BTFTLIAW – Chapter 1266


Chapter 1266 – Truly A Formation Expert

Zhao Hai didn’t make a move nor did he take out his weapon. He only looked calmly at Yao Guang. However, Yao Guang didn’t dare to treat him lightly. This was because he knew that Zhao Hai was capable of defeating a Core Formation Cultivator without using any weapons. Underestimating such a person would basically be courting death.

In fact, what Zhao Hai guessed was right. Yao Guang was just a normal Cultivator when it came to using flying swords. His greatest strength was his formations.

Now that the Cultivation Realm had issued a death command, everyone facing Zhao Hai would need to go all out to defeat him. Yao Guang wouldn’t dare go against the will of the Cultivation Realm, so he would need to use his full power. And this meant that he would have to take out his formidable formations.

Two people were in opposite directions of each other, both had yet to make a move. But then, Yao Guang began taking out hundreds of formation flags. As long as he could constrain Zhao Hai for a while, then he would be able to arrange a powerful formation. He immediately commanded his flying sword to pierce towards ZHao Hai. In his battles before this, Yao Guang used this flying sword to deal with his enemies without them knowing that his true strength was in formations. It can be seen that his flying sword technique was not simple. At the very least, he was much better compared to average Cultivators of his level.

Zhao Hai smiled faintly before he waved his hand and made a 100-layer formation appear to block Yao Guang’s sword. But at this time, Yao Guang saw an opportunity. He threw eight formation flags from his hand towards eight directions, completely encircling Zhao Hai.

The reason why Zhao Hai didn’t deal with Yao Guang immediately was because he wanted to see how strong the formations of the Cultivation Realm were. At this time, he knew more about the magic formations of the Machine Field. He knew that the Cultivation Realm’s formations weren’t any less powerful than the Machine Field’s. Although he learned how to arrange formations from Helian Da, Helian Da wasn’t a Formation Cultivator in the end. There were still plenty of formations that he didn’t know about. This was especially true for offensive formations.

But Yao Guang was different. He was proficient in attacking enemies using formations. It can be said that he was a true Formation Cultivator. The formations in his hands were ever changing and they were extremely powerful. Because of this, Zhao Hai wanted to experience it for himself. Therefore, he wasn’t anxious of ending the battle.

If it were someone from the Machine Field or even the Cultivation Realm, they wouldn’t do the same thing as Zhao Hai. This was because even if they saw the formation, they wouldn’t know how it worked. However, Zhao Hai was different. He has the Space that can record the battle. And once Yao Guang’s actions were recorded, it could be analyzed by the Scanner and harvested for data. Therefore, Zhao Hai waited to see Yao Guang’s formation.

But if his opponent was exchanged to another famed Formation Cultivator, Zhao Hai wouldn’t dare do this. The Cultivation Realm’s formations are very formidable. Underestimating it wouldn’t bode well for anyone and Zhao Hai doesn’t want to be an unlucky ghost. But Yao Guang was different. Ya Guang’s formations might be fierce, but his strength was still low at Foundation Establishment Stage. Even if his formations were exquisite, the effects were still limited and couldn’t be a threat to Zhao Hai. It can be said that Yao Guang was the best candidate for Zhao Hai to test the Cultivation Realm’s formations.

Naturally, Yao Guang was unaware of these thoughts. He was thinking that Zhao Hai was holding back and underestimating the might of the Cultivation Realm’s formations. Because of this, he made sure to set up his formation correctly. The formation that Yao Guang used this time wasn’t a simple formation. Instead, it was the very famous Eight Dragon Shackles formation! The formation flags used for this formation were made out of eight dragon bones, its might was said to be extraordinary!

Of course, this extraordinary might refers to the true Eight Dragon Shackles. The formation that Yao Guang used was merely a replica. However, the materials that Yao Guang’s sect used for this formation was still very precious.

Once the eight formation flags have been inserted, Zhao Hai immediately felt his surroundings change. The formation flags vanished as well as Yao Guang. All around him was a golden mist, then the roar of a dragon was heard. When the dragon roar came out, the earth split and eight golden dragons emerged. But although the dragons came out, their tails seem to be anchored to the ground. Then the eight dragon heads met together to form a huge cage.

As soon as he looked at these dragons, Zhao Hai guessed what the formation was doing. He immediately released a 100-layer formation to attack one of the dragons.

However, just as the 100-layer formation was sent out, the eight dragons moved. They fiercely growled at the incoming attack and pressed their heads down as they shot out golden light from their mouths. However, not all golden light attacked Zhao Hai’s formation, some of them were headed towards Zhao Hai as well.

Zhao Hai knew that although these weren’t true gold dragons, they were comparable to the fire dragons that he released. They have their own entities and can give real attacks. If one regards these golden dragons as imaginary, then they would experience extreme bad luck.

Zhao Hai wasn’t polite, he waved his hand and released a series of 100-layer formations. Fire dragons came out of these formations to attack the golden dragons. But even if the fight between the fire dragons and golden dragons were fierce, Zhao Hai just calmly stood on the side and observed with great interest. It was as if he wasn’t taking things seriously.

On the other hand, Yao Guang was busily preparing for another formation. Formation flags and formation disks flew out of his hand and gathered around Zhao Hai.

However, Zhao Hai wasn’t actually idling at this time. He was making Cai’er record Yao Guang’s every movement and every formation arrangement. Even those formation flags and formation disks had silver needles attached to them.

The silver needles were rapidly analyzing the materials used to make the flags and disks, the way they were refined was being analyzed as well. This ability was also something that Zhao Hai just recently discovered after the Space leveled up. This ability was very useful for Zhao Hai. Before this, he could only analyze these flags and disks when they were sent to the Space. But now, having silver needles attached to them was sufficient.

Yao Guang was arranging his formations while Zhao Hai was just looking at it. However, the spectators were seeing another thing.

Yao Guang had a lot of support from the Cultivation Realm. But still, the amount of formation flags and formation disks he has in hand was very astonishing.

Also, it seems like Yao Guang was truly a rare talent in formations. The formations that he arranged were set up perfectly. They were connected with each other and formed a cohesive set. Additionally these formations were all targeted towards one person – Zhao Hai. Once this formation was finished, even Nascent Soul Experts wouldn’t be able to sit still.

The Cultivation Realm’s people highly praised Yao Guang’s actions. The Elders of Yao Guang gave him special training that was only given to Core Disciples. Although Yao Guang’s sect wasn’t a traditional Sect that specialized in Formations and were primarily an Orthodox Sect, they couldn’t ignore Yao Guangs talent and decided to vigorously train him.

In the Cultivation Realm, Sects were bound to receive special talents. As long as these talents were discovered, these Sects would immediately give them training appropriate to their abilities. And just because they were special talents, they weren’t suppressed – this was impossible for Sects. Even Sword Sects would have numerous Pill Masters, Forging Masters, and Formation Masters.

In reality, these Crafting Masters were often more popular than ordinary Elders in a Sect. These people hold a Sect’s technological level in their hands. No matter where, these people were highly looked upon. This reputation also applies to common craftsmen. People were afraid of offending a future Master of a craft.

But even if Yao Guang’s comprehension was very good when it came to formations, he was still at the level of an Inner Disciple and not a Core Disciple. After all, Yao Guang’s time in the Cultivation Realm has been short – less than five years. For any Cultivator, five years of time wasn’t really long.

On the other hand, when the Machine Field’s people saw that Zhao Hai was being buried in layers upon layers of formations, their complexion couldn’t help but change. Zhao Hai was currently the Machine Field’s hope. If Zhao Hai was defeated, then the Machine Field would suffer elimination in the tournament.

The people from the other realms were also looking at Zhao Hai with a trace of worry in their eyes. In their minds, Zhao Hai was most likely to win the tournament, and they also wanted him to win. Although Zhao Hai had nothing to do with them, one shouldn’t forget that they all share the same hatred for the Cultivation realm. The enemy of an enemy is a friend. If someone you don’t know hits your enemy, you would feel great and even develop favorable impressions towards that person. This was the same case for the other realms as they looked at Zhao Hai.

Besides the Devil Realm that saw Zhao Hai as a potential enemy, the other realms wanted to see how Zhao Hai slaps the faces of the Cultivators. So now that Zhao Hai was trapped in the formation, they couldn’t help but worry.

Different people were having different thoughts. On the other hand, Zhao Hai and Yao Guang weren’t thinking of much. Zhao Hai wasn’t worried about Yao Guang’s formation while Yao Guang was too focused on assembling his formations. 

Although Zhao Hai was just standing there and would release a formation once in a while to attack the eight dragons, his mind was actually exchanging information with Cai’er.

The formations that Yao Guang arranged were very special. They were arranged from the inside to the outside. Each formation formed would immediately activate. And with each formation, the pressure that Zhao Hai felt would increase. It can be said that the formations were being layered. When all of Yao Guang’s formations finish forming, it’s certain that their pressure would be huge. Its strength would naturally be uncommon.

However, one shouldn’t think that once they break this formation, then everything will go down. Yao Guang’s formations were composed of numerous smaller formations. Even if someone destroys some of them, the others could still attack. So after Cai’er’s analysis, it was found out that unless one-third of the formations were destroyed, then the offensive power of the entire formation wouldn’t be reduced.

Zhao Hai was no longer attacking the eight golden dragons, this was because he was no longer required to attack them. At this point, the dragons were now attacking him, no longer just retaliating. Moreover, the attacks of these dragons had gotten stronger. In the beginning, the attacks were as strong as 100-layer formations, but now it was equivalent to 700 to 800-layer formations. It was also because of this that the spectators expected Zhao Hai to fall soon and that Yao Guang’s victory was close.

Everyone knew that as soon as Yao Guang finished his formation, he would immediately use all of its might to attack Zhao Hai. Formations that attack on their own have different strengths compared to formations that were controlled to attack. Therefore, everyone began worrying about Zhao Hai upon seeing that Yao Guang was about to finish.

But what everyone didn’t know was that Zhao Hai was waiting for Yao Guang to be done. Once Yao Guang finishes and Zhao Hai experiences the might of the formations, only then would he proceed to destroy it.

Why was Zhao Hai confident in breaking Yao Guang’s formation? Naturally it’s because of the existence of Liquid Silver. Liquid Silver’s needles had attached themselves to Yao Guang’s flags and disks. As long as Zhao Hai gave the order, these needles could destroy these flags and disks. Although the flags and disks were offensive items and had also been inscribed with formations, their main attacking power would only manifest when the formation was activated. Also, they don’t have a lot of defensive capabilities. As long as they’re attacked by the silver needles, they would immediately be destroyed. In turn, this would also destroy the formation. Therefore, Zhao Hai was very confident.

It can be said that formations were the least reliable means of dealing with Zhao Hai. And illusion formations were the most useless formations to contain ZhaoHai. Zhao Hai has the Space which makes all illusions useless. Zhao Hai also has Liquid Silver that can turn into a thousand flying needles which have strong destructive capabilities. No formation could compare to them.

A team of Formation Cultivators took great pains to create these flags and disks in order to deal with Zhao Hai. However, Zhao Hai could just use his silver needles to destroy everything. The painstaking effort made by these Formation Cultivators became useless.

At this time, Yao Guang finished preparing his entire formation. Zhao Hai asked Cai’er and discovered that Yao Guang had arranged several hundred small and large formations. The formation disks used numbered more than 100, while flags used shot past 200. Without the support of a Great Sect, could a less than 5-year Ascender have all of these? Even if he sold his soul, he wouldn’t be able to get all of these resources. 

Once Yao Guang was done setting everything up, he couldn’t help but breathe out. He was afraid that Zhao Hai would destroy the formation. If that happens, then every effort he made would be in vain. But at the same time, there has been no action from Zhao Hai, which made him puzzled.


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