attack his enemy before. But after Zhao Hai punched out, everyone’s expression changed. The speed of Zhao Hai’s punch was much faster compared to Suo Liancheng’s sword. A very short time after he punched out, the fist had already hit the ghost face shield.

Dang! Hao! The fist hit the ghost face shield. When the two collided, the shield screamed out before disintegrating. However, the fist didn’t lose momentum as it continued towards Tu Mietan. When it hit Tu Mietan’s body, Tu Mietan coughed out blood before his body was slammed to the ground. He was no longer breathing, he was killed by one fist.

Zhao Hai waved his hand as a clump of gas surrounded Tu Mietan’s body. Then as the gas disappeared, so did Tu Mietan’s corpse. Everyone spectating the battle couldn’t help but gawk upon seeing this outcome. Zhao Hai used the same method to deal with Jiang Tian. But at that time, Jiang Tian had used his life essence blood with the intention of killing Zhao Hai. This time, Tu Mietan didn’t even release a hint of killing intent. Zhao Hai’s response was too strange.

When Zhongli Qiang saw this, his eyes shook. He immediately stood up and said, “Zhao Hai, you dare!”

Zhao Hai turned his head towards Zhongli Qiang as he sneered and said, “And why shouldn’t I dare, Zhongli Qiang? First, you tried to poison us in Seamount City, and now you took out yin lightning mines to deal with me. Do you think that this Zhao Hai is an idiot? Hahaha. Isn’t Tu Mietan your once in a hundred years genius? Then this grandfather will make him into his Undead. Everyone who offends this Zhao Hai will pay the price!”

Upon hearing Zhao Hai, Zhongli Qiang calmed down. He looked at Zhao Hai with a cold gaze as he said, “Good, Zhao Hai, good. I didn’t expect you to make this move. Good, good. My Sacred Blood Sect will remember this.”

Zhao Hai laughed and said, “This Zhao Hai has a lot of enemies, what is one more? If you want revenge, then come at me! I will certainly entertain you.”

Zhongli Qiang coldly snorted and then sat down and closed his eyes. He was afraid that looking at Zhao Hai for long would force him to make a move.


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