BTFTLIAW – Chapter 1269


Chapter 1269 – Top Three

Although not everyone from the Devil Realm has these yin lightning mines, their insight made them recognize that the mines in front of them were the real deal.

Zhongli QIang looked at the person in confusion as he said, “Lin Jiang, why do you have so much yin lightning mines? Did you find a way to make them?”

The man named Lin Jiang forced a smile as he said, “Like it’s that easy. I got these mines a long time ago. Back then, I was searching for plants on a green planet and came across a cave with a dead Cultivator inside. I don’t know for how long the bones have been there but there are these 7 yin lightning mines as well as devil artifacts.”

Upon hearing Lin Jiang, everyone lamented on his good fortune. But Zhongli Qiang didn’t immediately take the yin lightning mines. Instead he turned to Tu Mietan and said, “Mietan, can you deal with Zhao Hai?”

Tu Mietan smiled and said, “Elder, rest assured. I’ll take care of him. I thank Uncle Ling, I’ll be impolite and take these mines.”

Lin Jiang threw his mines over and said, “I hope that these mines can help destroy Zhao Hai. That guy is too dangerous. He will be a huge threat to our Devil Realm.”

Zhongli Qiang nodded and said, “If Zhao Hai is allowed to return to the Machine Field, it would be more difficult to get rid of him. Don’t forget, he just ascended less than a year ago. He accomplished all of these in one year. He is a monster.”

Everyone was silent. Tu Mietan carefully put away the yin lightning mines. Then he turned back to watch the battles in the arena.

But what the people from the Devil Realm didn’t know was that their conversation was being eavesdropped. Zhao Hai was now aware of the existence of the yin lightning mines.

After listening to Laura about what yin lightning mines were, Zhao Hai felt the killing intent welling up inside him. Since the other party wanted to deal with him, then he doesn’t need to be polite. The Devil Realm already tried to kill him once, if he doesn’t retaliate, then he could no longer be called Zhao Hai.

Zhao Hai exhibited his domineering side because he discovered that Nascent Soul Experts could walk sideways in the World of Cultivation. As long as they don’t offend any huge sect, then they don’t have to fear anything. Nascent Soul Experts were in no real danger unless they met unfortunate circumstances.

Zhao Hai currently has Nascent Soul-level strength. In fact, most Nascent Soul Experts couldn’t defeat him. In addition to his Liquid Silver, Zhao Hai also has astral qi. He’s more powerful than most Nascent Soul Experts.

Nascent Soul Stage was a bottleneck for Cultivators. As long as they successfully get through their tribulation, then their lifespan would be greatly improved along with their physical body. The body of Transcending Tribulation Experts return to their youth. It wasn’t uncommon for Transcending Tribulation Experts to revert their appearance to their younger years.

It was also because of this that Transcending Tribulation Experts treasure their own lives and would normally close up. Only when matters regarding the life and death of the sect would these people come out. Therefore, it was close to impossible for a Transcending Tribulation Expert to come and deal with Zhao Hai.

Transcending Tribulation Experts, Severed Soul Experts, and those above them could only be counted on ones hands. Such people were very secretive in their actions and most Cultivators wouldn’t even know them. Even major sect leaders couldn’t just meet them whenever they wanted.

Since he knew about this, Zhao Hai decided to show his strength. Therefore, even if the Cultivation Realm and the Devil Realm wanted to deal with him, they would have to think properly. Unless they give up on courtesies and send a large number of experts to kill Zhao Hai, then once he returns to the Machine Feild, then they would lose any opportunity to deal with him.

Although the Machine Field was the weakest realm in the World of Cultivation, they were still able to defend against all other realms for many years. Naturally, this meant that they had their strong point. If the Cultivators and the people from the Devil Realm sent small amounts of people to the Machine Field, then it’s highly probable for these people to not return.

For many years, the Machine FIeld didn’t have any great talents appear. But now that there was Zhao Hai, the Machine FIeld would definitely go all out in defending him. 

Naturally, Zhongli Qiang’s group was aware of this. Therefore, they decided to have Tu Mietan kill Zhao Hai in the arena. They didn’t even hesitate to take out treasures like yin lightning mines. They think that with Zhao Hai’s present strength, he would hold back in dealing with his opponents. But they didn’t expect that Zhao Hai wouldn’t dare treat this matter lightly. Zhao Hai knew that even lions go all out in dealing with a rabbit.

The Cultivators in the arena were still sparring. Their battles weren’t interesting. One would win while the other lost, the battles continued on. The constant boring fights caused people to feel sleepy.

After all battles had concluded, Zhao Hai expected that they would be given time to rest before the next round began. But what he didn’t expect was that the committee didn’t pause. They immediately announced the beginning of the next round of battles.

At this point, only 24 participants were left and 12 battles remaining. The opponent that Zhao Hai has drawn with was someone from the Cultivation Realm. Although the Cultivator was quite strong, he was still defeated by Zhao Hai.

Tu Mietan was also able to smoothly enter the top 12. His opponent turned out to be Qin Zhang, one of the Cultivation Realm’s top 10. He was a person who specialized in fire spells. But in the end, he wasn’t able to last long against Tu Mietan.

Actually, Qin Zhang’s strength wasn’t inferior to Tu Mietan. He was only defeated because of the gap in artifacts. In addition to his three artifacts, Tu Mietan also took out a ghost hook and a halberd. These two artifacts have strength that was comparable to the three artifacts. Because of these two artifacts, Qin Zhang was constantly held back before he was forced to surrender.

This wasn’t surprising since Qin Zhang was just one of the top 100 of the Cultivation Realm. It was impossible for the entire Cultivation Realm to support him alone. The only support he had was the support he got from his sect.

On the other hand, Tu Mietan was the Devil Realm’s last participant in the competition. His position in the Devil Realm was the same as Zhao Hai’s position in the Machine Field. Naturally, he would have the support of his entire realm. Because of this, the artifacts he had in hand were richer compared to the other participants.

After the top twelve has been determined, it was time to decide the top 6. The person that Zhao Hai faced this time was Yi Shuihan. This caused Zhao Hai to feel strange. Besides Su LIancheng and Qin Zhang, Zhao Hai had faced all the top 10 in the elimination round. According to this pattern, it was highly probable for him to meet Su Liancheng the next round.

Naturally, Zhao Hai wasn’t polite. Although Yi Shuihan tried his best, he was still defeated by Zhao Hai. Fortunately, Yi Shuihan didn’t follow Jiang Tian’s path. Therefore, Zhao Hai didn’t take his life.

The Cultivators also discovered that if one wasn’t excessive towards Zhao Hai, then Zhao Hai wouldn’t kill them. This caused the Cultivators to pause before starting to make a move.

How strong was Zhao Hai? If the people from the Cultivation Realm order their participants to go all out on Zhao Hai, then it’s possible that Zhao Hai would kill them. This wasn’t good for the Cultivation Realm. After all, those who participated in the competition were geniuses. Losing just one of them would be bad.

Most importantly, they had to consider the impact of this action to the Ascenders. If the people from the Cultivation realm forced the participants to go all out against Zhao Hai, then Ascenders in the Cultivation Realm would think that the Cultivation Realm don’t treat their lives as important.

One must know that the Cultivation Realm’s Ascender situation was different compared to the Machine Field. In the Machine Field, Ascenders don’t have much status and power. On the other hand, Ascenders in the Cultivation Realm have a much higher status compared to Ascenders in the Machine Field. There would be no benefit for the Cultivation Realm if this matter goes bad. So even if the Cultivation Realm instructed their participants to go all out against Zhao Hai, they didn’t tell them to go desperate in order to win.

Tu Mietan also defeated his opponent. But this time, it was evident that he used a lot of effort to do so. And in addition to his five artifacts, he also used some paper talismans.

Zhao Hai knew that the Devil Realm was saving the yin lightning mines for him. Zhao Hai was also paying more attention to them. He believes that Tu Mietan doesn’t only have yin lightning mines prepared to deal with him. He surely has more methods that were hidden.

Zhao Hai knew that the competition in the Devil Realm was much more brutal than in the Cultivation Realm. Unlike the Cultivation Realm, resources in the Devil Realm were scarce. Coupled with how ruthless the people in the Devil Realm were, this resulted in an environment were the strongest tower over the weak. With this treacherous environment as his origin, Tu Mietan certainly has aces that he had yet to reveal.

And who was Zhao Hai? He was now deemed to be the most powerful rookie in the entire World of Cultivation. His position certainly attracts hate and envy. Those who can defeat him would gain instant fame and status.

Tu Mietan might be the current most influential rookie in the Devil Realm, but there were a lot of people who were vying for his position. If he was beaten by Zhao Hai, then his position would certainly be in peril. Therefore, not only would Tu Mietan eliminate Zhao Hai for fame, he would also do it in order to gain more resources from the Devil Realm.

If a person of lower status wanted a higher position in a short period of time, then the easiest method would be killing someone higher up and stepping on their corpse to ascend. With how highly Zhao Hai was being looked upon, those who could step on his corpse would certainly be able to rise smoothly.

Since he knew of this point, Zhao Hai didn’t dare take Tu Mietan lightly. Tu Mietan exerted some effort to defeat his latest opponent without taking the yin lightning mines out. This meant that he was saving the mines for Zhao Hai. But if Tu Mietan has something other than the mines, then things would be more troublesome.

When the six battles ended, the top three were determined. These three were Zhao Hai, Tu Mietan, and Suo Liancheng. This time, they would no longer use the tournament format. Instead, they would use points to determine their place in the competition.

This so-called point system was actually very simple. Zhao Hai, Tu Mietan and Suo Liancheng would fight each other. If they won, then they would get a point, and if they lost, then the other party would get the point. The one with the highest point would be the champion.

In other words, one of them would get no points, one would get two points, and one would get one point.

Naturally, it’s possible for each of them to get one point each. However, the probability of this was very small. After all, this battle was mainly determined by strength. If Zhao Hai lost to Suo Liancheng but won against Tu Mietan, then this proves that Suo Liancheng was stronger than Zhao Hai and even stronger than Tu Mietan.

But if the three were to tie, then they would fight once again until the tie is broken. But everyone knew that a second round of fights would never happen.

After drawing lots, Zhao Hai was drawn along with Suo Liancheng. Upon seeing the result, Zhao Hai didn’t hesitate and immediately flew towards the arena.

Suo Liancheng also appeared in the arena. His sword was still strapped on his back. Back when he was fighting Cultivators, he didn’t reveal much of his strength. It can be said that he was able to smoothly progress towards the top three.

However, Suo Liancheng wasn’t happy because of this. What he wanted was to fight Zhao Hai. He didn’t expect to face him in the last battles of the tournament. This caused Suo Liancheng to be somewhat depressed.

When the two stepped on the arena, Zhao Hai looked at Suo Liancheng and then smiled faintly as he said, “Suo Liancheng, I’ve been looking forward to facing you. I didn’t expect to meet you this late.”

When Suo Liancheng heard Zhao Hai, he couldn’t help but laugh as he replied, “That’s what I was about to say. You’re strong, so I want to test my skills against you. In the eyes of sword cultivators, every enemy is an opportunity to hone our blades.”

Zhao Hai smiled faintly and said, “Then please.” Suo Liancheng took out the golden sword at his back. Then the golden sword flashed for a moment before it pierced towards Zhao Hai.

The sword was very fast. Moreover, it brought with it a strong aura. One could see that Suo Liancheng was utilizing all of the sword’s power. He was showing how sharp his sword was.

Zhao Hai waved his hand as he released a 100-layer formation in front of him. Then the formation turned into a shield to block the incoming sword.

However, since the sword has the metal-attribute, it was very sharp. The golden sword punctured through Zhao Hai’s shield and went straight for his throat!


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