BTFTLIAW – Chapter 1267


Chapter 1267 – Breaking the Formation

Zhao Hai was still calmly standing in place. At this point, he was using 1000-layer formations to defend. It was also at this time that the people from the Machine Field and the Cultivation Realm discovered how formidable he was.

People from the Cultivation Realm were also very familiar with the Machine Field’s Magic Theory. After all, this method wasn’t a secret in the World of Cultivation. Additionally, computers were used to varying degrees in other realms. It can be said that Magic Theory can be cultivated by anyone in the World of Cultivation.

It was precisely because of their understanding of Magic Theory that nobody in the World of Cultivation practiced it. Although magic formations could be used as spells and were more powerful, the energy consumption needed to operate it was greater than the formations of the Cultivation Realm. Although spells were also used in the Cultivation Realm, it wasn’t the main method of attack. Compared to magic artifacts, it still falls short.

Spells weren’t valued in the Cultivation Realm, let alone Magic Theory. The main reason why the Cultivation Realm had some understanding about Magic Theory was because this would allow them to suppress the Machine Field more effectively.

Since the energy consumption of Magic Theory was very big, those in the Machine Field who could release 1000-layer formations were among the realm’s top experts. These people wouldn’t suffer a loss when fighting against a Core Formation Expert from the Cultivation Realm.

However, even those who can use 1000-layer formations in the Machine Field wouldn’t use these formations for a long time. The energy consumption was just too big, they wouldn’t dare consume all of their energy.

But now, Zhao Hai can actually use 1000-layer formations with ease. He wasn’t even using any items, yet he can cast them instantaneously. This caused everyone in the Cultivation Realm to be startled.

Yao Guang was also observing Zhao Hai. Like others, he has some understanding about the Machine Field’s Magic Theory. And since he understood the system, he knew that Zhao Hai was formidable. But Yao Guang believes that Zhao Hai wasn’t going at full power. At the very least, he hasn’t used his weapon. Yao Guang doesn’t believe that Zhao Hai’s weapon was useless. He heard that Zhao Hai was both a Mage and a Warrior. Moreover, his weapon was a silver-white staff. Now, Zhao Hai doesn’t have his staff with him, this meant that he wasn’t at his full power.

Although Yao Guang doesn’t know why Zhao Hai was holding back, he doesn’t have time to think about it too much. Yao Guang immediately used his secret art to control the entire great formation.

All Cultivators have some understanding about formations, but only some know how to arrange them. And even if they understood how to arrange a formation, that doesn’t mean they understood how to operate it.

Operating a formation is a very technical task, but most Cultivators don’t necessarily have to learn it. It’s just like in the Machine Field. People in the Machine Field couldn’t live without magic formations, but they don’t necessarily know how to use it.

As soon as Yao Guang used his secret art, the entire great formation lit up. The formation is now under Yao Guang’s control. To be honest, controlling such a huge formation wasn’t easy. But if he doesn’t control it, then Yao Guang wouldn’t be able to defeat Zhao Hai.

Although Zhao Hai was still trapped in the formation, Yao Guang was sure that if he didn’t control it, then it would only be a matter of time before Zhao Hai would break out.

Once he was able to control the entire formation, Yao Guang was relieved. He now felt that he had the strength to defeat Zhao Hai.

Zhao Hai was still calmly standing inside the formation, he was still able to see Yao Guang’s movements through the Space. Not only was he not afraid, he was even secretly happy. He really wanted to see how powerful this formation was.

As soon as Yao Guang controlled the formation, Zhao Hai immediately felt the sharp increase of pressure around him. The eight golden dragons had also become more solid and their shapes becoming more vivid. At the same time, their offensive strength increased. Each golden dragon could now attack using spells, not only their claws and breath. These spells were very strong, at about the same level as 500-layer formations

Zhao Hai’s eyes slightly shrank. Now that the formation has been unleashed, Core Formation Experts trapped within it would certainly have a very bad time. Yao Guang was showing the might of this entire formation.

However, Zhao Hai believes that the formation was far from displaying it’s true power. Since the formation was controlled by a Foundation Establishment expert, it’s impossible for it to fully function. If Yao Guang was stronger, then the formation’s pressure would be greater. When that time comes, then even Nascent Soul Experts wouldn’t be able to find a way out.

Now that he saw the formation’s capability, Zhao Hai couldn’t help but feel satisfied. He knew that he would definitely build up his own influence in the future. And since he couldn’t let others know about the Space, then he would need a base. And since it’s a base, it would need protection. In the Cultivation Realm, each major sect has a wide-scale defensive formation. These formations were the most powerful defensive means of a sect. It can be said that a sect’s power was directly related to the quality of their wide-scale defensive formation.

If one wanted to attack a sect, then they would first need to deal with the sect’s defensive formation. If you can’t destroy the formation, then you can’t do anything. It was at this aspect that the Machine Field wasn’t doing very well. Although the power of magic formations wasn’t small, it was still much worse than those sect-protecting formations of the Cultivation Realm.

And in the Cultivation Realm, blueprints of sect-protecting formations are strictly kept secret. Even Sect Disciples would be treated as traitors if they were caught sniffing around about it.

Since Zhao Hai doesn’t have any means to collect this information, he can only study and analyze formations with this crude method. Although he really wanted to kill Yao Guang now and turn him into an Undead to interrogate him, Zhao Hai knew that he couldn’t do that. At this point, the Cultivation Realm’s eyes were on him. If he killed Yao Guang, then the Cultivators might forgo all courtesies and tear him up. When that time comes, not to say Core Formation Experts and Nascent Soul Experts, even stronger Cultivators might deal with him.

After weighing the advantages and disadvantages, Zhao Hai decided not to kill Yao Gang. He cannot touch the Cultivation Realm’s bottom line.

Seeing that it was time and that Cai’er had recorded everything that could be recorded, Zhao Hai decided to begin. He waved his hand as Liquid Silver appeared.

When Yao Guang saw Zhao Hai taking his staff out, he couldn’t help but get anxious. He immediately operated the formation to go at full power. He was preparing to use the most powerful attack for Zhao Hai.

But at this moment, Yao Guang suddenly felt that something was wrong. His expression changed as he took out a pill and then threw it into his mouth. As the pill’s effects began to manifest, energy filled up Yao Guang’s body, supplementing the lost energy.

At this moment, Zhao Hai waved his staff as a dense number of magic formations appeared next to him. Although the formation wasn’t large, its sheer number of layers caused people’s scalp to numb.

Zhao Hai waved his staff as the formation burst out. A flash of light flickered causing everyone to unconsciously close their eyes. Once they opened their eyes, everyone saw that Zhao Hai was already standing in front of Yao Guang, his staff on Yao Guang’s throat. All of the formations in the arena were destroyed, nothing was left.

Everyone was greatly startled. They didn’t expect the 10,000-layer formation that Zhao Hai used to have this much destructive power.

Yes, everyone knew that Zhao Hai used a formation that had 10,000 layers. However, they didn’t expect the power of this formation to be this great.

Actually, the formation that Zhao Hai used wasn’t that powerful. The formation flags and disks were already destroyed by the silver needles. The 10,000-layer formation was released just to make people close their eyes.

Yao Guang also recovered at this time. He looked at Zhao Hai who had his staff pointed at his throat. Yao Guang smiled faintly and said, “Mister Zhao Hai is truly strong. I admit defeat.”

Zhao Hai received his magic staff, then he smiled faintly at Yao Guang and said, “Your formation is also very strong. Thanks for letting me win.” Then his body flashed as he returned to his seat.

It was only after Zhao Hai returned to his seat that the people spectating the arena responded. The spectator seats are in an uproar. They didn’t expect the situation to be overturned this quickly. One moment, people thought that Yao Guang was about to win. Then in the next, Zhao Hao broke the formation and Yao Guang admitted defeat.

Everyone in the Cultivation Realm couldn’t help but stare at the arena. They were startled. They didn’t expect Yao Guang to lose. Zhao Hai used one move to break the formation that Yao Guang painfully arranged. What made them surprised even more was the strength of the 10,000-layer formation that Zhao Hai released.

After some time, the disturbance stopped. Then Zhao Hai suddenly felt cold gazes going straight towards him. However, he didn’t care and just sat there smiling. At this time, Ma Rulong turned to Zhao Hai and whispered, “Little Hai, did you allow Yao Guang to finish his formation?”

Zhao Hai nodded, then he smiled faintly and said, “I want to see how powerful his formation is. To be honest, the formation is very strong. If he was stronger, then he would be able to create a much stronger effect and I wouldn’t have been able to easily break out. It seems like the Cultivation Realm’s formations are indeed formidable.”

Upon hearing Zhao Hai, Ma Rulong couldn’t help but bitterly smile as he said, “Your courage is too big. Only you would dare do that. If it was anyone else, then they would no doubt be killed. Don’t do something like this anymore. It’s too dangerous. You’re the Machine Field’s hope after all.”

Zhao Hai smiled and nodded. At this time, the next round of participants were being drawn. However, everyone’s attention was still fixed on Zhao Hai!


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