BTFTLIAW – Chapter 1268


Chapter 1268 – Zhongli Qiang

Besides those fighting Tu Mietan and Zhao Hai, the other Cultivators were basically just fighting amongst themselves. And at most, these fights would be spars. Because of this, nobody cared about the next round of combatants and they just gave more attention towards Zhao Hai.

Zhao Hai’s performance was without a doubt outstanding. Everyone could see the formation that Yao Guang arranged. Even if they weren’t Formation Masters, they knew that being trapped in such a formation was just courting death.

Because of this, although the Cultivators didn’t know the subtleties of Yao Guang’s formation, its power was evident just by looking at it. Zhao Hai even had to use 1000-layer formations to combat the attacks made by the eight gold dragons. These 1000-layer formations were known to be equal to attacks made by Core Formation Experts. One could see from this point how strong Yao Guang’s formation was.

However, even with how strong the formation was, Zhao Hai only used one move to destroy it. How much strength does he have? Cultivators began to discover that they needed to reevaluate how they see Zhao Hai’s strength.

In fact, this thought wasn’t only common among those from the Cultivation Realm. Those from the Devil Realm were also reevaluating Zhao Hai’s strength. The Devil Realm wanted to swallow the Machine Field. They had been trying to deal with Zhao Hai but they had yet to succeed. They still don’t know that Zhao Hai was aware of their intentions, but they have to recalculate how to deal with him.

The Devil Realm needed to fight for resources, and people were also a type of resource in the World of Cultivation. However, for the Devil Realm to swallow the Machine Field, it would need to get rid of geniuses like Zhao Hai. Otherwise, their path would be troublesome.

But now, they found out that their trouble was much greater than what they imagined. The cost to eliminate Zhao Hai was higher than the benefits. They need to think this through well.

On the spectator seats of the Devil Realm was the team leader of the Devil Realm’s delegates. He was also an Elder from the Sacred Blood Sect. Since Tu Mietan was the realm’s champion, then it’s natural for the Sacred Blood Sect to lead the team.

There were currently a lot of people from the Devil Realm that came to watch this time. Besides the Elder from the Sacred Blood Sect, there are also a lot of guards who came with them as well as people from other Sects. All of them were here to ensure Tu Mietan’s safety.

The Sacred Blood Sect’s Elder had a two-character surname being Zhongli, and a single-character first name being Qiang. Back in the Devil Realm, he was given the nickname Boundless Blood Sea Devil. He studies a famed Cultivation Method of the Sacred Blood Sect called the Country Drowning Blood Sea. But this Cultivation Method needed to coordinate with a certain devil artifact. This devil artifact is known as the Blue Blood Gourd.

The Blue Blood Gourd’s origin traces itself back to the founding of the Sacred Blood Sect. When the Sect was being built, countless mortals were killed for their blood. This blood was concentrated into a huge blood pond. Because the sect was built on top of a yin vein, the yin energy coming out of it would be absorbed by the huge blood pond. Not only would the blood pond not dry up, but because of its location, it contained a dense amount of yin energy. This would in turn help the sect’s disciples to practice.

But without anyone knowing, a gourd vine just grew out from the blood pond. As the gourd vine grew, the yin energy and blood energy of the blood pond concentrated around it, turning the vine into the blue blood gourd vine. This blue blood gourd vine would open once every 100 years and produce a blue blood gourd.

Since it has grown in that special environment, the blue blood gourd became a very powerful artifact. Once it was refined, it would become a top-quality artifact. People from the Sacred Blood Sect aspire to have the blue blood gourd as their life source weapon. 

But among the rest of the blue blood gourd, the one in Zhongli Qiang’s hands was very special. Since his family was one of the founding clans of the Sacred Blood Sect, the blue blood gourd that Zhongli QIang has been using has been passed down through generations of their family. It was the same blue blood gourd that was used by their first Patriarch. This blue blood gourd has been nourished by many people causing the degree of the blood inside the gourd to be very high. This specific blue blood gourd was among the top artifacts of the Sacred Blood Sect.

Blue blood gourds were filled with profound yin blood, which was the blood in the underground blood pool of the Sacred Blood Sect. This blood was harvested from people and had received the nourishing of yin energy to become a weapon that could corrode magic artifacts. However, this blood was much worse than Zhao Hai’s blood ponds. And there was no way for it to compare to the profound yin water inside Zhao Hai’s Space.

And just like his gourd, the profound yin blood in Zhongli Qiang’s gourd was more special. This profound yin blood has also been passed down through generations. Because of this, the profound yin blood inside the Zhongli Qiang’s blue blood gourd has very potent corrosive properties.

The profound yin blood was kept inside the gourd for a long time wasn’t because it wasn’t being used. In fact, it has been used numerous times. Otherwise, Zhongli Qiang wouldn’t have earned his nickname Boundless Blood Sea Devil.

There were a lot of Cultivators that thought that the blood inside blue blood gourds would run out. But in fact, it doesn’t. Since the blue blood gourd was a devil artifact, this meant that the blood inside it also had mystical properties. After going out and attacking, the blood would return to the gourd to be reused. Unless the blood has been destroyed to a certain extent, then even if it was dispersed, it could still be used.

It was precisely because of this that the Devil Realm allowed Zhongli Qiang to be the team leader of their delegation. The people from the Devil Realm clearly understood what the Cultivators were like. In fact, those people were as shameless and ruthless than anybody else. If the Devil Realm doesn’t send someone strong, then the Devil Realm’s delegation would be eaten up with not even the bones remaining.

At this time, Zhongli Qiang was frowning. Then he asked, “Everyone, this Zhao Hai, we need to deal with him. Do any of you have any ideas?”

Zhongli Qiang was a bit unsure about how to proceed. Zhao Hai was just too strong. If they left Zhao Hao for too long, then he might kill Tu Mietan. The moment they saw Zhao Hai killing Jiang Tian, they knew that Zhao Hai wasn’t easy to deal with,

Everyone was silent for a while. To be honest, they were having some problems in proceeding. Zhao Hai was that formidable. If Tu Mietan cannot kill Zhao Hai, then without doubt Zhao Hai would kill him.

Tu Mietan was still smiling and didn’t say anything. And he doesn’t have any right to speak at this time. With his strength, it’s better for him to shut up.

After some time, a guard said, “Leader, I think we shouldn’t make a move now. Zhao Hai is strong and it’s bad for us if he retaliates. Tu Mietan is our Devil Realm’s most talented genius in several decades. It’s not worth it if he dies here. We can just send someone to the Machine Field to kill Zhao Hai.”

Another guard coldly snorted as he said, “Do you think we can still kill Zhao Hai once we return to the Machine Field? If the Machine Field is so easy to infiltrate, then we wouldn’t have failed so much. I think we should kill him in the arena. And we need to go all out in killing him. I have some more yin thunder mines here, I can give them to Tu Mietan. I can see that Zhao Hai is starting to become complacent. When he fought with Yao Guang, he held back certainly because he wanted to try the Cultivation Ream’s formations. He wouldn’t kill his enemy immediately. And if he’s like this, then he would certainly try to see the methods of the Devil Realm. As long as Tu Mietan finds an opportunity to use these yin thunder mines, Zhao Hai will be dead for sure.”

Yin thunder mines are very cruel weapons of the Devil Realm. This weapon looks like a jade charm. It’s a consumable item that has very potent energy stored inside. If it explodes, its might is no worse than an attack from a Core Formation Expert. Additionally, these mines have the lightning attribute, making them lethal to most Cultivators. It can be said that these mines were one of the Devil realm’s weapons against the Cultivation Realm.

However, these yin thunder mines weren’t easy to manufacture. The methods to produce them were very harsh. Not only do these mines require high-quality materials, they also need to be engraved with numerous formations. And after carving the formations, one must find yin lighting to store inside the mines. Only then would the mines be completed.

In this process, engraving formations was difficult, but there were a lot of formation masters that could do it. The most tedious part of this process was finding the yin lighting. Almost all lightning have yang attributes. This was the reason why ghosts that were yin were afraid of lightning.

However, if yang exists, then yin exists as well. Even if yin attribute lightning was difficult to find, they were present. Also, capturing yin lightning was very dangerous. It’s even more dangerous than capturing yang lightning. Since yang lightning was more common, more people used it, making methods of its capture relatively known. On the other hand, since yin lightning is very rare, only a small number of people know how to handle it. In turn, this makes the process of capturing lightning very difficult.

Due to all of these considerations, yin lightning mines were rare weapons. No matter who has yin lightning mines in hand, they would always use it as a deterrent and rarely used it. If one has 3 to 5 yin lightning mines, they would live quite a safe life. Even Nascent Soul Experts wouldn’t dare make a move on them.

Now that someone offered a large number of yin lightning mines, everyone immediately turned their focus to him. The person wasn’t polite as he turned his hand, taking out 7 yin lightning mines. These seven mines were as large as a walnut and looked like black iron balls. Then he turned to Zhongli Qiang and said, “Take these seven mines. If it can deal with Zhao Hai, then I’m fine with losing all of them.”


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