BTFTLIAW – Chapter 1265


Chapter 1265 – Formation Expert

Changes in terms(my bad): Demon Realm -> Devil Realm(Mo), Beast Realm -> Demon Realm(Yao), Elves -> Sprites, still reading forward to see if Spirit Race = Elves. No precise description given yet.

Zhao Hai took a six-hour break inside the Space before heading back out again. This was because the second round of battles was about to begin. Actually, Zhao Hai doesn’t need to participate in this round since he gained first place in the qualifiers. However, he still wanted to look at the battles. This was because he would be seeing more actions from the Demons, Spirit Race, and Sprites. Zhao Hai’s understanding about these races was too few. 

The Demon Race were in fact monsters and plants that had gained sentience and gained humanoid forms. Therefore, they were called demons(yao). These people were also very formidable. They gain strength from preying on other people.

The Demons who came to participate in the competition were also beasts and plants from the lower realms. When they ascended, they gained their humanoid form. And after practicing, they were able to increase their methods and were now more difficult to deal with.

On the other hand, the practice of the Spirit Race was somewhat special. They have methods that’s a combination between the methods of Ghost Cultivators and Sprites. They collect spirits and then cultivate them. They use these spirits as weapons as well as energy.

There are several ways to collect these spirits. One was after someone died. However, not all souls could become spirits. These spirits only come up when someone dies of special circumstances.

Another method to generate spirits was to use one’s own spiritual force to rip their souls to generate a new spirit. This was also a special method of the Spirit Race. The Cultivation Realm also has the same method, but it could only be done by Soul Severing Experts.

People from the Spirit Realm were able to divide their soul into two because of the unique property of their soul.  When Spirit Realm practitioners split their souls, the split soul would become their Life Source Spirit, an external incarnation of their soul. It was a type of weapon that’s tightly linked to their entire being. It was similar to a Cultivator’s Life Source Weapon. But strictly speaking, Life Source Spirits were much more advanced than Life Source Weapons. However, splitting one’s soul was a very painful practice. This would also affect the Spirit Race’s cultivation. It’s a dangerous and sometimes fatal process.

Although the Spirit Realm and the Cultivation Realm’s practices were different, their respective might was extraordinary. One shouldn’t look at the fact that the Cultivation Realm had been suppressing the other realms and conclude that there are problems in the methods of the other realms. In fact, the Cultivation Methods of all the other realms were perfect as well, their only problem was resources.

Resources spent by the Cultivation Realm to cultivate was much more compared to the other realms. The other realms weren’t able to be as strong as the Cultivators because they just don’t have the resources to do so.

It’s like a poor person gambling with a rich person. Even if the two had similar techniques, the rich person would still be in a much better state. If the rich person and the poor person were dealt with similar cards, then the rich person could just drown the poor person to defeat using money and the poor person would have no way of fighting back.

It was because of this that Zhao Hai understood that the people from the World of Cultivation couldn’t be underestimated. Even the Machine Field had something hidden that wasn’t simple.

The second round of the tournament ended quickly. Naturally, Cultivators didn’t waste too much time. As soon as two Cultivators meet, they would exchange a few moves before the loser was decided. Then when they were against people from the other realms, the Cultivators would employ ruthless methods, but there had been no casualties yet.

The result of the second round was just like what Zhao Hai thought. The people from the other realms occupied the 90’s and late 80’s rankings. It can be said that the suppression was fierce.

After the round, no time for rest was allocated as the third round immediately began. This round was still done by drawing two participants. And this time, Zhao Hai would fight.

But what surprised Zhao Hai this time was that Tu Mietan was drawn along with a Cultivator. Zhao Hai expected the Cultivation Realm to pull some tricks, but it seems like they didn’t.

Actually, what Zhao Hai didn’t know was that the Cultivation Realm had fostered an arrogant character due to their successful suppression of the other realms. They simply disdain using tricks during these competitions.

Zhao Hai was able to spy on Tu Mietan yesterday. To be honest, people from the Devil Realm were really similar to the Cultivation Realm. They also used a lot of magic artifacts. However, their magic artifacts were filled with ghastly auras. They all had the stench of blood and looked disgusting.

Zhao Hai also knew that the Devil Realm’s artifacts had the property to corrupt other magical artifacts. If a magic artifact clashed with a devil artifact for a long time, then they would get corroded.

It can be said that devil artifacts suppressed the Cultivation Realm’s magic artifacts. If a Cultivator wants to fight someone from the Devil Realm, then they would generally use magic artifacts that were alloyed with a special material in order to cancel the corrosive properties of devil artifacts. However, these special materials were rare, and no average Cultivator could afford it.

In addition to alloying special materials to their weapons, Cultivators could also attach purifying formations on their weapons. Although their weapons could still be corroded, as long as it wasn’t serious, it could recover on its own.

Tu Mietan was initially bestowed devil artifacts by the Sacred Blood Sect. From what Zhao Hai saw, there were three devil artifacts that were handed over, one was a blood red ghost head sword, a black colored flag, and a devil face shield. These three devil artifacts were the most commonly used types of artifacts by the Devil Realm. Moreover, the qualities of these particular three wasn’t any worse than weapons used by the Cultivation Realm.

The ghost head sword looked very powerful. Average flying swords couldn’t survive fighting against it due to its powerful corrosive ability. As for the ghost face shield, Zhao Hai was able to experience it before. It’s defensive strength was very strong. Once it was used, it would provide Tu Mietan with great defensive capability.

The black colored flag was even more extraordinary. When Tu Mietan used the flag and swung it gently, innumerable ghost heads came out of the flag and threw themselves towards the target as well as their magic artifacts. Most magic artifacts would be eaten by the ghost heads in no time.

These weren’t just the things that Tu Mietan had in hand. As for how many cards he has, nobody knew. And with his already great strength, he has yet to lose to a Cultivator. Because of this, he was able to step on the top 50 of the rankings.

This time, Tu Mietan’s opponent was quite well known among the Cultivation Realm’s ascenders. The two battled for some time, but in the end Tu Mietan was able to win.

Although it took some time before Tu Mietan won, Zhao Hai didn’t dare underestimate him. This was because Tu Mietan was still using his three common devil artifacts to win. He has yet to use anything else.

Even if the Devil Realm had inferior resources compared to the Cultivation Realm, Zhao Hai doesn’t believe that the Devil Realm relied on Tu Mietan to get a greater ranking using only these three weapons. For Tu Mietan to reach his current position without using any other devil artifact could only be explained by one thing, he had yet to go all out.

Zhao Hai has been paying attention to Tu Mietan’s conduct. Although Tu Mietan has a heavy killing aura aroundhim and seemed to go for murder if there’s an opportunity, he actually had some discretion when fighting in the arena. He won his battles without severely wounding his enemies. It was obvious that he was a person who knew how to advance and retreat. He understood what needed to be done.

Also, whether spectating or in battles, Tu Mietan seemed to greet everyone with an everlasting smile. This caused him to gain Zhao Hai’s admiration.

After several rounds of drawing lots, Zhao Hai’s name was finally pulled out. But when he saw his opponent, Zhao Hai couldn’t help but gawk. This was because this person was also among the group that examined the fight scene underground along with Jiang Tian – Yao Guang. This person’s formations were definitely the most profound out of those present at that time.

Zhao Hai clearly knew that both Jiang Tian and Yao Guang were in the top ten of the Cultivation Realm’s qualifiers. Being able to battle two top tens in a row caused Zhao Hai to have some suspicions about the Cultivation Realm doing underhanded methods.

However, he doesn’t have much time to think about this as he was close to the arena. Just as he stepped on the ground, Yao Guang stepped in as well. Yao Guang was very polite as he bowed towards Zhao Hai and said, “I have seen Mister Zhao Hai. This Yao Guang has heard mister Zhao Hai’s recent exploits. Being able to face Mister today is certainly my honor.”

Zhao Hai didn’t lower his guard just because Yao Guang was being polite. He was aware that the Cultivators had already issued a death order on his head. No matter who encountered him, they would have to go all out. Even if they couldn’t defeat him, they should at least make him waste a lot of energy. If they could injure him, then that would even be better.

Zhao Hai expected such an order from the Cultivators. He was aware that he was already seen as an enemy of the Cultivators. If the Cultivators didn’t decide to deal with him, then they could no longer be from the Cultivation Realm.

Zhao Hai didn’t show an arrogant expression as he returned the courtesy with a smile and said, “I have seen Mister Yao Guang. Mister’s formations have gained this one’s admiration. Being able to compare notes with Mister is a great fortune. Mister Yao Guang, please.” Then Zhao Hai gave a gesture of invitation towards Yao Guang.

But when Yao Guang heard Zhao Hai, he couldn’t help but stare. His achievements regarding formations were known to very few people in the Cultivation Realm. He would normally act as an average Cultivator and used magic artifacts to deal with the enemy. He would rarely use formations in battle, he even deemed it as his trump card. He didn’t expect Zhao Hai to see through his strongest point. This caused Yao Guang’s heart to beat more loudly.

However, since Yao Guang was also a person with deep thoughts, he didn’t display his surprise and instead just said, “Mister Zhao Hai’s praise makes me happy. Then Mister, I’ll make my move.” Then he waved his hand, causing a flying sword to come out.

This was a very ordinary flying sword. It was obviously inadequate to deal with Zhao Hai. However, Zhao Hai didn’t look down on this flying sword. Yao Guang was a formation expert, the methods of people like him were very difficult to predict!


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